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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Water you waiting for (Fetlife repost)

fetish 2018-08-13

A cool splash on my face as i am hit with the after effect of the cannon ball some k** has done near my spot at the water park, a quick glance to see who did it and got my iPad wet yielded no results. I went under the water and began to lick and suck her pussy. I began to violently pound her deep, i could feel her big amazing ass smash against the hot tub walls. I pounded faster and faster as i took her breast in my mouth sucking hard on her nipple, she couldn't hold back she let out a loud moan which almost gave us away.

Chastity Resort Pt. 05

fetish handyrandy9 2018-08-13

Just look at my cock, it feels like it's going to explode! I was resting my head on the pillow enjoying the strong sweet scent of her orgasmic juices, when I felt a strange sensation on my cock and I heard the distinct "click" of a lock. She pushed the cock head against her opening and dropped her pussy a little. Just the head feels like it's going to split me open!" Her pussy looked impossibly stretched; with each upward stroke her lips clung tightly to the thick cock as if they were trying to pull it back inside her. Anna looked down her body at the huge cock still buried inside her.

Butt Sniffing At Wal Mart

fetish panteeluvr 2018-08-13

Anyways, a couple years ago I happened to find another way to enjoy the smell of ass besides panties or a girl letting me sniff her bum. I didn't have to wait long as she bent over agian and put the book back and started going through some others, I took a quick look around and again leaned forward to sniff her ass! I knew I didn't have much time, and throwing caution into the wind, shoved my hand down my shorts and grabbed my dickie with my thumb and forefinger and started whacking it as fast and as hard as I could, and leaned over to sniff her sweaty ass crack!

Roommate Beyond Fantasy Ch. 08

fetish EisAlntheia 2018-08-13

Thinking quickly in order to keep her from seeing my probing eyes, I asked if she'd like another foot massage. I entered this longing to hear her moans type trance quicker each time until I was in it almost immediately from the moment I touched her foot again. I entered this lightheaded trance, with a desire to please her and hear that I was, and remained in it for several minutes before she stopped her wonderful sounds of pleasure. When I stopped massaging her foot she didn't make a sound for a moment before speaking. "I'm so glad you've learned your place so quickly and as much time as you'll be spending on your knees in the future, for now go ahead and lay right here and put your head in my lap."

Shaking My Head

fetish easthamptonman 2018-08-13

It was that time of day when I take my break and walk my dog along the beach. There is a wide sandy path that runs just inside the dunes for about a mile until it reaches the entrance to the harbor, from there we turn onto the beach and walk back. She got up and began to walk with me as my dog ran along the shore. As the stream of piss turned into a trickle, I said, "Okay, now you have to shake it off." She gingerly shook it off and rubbed her palm around the head as she placed it inside my pants and zipped me up. "I can't believe you just did that," I said as we began to walk back to the car.

Julie's Pantyhose Sex Ch. 02

fetish SylviaG 2018-08-13

"Well in that case you had better win, and ah, if you loose you'll be staying home," I said, showing Barry he couldn't beat me. "Just so you know Carl, if you win Barry won't be coming with us." I could feel myself blush, I was overwhelmed by the thought that Carl wanted to win so bad, that I had Goosebumps on the back of my neck. Barry's neck was flushed, so I knew what my close proximity to Carl was doing to my husband. I wanted to tease my husband, we hadn't had sex for ages and I thought my nylon clad legs would get him going again. God did Carl really want me enough to risk touching me in front of my husband?

Nikki having sex with chav lads

fetish Erocus 2018-08-13

so im sucking this monster dick spit and ale all over it and then he says come on up pushes me against the wall and snog me more then gets another can of ale and opens it takes a swig gives me some then he pours it in my mouth it goes all over he licks it off my tits and and then he sucks them good. he does that for a bit and snog me at same time im loving it then after 10 mins of that he pulls out and turns me around again like before so im facing wall again he gets open the 4th and last can of ale and pours it on my arse and his dick he puts his cock in again starts to fuck me hard and fast


fetish Edwarlife 2018-08-13

One day, while browsing a used bookstore run by radical leftists, he sees pictures of naked women who haven't shaved any of their body hair. His mind begins to wander at the meetings, wondering instead what all these women would look like naked. And find themselves at her apartment on their way to her bedroom, wading through Ani DiFranco CDs, some low-budget lesbian porn, and a variety of books by feminist authors whom David knows contradict each other. He pulls out a book, puts on sunglasses, lowers his head, and reads while a few dozen naked women walk, sit, and otherwise exist close to him and his thoroughly limp dick.

My New Friend Amber Ch. 04

fetish oddwon69 2018-08-13

She looked my naked body up and down and commented on how hot I looked when I was kissing my friends ass and wetting the sand with my cum as I orgasmed in front of everyone. Her tounge was exploring my little mouth as all the people around us on the beach watched this woman tounge kiss the naked slut that I was. The whole beach seemed to be taking pictures of the naked slut kissing young guys asses for quarters. She slid her thong to the side and told me she would accept nothing less than a full French kiss on her sexy little asshole. Then she slapped my face and told me to get my slut ass off her beach.

A Night as Batgirl

fetish Sean Renaud 2018-08-13

"I can't believe you talked me into this." Penny mumbled standing outside the door to her bedroom pulling the bright yellow gloves and boots into place over the black tights she was wearing. The Bat symbol was stretched lewdly over her breasts, the last time she'd worn the Batgirl costume she'd still been sixteen and going to Comic-Con, the intervening three years had been more than generous to her formerly waifish figure. It was just so strange, especially since he didn't just want her to dress up as Batgirl, she could at least understand why he might like spandex and boots. Harold spat between her tits grabbing her head roughly and pulling her up so her open mouth would be waiting when he pushed his cock up between her tits.

bbw women are the best women

fetish wife_gone_and_horny 2018-08-13

But I wasn't ready for a relationship, and didn't want to give false expectations to any woman I met... Asked several times for bbw, and the girl would be big and certainly full figured, I found myself wanting more... as she got off, she had on tight tight jeans which made her belly hang right over, with a shirt that barely covered... Told her that I was just looking for a girlfriend/date type thing, no pressure, no expectations, just hang out and see what happens... i looked up, and saw two upper inner thighs which were brown from wear, and blistered... knowing that I had the whole night, I just stared at her hairy pussy and worn out thighs, and blew my cum...

Why Are We Doing This

fetish DistilledTension 2018-08-13

"Leslie bent over a bit, and with another ass-plosion, let some more liquid shit explode into her jeans. It felt like gallons of burrito and laxative laiden shit were pouring out of us, and I turned around so that Leslie could observe how I had made my tan khakis into a brown mess. I felt some lumps tumbling down my legs in addition to the liquid shit, and I noticed with a bit of delight that a half eaten corn kernel and some black bean skin had tumbled from the cuff of Leslie's jean legs, washing down in a mixture of diarrhea and piss. I felt warm, shit squish and rub against my ass and treasured the weird things you could share with the love of your life.

Paying the Price

fetish byronbgeo 2018-08-13

Sierra leaned back in her chair and threw her feet on the desk, one pant leg crossed over the other, the soles of her scuffed flats facing him. "I want you face next to my feet," she said. I want to feel your face under my feet," she said, her voice shrill. "I tell you what to do and all you do is ask questions," she growled, her smelly sock feet still crossed on her desk. Sierra got to her feet and walked around the desk, stopping to peel off one sock before dangling it in front of his face. He shook his head and began licking her filthy soles, spitting out pieces of sock fiber and dirt as he cleaned.

Full Service Salon Ch. 01

fetish daddyskitten 2018-08-13

Arianna waits for us to join her at the doors and she looks back as she slowly pushes them open at the same time. Arianna takes his hand in hers and slowly brings his finger to her mouth. My mouth still open, loving showing him the cum on my tongue, he hand flies to my throat grabbing the leash close to the collar. On the verge of cumming again, he stops and lets her take over but not before Arianna takes his face in her hands and slowly, as I watch, open mouth French kisses him, sharing my taste. Arianna leans back and slowly slips each fist in my cunt again only to lather more cum over my body.

Cuckold for Miss Crystal Ch. 01

fetish SlaveMike 2018-08-13

Mike, my boyfriend, has a pretty bad foot fetish too but I hardly ever let him lick my feet. I love to watch him squirm around the bedroom floor like this as teasingly dangle my high heel sandals off one side of the bed and then the other. We've even made fun of Mikey's little cock and laughed about it while he was between my legs, trying so hard to eat me out. Oooh, I love it so much—cumming while fantasizing about turning Mike from boyfriend to slave and then into cuckold. If you like this story so far, email me and tell me all about how it made your little cock cum.

Nicky Takes Charge Ch. 02

fetish gomorrah 2018-08-13

You like 'bitch', huh?" Nicky said. The thought of watching you suck another man off in front of me has had me dripping all night, and I think I need some urgent relief." She grinned now, knowing full well I'd comply with her order. My white shirt and blue jeans, and Nicky's white dress had quickly become a mess of colour. The girl responded by casually sliding her hand down Nicky's thighs, and sensually drawing her dress back up, exposing her thighs, and more excitingly, her uncovered crotch. The black girl looked over Nicky's shoulder down her front, spotting her exposed pussy between her own hands, and slid her right hand over Nicky's mound, kissing her neck, and burying two very long thin fingers in between Nicky's furry slit.


fetish leprincesscreole 2018-08-13

You might as well cum as much as you can tonight, bitch, because on the way home tomorrow, we are putting a hole in your head, and getting you fitted for permanent chastity; once on, you won’t come out unless it pleases me to let you out.” She pinched me hard, and added, “I guess I won’t be able to do much cock torture, but that just means I will have to work even harder on the other two.” She was stroking me as she said that, I came hard, just as he had.

wife wants me kept in chastity

fetish dav78945s 2018-08-13

Another gripe my wife has is that I refer to my penis as him and give him control over me when he wants to cum. She has started to enjoy the Love and devotion I give her after being denied an orgasm for a few days to a week. She is slowly starting to accept and want my chastity. We set a 1 month trial period 3 weeks ago and she is already talking about her being the keyholder when ever she wants. She is slowly accepting the chastity idea and I am guessing that in 1 week from now, the end of our 1 month agreement, I will only have a few days if any to bring myself off when ever I want.

Chance Meeting at the Gym

fetish Madabouthair 2018-08-13

Cara also enjoyed the little smile Leigh gave when she got a look at the sparse wisps of hair under Cara's arms as she dried her scalp, and as a thank you Leigh made a point of letting the older woman get an extended view of the dense jungles of her armpits. "I'd love to look half as as good as you when I reach your age," Leigh said before struggling for words, still rather stunned that the older woman really did have an enormous bust, just as rumored. "Wanna make you cum," Leigh said as she got up to her knees and knelt beside Cara, running her hand through the sparse fur that grew on the older woman's mound before slipping a finger in a wet gap, and when she saw how gaping Cara's pussy was she stuck and second and third finger in.


fetish Algonquin Twit 2018-08-13

Harriet felt his hand move from her breast as he grabbed her shoulders, disconnected his tongue from her mouth and asked, "What is wrong with you?" "The phone," she replied, nodding toward her desk, "does it look like it's off the hook?" Leaning forward over him, she watched as he first grabbed her breasts with his hands and then moved his mouth to them. Once it was over Harriet reached for a tissue, but stopped as he grabbed her chin and pulled it up so he could look at her face. Mumbling to herself, "I still hasn't rung," she slowly moved the receiver down and began sliding them over her bra, concentrating on the two points where her nipples stretched the material.

My First Milking

fetish Bakeboss 2018-08-13

Of course, I never told Mistress but this was always the high light of my week and just the anticipation would make my worm try to grow inside my cage. As Ms. Maxine toyed with my cage by pulling on it to make sure it was properly installed, Mistress mentioned my nasty habit of becoming erect upon release. This statement intrigued my Mistress and after accepting Ms. Maxine's offer to give her a demonstration, her servant was instructed to strip and assume the position. As my Mistress has violated my backside many times I had no doubt the tool would fit but I was concerned about the pressure the Aneros was giving me as it filled my passage.

Wetting Ch. 03

fetish Rosebramble 2018-08-13

The lines in the shirt thickened and multiplied, but they never left the sides, never put my tits on liquid display, although the sopping panties showed my wet pubic hair clearly. I dressed myself in the panties with the red bows and the plain white T-shirt and hurried to the kitchen to set up the laptop and the camera, which I aimed high enough to capture a standing contestant. Then I folded the tripod and laptop and brought everything back to my room to see how I'd looked, playing in my pee, wetting my panties and T-shirt. Last was the video of Contestant Three, who looked good inverted with her wet panties being repeatedly thrust at the camera.

Pregnant and Aching

fetish james19876 2018-08-13

I looked up at him a smiled, pulling my top down and my boobs out of my bra, placing his hands on them. A rabbit is okay, great even, but as his hands pulled my hips down onto him, and he sucked my milk swollen breasts, I desperately wanted to be fucked, properly fucked, like a toy, a slut. Andy, on the other hand, was the perfect size, and when he pushed the head of his cock past my tight ring, I groaned in pleasure. It wasn't long before Andy tensed again, and splashed a second huge load of sperm into my ruined arsehole. I took his hand and said "You have to spend a lot more time round here Andy, I mean it."

Her Petite Possession Ch. 05

fetish AndreaJordan 2018-08-13

They'd already agreed that they would buy only one plane ticket and that Kate would turn Brad into her underwear and wear him during the flight. Kate sitting in tight jeans with cross legs was the most restrictive position for Brad. It had been over ten hours and Brad felt every bit like a 'used' pair of panties, with the temperature rising even higher as Kate strode through the hot and humid arrivals hall. He pulled her legs apart and lay down on to her, both of them already aroused from Brad's failed attempt to escape Kate's uncannily secure head scissors. Brad complied and looked up at her pleadingly as Kate pushed one leg through the bars.