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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Naked Thirst Ch. 04

fetish maxxxwilde 2018-08-14

The next morning, Samantha felt awkward once again about joining everyone after her spate of voyeurism, but it was her first day of work and Angela had said she wanted to spend the morning training her before clients started to arrive. She and Beth planned to spend the day at Venice beach, sunning, shopping and people watching, but dinner wasn't until 7:30 and she thought she would be ready to come back by then. By the time Keiko said she was going to bed, Sam's head was spinning from the rich White Russians Rich had been giving her to drink. Sam couldn't resist rubbing herself over her clothes as she watched Keiko reach down to guide Arden's lovely, smooth cock into her pussy.

The French Connection Ch. 03

fetish leekeyone 2018-08-14

Instantly my cock started to rise in my pants and I felt a blush rushing to my cheeks as I recalled my sleeping fantasy about fucking this gorgeous looking woman. Terror rushed through me at the thought of being discovered and I instantly whipped my head around to see which of the two delicious daughters had caught us in 'Flagrante Delicto.' It was only less of a horror to see Mylene stood in the bedroom doorway wearing an expression of shock rather than Monique. My eyes felt like they were bulging outwards as they took in the orgasmic sight of the mother as she started to squirt of shower of clear piss directly into the long black hair of her daughter.

Doing what I love

fetish pamalacd 2018-08-14

I said ok and went to my room and dressed in my panties and tee shirt. They walked in the house and caught me cleaning the living room dressed in a short tee shirt that just came to the top of my bikini panties. I decided not to make a big deal of being dressed in panties and a tee shirt, I just smiled at both of them and said "Hi, Kevin, come on in and sit down. My daughter was a little upset with me; she followed me into the bed room and said she was sorry she didn’t call me before coming home. He said he did get a good look at me ass and it was so beautiful, when he came home with my daughter.

The Turning of the Dyke

fetish McSlut 2018-08-14

Before that Bobby was just kinda watching the girls on stage (he has a theory, and I think he's right, that you have a better time watching the girls that come to the club than you do watching the girls on stage), but when Lolita starts performing, he strings to attention. I'd had pretty good luck talking girls from the club to go elsewhere with me after they got off, so I was pretty sure she'd be going to a motel with Bobby later. I was feeling pretty anal at the time, so I was only going to suck him and take him up the ass, but he drops his pants and the son of a bitch is hung like a fucking horse.

The Escape - First chapter of an erotica that I�

fetish hrtogld42 2018-08-14

The loose cloak and layers of rags couldn’t hide his barrel chest and she had already experienced his python arms first hand, but when she got to his face, her breath caught in her throat. She convulsed sucking in a shallow breath as her hand, wrapped in her slip, passed hard over the jumble of nerves stashed away for safe keeping pinched closed at the V base of her stomach. Breth opened his eyes and turned his head a bit to look at her, but he didn’t sit up this time. He slid his hand down away from her breast and moved down her ribs past the curve of her side, across her hips and down to her inner thigh while biting hard and harder on her nipple.

My "Last Time" with an Ex-Girlfriend

fetish PureCoffee 2018-08-14

I admired the way her breasts pushed out firmly against the shirt as I swung the car into the parking lot and stopped to let her get in. Turning to look at her, I slowed the car slightly and replied. As I stopped the car, she looked at me and said, "Please take me back now; I need to get home to my fiancée." How lonely we are even this short distance from the road, my pet?" I turned off the car and undid my seatbelt as I spoke, my eyes now fixed on her. Her head hung low, she quietly nodded and said, "I can't stop you from taking what you want."

The Weekend Ch. 02

fetish jsg1966 2018-08-14

Joey, the other late shift person that night, told her that he could cover for her so that she could knock off early and run a couple errands between jobs. It only took me a couple seconds to free the zipper up, and I knocked on the stall door to hand the bag back to her. It's a good thing that you had told me to cum in my briefs, because that's what I did, right there, as Holly held my arm. I went back to my desk and pressed my hand against my pants, feeling the cum ooze around my cock, as I wondered what kind of uniform would require Holly to get fully naked.

The Bad Teddy Bare

fetish christinecuddlewell 2018-08-14

Still there was nothing to see, I checked discretely. Periodically I checked to make sure he was still there and I was not disappointed. I went to the bathroom to shower making sure that Ted could keep glimpsing my blurred pinkness through the pattern of the window. I moved forwards to where I knew that Ted would at long last be able to catch a glimpse of my rock hard nipples and tightly crinkled brown areolae. The power of those orgasms. They tore me apart. And those orgasms note. They tore through my frame, wave after wave after wave of them. Unbeknown to me I was soon to discover the mains powered wand vibrator and...

Steph's Descent Ch. 02

fetish 62_goo 2018-08-14

Fitz, the tattooist told her that he would have to shave her pubic hair for her tattoo. As Fitz was thrusting Steph came. Funnily enough it was only now that Fitz was drawing the tattoo by the side of her pussy that she thought of her husband Phil. Steph was about to get a tattoo drawn by the man who fucked her. Steve, Fitz's brother, didn't have any tattoos on his hands. Fitz climbed onto her and, without much ceremony, entered her and began to fuck. Steve came in, dropped his pants and climbed onto Steph. Steph came back to the tattoo parlour every day for a week. Fitz and Steve wanted to keep fucking her, too.

Cold Tile Floor

fetish dillythemonkey 2018-08-14

The other hand found the smooth space between my legs and rubbed, not yet pressing inside my lips. These hands pinched at my nipples light at first then groaning into a harsher and rougher touch. I could feel the roughness of the man's fingers tugging and pulling at my pert little nubs. I opened my mouth in a long low moan and he touched these fingers to my tongue, letting me taste myself and rubbing my wetness over my lips. Of course as his hands, his fingers move faster and harder I can't do anything but scream in pleasure. My ass is flexing and pushing up off the tile, just to feel his cock for one more second as he strokes out and pumps back into me.

Gloria's Panties Ch. 01

fetish murphybrown537 2018-08-14

As she did, her shirt lifted slightly and her jeans tightened around her hips, exposing the waist band of a pair of bright pink cotton panties. I couldn't wait to rub my cock, while imagining Gloria pulling off her jeans for me, then letting me rub my hands and cock all over her bright pink panties. God I wanted to just grab a hold of her, and run my hands over her sexy full ass that was now covered in two layers of soft pink cotton. Gloria had turned me on so much, I couldn't get past the image of her in only a bra and panties, with her jeans pulled down just past her hips. I wanted to slip my hand inside those pajamas, and feel her pussy through her bright pink cotton panties.


fetish lilguy41 2018-08-14

“Ohhhhhh it speaks clearly when I fuck it” Elvira Said “God Damm faster faster, want to ride this cock like a Harley…vrooooooom Vrooooooom. She put her head back as Elvira started sucking her tits, she pulled out her nipples and grabbed her ass as she stroked Gomez cock faster. Come see” Morticia Said and grabbed Fester hand putting it between her legs “Look how wet this slut making me. Going to bury deep into my breast nice and tight, make you cum even harder this time” She Said teasing the cock head. He watch Fester cum again in Elvira pussy gritting his teeth as she was tit fucking Gomez to abandon.

Tit for Tat

fetish HardSalami 2018-08-14

When Andrea returned from her shower, her red hair still damp and darkened, hanging freely to her shoulders in rivulets, sporting a midriff exposing halter top and a fresh pair of lounge pants, she stated, "Well, we've got nothing else going on this afternoon; I'm willing to play at least one round," then asked, "Where's the board?" Faced with the choice of wetting herself or peeing in full public view, Andrea wanted to pick the one that'd give James the least satisfaction, but deep down she knew he'd enjoy either outcome, "Hell, he'll probably out cum himself." She finally decided to just pee in front of him rather than wet herself like a little girl.


fetish thako 2018-08-14

Adam on the other hand was also totally smitten with Sofia, he fantasied about her and thought she looked like a Greek goddess and would love to have the opportunity to worship her. "Hi Sofia," Adam asked as he bounced into the living room, "can I borrow some of your shoe polish?". Adam moved over to sit in front of Sofia, and before she could object he started to apply the polish to the boots that she was wearing. Adam lowered his head until his mouth was inches above her boot toe, extended his tongue and slowly licked from the toe to the top of her ankle. Adam started to rub the polish into her boot again, taking extra time with the creased and toe area.

Fisting Fun

fetish kitty5670 2018-08-14

While I was beginning to suck and roll the head of his dick around in my mouth, his fingers began circling my clit, so I opened wide and welcomed the affection. Amazingly, even after his fist has been inside me, his dick still stretches my vaginal length and (after that warmup) my cervix will dilate, allowing the head of his penis to enter for a very snug fit, which drives him into me even harder. Yes ladies, orgasms can be that amazing – you just have to find the right partner to make it happen – just look up when you're driving down the interstate one day – those truck drivers work hard and love even harder.

The Experiment Ch. 5

fetish Pippa 2018-08-14

Irena, the lovely Contessa and the owner of the large 'Town House' that we were now in, greeted us with a big smile, kissing me on each cheek and then, French kissing each of the sisters, a long hard kiss that left no doubt where her sexual preferences lay! Davinia nodded her compliance and curtsying, she moved to the corner of the room, standing in wait, knowing that she was soon to be used in one of her Mistress' little plans. Setting her feet apart, a measured distance from Davinia's prone figure, Irena swatted the air a few times, taking note of the article's weight.

Slave - Chapter 4

fetish amaymoh 2018-08-14

The baby doll set had a transparent thong of the same net material. The baby doll barely reached her waist and neatly showed of her thongs. Her big boobs were barely contained in that flimsy bit of net and were almost slipping out. Next she took the lipstick from the bag and began to apply it to her lips. Inside it was a glass colored butt plug, a ring gag and leather collar and few pieces of jewellery. She moved the string of the thong lodged inside her ass crack and rubbed the lube on her asshole. gagged, dressed like a slut, kneeling waiting for him. With that unforgettable image of her submissive self, she remained on her knees, kneeling, waiting for him

Wife's Friends Anal

fetish Ilovetoeatsperm 2018-08-14

She said we were pretty kinky when it came to sex, She says I told them you like it when I fuck you up the ass with a strapon. Well it's Thursday and I've been wearing my butt plug everyday all day to keep my asshole relaxed, tonight my wife is going to fuck my ass with our huge Bam strapon to get me even more relaxed. Your butt looks so beautiful all smooth and shaved with your ass stuck so wide open I just love the site of you like that, as she bends over and licks the inside of my gaped open hole. The next day is pretty normal except I'm wearing a butt plug and I know that later that evening numerous women are going to be over at my house fucking me up the ass.

My Dirty Little Whore

fetish hardcock30m 2018-08-14

I watch as my slaves begins to grind herself down onto the small of your back, moaning softly while her hands wander over your ass and probe down between your thighs. I sit stroking my cock and watch as my slave rubs her pussy up onto your ass and then back down again, humping you with increasing pace and determination and groaning loudly with desire. Spreading the cheeks of your ass my slave moans loudly at the sight of your puckered little cinnamon ring and begins riding hard and fast, like she's a cowgirl on a bucking bronco. As soon as my chained little pet has completed her task and dismounts I turn you onto your side and holding one of your legs in the air I press the head of my cock against your slick and cum covered asshole.

Asian Law Firm Intern

fetish fanofpantyhose 2018-08-14

Only a bit later during our conversation did I have time to look below her head and found her wearing a tight shiny shirt that made her breasts and nipples very apparent (she certainly didn't like to wear bras), and a very short mini-skirt in flashing red that ended just a bit below her pussy. I was close to coming but wanted to explore her inside so I ripped a hole in her pantyhose right between her legs and stuck my cock in gently, ripping her open, a muted cry out of pain, then slowly moving back and forth, her pussy being so wet and smooth, I was ecstatic.

The Bet reLoaded Ch. 03

fetish jomar 2018-08-14

Lilla, striking in a simple yellow sundress that matched my pretty sweet cheeks panties, and which set off her brilliant shoulder length red hair, and me in my sassy sexy taupe flutter sleeve dress. I even leaned forward a little and pressed my breasts together some with the inside edges of my arms so the waiter could have a better look down my dress and when he took the opportunity my cock thickened and Lilla's eyebrows raised, her eyes twinkled and she smiled brightly in the morning sun. A very pretty sex kitten with a slender, toned body, shoulder length blonde hair with highlights, bangly bracelets, dangly earrings, a black lacy bra, a tarty black half slip, thigh highs up to there and four inch fuck me's with ankle straps.

Bar Hopping on Her 21st Birthday

fetish OblongMilk 2018-08-13

Jenny looked around feeling guilty, then back at the hard cock, and she took a step towards it. Jenny tossed her dress aside onto the floor and took the cock in her hand again. Jenny kept sucking at a furious pace, she felt his cock start to spasm in her throat and she pulled back and let the hot cum flood into her mouth. After looking around the room self-consciously, she reached out and took the cock in her hand and started stroking it. You look so hot." Jenny grinned, opened her legs back up slowly, displaying her pussy to the unknown man on the other side of the hole. "Oh shit," said Jenny and she reached one hand down and gripped the man's wrist.

The Cooperative

fetish ldrequiv 2018-08-13

Helen said nothing, but kept looking directly into Robyn's eyes. At the appointed time, Helen took charge with natural authority, and introduced Robyn to the group as the cooperative's newest member. Her eyes darted to Nadine, who sat immediately across the large room from her, hunched a little forward, ankles crossed, hands folded on her knees. Helen put her hands to Robyn's shoulders and turned the younger woman to look her full in the eyes. Robyn closed on Helen, took the chair Nadine had vacated, and looked silently into the older woman's eyes. Helen reached across the table and took Robyn's hands between her own. Helen looked down at the table as she chafed Robyn's hands between her own.

Dreams of Things to Cum

fetish phanatical 2018-08-13

Her tongue, lips and mouth work me towards a huge cum when all of a sudden she takes me out of her mouth, moves up my body and impales her tight, wet pussy fully on my huge hard cock. After a few more times of being caught by her, she walks over to me and says, "I couldn't help but notice by the way you were staring at my legs and by the size of that hard cock in your pants, that you must be Curt. Lydia then takes off her blouse and skirt and gets on the bed behind me as I start to stroke in and out of Donna's pussy.