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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Impregnating Lauren

fetish 2018-08-13

All I recall is that after about fifteen minutes of screaming at one another, Lauren went into the bedroom and put on a short, tight dress and high heels and headed toward the door. I certainly wasn't going to let her find me waiting for her dutifully in bed when she got home, so I went out into the den with a six pack of beer and watched the end of a baseball game on TV. Lauren began to slur another thank you when Mike As Mike finger-fucked my wife, Lauren's lubricating Mike's sperm out of Lauren's cunt. Mike's seed from Lauren's vagina, I lifted my face out meet Mike a couple of times a month and come home for efforts at removing Mike's sperm from Lauren's cunt Lauren comes home from on of her sessions with Mike.

A Sweet Dinner

fetish Aftermath_day_after 2018-08-13

The corner of her closed eyes twitched each time someone accidentally bumped into the table; the muscles of her stomach contracted occasionally as if they performed a dance to evade the feathery touch of the waitresses' hands as they made final adjustments to the final positions of the objects that was artfully distributed on the girl's naked body. She froze as I rose slightly from my chair after having picked the salmon from her neck but I felt her relax under me when I let my lips taste the salty skin where the fish had been. The first sound from the girl reached me as a soft moan as I let the sticks caress her inner thigh, very lightly, quite close to her mound, on my way to a piece of fish on her leg.

Roll Playing At Our Hotel, And No Sex Before That

fetish 2018-08-13

Your Completely Naked In Front Of Me Now. I Slowly Move Back To Your Pretty Lips, Touching Them With My Finger, Outlining Them Very Gently Before Once Again Kissing You Long And Deep, Exploring Your Mouth As If If It Is The First Time Ever Kissing A Beautiful Woman. Then hold my Finger Up To Your Lips, But You Take My Hand And Insert My Finger Into Your Mouth, And Suck On It Looking Straight Into My Eyes, As You Do So. When You Finish You Point To The Bulge In My Pants Then Open Your Mouth, And Point Inside Licking Your Lips and Moaning.

Jenny's Kinky Desires Ch. 01

fetish MiloXarts 2018-08-13

"Sandra, I think that our little Jenny could need some discipline, and learn some obedience as well..." she made my blushing, she even humiliated me in front of this Brazilian beauty, and I felt like a little girl. "Jenny, you do not want to rub your cunt through the fabric of your expensive panties, do you?" she knew exactly how to make be blushing, "please slide them down to your thighs, but do not let them slide completely down!" she instructed me. I stumbled over to her, "I must admit your imagination is very unique and you know best how to humiliate yourself," she smiled again and looked directly into my eyes, "would you like to cum Jenny slut?

Wet Dream

fetish freaky.tales 2018-08-13

With her head against the wall, I begin fucking her mouth, as the warm water ran off my body, running down my back and over her hands, that were on my ass. As the water running down her body almost drowned me, I sucked hard on her tender clitoris, flicking the tip with my tongue, while she came in my mouth. She began to squat, spreading her lips, she begins to pee on my body, at first over my dick, before putting more pressure on her bladder and making a “V” with her fingers, pulling upward on her pussy, aiming the stream up my body, and over my chest.


fetish 2018-08-13

"Follow me Sissy Boy, I think we know your size already," as she led me back to the clothing racks, swinging her ass as we went. I reached to take the panties to go to the dressing room to try them on, but she pulled them away, "Where do you think you are going Sissy Boy? I saw her walking over to Sue and giving her a deep kiss, "Thank-you for the use of Elaine's Sissy Boy. I had a lot of fun." The other woman did the same thing and I watched as both left the store, smiling as they went. "I had fun, thank-you very much for this afternoon Sissy Boy. Give my regards to Elaine." She then kissed me, swatted my ass, handed me the keys, then walked away.

Part 4 The Next Morning

fetish 2018-08-13

I waited patiently outside feeling completely aroused and incredibly horny, finally my Mistress came out and said “Right then slave, there is one more store I want to go and then we will go home and I think your going to like this last shop” We walked together for some time until she said As we walked in together the selection was amazing I always did love Ann Summers and every outfit I saw just made me imagine what my Mistress would look like dressed in it and then how I would rip it off her and fuck her all night and day.

Anal Sarah

fetish ArtyGee 2018-08-13

I could feel Brad's cock through the thin membrane between my pussy and ass. I was dazed and confused, laying in my husband's best friend's bed with his cock in my ass, his come deep in my bowels and him looking down at me smiling like a Cheshire cat. Suddenly I heard my own voice begging Brad to fuck me in the ass and promising to be his butt slut if only he would make me cum. Brad slipped his fingers down the crack of my ass, lingering on my asshole before moving on to my pussy. "Sara, you'll never go wanting for anal sex again now that I own your ass," He whispered as a second finger joined the first.

Six Tasks of My Humiliation Ch. 01

fetish Alfamann 2018-08-13

I didn't want to discuss it, but Steven took my hand and pulled me down to sit on his lap. I noticed Henrik's light in his bedroom turn off at a little after 10 p.m. Nervously I lay in bed with Steven until after 11pm. I stood looking at the sleeping form of Henrik for several minutes before I worked up enough courage to slide my hand inside my panties. Afterwards Steven made me recount in detail what I had done in Henrik's bedroom, which was followed by another session of intense sex. Henrik began to back away towards the door, but his eyes were riveted on my naked body.

The New Neighbour Ch. 02

fetish PerilEyes 2018-08-13

Paris, Joe and their guests awaited Gina and Brad's arrival so she could cash in her fight stipulation for beating the big breasted mom. There was Tanya and Charlene, the blond twin hotties, and Joe's buddies Alan and Ben. Paris was debating whether to even include Joe at all after admitting his attraction to Gina, but she'd let him have this one. Tanya, Charlene, help lover boy get more comfortable will ya?" The twins dragged him away and began to play with him leaving Gina with Paris and her guests. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm...." Brad was starting to squirm now so she once again took her head out, and began to stroke his cock in Gina's direction as she spoke to her.

Next Door Is Very Handy....Part 6

fetish Croozer 2018-08-13

She said, "The nightie, panty, and knee socks are my daughter Connie's...the wig is one of several I have...thought you might like a bit of roleplay." She stepped to the edge of the bed, and pulled back the covers revealing my full erection. "Yes, I have, and also a lot of other underwear like bras, slips, panties, hosiery," she said, "I would love to show it all to you sometime soon." She began to rub her breasts on my penis, and the sensation of their softness under the nylon fabric had me leaking in no time at all.


fetish jarod187 2018-08-13

My hands gripped the bed sheets and she let her tongue slide up and down my shaft, as I watched the perfect little nurse's cap bobbing up and down on my dick. I'd never believed something on Earth could feel as good as this girl does to me, but every time she smiles I'm reminded how little I know. It was building, it was there, and watching her ass bounce up and down, my lips kissing in between her shoulder blades, her nails digging into my legs, suddenly I let go. I could feel myself shooting inside of her, an explosion of passion, and her moans peaked when she felt my come erupting inside her body.


fetish billnj 2018-08-13

His fingers pull part way out of your body and then shove slowly back inside. You candn't stand it anymore, your hands grip the edge of the table, your jaw clamps down and your orgasm hits. Putting his hands on the table by your head he leans over to lightly brush his mouth against yours. Tugging his cock you pull him closer so I can touch him with your mouth wanting to return some of the pleasure he had already given you. "Doctor," you look up and tell him, "I need you to fuck me now." His body lowers over yours at just the right time covering your mouth with his, swallowing your cries as you spasm in orgasm.

My first virgin

fetish joesal 2018-08-13

I began to thrust a little harde and Nikki wrapped her legs around me tight and pulled me down for a kiss "Break it" she moaned "Please break it" she begged and kissed me pationately. With that I took a big thrust into her and then another and then "aaaaaaaaaaah yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah" she moaned as I finally broke through "fuckkkkkkkk me" she creamed as her who body began to thrust with my dick, faster and faster. I began to thrust harder and faster, my dick throbbing more and more ach time "yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah do it" she ordered and with that I finally lost the last bit of control and with one big thrust "fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck" I moaned luldy as Nikki also let out a yell.

Brownmailed Ch. 05

fetish Rimcrim 2018-08-13

"James, honey," Juanita said, getting up to walk around the table to him. Wh—Where am I being reviewed?" James sputtered angrily, turning to Juanita. James felt a lump in his throat as he looked upon her screen and saw a picture of Rosa sitting on his face. Despite being in their late twenties, the Browning women were brilliant, cunning black women who had always bested James when it came to business. Though she is retired now, she heard about this and made sure she would be involved," said Juanita, her eyes gleaming with lust as she looked down at James, who couldn't hold her eye contact. "You are my slave now, honey," she said, turning her head to look down upon him as he kissed her fattened rear.

The Captain

fetish Quietoldie 2018-08-13

"I liked the look of those singers we saw at the exit dear." Diane says as they lie in bed later that evening, both wearing men's pyjamas. Diane smiles, "So you do Donald, so you do." She's thinking of the time he dressed as a maid for her. Donald and Diane notice an attractive elderly grey haired woman standing nearby with a number of senior ships officers. "You want her to open her legs wide for the Captain don't you Donald?" Dorothy says. "I promised Diane we'd make this night special for you too." Dorothy quickly slips off her panties and hands them to Donald. As they sit watching, Dorothy stroking Donald's little cock, him wearing her panties, he sighs happily.

Funland Ch. 02

fetish randomcookieaddict 2018-08-12

Chloes left hand continued to massage and squeeze her tit as her right slid down her stomach and gently teased her wet pussy, a re-enactment of the same pose she had adopted a few hours earlier between the sinks in the bathroom. Deciding that she had suffered enough, Tom finally lowered his face and kissed her left outer lip before slightly turning and repeating the action on the right side. Chloe gasped and shouted aloud "Ah fuck yeah right there that's it!" She didn't care if anyone walking by in the woods heard her, Tom had found the right button to push and she couldn't help vocalising her enjoyment.

Soggy Biscuit, a Variation

fetish Terry19 2018-08-12

As we would be expected to be exposed infront of each other and the watching girls he suggested that instead of using a biscuit we masturbate over either Jane or Rachel, with the loser having to lick the sperm of their body rather than consuming a biscuit. Their hands flashed along their cocks and Neil's gleamed with an abundance of pre-cum, he began to strain every muscle and then a rope of cum shot out of his cock and splattered onto Rachel's neck and shoulder, she turned to face him in time for the next blasts to squirt onto her throat, before his final dribbles landed on her leg.

Office Stud

fetish donkey52 2018-08-12

However, today I saw those features as advantages for the game I had in mind to play with Dan. As I slipped on the silk panties, they made me feel sexy and pretty, and I suppose, desirable. "Whew!" I said, "That was unexpected." He replied, "Yes, unexpected for me, too, but nice." My heart was racing and my body felt like it was going to melt from the heat as he turned back, put the car in gear and drove us back to work. I slowly pulled away from him, and said, "Let me get the door." As a senior manager, I'm lucky to have a large office with a couch against the side wall.

Changing Mouse Ch. 02

fetish Wifetheif 2018-08-12

I never got tired of the touch and look of Mouse's beautiful bald pussy and I really came to appreciate her ass. The girls have left out shaving supplies, Mouse's fresh diaper and her onsee. Mouse might need to be changed after the movie, then you will brush her teeth and put her to bed. I led Mouse up the stairs, giving her a knowing wink when we were out of sight of the rest of the sisters. The sorority sisters in the hall broke into a round of applause as I led Loretta out of the bathroom. I was grateful for Mouse's diaper as I'm sure Loretta would have been able to feel my stiffy otherwise.

A Student In Lodgings

fetish merf68 2018-08-12

We all thrashed the problem out but it was Dad who suggested a possible solution, "I wonder if Mike and Wendy would take a lodger if Jon went to Bristol? I towelled off and pulled my shorts on but as I made my way back to my room Mike and Wendy's door opened and she walked out dressed in a thin housecoat. I heard Mike's car pull out of the drive and, shortly afterwards, I heard Wendy walking down the passage outside the door. She stood up, casually untied and opened her shirt wide to show me her well-filled bra, leant over and patted the bulge in my shorts with the whisper, "Enjoy yourself." She opened the bedroom door then turned her face back to me and winked her eye lasciviously.


Spoiled Princess Hates Camping Ch. 02

fetish RetroFan 2018-08-12

INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER - The second chapter of this kinky comedy set in the early 1990s sees spoiled 18-year-old Madison continuing to hate camping with her aunt, uncle and cousins, and the privileged princess drives everyone, especially nice natured Kate, crazy with her selfish, lazy and bratty behavior. Madison resolved even more that she would never go to Australia, then Bob said to Davo and Travis, "I've heard you've got some very dangerous snakes down under." She told herself it was nonsense; that something like that could not exist, but it was no good, and with the talk of snakes and spiders as well, the teenager felt totally spooked by the time Davo and Travis bade everybody goodnight, and returned to their camping van and tent.

The ladies restroom.

fetish 2018-08-12

He smiled back and simply said, "I see you started without me, Would you like me to help you finish?" I just smiled, at this point I was so Horny I would fuck anything with a cock! No I said, I dont want your fingers, I want you to Fuck me! His cock then touched my cunt and he started sliding it back and forth against me. His cock started to slide in me as I felt my wetness start to roll down my leg. He then drove his big cock deep inside me! it was Huge, I nearly lost my breath he was so deep inside me. My legs were about to give way when I felt his cock swell inside me.

Kathy (White Trash Whore)

fetish jon47m 2018-08-12

The dialogue continued in a similar vein until Lenny10_4u was feeding his 10 inches of hard black cock into Kathy's tight little white bitch arse, and a warm wet patch had formed under her pussy as she brought herself to yet another climax. She brought herself to another climax, with her palm massaging her clit, her index finger probing her arsehole.............her mind wandered, imagining how it will feel when Lenny actually enters her through her back door. She even used to purposely leave the toilet door open as she sat, with her legs wide apart, relieving herself, something Lenny was particularly keen on, but Jeff would always, politely, close the door if he happened to walk past.