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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Story of M Ch. 01

fetish SensualDreams_45 2018-08-12

Then she starts grinding her pussy down on my cock and moving her hips back and forth again and again, moaning deeper and deeper, till this intensive growl signals me that she's cum a second time. I slip my cock into her dripping wet pussy and start fucking her slowly. As I come closer to exploding, which doesn't take long, I start ramming my rod as hard and fast as I can, pounding her pussy as I feel her squeeze my cock even harder. I start slamming her pussy, arching my cock upward, trying to hit the G-spot, feeling my pole being swallowed with wave after wave of intense heat.

Insufficient Funds

fetish Phoenix Arrow 2018-08-12

A more experience teller would most likely not have been so easily duped by the fake ID's, but sure enough my little Candy wastes no time retrieving my money. Swiftly the manager walked around her desk and lowered herself to her plush leather chair, the whole time staring down at the fake ID and account numbers I had handed to Candy. Yet this respected, authoritative bank manager was actually crawling on her hands and knees to apologize, with a $10,000 dollar check to boot. And to Candy's utter amazement, Miss Thompson was actually shoving the toe of her high heel up her boss's ass, WHILE IT WAS STILL ON no less! All Miss Thompson wanted to do was withdrawal a little bit of money from her own bank account.

Dreams of Tina

fetish hornyscorpio 2018-08-12

If life were truly fair, I could , each night, in devotion, kneel in front of her ( not as a slave, have never truly been a sub), but in devotion, in excited need, with my eves showing my sexual hunger for her swollen nipples, my pulse and breath racing to heart attack proportion, at the sight of Tina, standing over me, wearing a black french cut bra, her white cleavage making my vision swim, her slight, sweet smile showing how pleased she is to see my devotion to a need for her.


fetish D.J. Sandwicher 2018-08-12

Luke Whittingham, famous artist and alcoholic, rises from his chair and greets Lucy Mack, his personal assistant with an affable "Good morning, Luce." She passes glasses of champagne back to Luke Whittingham, famous artist and millionaire, who is flanked by two female escorts from Elite Modeling London. "Well, that has crossed my mind, the frisson has gone, but as you know the money's too good and I wouldn't be able to meet up with you guys for our intellectual sparing, which I adore," says Luke Whittingham. Controversial artist, Luke Whittingham, was early this morning found dead in his hotel room of a supposed drug overdose wearing only a pink leather mini skirt. You're going back to be Luke Whittingham, contemporary art genius or you'll end up in a fucking body bag," says Mary.

Co-worker's wife part 1

fetish krazyfork 2018-08-12

Finally she said something like “it feels so nice, you are very good.” I thought about kissing her feet but I didn’t, it seemed too risky and could turn her off. “I didn’t know you were hiding such a pretty pussy, what a nice surprise.” She laughed a little as she dropped one leg to the floor, opening herself up even more. “Don’t be shy Jordan, we both know you are just a little whore that wants this cock in her mouth, so come here and get it…and take off your robe, horny sluts don’t leave clothes on.” She gasped slightly, but with a gleam in her eye, she slid down the sofa towards my protruding dick, taking off her robe as she moved.

About me xhamster sex

fetish amitmurarka 2018-08-12

my world remained same in earlier days or years when i used to only watch porn here, but been long time now as i discovered the other more realistic and kinky side of this website.And since then i have been trying to explore more and more but still find hard to interact with women here(mostly i try Indian as i am attracted more towards them, But i like all types of women *winks*), may be the cliche still stands out about "Bhartiya Naari", but i wanted to see that image breaking and Modern India is Free and expressive. we can start with a general chat or introduction and as we are on a porn site we can have some fun too(if you like to do that) we can do naughty talks on phone, sex, chat, dirty chat, roleplay, share or play fantasies or whatever way you wanna do with me, i am open for any suggestions, video, audio, call, skype/ gmail/ yahoo, etc..

Thunderstorm Frolic

fetish LaLaLilly 2018-08-12

At this point, I am not concerned if someone may be watching us as feeling your hard cock deep inside of me is my only driving need. Sliding my hand underneath your swim trunks, I begin stroking your cock to absolute hardness until you can no longer stand the restriction of not touching me. I close my eyes to your touch, feeling your masculine hands on my ass, moving my bikini bottom, gaining access to my waiting pussy. Giving you the short pleasure of tasting my fingers, I tug at your hair, pulling your head towards my pussy, demanding to be licked with your long, strong tongue.

TSTC01: Cum Shy to Cum Slut Day 03

fetish IndigoCrow 2018-08-12

Her tits were visibly bruised, gently kissed with red and black marks, her ass felt tender and lightly swollen and whilst her insides were entirely untouched, her clit burnt with savage fury. From sucking as deep and hard as she could, swirling her wet tongue around every inch of flesh it could reach whilst her hands grabbed at her partner's thighs and pulled him deeper and deeper until her entire throat was filled with throbbing man meat. Or pulling the cock from her gagging throat just as she felt the twitching that meant the orgasm was imminent, aiming it for her forehead so that each blast of cum coated her face, trickled down to her hungry lips where she could lick it up, taste it, savour it, gargle with it, swallow it.

The Beach House

fetish sgtangel1 2018-08-12

I break our kiss and begin nipping, down her cheek, her neck, all the way to her breast. I peck my way up until I reach her vagina, I stop again and the same with her other leg. I tongue play each and every part of her beautiful pussy. She takes the kiss and positions me between her legs. I bury my face into her pussy, taking in both her and my juices. I suck on her clit, tongue fuck her and lick at every individual pussy part. I made her cum twice switching between her pussy and ass with my mouth, fingers, and tongue. She takes me out of her mouth just in time for me to spray a mini load onto her face.

Goddess, Sir and the Cuck Bitchtits

fetish slavebitchtits 2018-08-12

As I leave my old life behind I tell know one that I am leaving to become Goddess Jessica's and Sir's full time cuckold slave. I look forward to meeting Goddess at the airport and can't wait to get to know Her and Sir better. I watch Goddess and Sir, the two perfect people I have served for so long walking in front of me and think of how lucky I am. "There is your bed bitch tits," Goddess says, as Her and Sir laugh. I hear the joy of beautiful people sex and feel the bed push on me as Sir pleases Goddess in a way I could never ever imagine.

Taking Care of Business Ch. 04

fetish CheriSM 2018-08-12

Despite this, he couldn't stop thinking about the girls finger fucking his ass and the feel of Lewis' cock against his while they fucked Marcy's face together. He wanted to ask Lewis about that last time with the girls, but shit, how do you ask another man if he liked having something shoved up his ass? When they returned to the room, Marcy asked Lewis if he had sucked Gibson's cock yet. Gibson's fingers pumping in and out of his ass, pushed Lewis deeper into Marcy's mouth with each movement. Marcy broke the silence by asking, "Lewis, you like Gibson fucking your tight ass, don't you?"

Little Hard Ons

fetish bunsman 2018-08-12

They are so much fun to suck on and play with, especially when it's a real turn on for the woman too. When they get erect, other than from the cold, it's like the equivalent of a man's hard on, only doubly so and a visible dead give away of her arousal. No you don't, I replied. She grinned back at me, no I don't, she replied. They were fully a half inch erect and talk about sensitive, I could bring her off just sucking on them. We did eventually make love but not till after a half hour of nipple play. I still get erect today when I think back on those lovely extended nipples and it's been a few years.

Jack and Sarah Ch. 01

fetish Storm_Eagle 2018-08-12

She stood up, smoothed her skirt over her thighs and said 'I'm going to the ladies room - you decide what you want to do.' And she turned and walked thru a door across the way from where they sat. Looking up, she saw he was watching her thru heavily lidded eyes, so she decided to give him something worth seeing - she squeezed his prick until the veins stood proud and then slowly moved her head until she could get his cock into her mouth, giving him a large wet sucky kiss on his cock, letting him get an idea of how good she was - what he could expect.

First Thirst Ch. 07

fetish NastyPierre 2018-08-12

Here I was, in the bed of the prettiest woman I'd ever known, holding both her tits while sucking on the nipples. I dared to take a breast in both hands and wring its neck, while sucking on the nipple as hard as I could. I loosened my grip on her tits, took a nipple in my mouth, and let myself relax as best I could. Colleen's experienced hand promised to make this orgasm the best ever, from every point of view. I concentrated on Colleen's tits and the nipple I chewed, as I attempted to work my swollen scrotum out from between my sticky thighs. I let the nipple slip from my mouth long enough to catch my breath and slow my heart.

A Different Point of View

fetish 69vj 2018-08-12

I that's such a tight little ass," you said to me thrusting your finger in and out again, "This big cock of mine is going to fill it all up!" You pulled out your finger and placed the head of the dildo on my ass and leaned into me. A hard cock pounding my ass, your wet pussy sliding up and down my cock with each thrust of the dildo, your hot tits in my hands and your tongue sensually kissing my wanting mouth. Leaning into my ear you licked it and whispered, "Shoot your hot cum inside me while I fuck every piece of you baby!" You slammed the dildo into my ass one last time and shoved your pussy hard onto my cock.

Uncle Kyle

fetish MistressMayaDivine 2018-08-12

Thank you Uncle Kyle for taking me home, I know you still have a few guests here, but I really have no one to give me a ride home, that car is nothing but trouble.' She flips her hair with her left hand and smiles at me. 'The wedding was very beautiful Uncle Kyle, I am so happy for Andrew.' She pats my arm and turns the radio up a little. 'Hello Ms. Tenzy, it's been a long time since you visited us here, a lot has changed since you last been here, its good to see you again.' He bows a little and opens the front door for the both of us.

The Scat Chronicles Pt. 02

fetish TheBrownestEye 2018-08-12

Morgan pulls up to the curb and cuts the ignition, hearing a fading ambulance siren as the engine settles, and as she climbs out of her car, she takes in the collection of small houses and modest lawns surrounding her, training her eyes on Sam as soon as he pops out of the tan Honda that she followed all the way from Sharron's. Done and done!" he says, and as she shimmies out of the dress with his help, she eyes Sam, who sits down at one end of the couch, settling in while Mark takes the liberty of unhooking her bra too. Sam comes up behind and wraps his arms around her, pulls her in tight to his body as her eyes grow wide at the sight of Mark's cock, slathered in her pussy juice.

Levelling the Score

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-08-12

Brian was a little puzzled by his Anne's cryptic comments but he'd been married to her for long enough to know when it was wise to pursue a line of questioning and when it was better left. As his wife was on tonic water, Brian decided to opt for a pint of best bitter as he thought it would look odd if he sipped a glass of Merlot or Chardonnay alone. Anne knew perfectly well that Brian couldn't last for three hours without a wee, especially when coffee preceded the event and that, of course, was the real reason behind his decision to skip the seminar. Brian was beginning to feel the need to pee increasingly badly now and it worried him that his wife was intent on prolonging the evening.

A Beginner's Guide To Domination

fetish 4nickeightor 2018-08-12

You may not feel comfortable with this at first thinking you are hurting him or something but trust me if he really doesn't like it he'll let you know. At this point, where you are going to start using some mild forms of pain you really should agree on a safe word so that you can feel comfortable pushing his boundaries knowing that you won't go too far and scare or really hurt him. If you decide to take it public this can be an amazing turn on for your man but you may perhaps want to try it in another city.

My Older Fantasy Lady

fetish retcntryboy 2018-08-12

I took my hands and gently pushed open your legs, spreading them as wide as I could, my mouth kissing and licking the insides of your ass cheeks. My one free hand was rubbing your pussy at this time, a finger pressed deep inside and then gently pinching your clit, my thumb rubbing your asshole. I placed the head of my cock at your pussy lips and gently pushed into you, WOW, I slowly entered you, taking my time and pushing more of my rock hard cock with each slow thrust. When you saw that I was awake, you came up kissed me deep, and then putting on more red glossy lipstick started sucking my hardening cock, I got you into a 69 position, I was hungry too, and your pussy was the entrée on the menu.

Helen Gives Rick a Smokey BJ

fetish fantasyboy 2018-08-12

I lit the tip of the cigarette for her and I stared at her wonderful red lips as she first inhaled and then exhaled a huge plume of white smoke. She asked me why I found her smoking so sexy and I said, 'Well obviously when I see the cigarette between your lips I imagine it's my cock there and when you open your mouth and I see a ball of white smoke in there it reminds me of my cum and I imagine I have cum in your mouth.' I reached up and squeezed her little hard nipples as I watched her sucking on her cigarette and saw the ball of white smoke as she opened her mouth.

Hand-Therapy Foot Job

fetish milfleglover 2018-08-12

She stroked my thumb more, me watching her sexy, strong fingers at work, and those impossibly sexy feet beneath, looking into my eyes with that perfect smile on her lips. She smiled, and now held my right wrist in one hand, encircling my thumb with her other fingers, stroking hard, long and very slowly, as if jerking a small cock. I exploded like I've never exploded before, the first few blasts smashing up into the glass table bottom, then lacing up her scissoring shins and calves, thick ropes splashing on the soft flesh, the remaining jets oozing out and down my cock to completely soak the insteps, every inch covered in cum as she slowly abated her stroking, the squishy sound filling the air around my staccato grunts of ecstasy.

A New Life: Chapter One

fetish sissycinnamon 2018-08-12

I pulled my frilly pink and white panties off and sat on the bed as I began to slide the fishnet body stocking up my long, hairless legs. Sexy curves are what the world wants to see, she told me, so now I take about ten minutes to properly adjust the laces and pull my male body into the form of a buxom girl. I rushed back to the top drawer and pulled out a pair of black, opaque thigh high stockings with pink, lace tops and little black bows in front and pink seams down the back. It was intensely frustrating, as Mistress had gone to great lengths to make sure my nipples became super sensitive and particularly perky, too, which makes work difficult when those little things decide to get excited as they brush against my shirt.

Nilda and her Money Machine

fetish mlooking53 2018-08-12

When she would return from recess all the boys eyes were on her till she seen the candy and money on her desk and looked around the room to see who left it, then all the boys would turn there heads as if to hide. Steve couldn't do enough for her he would lay in bed thinking of more ways to get her to ask for money. He had to have both the heaven of tasting her nectar and the bliss of sliding his swollen cock inside her nice wet tight pussy. He started pumping in and out, long deep strokes, he knew he needed to pull out before he cum, but he hadn't felt a woman in a long time much less bare back.