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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

An Angel of Mercy in Starched Whites

fetish danorth 2018-08-15

My mind floated in and out of reality, at this moment the pleasure in my cock was being produced by this vision of the past, her soft smooth hands bringing me closer to the point of no return, her breasts, although not large, were held snugly in a bullet shaped bra that was hidden from view by the lacey top of her slip, which was visible through the thin fabric of her blouse. I thought about our kiss, her soft warm lips on my forehead and my hand went to my crotch, my little cock was hard and unlike my throat, it felt like it always did so I stroked it.

The Madam & the Horse Master

fetish MorganHawke 2018-08-14

"I have enjoyed the time spent in your house, and in your arms ever since that first evening," he said with a heated smile then rolled out of the bed and shrugged into a midnight blue, satin dressing robe trimmed in black fur at collar and cuffs. "I also want to have a few trick ponies, for a circus exhibition," she said then allowed her maid to button her into a sleeveless gown of rich, iridescent black with falls of midnight lace and rows of glittering, jet beads. "We're using the summer ballroom for our pony training ring," said the Madam, her bustled, sleeveless gown of rich, iridescent black with falls of midnight lace and rows of glittering, jet beads, whispering as she led the Horse Master through the glass double-doors.

Isabella's Reversion Pt. 06

fetish silverbackteddy 2018-08-14

"They have wonderful coffee here, so I had them bring you some along with orange juice," Victoria said, as both Jade and Isabella sat like ladies. As Jade guided Isabella through the locker room, and into a small hallway, she saw name plates on each door. Jade had made a nice warm brownie sometime during their walk to the locker room, and Isabella realized it had been the real reason of why she wanted to go the long way. Jade leaned over the counter, insuring the guy had a perfect view of inside her sweater, and said, "I need a set of Board loaner clubs, two buckets of balls, and four large bottled waters.

Domestic Discipline part 1

fetish Warrior5706 2018-08-14

About fifteen minutes later my wife led them out of the bedroom and announced, “Missy wants to talk to you.” I replied, “There isn’t anything to talk about.” But that didn’t stop her from talking anyway. Missy looked horrified and then whispered, “How about if I let you spank me?” Before I could answer my wife said, “Let us talk about it, go to your room for a few minutes.” As the wife got up to go tell Missy the “good” news I stopped her and said, “She’ll have to pull down her pants, she can leave her panties on.” The wife gave me a look but I explained that if I was going to trash my principles I might as well get something out of it.


fetish jenknotty 2018-08-14

"That's a good pet, make your mistress cum with that wonderful tongue" I moan as I hold your head in the perfect spot and grind. "You like pleasing your mistress don't you my pet?" I step down from the bench and push my ass toward your cock as you shake your head yes in anticipation of entering my bent over body from behind. I stand up and kiss you deeply, sharing the fruits of my seduction, "I'll see you Wednesday morning" You grab my dress covered ass with one hand and pull me closer, "you know you are my kryptonite." I smurk and feel your eyes on me as I walk out the door.

The Night Ch. 01

fetish Phased13 2018-08-14

I roll us back over with me on top and slowly move down, kissing your neck slowly and with purpose, and moving lower to your shoulder and may hand come up to cup your breasts in my warm hands as I bring my lips to your left nipple you draw a big breath, feeling my lips suck in your nipple and do circles around it inside my mouth. I work up to your legs, massaging out the muscles and as I get close to your pussy you feel my hands graze your lips, teasingly as work up running my hot hands across the skin of your abdomen, inching my way toward your breasts.

Plump Mexican for Dinner

fetish Ausland 2018-08-14

She starts eating the beans off my dick, giving me a nice blow job, while getting fattened up like a good pig. As I start to fuck her, I lay down into the bean, guacamole and sour cream mess between us, and it feels so good as it oozes around my skin. I start rubbing her pussy to get her nice and wet, and I mount her nice messy body, adding some more beans to her breasts and belly for good measure. As we shower, and get cleaned up, she bends over and offers her pussy to me, and I mount her and cum once again inside my nice little Mexican fuck pig.

Wet Yoga

fetish lucywild 2018-08-14

To make matters worse my clit wouldn't stop throbbing the entire time, not helped by the regular flashes of Nikki's pussy whenever she spread her legs in a new position. She stood up and moved her legs until she was standing directly over my bump, looking at me as she spread her pussy lips and angled her hips forwards. I let my tongue slide up inside her, lapping at the walls of her pussy as I slid my hands up her stomach to her boobs. It felt amazing, Nikki seemed to intuitively know what I needed, her tongue lapping at my clit as she slid a second finger inside me, moving faster and faster until I felt a climax approaching.


fetish vaporjaws 2018-08-14

Beneath me, your body was still like the center of a storm, only your hips and your hands belying their true instinct—to get as far inside of my mouth as possible. Power and heat rose from my belly and swirled around where you thrusted in my throat, and I felt your body quickly growing smaller and smaller beneath me, a helpless and delicious snack. Twirling my tongue around your miniscule body one last time, I pushed you back and compressed the muscles in my throat along your length, like I would if I were sucking your cock, and swallowed you hard.

Kate's Knee High Boots

fetish stever12 2018-08-14

I arranged to stay with my friend Pete, who still lives in Leicester, and is now married to Kate. They looked great on her – they were soft dark brown leather with a square toe and block heel, and she was wearing them with tan coloured tights. I knew I had a good couple of hours to myself, and hoped that Kate would not be wearing her boots that morning. I undressed myself, and taking the boots with me, lay back on Pete & Kate's bed. Carefully positioning both boots over my face, to get maximum aroma, I wrapped Kate's tights around my cock, and imagined her taking off her lovely boots in front of me.

Water Sports Reward

fetish vhornybimale 2018-08-14

His senses of taste and smell, heightened by the removal of sight and touch with the blindfold and restraints, were electrifying his cock into a constant hot buzz and he felt pre-cum dew ooze involuntarily from his raging pole as he licked and sucked her back-passage with increasing fervour. Her fuck speed increased slightly as her hand completed the lube action there to allow her to start rubbing her now buzzing clit, as her cock-filled ass greatly magnified the sensation achieved and she masturbated almost selfishly over the sight of his shaft now pistoning up deep inside her.

Kinky Camping

fetish zydrateaddict 2018-08-14

Sliding my tongue inside her, curling it around, tasting her every crevice, I greedily lapped and that cunt for all it was worth, pulling my mouth from her lips and placing them at her exposed clit where I wrapped my lips around it and proceeded to suck at it like it was a miniature cock. "Oh no," she says with a smile, "Not that little toy, I told you I packed some surprises." With that, she reaches over to the small bag she brought out with the pillow bundle and blanket, "I packed MY toys," and with great flourish, she pulls out her harness and the clone of my own, thick cock.

The Night She Used Me Ch. 1

fetish NiteWriter 2018-08-14

Suck my hot cunt." Since my hands were tied above my head and unable to touch her, all I could do was use my mouth. And the whole time Christine kept fucking her cunt against my mouth while watching Heather. And my face was smeared in Christine's pussy juice as she continued grinding her cunt on my mouth. As my tongue probed into Christine's slit a warm fluid began running from her into my mouth. But now...feeling Christine's intense deepthroat blowjob and hearing the sound of her gagging on my piss soaked cock...fuck!..."Oh Fuck!!...what a nasty little slut. I gulped the second mouthful of Christine's piss and exploded a massive load of cum deep in her throat at the same time.

Something Old, Something New

fetish ViridianQS 2018-08-14

Thinking it was another blob of seaweed, I looked down to see my feet ankle-deep in the wet sand. I broke free of my crumbly sand trap and walked towards Diana to help her out. The sand stuck onto my legs like a thick syrup moving underneath my body. I got a good hold of her wrist and leaned back, allowing my body to settle with the sand's movement. After plenty of grunting and groaning, Diana broke the sand's suction and clawed her way up my torso, sliding her breasts up my chest. Our bodies lubricated by the fine, wet sand, and aroused by our struggling, my hard penis slipped into her slit.

Doing Dirty Debbie Ch. 04

fetish jpb209 2018-08-14

She was so slick with juice I could hardly feel her, but she quickly got into rhythm and I reached round to rub on her hard clit, pinching it hard, which should have made her squeal, but only elicited a satisfied moan before she came long and hard, squeezing my cock with all her considerable might. Susan looked down and, taking a hand off her knee where she had been bracing herself, took her right tit in hand and said with a sneer, "So what did this one do wrong that you're ignoring her?" With a snarl Debbie threw herself at the offered nipple, again biting hard and chewing fiercely and when the minute expired, blood was flowing from that breast too.

Tinkle Bell Ch. 01

fetish Many Feathers 2018-08-14

Reaching around, she deftly undid the clasp on her bra, allowing it to fall away from her breasts, even as she tossed it off to one side there on the bed, reaching inside her suitcase and retrieving what appeared to be a rather form-fitting tank top, setting that off to one side for a moment as she began undoing the somewhat dressy looking slacks she was wearing. Once again she laughed, though she continued on with her undressing, now standing there in front of me with nothing more than a very skimpy looking thong on, which even then barely covered the obvious full pair of lips between her legs. "But you might want to go over a few house rules with Bella at some point," I said smiling a bit sheepishly.

My oral lust and secret sperm swallowing sessions

fetish 2018-08-14

He held my head and began to pump his cock in and out of my throat as i coughed and my spit was getting all slimy on his cock and I kept slurping it up and loving every minute of it when he pushed me to my knees and told me to open my mouth as he place his cock tip on my tongue as i looked into his eyes and he began shooting thick juicy loads into my mouth, filling it up and then told me to swallow it like a good little slut.

The Theater

fetish A14Discreet 2018-08-14

"Put his cock in my pussy for me, darling," I said, and Cal quickly moved closer to us, grasping the man's dick, then spreading my cunt open for it before sliding it into me. Other men were all around us now, and before I began sucking the man next to me, I said to our new lovers, "You can all come on my face, if you like, or wait and fuck me, your choice. I stood up, grinned at Cal, kissed him again, letting him taste some of the man's cum and piss, then turned to the sink, splashing water over my face, cleansing it with some of the industrial strength soap from a large container of liquid soap sitting on the counter next to the sink.

Valtz the (Trap) Maid? CH.1

fetish valtz 2018-08-14

*fair warning, this story contains some man-on-trap graphic content, so if this isn’t your thing, I’d turn away now  or you can read until you get to the dirty chapters XD With my back turned to Sara, I cleaned my table and listened to the footsteps of the customers leaving. Smooth move there, Me. I tilt my head up to look at the guy, and I’m met with a light-skinned grinning face with long slicked-back black hair. She is a good friend of mine, and it’s all thanks to her that I’m even allowed to volunteer here. The man took the glass in his right hand, leaned back in his chair, and took a large gulp.

Sacred Garden

fetish avatar302 2018-08-14

From the hilltop, Brenda could see a small trickle of a creek as it wound its way through the dusty and leaf-matted two-acre basin that she thought should be holding water. Turning left, Brenda saw that the forest on three sides cradled a small cove to the main pond bottom. Brenda had left the pack opened and some of the contents she had removed to access the camera were strewn about on the grass like litter. On the third step, Brenda abruptly pitched forward as her right leg sank to its mid-calf into rich black mud . She had started to fall, and to stop that; Brenda instinctively had kicked her left leg out in front of her as a brace.

Schooling the Stepford Husband

fetish jane marwood 2018-08-14

Hilary could feel the boy shiver as she let go of his penis and placed her hand gently on his hip before slowly moving her delicate fingers over his goose-pimpled flesh and around to his buttocks. "Well I can tell you, young man, that unless you learn to obey the rules, you will be attending quite a few of these little punishment sessions." Although she was dying to handle the pale plump flesh of his penis and testicles, she resisted the temptation; instead she moved to stand in front of the fourth boy.

Anonymous - Who's in Room 813??

fetish Naughty_Penpal 2018-08-14

Finally, the hands moved down further, and she felt the hem of her dress pulled up over her waist, exposing her white cotton panty clad arse to him. She felt the hands on her as they made their way onto her arse cheeks, caressing them once more, before one of them slowly moved down between her thighs, stroking the soft skin from just above her knee up almost as far as her pussy. His attention went from one cheek to the other, biting and gently kissing her through her panties, back and forth, before he eventually moved up to lick the smooth skin in the small of her back.

Melissa's Foot Massage

fetish MattChancellor 2018-08-14

"I just need a little nap," Amber slurred, shuffling toward the bedroom she shared with her boyfriend Sam. He was spread out on the couch in their living room, reading a magazine. Melissa filled a cup she'd found and brought it to Sam. He was walking Amber to the bedroom and took it with an appreciative look. The scene continued for about five minutes, Sam kneading Melissa's feet while she tried to focus on the article on dolphin breeding in front of her. Sam slowly worked his way from the bottom of Melissa's right foot to the toes. But as much fun as she was having - and by that point Melissa was so turned on she considered fucking Sam right there on the couch - she worried about Amber.

My Smoking Fetish Story

fetish sophiewilliams 2018-08-14

Then, as I lit the cigarette and sucked wantonly on the filter he squeezed my bust hard, forcing me to gasp as I inhaled the thick smoke into my mouth. Looking down at his swollen head I smeared his pre cum with my thumb and exhaled, engulfing his cock with my cigarette smoke. Taking in his musky male scent I took a drag from my cigarette while Jeff held my head still with one hand and used his other to rub droplets of pre cum all over my cheek with his cock. As I took my last breath of smoke and dropped the cigarette onto the floor, Jeff grabbed my head and pushed his cock deep into my mouth.