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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Hunting Trip Part IV

fetish 2018-08-17

I again imagine John’s wife, I see her as she penetrates herself moaning in pleasure, playing with her huge breasts, sucking on her own nipples, her beautiful lips puckered. Darryl walks towards John and sticks his hard cock in John’s mouth. John wraps his hand around Darryl’s cock and strokes it while sucking and fucking it with his mouth. Darryl pulls out his cock and turns around as Chris comes into the frame. I watched as John’s wife fucked her cousin with the cactus shaped vibrator I had found earlier, playing with myself as I imagine that I am there, playing with these two beautiful redheads. She pulls at my hair biting my neck, as she f***efully puts her hand down my pants, rubbing my wet pussy.

Childhood Sweethearts All Grown Up Ch. 02

fetish FerdGerfel 2018-08-17

I think we can actually do it at the same time," Nancy said, moving closer to me and the bed and undoing the sash on her robe, pulling it completely loose from her robe and holding it out to me. I started at her neck and slowly worked my way down, licking and sucking at her skin as I ate through the whipped cream. I ate the whipped cream off of her breasts, first one and then the other, pausing long enough to kiss and suck on each nipple until it got hard. Sensing she was getting close, I took my left hand and inserted a finger into her pussy while I continued to lick at her clitoris, all the while trying to keep her pussy hairs away from my mouth with her right.

Fucked Up & Real Shitty Ch. 01

fetish Anachronism 2018-08-17

The adult video store I worked at seemed to only order shit films from one company. The participants all look like they were released from the Munich holding tank after making bail for grave digging arrests. My erection, while I’m working, is pretty constant but the slender display of shit films never failed in making it vanish. The owner of the store had a policy that allowed us cashiers to check out videos for free so long as we brought the tapes and discs back in one piece. Two years of full time allowed me to work my way through almost every section in the store and a bit of graduate school.

Inside the life of a sex mad girl

fetish Fridagirl 2018-08-17

My cuckold did as I demanded, I guided the boys over to the large double bed and lay down in a provocative pose, still wearing my heels, I left one foot on the floor, and the other the length of my legs fully open, on the bed, my tiny pussy looked like a small pink slit, my tinier pink anus, puckered non stop, as my clear vaginal discharge flooded and lubricated my back door, that particular key thrown to the wind, as each boy undressed, hurriedly, and advance for the fucking of their life time, right now their ages were a mere number, the sizes of their cocks were the only numbers I was interested in, and even these were being measured, not by tape, but by the caliper like actions of my holes, OMG I love teenage boys.

The Measure of a Man

fetish KarlMartinK 2018-08-17

As we grabbed our towels and got ready to go into the shower, I noticed Jeremy looking at my cock. "I would say that wasn't very hard, but that wouldn't be true, would it?" Jeremy looked back down at my dick again, then started sliding his hand down the shaft again, repeating the process and allowing each finger to slide along my shaft and the head of my penis. "Okay, you've had enough," Jeremy said, letting his thumb and index finger slip off my penis. The other thing was, Jeremy's motion for sliding his hand off my cock and still applying pressure had caused him to make a bit of a milking motion, squeezing out some pre-cum in the process.

Her Interrogation Method

fetish Squalldasher 2018-08-17

A red-lipstick mouth so close at his cock, Cai Wenji starting by licking her tongue from underside of his cock to the upper side, a strange feeling happen on his penis like his cock was being slain by a blade but it is a blade of happiness. Then she put her both hand on his front of leg, before used her mouth that colors with her red-lipstick took his hard cock deep inside her throat, she put it in so deeply like she want to make it disappeared from his body, Cai Wenji begin with slowly and slightly move her face up and down, a strong feeling lie he is being totally under her control.

And Baby Makes 3 - Part 1

fetish 2018-08-17

I just wanted to run my hands and lips all over her body. I wear sexy clothes for him, I run my hands over his body and he won't, or maybe can't, respond. I ran my tongue along the length of her bra strap and kissed my way back up to her shoulders. I had Sammie step out of her slacks and then I leaned forward and kissed each of her ass cheeks. She pushed her ass back into my face as I worked my hands up and down the backs of her legs. I kissed my way up to her pussy and ran my tongue across it. She pushed her breasts down into my face and she ground her pussy on my cock.


fetish nxtyme 2018-08-17

When our 2nd guy arrived, she gave him a DFK as I sat and watched....I felt like I was really turned me on ! I clicked away with the camera as she rode him in a reverse cowgirl position, for me it was a dream to enjoy watching; she asked us if we liked her acting like a whore. She enjoyed being pleased immensely, and thanked us for doing such a good job f^^king her.....Watching her feign shyness thru lowered eyes, seeing that wry little smile, and just hearing a her say "Thank-you,- all of you for doing such a wonderful job f**king me", is an incredible thing to experience.

The Cool Down

fetish MilesKennefick 2018-08-17

"I worked up such a sweat today," she said, swaying her foot back and forth beneath Edward's nose like a pendulum, "and before my shower, I think it's only right that you give my feet a tongue bath. "Look at you, cleaning my dirty, sweaty feet with your tongue" said Freya, more to herself than to Edward, "you're filthy. "It's not just my feet that are dirty," Freya said slyly as she provocatively slid her sports bra up over her head, "all morning I've felt sweat trickling down every inch of my body." She tossed the bra carelessly aside and peered over her shoulder suggestively.

Her Service Charge

fetish lamb2001 2018-08-17

If he said it once, he said it a dozen times- he was seeking a tease and denial role-play in which he would be kept intensely aroused, while being heedlessly used to give her physical pleasure. How nice it would be to escape those feelings. Laughing under breath, Gwen thought perhaps she should email someone and request a role-play that they assume all her noxious daily tasks for her! She felt certain of his basic desires, and that she could muster enough moxie to play the tease. And yes, he now knew how to articulate exactly what he wanted: to be teased, controlled, and thoroughly used by a sexually powerful woman. It's clear that you want me to control things, right?" Chewing, she gave a gentle kick to his cock.

Mistress Encounter

fetish WellBehavedMan 2018-08-17

She comes out the bathroom and has removed her business wear and is wearing a set of matching lacy light pink bra and panties, You realise she didn't bring this in the bathroom with her, she must have had it on as she had the meeting, she looks down and notices a twinge of excitement in the lingerie you're wearing, she orders you to walk up and down the room as feminine as you can, it's a pathetic attempt really but she appreciates the effort you make, she laughs a little as you try to add plenty of sway to your hips, she holds out a hand on your chest as you go to walk past once more (the feeling of her touch make your heart start pounding) and she tells you how lucky you are that she has a soft spot for you, she also tell you that you're even more lucky you don't look too bad in it, in fact she doesn't want to waste any more time, she just wants to unwind from the earlier business.

godess sarita 16 (the farm house)

fetish mashroorr 2018-08-17

I was in chastity he spread my legs and kept rubbin my thigh close to my cock it was so disgusting but I was getting turned on I was already horny goddess never lets me cum.. aftr we were inside master sam welcomed us in he was very turned on seeing me like that he grabed my ass and played for a while then they started gosipping while I kneeled bside goddess.. the boy was begging for mercyand crying master released him and made him lick all da cum from da tray den we all came up.. he made da boy kneel at da middle of da room hands tied bhind back legs spread wide we could see his soft cock ..

Massage School Wife Ch. 03

fetish pdiddyd55 2018-08-17

Since Abby has started giving massages on Saturday mornings, we have not been able to sleep in, and what morning sex we've had has been quick, so that she can get on the road and be to the school in time for the 9AM session. He explained that he was at the massage school a couple of weeks ago, and saw Abby come into the waiting room to collect a client. After finishing the right leg, and staying on the opposite side of the table from my location, Andre had Abby flip over, lifting the sheet, allowing me a view of my lovely wife, bare ass naked. While Abby worked on his cock, I saw Andre remove the head rest and toss it aside.

Whos for dinner

fetish badteacher 2018-08-17

Your hands finally find their way to my ass, and you pull the skirt up, placing your palms directly on the skin. Slowly you begin to move, sliding your hard cock in and out, driving me mad with the pace. I cum and you continue I beg you to not stop, to keep fucking me. You laugh as you pull on your pants and come to the table. Our hands often touch, we steal kisses, and occasionally you lift my skirt to caress my ass or pussy. You slide me down a little in the seat and begin to explore with your tongue and fingers. Your hands grab and massage my ass as your tongue slides in and out.

A Spanking from John

fetish spankingjenny 2018-08-17

After a few minutes we both had to stop to catch our breath, I backed up a bit to look into his eyes and John started to tell me how he could not believe how passionate I was and then he used that key word saying how naughty I was and how naughty I had been earlier display my legs and panties the way I had. That of course was John’s key word and he replied, Oh yes miss Jennifer you have been a very naughty little girl and with that he slowly moved me to his left side and then positioned me face down over his lap.

That's a Good Boy!

fetish badboy4320 2018-08-17

I held the poppers under his nose, and after he eagerly took 2 big hits, I held his nose shut and held his head on my cock. Once I thought he had held his hit long enough, I let go of his nose, but not his head, and as he blew his big popper hit out his nose, I eased my cock all the way down his throat. As soon as I heard the pop of the bottle opening, I lined up my cock with his wet butthole and as soon as he let the popper hit out, I squeezed the head of my dick into his hot tight hole.

Making Love with Diane's Feet

fetish Boxlicker101 2018-08-17

Because her body, including her right leg, was writhing on the bed from the pleasure she was getting, I held tightly to Diane's left ankle to keep her first lovely girl in place while she and my mouth mutually pleasured each other. As I started to lick outside her instep, preparing to bring my tongue slowly to the most sensitive part, her whole body was thrashing on the bed and her pussy was fucking harder than ever into the air. I was happy, even eager to do what the other girl wanted and I treated Diane's right foot the same as I had treated her left, starting with the smallest toe and sucking and licking them all in turn.

"Older Neighbor"

fetish caralott 2018-08-17

One lovely Spring Saturday, I was in my back yard grilling a big, juicy steak and a couple of ears of corn and watching Barbara sunbathe. I took my plate over to my picnic table by the pool and sat down, slathering my corn with tons of butter and salt, and seasoning my steak with some salt and pepper. I sat back in amazement as she leaned back a bit, pulled the crotch of her bikini bottom aside and began to rub the corn against her exposed clit! She handed me the corn and I began to slowly rub it over her clit and I teased the opening of her pussy. It's tight wet walls gripped my cock like a vice and he groaned loudly as I began to pound her hard with my big dick.

The Town Slut!

fetish yesyesyesplease 2018-08-17

It was beautiful fuck I was so turned on she was wet as anythng and yes she had another mans cum inside her she said sorry I only do bareback I looked up at her and said I love it and licked her more she was moaning and loving it I was in heaven now fuck me she said so I pulled my trosers down and entered her standing up against the doer whilst kissing her cum smelling mouth god I loved it when I eventually shot my load in her I got on my knees again and cleaned her out with my tongue again then walked her home.......


fetish sex_and_candy_11 2018-08-17

"Who the fuck is Ezra?!" Brad yelled as he ripped his cock from my cunt, my juices still spilt from me and onto my bed. "Could it be that you wanted to be punished by me?" I couldn't speak, and he slipped a finger harshly into my cunt and I moaned louder. I know how much you love getting your pussy eaten by my mouth." I shook my head no, and he looked confused but removed the gag enough to where I could speak, "Speak." He began licking up all the juices that slipped down my legs and then darted his tongue into my cunt making me moan in pleasure.

Jenny Becomes a Porn Star Chapter Eight

fetish rollhigh 2018-08-17

Glenda you are not going to be finished with Steven until he has come in your mouth, on your face, and then I want you to take his cock down your throat and let him explode right straight down into your stomach. I love giving myself to him to use as he wants because, in the end, it always means it’s me facing a beautiful cock that is spurting hot cum on my face and into my sucking mouth. When Jimmy is finish I keep applying pressure with my mouth to his cock trying to f***e more sperm from the tip and maybe he just might want me to suck him off one more time.

The Bar Meeting

fetish Stretcher10 2018-08-17

The wife had a fantasy of picking up a stranger from a local bar and sucking him off till he cums in her mouth. I sat at the bar and drank a few cold beers the wife came to the bar and ordered two drinks for her and her husband. Her husband sat across the table from us as we held a good conversation while me and the wife felt each other up. The cuckold has a fetish of seeing strangers cum in her mouth. Before we went our ways we agreed to meet again so i could fuck her the way she likes cause the husband wasnt good in that department.

Hot & Heavy

fetish 2018-08-17

I guess that fearful moment sent a signal to my tits because the wet spots started growing and I thought my nipples were going to poke through the satin on my nightgown. Thinking about him and my nipples being hard rubbing against the satin of my gown and the heat building between my thighs made me want to scream. My right arm pressing against my dripping tits with my hand pulling on my left nipple. He then slid the straps of my gown down my arms and apologized into my chest as placed his mouth around my left nipple. I reluctantly pulled back and his mouth broke contact with my right nipple a stream of milk went over his shoulder.

The Colony Party Ch. 05

fetish Adan_Jay_Mueller 2018-08-17

By the time the men finished giving Priya a high Asymmetrical-bob cut in which hair was cut above the nape at the back till ear level with a nape shave and the front covered the boobs, Priya was not concerned who was fucking her, she was completely engrossed in having an orgasm after another. Her fate got sealed as soon as she came across the 5 men, who wanted to punish her, the men slowly and gradually got permission to humiliate Priya, starting with cutting her hair till she begged them to fuck her the way they wanted.