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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Celeste and Dan

fetish KimmieNOLA 2018-08-15

Dan wasn’t there when I got to Celeste’s, but they had agreed to a ‘procedure.’ Celeste and I drank some wine coolers by her swimming pool. “I can hear her heartbeat!” Keeping the towel on my chest, she carefully guided Dan’s hand onto the device and passed the earpiece to him so he could listen. I sat up just in time to watch Dan throw Celeste onto her back on the bed next to me, and jump on top of her. Then, without warning, a minute or two into their lovemaking, Dan’s face seemed struck by panic, his hips began to thrust spasmodically, and he let out a gasp and fell onto Celeste.

Catholic College Girl Vixens

fetish rick_oh 2018-08-15

Later that night, Amanda crept into Carly's room and got in bed with her. Tommy could not help getting aroused from Amanda's forthright talk about ejaculation, and the way she showed her body. Carly entered the living room and said, "Hi, sexy!" Then she sat next to Amanda and slightly spread her knees. "Just like the other night." By that time, Tommy's arousal had returned after hearing the two femmes voice their orgasms in real life, and he was less inhibited about entering Carly with Amanda in the room. When he calmed down, Carly teasingly said, "You know what to do now," and with less reluctance than before, gave her a satisfying orgasm while licking and sucking on her used and messy pussy.


Kissing My Friend's Girl Feet Ch. 00

fetish writemarksmith 2018-08-15

The car wasn't full but the people near us all clearly heard Emily tell me in a little girl whine that she had got dirt on her foot. I took off her flip flop and was stroking invisible dirt off her sole when Emily pulled her foot away, pushed her foot brusquely against my shoulder and told me I was a 'good boy'. Madison simply stared down smiling so I looked over to Emily who nodded and said simply, "Well done, now let's go." Emily looked at me with the cash in her hand taunted me, asking if I thought Madison was sexy, whether it would be exciting to kiss her, be alone with her.

The Finer Things in Life

fetish Delilah_Night 2018-08-15

Two sets of hands touching me—rubbing my cheeks and thighs, fingers dipping into my wetness, pressing against my back passage, stroking my clit. Mark has always liked the sound of a triplet in music, and invariably he uses that rhythm on my body. Mark leans up on his elbows and I am cradled against him, his cock still buried deep in my pussy. Do it, and you'll earn that fisting you want as a reward tonight," Mark's voice, suddenly gentle as a lullaby coaxes me. I am lifted off of Mark, and placed face-down on the bed. "Game over," Mark says, before I hear the door open and close a second time. Every time I grow bored while chairing what feels like an interminable parent volunteer meeting, I finger them.

Jemima is Your Oyster

fetish Nate_Walis 2018-08-15

Jemima had actually managed to fall into a fairly deep sleep inside the shell as she waited for her cue and so when the lid fully opened he was presented with the sight of a mermaid in slumber, curled into a foetal position with her tail hugged close to her body and her naked chest rising and falling with every breath. From there she released her muscles and allowed her body to relax, sliding around so that she ended on her side once more, but this time she propped her head up on her right hand and moved so that her tail beat in what would seem an unconscious motion.

I Am Not Gay, Really

fetish 2018-08-15

The wine flowed freely and Michelle finally got up the nerve to ask Sarah about Jake's massive penis. Michelle couldn't believe that I had talked to Jake about our sex life, much less ask him if he would be willing to have sex with her. I ran into Jake over the next weekend and he told me that Michelle had asked Sarah about penis size. That evening I found the picture of Jake's erect penis from Sarah in Michelle's inbox. Laying in the missionary position Michelle took Jake's massive penis inside of her little by little as Sarah massaged her clit. Michelle couldn't look away, I watched as she stared at Jake with his cock inside of me.

Leather Lusts Ch. 07

fetish candy_2691 2018-08-15

Jack picked up his tux at the concierge desk, and they took their finds upstairs. Jack had picked out a few Dockers and dress shirts for the casino dates. Jack cupped her ass and carried her to the bed. "Jack, Baby you're so good to me." Breezy whispered as she fell asleep. In the morning Jack awoke to a tapping on the door, Breezy crossed the floor in a robe and let room service deliver their breakfast. She pulled on the hose and sandals; waking out to the bed room she paused by the door. He was dressed in a traditional tux, with a matching embroidered cummerbund and bow tie; his shoulder length hair brushing the collar.

A Ticklish Tussle

fetish Rifferus 2018-08-15

THe warm sensation caused her to tingle a bit, and then gasp as he place one large hand on her chest, near her neck, and began to smooth the oil onto her, working it around her body. She giggled and tittered, her arrousal growing as he played her helpless body, fngers tickling her nipples and breasts as well as her belly, dancing lower and lower until he was tickling her extremely sensitive sex-flesh. "I got you to submit once, now I'm going to pin you..." Reba felt him pulling his boxers down and freeing his rampant erection, which he wasted no time pressing the tip of against her slippery opening.

Caught in the Act

fetish fishh2o 2018-08-15

And she felt far less than ladylike with her face buried in the sofa cushions, her hands tied behind her, and her ass sticking up so prominently for all to see. It wasn't long before she felt Adam stepping up behind her and pressing his cock against her pussy. She moaned as he stretched her to the limit, easing his manhood in a little farther with each new push until finally, he was all the way in. She moaned again, arching her ass back to meet his newest attack as she felt those familiar feelings building within her. She felt Adam's body tense up as he rammed his meat home, groaning as he began shooting his load.

Three Agonizing Days Ch. 03

fetish TenthDoctor 2018-08-15

When our waitress came back, desperate as I was to look, I kept my eyes down on the table, even while Erica flirted with her. "You know," Erica said as she began teasingly running her hands over my chest and stomach, "I wouldn't have expected to find another domme in a strip club." Listening to these two beautiful women talking about making men -- especially me -- frustrated as if I weren't there was so beautiful and I wanted nothing more than for Erica's hands to drift lower. "As long as he stays tied down like that, sure." She backed up to sit on the ledge at the edge of the room as Erica, still reaching around from behind me, undid my pants and slipped them down.

A Conference Legacy Ch. 05

fetish barelegs 2018-08-15

Louise pushed the leather-covered arm rest between our seats into its upright position and leaned into the far corner of the car, giving me a spectacular view of almost the full length of her perfect smooth bare legs. The cabin was very cool, and, though I was relatively comfortable in my light cotton trousers and jacket, I noticed that Louise, in her sleeveless top and very short skirt and with her very exposed unprotected arms and bare legs, had started to shiver slightly. That's a lot better." She looked round to check the whereabouts of cabin staff, and then gently took my hand and, raising the near edge of the blanket, placed it back on her smooth bare legs, now totally hidden beneath the blanket.

The Power of Lust Ch. 02

fetish Quin 2018-08-15

Fighting to hold back and prolong his sexual joy Ross gritted his teeth giving Judy the time to touch her self and play sensuously with her nipple, her mind preparing for the imminent flow of sperm that, if she had her way, would spill into her mouth then out over her breasts where she would be able to take in the sight of sticky white fluid running over her tits and down between her cleavage: Judy also harboured little sexual fantasies and one of hers was about to become a experience realised. Judy felt Ben's hand squeeze harder on her tit and his sharp intake of breath had a mood of it's own -- one that was familiar to her -- like the ones she had heard that lunchtime!


Julie's Pantyhose Sex Ch. 09

fetish SylviaG 2018-08-15

Jenny said Greg liked big tits and legs, Lin told us Mike wanted to cover Lin in dirt or something then fuck her. He was under the car, and although I couldn't see him I bet he watched my high heels and white nylon covered ankles as I walked in. While I had been cleaning his face with my fingers, my other hand had been busy rubbing the gateaux into my skirt, and my nylon clad thigh, and my other leg had brushed against his, where I thought I had seen a fresh oil stain on his overall. But I had got so desperate for a hard cock, that I had let the real purpose of fucking Mike escape my mind.

Tricked into Treats

fetish CocoPhoenix13 2018-08-15

Jessie smiled and went to let Megan in. "Damn, Gina," Megan said, giving Jessie an "OK" sign, "you look fine!" "You look pretty fine yourself!" Jessie returned, examining her friend's short Ninja Turtle costume. Jessie worked hard to keep her legs together, but something about the way the driver was looking at her made her feel naughty. She turned around and handed one off to Jessie, then led them back the way they'd come. "No," Megan said, her eyes wide as she looked at Jessie, "but I saw him." It took every fiber of her being to control the flow, but she knew if she let go the way she wanted to, she'd soak her shoes, and she couldn't return to the party smelling like piss.

Softly, softly.

fetish dieselboy69 2018-08-15

Not long after we got together, my girlfriend told me that she loved the feeling of my cock getting bigger in her mouth as I got a hard on. I love a bj, but the only problem was not getting an instant stiffy as soon as she started to ease my zip down! We had had had some pretty hot sex the night before, so I wasn't in a hurry to cum. She said that she could taste and smell our sex from last night and she couldn't believe how good it was. She was on all fours and I managed to get my hand between her thighs and to her hot pussy.

Tuesday's Tutorial

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-08-15

Unable to stop it if she'd tried, Anne was mortified as an odious fart, smelling not unlike rotten eggs, escaped from her pert bottom. It was with some trepidation that Anne knocked on the door of Professor Snowden's study. "Assignment?" Although she knew full well what he was referring to, Anne decided to act dumb, if only to buy herself a little thinking time. "The assignment you were supposed to hand in last week, Anne Glenning, and the one you promised me would be completed for today." If you don't complete the required number of assignments - on time – the university won't award you a degree at the end of the course. Hoping he knew nothing of the battle raging in her guts, Anne found words to answer the professor.

I'm Easy

fetish 2018-08-15

good at making me enjoy his plunging pecker, so when my The problem started when my husband came home from work. before my boyfriend, now husband, got in there. my stepfather's age so I figured he'd like to fuck me. I asked my husband if his buddies thought I was hot. getting much at home so I felt real good about helping When hubby got awake enough the next morning to be hard, filled my horny twat but he IS my husband so I take good went out and let my husband fuck me in his dad's cum. By the time I fucked hubby I'd basically I fuck anybody I want to and my husband thinks

She Ch. 04

fetish Scorpionic 2018-08-15

She feels tension on the alien object inside her arse again and presumes it is Jamie. Jamie moves the alien object inside her while Annie fingers her. Jamie rocks the object back and forth in her arse and she moves against him feeling the gentle thrusts and her anal muscles relaxing even more. Annie still playing with her pussy she feels Jamie reaching his climax and wonders if he will be able to resist cumming inside her. She now has a beautiful fist inside her greedy aching cunt and it feels wonderful. Jamie returns from the bathroom and at the sight of Annie's fist deep inside her beautiful big cunt he is instantly aroused and rises to the occasion.


The Pissboy Mansion Ch. 03

fetish leaky_one 2018-08-15

A wide gushing torrent of flowing clear piss shot from the base of her muff and immediately started to spray into Carolyn's open mouth. Opening her eyes revealed Carolyn busily taking a hot wet piss all over her belly, her clear urine stream squirting out of her pussy and raining downwards in a fast flowing stream. A quite hiss suddenly joined in with the sound of the moving water as from Carolyn's muff suddenly shot a yellow stream of pee, gushing forth and spraying into the swimming pool. Now both girls were busily relieving themselves with two fast flowing streams of hot golden piss squirting into the pool and tainting the water with their urine.

How I Became A Filthy Tranny Slave Ch. 02

fetish beyondkink 2018-08-15

A look of panic filled my face as two of the men held me tight and the third began injecting the chemicals into me. My abductor then popped the ball gag out of my mouth and it hung loosely under my chin still attached to the straps that surrounded my face. "Open," he once again commanded and then began working the cum into the rest of my mouth with the brush. "Now that we've cleaned your filthy little face and mouth, its time to start your training," he told me as the two other men lifted me to my feet and started leading me to a strange contraption laying on the floor...

Sharing Feet Turns into Cuckold?

fetish midwestfeet 2018-08-15

As we were talking about Lamar, my friend Scott from craigslist walked over and introduced himself to my wife and told her what pretty feet he thought she had. I walked back into the living room and my wife was now on her hands and knees, Scott's cock now enjoying my wife's mouth while Lamar was tasting her from behind. She stroked Scott's cock with her right hand and looked over at me as Lamar was going deeper and deeper into her. My wife was still feeling naughty, she lifted her right foot up to her face and started to lick the mix of Scott and my cum from her toes.

Visiting the Bukkake Beauty Shop

fetish silenceup2nogood 2018-08-15

Sometimes she lets a guy fuck her." Bob said. "Ok, for those of you who are here for the first time, I'll explain what's going to happen." The owner said turning toward us guys. The second guy stepped closer and aimed his cock at Crystal's mouth. A couple of times she gave wet sloppy blowjobs to guys until they pulled out and shot their come across her face. No, my girlfriend had just spent the last hour on her knees letting two dozen strangers jerk off and shot their come all over her face. I stood there pissed as I watched two more guys take their turn at coming on my girlfriend.

Revelations and Discoveries

fetish Badchad001 2018-08-15

Suddenly I hear gagging and look out of the corner of my eye and see Fran is steady fucking Fred's face, making him gag each time she pushes the head into his throat. His face is now pressing into Monica's hip and I see the puddle of cum on his stomach rolling off onto the ottoman, I notice that his cock is no longer leaking clear, but instead, creamy, cum colored drops are pulsing out in time with Fran's cock pushing into him. Monica squeals at the sight of my cum covered face and jumps up, yanks off her rubber and gets in front of me and starts pushing the cum on my cheeks up with her cock and forcing it into my mouth, I can't keep my lips closed and she's pushing cum all the way into my throat.

Crack Addict Ch. 03

fetish mondotoken 2018-08-15

Looked like any old bar from the outside but once we got inside there were wall to wall BIG WOMEN and when I say big, I mean BIG! However I still wanted to get laid and I didn't know how she would take the fact that I was at the club to exploit overweight women. "I'm so fucking hot right now!!!" She sounded almost like she was in pain as I began massaging her breasts which were considerably larger than I'd expected. "Imagine that my fat titties are big juicy ass you fuckin perv!!!" She sounded almost like she was hyperventilating and I could see visible drool on her thin lips. I openly drooled as I deep tissue fucked Debra's pussy lips and ass cheeks simultaneously