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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The New Medical Officer

fetish MarkCane 2018-08-18

Corporal Hardwick looked at the patient, thinking that he looked quite well to her, never the less he had reported sick and it was her duty to take initial routine tests and pass him on to Captain Edwards, the Medical Officer. Captain Edwards pointed at Private Jones prodigious penis and gave Corporal Hardwick a 'thumbs-up' sign. 'It may feel a little odd, but it won't hurt, so just relax and it will be much easier.' The two women looked at each other and smiled, as Captain Edwards' fingers located Dai Jones prostate gland and began to massage it. Soon Captain Edwards nodded to Corporal Hardwick, who immediately took hold of Private Jones' penis just behind the swollen head and eased his foreskin back.

New Years

fetish Cbuscpl 2018-08-18

My wife gets a little wild when she drinks, so my plan was to feed her drinks all night and as the night went on I started adding some Molly to her shots. I told her she and I needed to do a shot for the new year, just us two. By this time my supplier was nude and hard climbing on my wife and sucking her tits and rubbing her pussy. Then his friend got between her legs and used the tip of his cock to push the cum back in and used it as lube and he started to stretch her pussy open. He sunk it all the way in and then started to fuck, he was using her hard and she was moaning away and limp.

Sex story of JEFF with horse

fetish linda124 2018-08-18

continued licking me with his warm big tongue and going up and down my though when Swift came to my penis and balls and gave them a lick. enjoyed the moment for as long as possible.The horse continued his swift shower of horse piss flowed from Swift's penis right all over my body and Not wanting to scare the poor horse,I let him have his way and opened my horse let out a fart and I sniffed it in sighing with content. licked up and down and into the hole tasting the horse's delightful Swift's ass cheeks wiggled around as I licked in and out of his I took my penis and started to hump in and out of Swift's hot and gooey

Father Figure

fetish Drakon66 2018-08-18

"Okay she's got book learning but virtually no experience," I commented then read on, "Except for working at a plumbing business during her High School years; nothing since graduating." I sighed and looked at Carol knowing I couldn't be too choosy since we've struck out so far. I sat up, "I'm going to take a quick dip in the pool," looking down at her sad eyes, "Care to join me?" I didn't want her to think I was abandoning her in her time of need but I had to put some distance between us so I could think clearly.

Sensual Stranger

fetish sensational204 2018-08-18

and, when she had said that she was staying home, the soft voice suggested that she leave her apartment door unlatched and see what might happen that night - if she was feeling brave enough, that is.. The hands running down the outside of her arms, taking in the feel of her beneath the satin robe. Then, the hands lifted her until she was on tiptoes, with her face almost in the water and she had a bizarre moment of enlightenment wherein she almost laughed at the thought that she was bent over her washing up water, wearing a blindfold, with a hard stranger pushing deliciously into her!

Neighbour Fantasies.....Part 10

fetish Croozer 2018-08-18

"I couldn't sl**p - feeling a bit horny, so I thought I'd see if you were up," she said in a low voice, "The back door was unlocked, so I let myself in...hope you don't mind." I told her she startled me, but no damage was done, and asked her how long she had been sitting in my room. "Oh my," she said, "I think my nipples are showing." A window was behind her, and the moonlight backlit her skirt showing the shadows of her curvy thighs and legs under the light pleated fabric. Suddenly, she got off of me, pulled her top and skirt down, kissed me hard on the mouth, and said, "Go back to sl**'re dreaming," and was gone.

Working with Trista Ch. 03

fetish ChastityLatexSlave 2018-08-18

As we walked down the hall to the elevators, Trista kept the pressure on me, telling me things like people were probably staring at my ass or that the people we just passed looked down at my cock or that Ramon was telling Kristin about what he had seen earlier. When she asked us what we were looking for Trista told her that we were in the market for some "eye-popping fuck me shoes, something that leaves no doubt." Heather giggled a bit and said she had plenty of options as she led us across the store.


fetish Rain_Lover 2018-08-18

When you open your eyes and feel yourself stretched on the bed in soft bondage, I will be waiting for you. Finally I select a lilac clit tickler, a big thick flesh-pink dildo, and a red silk handkerchief. I wonder if you know the red lace crotch comes off with a few flick of the fingers, a few presses of the fasteners. I am up on the bed now, crouching over you, rubbing the red handkerchief between my legs, maddening you with my nearness, with the sight, the smell of me. Kicking off the red shoes, I swing forward until I am crouched over your face, seeking the mad urgency of your tongue.

Kyla and the Heavy Machines

fetish RabbitPrince 2018-08-18

Anyhow, on Tuesday I was planning on doing some OT at this site I was working at to get the job finished, and Kyla had asked if she could come along. She wanted an opportunity to watch me work, maybe get a chance to get some extra practice, and check out a real job site. "Right you are, no lost time." We finished up the job for the night, shut my rig down, and got back in my truck to head home. Things went smoothly and we spent some time doing theoretical problem solving with simulators; things like what do you do if your rig starts to slip, or you get your bucket caught, or you hit a power line and stuff.

Afternoon Fun Ch. 02

fetish kinkysensualcouple 2018-08-18

"What do you need help with?" As he walked into the bedroom he found his girlfriend on the bed, her legs open with her pussy showing, already glistening with wetness. "Mmm, yes, I know how you like my cock," he replied, kneeling on the bed in front of her spread legs, feeling his cock beginning to stir and harden at the sight of her pink folds. He slid his cock inside her wet, throbbing pussy and slowly began to thrust in and out. Just when he thought he couldn't hold on much longer, she grabbed his cock and began to slide her hand up and down, while thrusting her strap on in and out of his ass.

Dinner Table Tease

fetish pedicur8her 2018-08-18

I knew there must be a growing wet spot showing through my pants over the head of my cock from my pre-come the arousal her teasing toes were creating. I squirmed as I realized it was my pre-come on her finger and gasped softly as she, after a quick glance at our table companions, stuck her fingertip between her lips and sucked on it like a small cock. The feeling was incredibly erotic and I grabbed her foot and shoe in my hands and started stroking my cock in and out between them. With a final moan, and a final thrust, my over stimulated cock surged, spurting come onto her foot, her shoe, her leg, some drops even landed on her pussy.

Desperate Cashier

fetish rcarter77077 2018-08-18

The walking and the way my belt and pants fit across my stomach makes me I feel a modest amount of discomfort in my stretching bladder. I know I have a break coming up and my bladder isn't so full that I should be worried. I try to occupy myself by cleaning up the displays near my registers, but it usually isn't too long before some lone customer comes to me ready to ring up the purchase. As I reach the break room door and pull it open, one of my coworkers is about to walk in. Although I know they are delaying me getting to a bathroom, they also give me a little time to squirm and do what I need to do to hold it.

Mother's Milk Ch. 02

fetish StrongMaster7 2018-08-18

Bonnie felt her own large breasts ache and throb as she saw Steven's mouth latch onto Sherry's teat and begin suckling. Doris, sensing the intensity of Bonnie's need and feeling a maternal bond with the girl who was young enough to be her own daughter, left Steven's fly open for Bonnie, if that was what she wanted and touching her own breasts under her sweatshirt. As turned on as she was by watching Sherry climax from breastfeeding this grown man with the sizable bulge in his pants, she was also responding to an aching need she felt inside to unload the milk that had overloaded her big tits to the point of pain.

A Mouth is a Mouth

fetish MrNiceguy777 2018-08-18

Noting her ongoing acquiescence in the face of objectionable treatment I thought I would ask her how she would like it if pissed in her mouth while she sucked my cock? Not that it feels bad to just come or piss in someone's mouth, but I think swallowing shows a cock sucker's real depth of devotion and enjoyment. As much as I liked fucking her mouth though, I really wanted to see her drink my piss. The last time she was really resisting, so I just started pissing on her while she sat on her couch until she took my cock in her mouth to save her furniture. Each time I saw her I pissed in her mouth and usually I fuck her ass too.

Angie Meets Suzanne

fetish Southerncharm48 2018-08-18

"Bob said you were a nice looking older woman but he didn't do you justice." Suzanne told Angie. Angie starts kissing Suzanne passionately and caresses her small breasts and gently lowers her hand down and touches Suzanne's hot wet pussy. Bob shoves his dick in Angie's hot pussy and starts to fuck her hard. Bob starts fucking Suzanne and Angie watches with a lustful look in her eyes. Angie goes over to the bed and takes Bob's balls in her hand and starts kissing them while he is fucking Suzanne. She starts grinding her hips and moving in and out and stroking that hot pussy and Suzanne moans at the pleasure she is feeling as Angie slides that cock in and out and seems to now exactly what to do.


The Family's New Baby

fetish NaughtyBaby25 2018-08-18

Her eyes were glued to the screen as the older mother, who looked remarkably like herself, was forced onto her knees before a pretty young coed grabbed her by the hair and shoved the woman's head beneath the skirt of her cheerleader's uniform. "Please Julie, don't do th-" Angela tried to beg before she cut herself off by giving a low moan as her daughter slipped a finger around the panties and into her dripping slit. Julie told me it's your thirty-ninth birthday today so congratulations are in order." said Nicole, her usual peppy demeanor completely replaced by an unwavering control as she continued, "As you might have guessed I'm your daughter's present to you, here to be your new Mistress.

Room 529@Loyola Holiday Inn

fetish Queens_BitchBoy 2018-08-18

Took a second for it to register, but when it did the spark of anticipation shot down my spine and into my cock which immediately started throbbing. Like a good bitch boy, I promptly knocked on the door at noon, and was greeted by Queen, wearing a white robe with her hair pulled back. "I'm going to fuck you like the pretty little girl you are" she whispered in my ear. Each thrust sent shocks of anticipation through my body and I soon found myself begging for her cock. I assumed a reverse cowgirl so she could get a good show of her fucking my bitch boy ass, but she didn't like this and ordered me to turn around.

More Dutch & Rosa Ch. 02

fetish Paris Waterman 2018-08-18

"That's in the event the other item comes in the next day or so," she said, and Nina numbly nodded, for she understood what Alice was telling her and her hopes soared. Her eyes followed Nina to the kitchen table and Aimee gracefully spun off the loveseat and went to join her. Nina recounted the event of meeting Alice and halfway through, Aimee felt the juices flowing down her thighs. Nina's juices were smeared all over her face as Aimee pressed harder to get more of her lover into her mouth. "Ready or not, here I come!" Aimee snorted and drove her hips forward slamming the dildo a good 6 inches into Nina's twat.

Weight Issue

fetish fiik_gremlin 2018-08-18

The first guy who had the biggest cock laid her on her back, on our glass top coffee table and rammed his prick into her sloppy hole, till his hard prick was fully imbedded in there and slowly fucked her sliding in and out while her swollen cunt lips gripped that glistening shaft and Jules played with her engorged clit, at the same time he was pulling and twisting her excited nipples and sticking his tongue in her hot mouth and left exciting love bites on her neck.

She Surprises Her Husband Pt. 02

fetish Rich5Spot 2018-08-18

Here I was at the house, waiting for my petite wife to return from her night with Roy. When we chatted on the internet and exchanged some careful photos, I knew he was a 20-year old black college student with an impressive body and a big cock. But new dirty slut Jenna enjoyed the hard rubbing of her aching feet and the soft kisses I applied as I made love to her feet with my lips. "Jenna, I let you go home with another man to fuck him, I wanted you to enjoy it. Jenna noticing that the second time was going to need some assistance, continued to grind and also started to talk to me in a way I could not believe.

Louise and Emma

fetish steve25805 2018-08-18

I, having confessed my fantasy of watching girls pee all around my place, agreed to let her fulfill her fantasies in my flat if she ever wanted to. Eventually after getting to know me online, she agreed to meet me in a public place, and to go back to my flat for later pee fun if all went well. So grinning with naughty pleasure, she strode into the centre of the room, squatted down, and immediately began a long pee right there on the carpet. Then she agreed, at my behest, to do a standing pee all over my living room carpet, legs apart and hands on hips, which was even sexier than the squatting pee there she had started with.

The World is Her Toilet Ch. 01

fetish nopjans 2018-08-18

Betty and Edward had mutual friends they were meeting at a bar downtown, and it seemed like a good idea to share a ride. "Look," Betty told Edward as she squirmed in the passenger seat, "you better find a place to park soon. Edward sighed and zipped up the parking structure's ramps to the fifth floor, where there were plenty of open spots. Peeing in a parking lot wasn't that extreme for Betty, but it would probably make the uptight Edward uncomfortable. Betty went to the back of the bar, down a narrow hallway, and turned left, where the ladies' room was located. One spot in the rug had been drenched, but Betty realized this room had likely endured worse over the years.

Science of a Fetish

fetish sakura_inverse 2018-08-18

Before I knew it, I was up to my hips in thick goo and my feet couldn't feel anything underneath. Again my left hand loosely gripped the ladder but my sex instantly felt alive. Before I knew it, I was rolling my hips sending the thick goo passing between my thighs. I quickly knew that this would tire me out before I had a chance to climax so I allowed my right hand to descend below the surface. I pulled my left hand free of the goo and grabbed the ladder. My left hand subconsciously found its way back to my goo covered breasts. Her moans were like music to my ears and I wish her sex had more goo on it.


fetish CockBoy1970 2018-08-18

I was hoping there would be a hint of pussy but no, my lady's wash is to thorough for that, so I had to imagine, i rubbed the lacy part over my cock this gave me a semi erection, I then put it on and imagined how horny I'd feel knowing that she was wearing it after I'd had my cock and balls in it and the stringy material that had rubbed my ass crack was now rubbing hers. And then it happened I got a full hard on from the feel of the lace on my cock and the material disappearing up my ass crack and my cock just got bigger then burst out of the small patch of lace and I then knew I had to wank, and where I was going to shoot my load.