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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Lily Ch. 01

fetish EliasRotica 2018-08-16

I began to frequent a high class gentleman's club where the dancers wore wonderful outfits of satin, lace, and sheer materials. "If you come in next time wearing a bra, panties, stockings, a garter belt, and high heels, I'll give you something totally against the rules..." We went back to a private room and I saw Lily have a longer conversation with the bouncer than usual. As she mounted my lap, her hand snaked down between us and began to stroke my cock through the panties in time with her body moving against me. She turned around, planting her own satin panty-covered bottom against my cock and began to grind me. I watched as she reached back and pulled my panties down low enough to free my condomed cock.

Job Interview with an e****t Service

fetish cdsexslut 2018-08-16

"I have one philosophy when it comes to cocks...the more, the merrier" ;-) He grabbed his phone and sent a text to someone and he said, "I've got someone that I'd like you to meet." I stood up and within 30 seconds there was a knock at his office door. Not only did I get the job, apparently the guy that had came first was texting one of their e****t service's regulars and by the time my toes were getting a second helping of semen, he had arranged my first "date": a threesome with two married gentlemen in the 50's who enjoy hot tubbing with barely legal e****ts!

Lauren, Mega Babe

fetish Brian1 2018-08-16

She leaned into my neck and kissed it, sucked it; as she did, she took my hand and discretely opened it and she inserted something soft, then she whispers in my ear, "Those are my panties, soaking wet, I want you to go to the men's room, sniff them, imagine how my pussy will taste if you're a good boy. Since the time I had been in the room Mistress Lauren was refined, regal, full of class, yet her friends were much more crude, loud, calling me names, slut boy, bitch, ass licker, things that a normal man would have been humiliated by but not me.

The Magic Thong

fetish mhc26 2018-08-16

As I put my legs through each opening and bent to pull them up my cock was almost fully hard; I wondered if I would be able to fit it into the tiny small pouch in the front. I had my eyes closed, thinking about the nice hard cock that had been in that pouch before mine. My balls were still in the small pouch, which felt sexy, adding to the feel as they were a bit trapped and restrained. I sucked slowly, but eagerly and hard, enjoying how great my mouth felt on my cock. I eagerly sucked away, so horny from the orgasm and from feel my own throbbing cock twitch and spurt in my mouth.

Mother in Law's Feet

fetish omnip65a 2018-08-16

Looking at my mother in law smile as I got up with my hard on made me just want to cum all over her face. All I said was "She does have a sexy body." My wife then got under the covers and took me into her mouth and started to give me a very hot blowjob. She turned her body around and placed her feet in front of my face and I just started to kiss, suck and rub all over her feet. As I felt her slide up and down my cock and watched her ass, I just kept sucking on her toes and kissing her feet until I felt my cum really build up.

Memoirs of a Woman of the Wind

fetish LittleMissFart 2018-08-16

She was so utterly beautiful, such a gorgeous heart-shaped face like an angel, Yet it was such a thrilling sight to behold, a gorgeous naked woman doing such a thing right beside me, well it turned me on immensely. She stared down at me, a big grin etched onto her gorgeous face. She looked down at me, a big grin on her gorgeous face. In one elegant movement, she had sat her soft supple full rounded peachy butt down onto my face, with her knees kneeling on my arms, pinning me in place under her. I stared at and admired the wonderful thrilling sexy sight of a gorgeous naked bum on full view.

Saturday Surprise

fetish dianas_luvr 2018-08-16

Chloe’ got up and closed the clamp as I moved toward the toilet, then stood in front of me so I could lick her pussy as she released the valves and slid the inner balloon from my ass. As my sweet, sexy Chloe’ assumed the position on the bathroom floor, I readied the life-like cock nozzle we had used in our video two years ago. I released the clamp on the enema bag and as the water began to flow into Chloe’, my cock achieved its maximum extension. Trapped as it was by the thick cock that was buried deep in her womanly asshole, the warm water filled Chloe’ and her cunt became tighter as I loitered in her womanhood.

Bladder Palaver

fetish enjoyjoel 2018-08-16

Having had what I thought to be similar experiences with another woman who claimed the same things but really was using this for an excuse to evacuate her bladder when and wherever she felt like it. Everything becomes a little fuzzy at this point, I remember getting the halter off by pulling, pushing, and tearing to the point where her tits were swinging free, and I caught one with both hands and pulled it to my mouth, where I sucked so hard that my jaw actually locked on me. I lost track of how long this went on for, but I do know that with all the confusion going on, sateen was still able to free up her mouth to tongue my shitter, and pump my dick with her hand and mouth.

Knicker Teen: Anna On Camera

fetish Carpe Diem 2000 2018-08-16

Anna turned and kissed him, her tongue searching out his and then she dropped to her knees and took his cock into her mouth, sucking and licking at the last drops of spunk still seeping from his cock, her blue eyes looking up salaciously into his. Her muffled moans and sobs growing louder and louder, Alan quickened his pace and his cock jerked in her mouth, 'I'm going to spunk baby, I'm gonna cum!' Anna's hand worked faster on her quim, her fingers flicking and rubbing frantically at her love-button, she squirmed and writhed beneath him. 'Oh Fuck!' Alan yelled, and Anna drew her head back to take the first jet of his cum fully in her mouth, she wanted to taste it, she was bouncing up and down, two fingers up her cunt and her thumb doing the clit-work.

In Frilly Panties

fetish Drew2011 2018-08-16

"Oh I see what you ladies mean he is in panties" I felt a hand on my cheek and she said "Mmm feels like panties too how nice" It was our waitress so ladies is it true from the sms I've gotten he'll lick my pussy or anus..." she laughed My wife just played with my raging cock and said "yes of course want to try." "Well Panty boy that was very nice to watch" said the mother "now come and lick my pussy" my wife took my hand and led me across the room and whispered do as your told this one will spank you!


fetish catchercradle 2018-08-16

Fi then asked, "And did she contact you?" Before I could answer, Liz intervened, "I think you have to remove an item of clothing if you want an answer to that Fi." Fi immediately took off her lacy top which as I suspected did not conceal a bra. My right hand with a mind of it's own soon found it's way inside the lace knickers through the black forest and my thumb found Fis clitoris while my index finger probed her wetness which increased markedly by the time the five minutes were up. Fi and I were now naked, Sarah and Tina, both braless to start with were now topless, Liz and Eileen removed their tops to reveal bras that were designed to display rather than hide the wares they contained.

My Best Old Ex Friend Dave

fetish tommy6907 2018-08-16

"Your father-in-law who loves his star salesman son-in-law and his beautiful grandchildren so much, takes good care of people who are straight with him. Virginia was afraid that if her hunch was right and the old man found out, you might "have an accident." That would be a terrible thing for your wife and children. "The thing is, Bobby, Karen was sitting at your desk with the report in her hand she came on all your cuckold stuff on the computer. That smile, long legs, perfect tits, great sense of humor, but I had no idea how much she loves taking care of a guy who appreciates her.

Tights Pantyhose Sex Just Ask!... Your Lady Might

fetish badgirlnrugrat 2018-08-16

Then I got my chance for sheer tights sex last week she bought a few pairs of sexy sheer barely black 10 denier tights but even though they were control top,with a lovely built in panties section, she is how id describe as the more plumptious lady, and the waistband rolled down under her belly and frustrated her, she was going to bin them, so I suggested don't waste them I'll wear them on our nylon sessions, I thought she may laugh at the suggestion as they are very sheer and I don't intend to shave my legs so I thought they may look silly, she said great idea I was going to ask you to wear some sheerer tights anyway as I want to take some pics of you hard in your tights, and you'll need sheer tights for the pics WOW!

The Storm

fetish saxyguy 2018-08-16

I started at her hairline and worked my way down her neck, following the pulse in the jugular to the tip of her shoulder, each little nibble followed by a kiss, and then back up. As the storms fury increases, my fingertips move lightly over her breasts, neck, stomach and arms. I begin the wonderful task of kissing her all over starting at her temples and working my way down her face and neck to her torso. I feel the hair on my back begin to raise and I know that we are in danger, but there is nothing I can do but continue to make love with My lady urges me on as she approaches the cliff above the stormy waves and I begin to feel the billowing clouds of impending climax start rushing toward her.


fetish mercedes7 2018-08-16

As my hands ran over Sylwia's arse cheeks i was still deeply kissing her, my tongue tasting her, and wanting more. As i continued to kiss around her neck area my hand was pressing down between Sylwia's crotch area rubbing her through her canvas sytle shorts. Pulling her cheeks apart i marvelled at her arsehole for a few seconds and whilst it was a poorly lit area, i could see a tight pink hole tucked away, and also not a hair in sight back there too! I would have loved to have somehow taken Sylwia's panty thong - it would've been a 'keeper' but the moment did not really present itself as she quickly pulled up her knickers and shorts and we left soon afterwards.

Fair Game Ch. 4

fetish Ludo 2018-08-16

"You're going to have to do better than that, slave," Martha taunted, "or the next cock you suck will be your cell mate's!" I knew she meant it, so I started doing the things I liked done to me. "Come here, slave," Becky commanded, "and eat me." I started to rise, but Martha grabbed my shoulder and pushed me down. I started to turn to see what Martha was up to, but Becky grabbed my hair with both hands and pulled me back into her crotch. As I sucked feverishly at Becky's dripping cunt, Martha pumped in and out of my ass with increasing urgency, massaging my prostate, and bringing me to the brink of my own orgasm.

A Satisfying Cigar

fetish FionaLove 2018-08-16

"If you think that's embarrassing, just wait till I fill you up with these!" He said, smiling and holding up a handful of huge cigars. To her utter shame, her pussy began to tingle at the feeling of the smooth, thick, cigar filling her anal passage. He lit another cigar and slipped it between her wet lips, sliding it up her pussy. She blushed again at the sight of herself with a smoking cigar poking rudely out of her anus and a big, bearded man sliding another one in and out of her juicy hole. "Wait a minute," he said coming towards her carrying an overflowing ashtray, full of cigar-butts.


A New Toy

fetish J_R_Ashunwhy 2018-08-16

When I had it in my hands, I immediately wanted to try my new toy, but that particular day would not have provided a great deal of time for use before Sam came home, and some of the reviews I read had stated the effects increased the longer the Ben Wa balls were in place. I brought the toy back to my mouth, and greeting the first ball with my tongue while I encased my lips around the toy once more, I groaned while musing over the look that would have been on Sam's face were he watching me taste my juices that had collected on the toy so quickly. Sucking harder on the ball in my mouth, I let my exploring fingers dip into my pussy to verify how wet I was already at the thought of tantalizing my boyfriend with my new toy.

My Long Dark Fantasy....

fetish vampy83 2018-08-16

I am single now, long story, just like i said been a lot of crap going on, and during this time, i have been on this awesome site, talking to these four ( yes four awesome guys on here). I took off my mask as i said " i flirted with you four, because it is me Ginger, and i am actually a stripper here, and wanted to surprise you guys". Guess they got tired of that, due to one of the four men grabbing a gag and putting it in my mouth, (before i get ahead of myself here, the guys names , so i do not keep saying the four guys lol, are Sir E, JD, Mr. K, and D'lion).

Brian's Story

fetish GoodyGoodyTwoShoes 2018-08-16

My friend Kyle came over and nudged me and said that I needed to grow some balls and talk to her, or stop being so obvious. Looking at them, sucking toes, rubbing them, being teased with them, foot jobs, pretty much anything you can think of gets me going. After I noticed Emily's cute green polished toes and smiled inwardly, she got my attention again. She pulled away and smiled, telling me what a great time she had, before retreating into her apartment. We were getting close to finishing this delectable meal and Emily had slipped her shoe off and lifted her stocking clad foot between my thighs.

Panty Games Ch. 07

fetish SpacegirlLynn 2018-08-16

Nikki continued to kiss my neck as her hands went to my hips and pulled me tight into her. I stood up out of the chair and went behind Nikki, pressing my chest into her back while we both looked forward into a mirror. It was fast work but the vibration from the edger's was making Nikki wiggle so I made sure to let it linger there for a bit before brushing the loose hair away and turning it off. I work with Nikki." Bob for his part was dumb founded that I acted like I hadn't talked to him in some time even though I had given him another handjob just a few nights before.

Kelly and Lara

fetish uppishcarrot 2018-08-16

It was so incredibly emasculating: Laura on her knees, holding a massive cock with both hands, laughing at my little prick. It's time for me to enjoy a real man." Kelly forced herself between Jeff's legs, pushing Laura out of the way. "Can I ask you a question?" she said to me "I guess so." I said, looking over at Jeff's huge dick being worshipped by Kelly, wishing mine was big and strong and manly. She then took my tiny cock completely in her mouth, my little ding-dong was screaming with pleasure, and I kept looking at Jeff's massive veiny penis as Kelly engulfed it. Laura reached over and with her left hand, she joined Kelly in worshiping Jeff's cock.

A servant and Mistress Part 2

fetish unterschar 2018-08-16

other arm, paddling your buttocks black and blue with welts and blisters just baring the buttocks the way she does for the cane or strap. after she finally tests the paddle out on her hand a few times does she purpose of the paddling, in her eyes, is to make it last a long time. plenty of energy left when she begins the real punishment. My first paddling lasted a half hour to the breaking point, and the Mistress continued the punishment for what I calculated was another punishment while she fetched the cane or strap or dreaded paddle. not long work for a Mistress such as her, who's demands defied logic and effect, it was not the Mistress who was punishing you, it was yourself,

Of Well Laid Plans

fetish amoski 2018-08-16

The last few weeks, she and Daniel had been working on her boss' accounts seeing as the fiscal year was wrapping up and dues had to be paid, the law-man given his cut and the ever bulgeoning pout of his client topped up. Having crossed the precipise of her plan there was no retreat now, she thought of all the pleasures she would have with Mr Daniel as she prepared him for her ministrations. No she would not touch herself tonight, she would not cheat and risk losin some of the pleasure she expected from devouring her prey, the burning glass of scotch she had prepared while waiting for him to wake would have to do.