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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Chastity in the Dark

fetish AlinaX 2018-08-18

I wanted to scream, to call for help, and maybe I would have, but the second man was quickly in front of me, his hands cupping my breasts, and the pleasure in that contact quite took my breath away. It seemed to last forever, but it finished quickly, pulsing jets of cum tickling my ass and dribbling down about my shielded pussy, the sight of which must have been the final straw for Blue-Eyes who came moments later, his cock stiffening and swelling within my already aching jaw, and a flood of cum that I had no hope of swallowing, and didn't try, poured out my lips and down my chin, dripping onto my breasts and the ground below.

Christmas Truce

fetish oggbashan 2018-08-18

"If I'm considering painting you nude, Mary, I think you had better stop calling me 'Major Jones' and use my Christian name." He was even more surprised when Mary told him, while holding my hand, that she had already retired as the village whore, and that she would be joining me for Communion at tomorrow's Morning Service. I wrote him a cheque for the annual rent, the army equipment and fifty pounds to pay the men to work on and in the barn. We arranged the date and time of the wedding, 12 noon on the Saturday before Christmas, that we would have no choir but wanted a peal of bells when we left the church. "I thought I detected an officer's hand in the work on that barn, Major Jones," he said.

Summer Heat (In Heat)

fetish xtcis69 2018-08-18

Miranda hadn't noticed that one of her opponents had left the table and now she was playing against the dark haired man she'd noticed earlier at the bar. Between the summer heat, the drinks and the fire, Miranda was feeling extremely warm. Now Miranda is tied up with her legs apart her bottom hanging in suspension and only a g-string separating her most personal places from whatever intrusion Ace decided for her fate. Without hesitation, Ace rams four fingers into Miranda's hot wanting vagina. He slowly backs out a little at a time, first back to the forearm, then back to the wrist, now the hand slips out.

Wifes night out and cuckold hubby

fetish 2018-08-18

She walked over to the bed and put her toes uptowards my hard cock softly rubbing it and told me to put her stockings on her legs. I opened them and ran them up her leg and again same sinareo on the other leg she turned round and pussed her arse cheeks into my face lettin me smell her warm pussy and ass hole but not licking she then got the red dress and put it into my hands. Hesat down on the sofa and told my wife to sit on him she got up and climed onto his cock holding it with her hand and guiding it to her warm wet pussy. My wife got her hand as threw her legs began to smear it on my face and rubbing it round.

When Harry Did Sally

fetish pilotcomes 2018-08-18

Immediately my "pilot" juice began to flow as I tasted the salty and sour crotch area of the pink pair of panties. I said, "That's quite all right." But Sally did not want to let go of me. Sally placed her right hand under my shorts and could already feel my pilot starting to flow in my cock. Unlike Amy's which was trimmed and thin looking like a famished centipede, Sally's bush was lush and smelled of cedar, sandalwood and strawberry. Sally said, "There is a black pair with about three inch long, narrow pointed heels, maybe it is right under the couch. "Let's switch," I said, moving the left heel to her mouth, my cock to her cunt and the right heel to her asshole, "Synchronize again!"

The Panty Club Ch. 03

fetish nikki_2021 2018-08-18

At the end of the day, Claire asked Amber to write a page on why it was inappropriate for her to carry on discussions unrelated to the class topic when the teacher was trying to run a lesson. At lunch time, Amber met up with Anne, who it turned out was wearing a pair of red cotton boy-leg very similar to the pair of pink ones that Amber had started the day in. She lay on the floor and slipped her hands down to her clit, telling Anne to come and sit on her face, knowing that she had no panties under her skirt because Amber was yet to remove hers.

Leanne learns

fetish 2018-08-18

He stops thrusting and he leans forward over Leanne, wrapping us both in his arms as he puts both hands on my tits and enjoys the feel of Leanne’s pee on his dick, balls and legs. He fucks between my arse and Leanne’s mound and comes in two quick thrusts, I can feel the cum pulsing up his dick and I’m sure Leanne can on her mound too. Leanne sat up to watch as Anna opened her legs wide and held me against her fanny and let her balder empty as she very slowly wanked me. With no touching out of the way, I had a good feel, running my hands and cock over them, before coming on them, just a dribble really, which I rubbed in.

I'm In Charge

fetish AllyTara 2018-08-18

You see," she said, jerking the leash holding the bikini girl, "Heather has been exceptionally well-behaved, and she deserves a treat. Heather kneeled on the bed as Eva unhooked her bikini top, revealing full breasts and perfect pink nipples, almost the same tone as her skin. "I'm not through yet." Eva slid her fingers into Heather's eager opening and sucked on them. Eva pulled Heather's legs back and spread them wide. Eva, still spreading Heather's legs wide, jammed her tongue into Leon's mouth. Eva dropped Heather's legs and grabbed Leon by the small of the back. Eva quickly leaned over and stuck a finger into Heather's glistening pussy and pulled it out, glistening with cum.

In the Examination Room Ch. 01

fetish TotalKnockout 2018-08-18

"This is Dr. Rowan," Dr. Slater says, introducing the doctor beside him, "I am training him to assist on my experiments, and he is going to assist on your exam." I smile weakly at him. I'm on the exam table, totally exposed and I hear Doctor Slater put on a fresh latex glove and squirt lube on his fingers. With the nozzle still lodged in my ass and the warm water flowing into my bowels, I feel him start to gently caress my wet pussy lips with his gloved finger. Dr. Rowan removes his fingers from my pussy and takes the device from him and begins setting it up, while I'm lying there, ass-up, bowels slowly filling with liquid, helpless for what's about to come next...

Diary of a FuckToy Ch. 01

fetish Unlikelydreams 2018-08-18

"Spread your ass cheeks for me like a good little whore." He said as he let go of my arms. "That's a tight little ass you have their sweetie." He said squeezing and thrusting harder, making me scream louder through my own panties "But if you don't shut the fuck up anytime soon, you might just pass out... I closed my eyes as he let out a groan "Look at me slut." He said as he slapped me. Once he was done he slapped his cock on my mouth and pulled out my panties "Clean me." He said as his cock started getting soft.

Meeting Them In Their Van At The Pa

fetish wellrestedunfullfilled 2018-08-18

Her husband says forcefully "Get to it and quit worrying about other people ..I AM WATCHING" I knelt down and moved my face close to her, the smell of cum was heavy , the pee surprisingly not. She bends over me, her breast hanging right above my mouth, I start to lift my head she pulls back and says I pull it deep in my mouth savoring the feel of it stretching it with my tongue making as much as I can of the brief pleasure. It feels like my lips are inside her as well as my tongue as she opens and relaxes around my face. she slides up and down my mouth making sure my extended tongue pokes into her asshole a few times.

Drunk Again

fetish JhMcKn 2018-08-18

Suddenly, she told him "I have to go pee and I'll be right back." She climbed off her barstool and headed for the ladies room with her black panties showing quite clearly through her dress. I let her know that was going to change and right now, so I eased her back onto her bed, told her to spread her cunt lips open and I thrust my cock inside her cunt. I opened the bedroom door a little and I could see she had her stocking covered legs completely wrapped around Frank's back so he was in her cunt as far as he could get.He was still wiggling and thrusting a bit.

Dominating Neighbor

fetish 2018-08-18

Chantal handed over a large dildo to Sophie, which in fact was significantly smaller than David's cock. Her breasts pushed against Sophie's back as she leaned over and asked, "You want to feel David's cock inside you, don't you?" On the bed, Sophie & David lay on their sides, with his huge cock resting on her inner thigh. David slowly pushed upwards and I watched as his cock head disappeared inside my wife's stretched pussy. David, constantly watched Sophie's face for the slightest sign of pain or panic, whilst with the utmost care and tenderness, rotated his hips, causing his cock to explore every last nerve ending in her dripping pussy. After ten minutes of gentle work, the shoe lace tied around David's cock finally touched Sophie's pussy.

My wimp neighbors wife

fetish palitro1 2018-08-17

“So Warren”, I looked straight at him, “Do you ever pull your wife’s hair?” There as no answer from either of them, “Do you spank her ass?” Ellen turned completely away, using her mousey brown hair to hide her face, her husband only squirmed uncomfortably. No one responded, so I turned Ellen’s face to mine and breathily asked, “Do you like that?” As an answer she only moaned, her eyes flitted open slightly and she looked at me. “It’s okay”, I told him, “My cock is hard too.” To make the point I put Ellen’s hand on my dick so she could feel it through my pants, she didn’t pull her hand away, but she wasn’t doing anything with it either.

Hooked by her Sexy Legs

fetish beenthere2 2018-08-17

When I had finished, I replaced her now cum soaked panties inside her running shorts, placed both into the hamper, cleaned myself up and continued visiting with her parents. She then mentioned how she had gone to do her laundry after one practice, and when she had pulled out her shorts, noticed the panties were covered with a sticky wet substance. Seeing me stroke my cock got Amy even more into it, and she began pushing the entire crotch area of her panties inside of her pussy. She said that this was a fantasy of hers since she had noticed my spent cum on her panties years ago. Amy said that she herself masturbated often thinking of my shooting my cum on her panties in her own bathroom.

Hijinks with Hilareola

fetish Lithium_hobo 2018-08-17

The women walked through the fair grounds, Heather enjoying the looks she got, and Roxy huffing at her lack of catcalls received. "You'd get more hits if you dressed like a woman, Roxy," Heather said upon seeing her plump, pierced, lip push out in a pout. Both agreeing they had to see how this porn star clown performed, Heather and Roxy entered the large tent and found their seats. Behind closed, plump, green lips, Roxy treated the open end of the balloon like a lover's nipple. One act was Roxy giving Heather a supposedly very important pie to hold, while she busied herself with making balloon animals for the kids. Roxy stepped back and frowned as Heather gave a regretful smile, her tits covered in pie cream.

The White Hoe part.2

fetish 2018-08-17

Alice took the first three hard jet's of the black guy's cum straight down her throat, then placing her hands against his hips, she shoved him back; not back so far that his cock would come completely out of her mouth, only far enough that the bulbous head would be still be captured by her pursed lips, so that he could finish emptying his big black balls on her tongue. It took a good ten minutes of deep tongue-fucking Artemus' asshole and jerking on his big cock to get him fully hard, and required nearly another twenty minutes of the same before Alice felt his sweaty balls begin to twitch suggestively against her chin.

Claire's Unusual Marriage

fetish MaryR 2018-08-17

Margaret and Gerry had sort of muddled their way through things for a few weeks, until by accident, we came to know Monica. I think we all knew that Margaret would let my husband have little touchy treats from time to time. Actually when Margaret's husband Gerry was around, Monica would encourage me to show him my underwear. When I wore my very short old skirt around the house, which showed my panties, Aunty Margaret knew what I needed so desperately and would sometimes intervene on my behalf. Gerry loved standing directly behind me when Monica was pulling my panties down. Monica knew what I really wanted as I looked at Gerry's penis with great desire.

Another Submissive Slut - Ms Shawna

fetish Stillherer 2018-08-17

As the driver gurgled his lust Ms Shawna took my face in her hands to kiss me passionately, driving her tongue between my lips to swirl it wetly within my mouth. Pulling away my clothing she exposed the lacy material of the light lavender camisole she had insisted I wear to the driver while gurgling throatily, "Oooh sweetie how lovely!" I flushed redly with a mixture of betrayal, anger and embarrassment while she caressed my chest through the sheer nylon. Our driver was completely forgotten now as I fought the urge to slap my thighs closed but instead spread them open them further to give Ms Shawna's fingers better access to my pantied crotch. Spreading her thighs lewdly Ms Shawna pulled the head of the gasping slut away from the wetness of her pantied crotch.

The Dragon Lady

fetish anonymous3 2018-08-17

Medium D-cup breasts. I'm sure you have some stress in your job. I nodded, and she motioned me through. "A little on the stocky side, maybe a little soft and nicely rounded in spots," Andrea clarified. "The last few years, I've liked big, fairly healthy butts. She was a very healthy D-cup for sure. Her skin was flawless, pale and smooth. She had great hands and ample practice with them. I moaned in relief. There, settled on a foot of my back, was a big healthy turd from the pretty blonde chunker's ass. She had nice, ample breasts. I nodded. She passed gas, like a long note on a tuba, then it crackled, echoing wickedly in the bowl. She grunted, and it became a moan.

Canoeing on holiday in Sweden.

fetish CanoePirate 2018-08-17

This time of year means that the twilight runs throughout the night so, as my visitor appears from the other side of the canoe I can clearly see its Pia. She crouches down as whispers, “Are you awake Jack?” I snuggle deeper into my bag and say nothing. As the heat from the fire warms the girls Pia slowly opens her legs, either to heat her cool bald pussy or to tease me. I checkout Pia’s body as Helena asks, ”Would you like to fuck Pia? You’re welcome to and I know she wants you.” Seeing her rear profile, bum high, tight thighs widely spread, shapely legs and a bald pussy, of course I said, “Yes. That’s a lovely offer.

Becoming a Sissy

fetish klammer 2018-08-17

This is when the silence was broken when Carl asked me "if I liked to get fucked?" Instantly I felt a combination of both slight fear and deep arousal as I told him I was a complete virgin in that way. I could only reply that ‘it all felt so new and wonderful and that I was willing to let him fuck me right up my ass if he wanted to!" Carl asked me then if I had any rubbers. Soon - just like his middle finger had - Carl’s cock began to feel nice to me while sliding back and forth in only inch-long movements.

Seducing My s****r

fetish loveforknickers 2018-08-17

I'm not sure if the feelings were related to the obvious deep connection that we shared (we were siblings after all, and had no other siblings) or if they were more to do with the naughty, inappropriate and devious feeling I got from being naked in my s****r's bed with a pair of her freshly stained knickers on my face and another pair wrapped around my cock, thinking about fucking her as I wanked hard. So aside from my mother's generous (or what other's may call 'disturbingly large') collection of vibrators, dildos and other sex toys, with which I had many hours of fun and learnt a lot about anal play (but that's another story), my younger s****r's pussy-stained knickers were my favourite sexual accessory.

A Satin Touch

fetish Outback69 2018-08-17

Taking pleasure in my anguish, you take the situation a little further by rubbing your bare foot up my pant leg until it reaches my crotch where it touches my hands that still grasp your balled up socks, rubbing my fingers with your toes. I watch as your head falls back, my gaze upon you as your eyes close and your fingers pump in and out of your drenched folds, the excitement building as I tongue harder between your toes, lapping the sweat that hides there.I then feel your weight on the bed once more as you sit down, removing your fingers from your pussy and raising them to my face.