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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Mom-in-law Penny Ch. 2

fetish Osiris 2018-08-16

Penny had arrived shortly after Mainie and I and had positioned herself on a towel with her feet a foot or so above my head. The gasp got my wife's attention and I just had time to turn my head to the side before she removed the towel covering her face so as not to be caught admiring her mom's cunt. I turned my face towards her foot and closed my eyes, reveling in the softness of her toes and sole. When I was not looking at Mainie I was gazing at the perfect toes inches from my face, Penny watched me and must have been amused at the desire in my eyes as a small smile played across her lips occasionally.

A Tale of Two Titties

fetish Amyfriend 2018-08-16

"Do you have a problem with your leg?" She asked as we got outside and she slowly walked beside me and kept trying to sooth the baby with her little finger after she had dipped it in a bottle of something. "Thanks, I'll look after the baby until its ready." She said and went into the living room. "Just another few minutes and I'll have to switch over." She said and then she let the other side of her blouse fully open and for a few moments I was staring at two beautiful pure white breasts with two large dark colored nipples as she turned the baby around.

The Audition 5

fetish 2018-08-16

"I mean like with soccer you always know the action is going to be where ever the ball is. Nick wants you to get started before your first scene with Hammer." Gigi my T-girl friend back in Boston had a thing for classic TV shows and the like. "That's Nikki." Said Bella, "S/he just got hir Green Card." In most of the pictures s/he was was wearing a classic "French Toast" style school outfit complete with a white blouse, a black skirt, long black socks and the sexiest looking pair of black buckled shoes! I was about to ask for some pictures of "Hammer Man" when Nick opened the door.

Trapped and Trained Sissy Ch. 08

fetish hpm12 2018-08-16

Finally he gripped my breasts hard, causing me to squeal into his cock as he held it deeply impaled inside of my mouth as I felt the cum surging through his member. To my surprise she was in the middle of eating out the other woman and I saw he eat the cum out of her pussy and thought that I was getting a small relief, only to have her turn all the way around and start to make out with me from underneath me. This went on for the next ten minutes, while they would periodically stop and Britney would slide her now dripping wet pussy all over my face or Veronica would take her strap-on and f***e it inside my mouth, then they would go right back to fucking as if I weren't even there.

No Regrets Ch. 03

fetish NurseSally 2018-08-16

Between the things I said to him earlier when he spanked me, and what we'd just talked about, there couldn't be any doubt in his mind that I wanted to see him and Dale together, and I was fine with him and Deb sucking and fucking, too. Both Dale and Alex seemed to be interested and willing to talk about it, so, all Deb and I needed to do was keep them talking and keep them thinking until one of them said they definitely wanted to do something. Once I was sure the guys were totally consumed in the engineering of the margaritas, I leaned over to Deb and asked her if Dale had said any more about the four-way.

My Blind Masseur

fetish dior11 2018-08-16

Masu hopped off the table for a moment and poured a little more massage oil on the entire back of both legs, all the way to my feet. If only Masu had his eyesight, he would see my bared chest with two healthy breasts, and my sheer panties showing my dark cunt fuzz, as well as my garter belt and dark nylon stockings. Now he switched to Swedish style again, pouring more massage oil on my stockings, then smoothly stroking my legs through the oil-covered sheer nylon material. Pouring a little more massage oil on my panties, he began to slowly slide his prick along my cunt through the sheer nylon material--up and down, up and down, pressing down more and more.

Ropes on me and under my clothes in public

fetish suzyisgagged2 2018-08-15

(This spanned over two days, the first part is a post the night before I walked around with a karada tie, and hte second part is actually doing it!) I still wear panties with the rope going over it, it’s more comfortable that way. The first thing was that crotch rope worked its way a little bit deeper as I walked to the door. I had to breathe a little bit shallower, and the rope was just tighter everywhere. Still moving slowly, tweaking my nipples, looking at myself, I then started pulling on the rope. The rope was feeling very restrictive to me and was starting to rub a little.

Procreator Vol. 01

fetish Tom Mandy 2018-08-15

It's a little like that island on that show Lost, I guess. One thing I notice right away is how frickin' hot this island is. I feel like I have loved her for years, an intensity burning inside of me. "It's coming, it's coming!" My dick swells a little more and finally a gusher of jizz hits right at her tits. As I hump her from behind I get a great look at her eyes and her hair as she looks back at me, winking and smiling like a panda bear or something, or what I imagine a panda bear to do when its getting rammed in the cooch. Fucking head!" I look at my cock and its hard, but merely a morning erection.

Finding Travis Ch. 10

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-08-15

"Are you going to let him eat?" Tianna looked at her sister as she shoved another heaping spoonful of oatmeal into Jordy's mouth. Travis watched Chevonne feed the end of his chain through the free wheel of the black guys and pull. Chevonne and Tianna drug him up the steel ramp and like Travis, fed his chain through the pulley by the other guy hanging. "Well, even if you sell me Travis, you'll still go back to The Farm with the same number of guys you came to get." She paused, waiting for an answer but Jackie remained unmoved. Travis turned and for the first time really saw, not only Katie's outward beauty but the depth of her compassion.

Busty Jessica's Sexual Adventures Ch. 04

fetish sethp 2018-08-15

The plan was that when Busty Jessica got in the stall, Rick would slide his impressive cock through the hole in the wall. Busty Jessica turned and opened the stall door only to see a pale and shaking Megan in a panic, and a very large cock sticking out of the wall. Jessica then guided Megan's head and mouth over to Rick's large cock. Busty Jessica was stroking Rick's cock while Megan worked her lips on the end. Busty Jessica kept working her lips over his cock and it wasn't long before the man ejaculated into her mouth. Back in the women's room, Megan was working very hard on Seth, trying to coax a load of cum from his majestic cock.

Getting to Amp Ch. 02

fetish rrspence2002 2018-08-15

Sunday of the weekend that Nancy had to decide whether she would be an amputee or a woman with a short leg for the rest of her life began much like the day before had ended. Shaking out her now untrussed leg, Nancy took a hefty swallow of her Martini and grabbed Brett's semi-hard cock. Nancy walked the kids in and right up to their rooms while Brett brought in their bags. Brett again adored and loved Nancy's leg until her deep breathing told him she was free of the worry and doubt that she had been so bravely dealing with since Friday afternoon.

My Girlfriend Plays Around

fetish PureCoffee 2018-08-15

Joycie looked down, letting her hair fall across her face. "Yeah, of course all off," Joycie said as if I were some naive k**. "But then what?" I asked, "If some guy takes your pants off and, you know, gets his you...don't you get in trouble with Stephan? "Well, guys know if they can get your pants off that they'll usually get your breasts anyway. "Don't worry," she said, reading my thoughts, "most of them are people who don't really know us." How can not knowing you give me a better chance to get into your pants than being your boyfriend? I could only imagine what it was like for those guys, her pants completely off, laying there taking their fingers.

Such Lovely Feet

fetish straptnlusty4u 2018-08-15

You'd mentioned your foot fetish in passing conversation before, saying how much you really got into sexy feet.I had never particularly thought about feet, my own or others', in a sexual way, but the way you now held mine in your strong hand, staring at it, massaging it tenderly, I couldn't help becoming aroused. Watching the lust and excitement on your face, combined with your loving foot adoration had me as hot and wet as I had ever been! I want to feel my cock slide between your hot, slick pussy lips and bury myself inside you as deep as I can get!" Your words were urgent and I knew I had to be ready quick.

Pregnant Ch. 01

fetish medley 2018-08-15

“You should put this on Nadia, I’m sure a doctor will be with you soon.” Dr. Aaron said and closed the door. “Nadia, the first few times you come in we’ll be taking your temperature rectally, we find it gives us a more accurate reading during the first two trimesters.” With that said the nurse pulled my bum cheeks apart and inserted a slimy feeling thermometer into my rectum. I had been sitting on the table the whole time, the gown tugged to my knees, and now Dr. Aaron was helping me lay back and taking one of my calves in his hands. “I’m sure the nurse left it open for a reason.” Dr. Aaron said patting my knee.

Punished By Fan

fetish hotsandra94 2018-08-15

He sat down and simply said “Down on your knees and please my cock Italian bitch!” I was hypnotized and horny and soon I was on my knees sucking his cock and giving him titjob at same time. He was enjoying in it and soon he gave me next order “ Turn around, show me your ass and dance in front of my cock bitch - you will be properly punished for wearing that shirt!” He got so horny and simply tore my Italian shirt and said “Very good bitch. Soon, he came into my ass, while I was already getting 3rd orgasm… Mmm… It was great… After he spread his sperm in my asshole, he said to me “You are good Italian bitch.

Bree's Journey Pt. 02

fetish D_Lynn 2018-08-15

Bryan had an eight-thirty class, so the only person who could be in there was my brother, Daniel. I glanced between Kieran and Daniel for a few seconds, not sure what to think of this morning visit. Daniel obviously wouldn't want to carry out our usual routine with his sister there. I was thinking about just riding there with Daniel, and then hanging out until he gets done with his class. You know exactly what my problem is." Daniel glanced over the back of the sofa toward his bedroom door to make sure Bree wasn't there. Kieran must've talked to Daniel while I was in the shower because he had a whole different attitude about me riding to campus with Kieran when I came out.

First Piss

fetish falcon29 2018-08-15

I had her ankles clamped in my hands and I was determined to feel her piss streaming over me before we left the room. "Billy, why do you want me to pee on you? I saw her flex a few times, trying to get her bladder to let go. My dick had started to harden when we first entered the tub, and by the time her piss was splashing off my chest and shoulders I was as hard as steel. I opened my mouth and tasted her pee for the first time. I guess it was what I wanted to hear, because my dick was hard again, and I slapped her hip with it to illustrate how much her words turned me on.


fetish Kirk482002 2018-08-15

Tom came over and said, “Looks like you’ve got an admirer already.” I asked Gracie about whether Helene had met someone else at school but she said she didn’t know. I tried to look at Helene but every time I stole a glance over at Donna she was still looking at me and soon had a slight grin on her face. Donna started to get up and Helene said, “You’ve been driving us around all day. After what Donna said last week and having this crush on you, I just have to find out if you’re as good as she says you are.

Afternoon Delight

fetish spice16 2018-08-15

Pulling a pillow out from beneath the cheap hotel bedspread he lay back, clasping his hands behind his head, and closed his eyes. Using one hand to make sure none of it touched the floor she eased each legs down over his foot and off. Gently, she lowered her head and began running her lips across the soft green fabric. His legs began to press in against her shoulders and she could feel his buttocks tense up under him. She felt, rather than heard, his hand raise into the air and come crashing down on her bare behind. With one hand he pulled her head up off the bed slightly. Each time she felt she was going to give in to the feelings her head would arch back.

A Bad Man and a Good Decision

fetish clipperdreams 2018-08-15

Since only my arms are tied, I start kicking my legs, trying to kick someone, anyone, but Eric ties my legs too, and asks "Andy, will you tie her shoulders to the chair?" When my hair is short enough, Andy puts away the scissors and picks up large clippers. I don't hear Andy leave the room because I'm focused on the fact that Eric is unzipping his pants and taking them and his briefs off. Eric now has clippers in his hand and sits on my legs and shaves my pussy. His hands are on my head, running over my shaved neck and short hair. Eric comes into the room with a knowing look on his face and gets into bed.

Supermodel Super Enemas 3

fetish Satyr2005 2018-08-15

"Yeah, fuck my ass, bitch, fuck it like you fuckin' mean it!" I hiss, looking back over my shoulder at Isabelle, her face contorted in a grimace of pure happiness, driving it in hard, her big tummy jiggling from the force of her thrusts. "Bitch, you are making me very wet, and not just inside my cunt this time!" Patti cackles, wrapping her two arms around Isabelle's still very swollen but receding belly, squeezing it hard, forcing a loud, long jet of water to be expelled from her rectum as from a pressure-filled balloon suddenly squeezed. "Get behind me and fuck me, bitch!" I demand as the bloated Brazilian slowly waddles over, takes aim at my already well-fucked asshole, and drives her cock, as big and thick and Patti's, right up my ass, her taut belly, hot and heavy, pressing against my back.

The Weitzmanns

fetish pornoquantum 2018-08-15

What the fuck he was thinking, how immature he was, how often she had told him already not to cum on her fucking face at night, and what the fuck she was gonna tell the other girls at the agency about her red eye -- again. He looked at her face and her open mouth, formed like an 'O', just as if she was begging for him to cum. Only that the actresses are usually told to leave their eyes open and try to look through the quarter-inch-strong deposit of cum. "Hurry!", she thought, "Get out of the room!" She could barely breathe with the ejaculate blocking her throat, but now with the cum inside her nose she could get no air at all.

Darkest Dreams

fetish Dripping_Pen 2018-08-15

His hands grasped at me and I could feel each throb in me like I was being physically shaken and each thrust slipped through me like it was going into my very soul and everything vanished and all there was, was the cock in my ass, bigger than me it felt, and still my pleasure wound up and up until I felt his cum shoot out, warm and wet it filled me and even though he filled me so far in, it was forced down the sides and came bubbling out of my asshole. It had been built up so long that it took about thirty spurts to fully empty my balls and the cum dripped from Eve's lips onto her breasts and legs and still she sucked and licked and moaned, as did I, from the best release I've ever felt, and still the relentless dildo-ing of my ass continued and my (much bigger) hole still craved the cock that I'd been given all weekend.

Sitting at Stacey's Feet

fetish fidopedar 2018-08-15

I've got to have you, pleeease!" Of course, I'd been getting myself aroused all this time, and one touch of her hand had me so swollen and stiff that I didn't want to do anything but get into her and feel her tightness pulling against my member. I had started getting hard when she first said a foot rub sounded good, but now, as I took her foot between my hands and started to knead it, the girl scent that I had hoped would be there wafted up toward me and my erection swelled against my pants. I worked on her right foot for a long time, and when I couldn't think of any place I hadn't given a good workout, I lifted it up, gave it a kiss right on the ball of her foot just below her toes, and said "all better".