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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Spring time cuckolding

fetish woreout 2018-11-24

She said well I need a strong man to fuck me but since you are the only one here I need you to put these news rings in my pussy lips for me. Yeah she said I want to start stretching my piercings so every 6 months I'm going to buy a thicker gauge. she said I told him I have a cuckold husband at home and the only time he gets to see and touch my female parts is when I allow him to do the new rings. I had to push the new thicker gauge rings through the small hole , it wasn't that hard and my wife being as tuff as she is never complained once.

The Operative: FIle 02

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-11-24

"Oh fuck it!" Said Braddock at last, "I might as well show this girly boy what a real man's dick looks like. "Tell me what you were going to do with your access to the compound Agent Pierce, and I will lick and suck your balls." I turned my head, tugging the nutsack selfishly with me, to catch Braddock whimpering at his emasculation, his own cock reduced to nothing, his balls drawn high and tight as though attempting to escape the superior alpha male across from him. I unzipped my jumpsuit the rest of the way, letting Braddock get an eyeful of my lush curvaceous hips and heart-shaped ass.

My Panties

fetish rsvlbimwm 2018-11-23

Last week I was having a particularly bad day and needed to get out of the office.  I wanted to do something for me, to make me feel good.  So I went to Walmart and bought some ladies undies.  I got a five-pack of the boyshort style in a spandex type material.  Then I drove to my favorite park and changed into a pair in the restroom.  And I almost came in my new panties as soon as I put them on!  What a thrill! 

Jill Watches Me Suck Jake

fetish dCharlesStuart 2018-11-23

Jill started talking and the first thing she said was that Jake had told her that like him I had been playing around with other guys since my teen years. While I worked on getting Jake harder and hotter by sucking and sliding my mouth back and forth on his cock he turned to her and started to play with her tits. Jill said, "I thought you could take it all." and no sooner were the words out of her mouth than I pushed a bit harder and felt the head of his cock slide down my throat and I buried my nose in his pubic hair. Jill turned and kissed him and as their tongues played with each other I took some deep breaths again and slid Jake right down my throat.

Ode to Domina Scorpio: Anal

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-23

Domina Scorpio smiled enticingly at Samuel X as he took off his Black leather jacket, followed by his long-sleeved gray T-shirt featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin. Proving once and for all that big and tall men could move swiftly and gracefully, Samuel stepped out of his now fallen pants...and vaulted on the sturdy king-sized bed wearing nothing but his dark blue boxers...and his white socks of course. Samuel was pretty sure that everyone living on Donald Street could hear Domina Scorpio's orgasmic screams but he didn't care and from the look of things, neither did she. Samuel caressed Domina Scorpio's big sexy ass and asked her if she was ready for him. The big beautiful Black woman urged the man she called her Aquarius King to bang her ass.

Two years as a compliant fetish partner

fetish cfnmbloke 2018-11-23

Her guests were people she had met along the way, who required a submissive partner, who needed absolute discretion, and who trusted My Lady to set up scenarios to fulfill their interests. When finished, she would lift herself from the bed, and thank ML quite profusely for finding this lovely "sweetie", the term My Lady encouraged guests to call me. One evening of fun, in summer when there was plenty of light, involved the use of My Lady's long outside entertainment balcony that ran the entire length of the apartment on two sides. At times, My Lady would suggest that they might like to try penetration of my cock with her plastic chopsticks.

Steph's Descent Ch. 4

fetish fitzythemartian 2018-11-23

When Fitz told Steph this, they looked at each other and, without speaking, kissed and undressed each other. Steph thought that Amanda felt something too. But then she was totally professional, although she did pinch them, telling Steph they needed to be hard so the piercing would be easier. Amanda looked Steph in the eye. Amanda pushed a nipple bar through the tube and took the tube out. Amanda adjusted both nipple bars a little more than was really necessary but Steph didn’t mind. Amanda got a wipe out of its packet and tenderly wiped around Steph’s nipple. And she’d had great sex with two wonderful partners, Fitz, who she was falling for, and Amanda, who was the perfect female partner.

Melissa's Golden Fun.

fetish SeanR83 2018-11-23

She got to her knees in front of me, she took my rock hard cock by the tip and licked at my pee hole. I groaned as I could feel it coming, I warned Melissa and she opened her mouth in front of my cock. We let the water cascade over our bodies as I pulled her close to me my still rock hard cock pressing against her belly.  I slammed my cock into her hole as hard as I could, her body shaking as she started getting close to another orgasm. I could not help myself and started to jerk my cock hard, her pee falling from my face onto my body.

Chastity Denial

fetish RandomAdultWriter 2018-11-23

Your need is so palpable that the only part of your body you can feel in your aching cunt and stretched ass. I look you in the eye and say in a stern voice, "Don't you dare cum." I then proceed to wipe down your groin, cleaning off the remaining shaving cream and cleaning you from your weeklong ordeal. You continue uttering obscenities non-stop as you feel your orgasm rise in your loins. Just as I know you won't be able to hold back anymore, I pull out completely and begin slapping your ass mercilessly. A split second before your release the vibrations stop and I yank my cock from your sopping hole.

Two Feet Across

fetish MissAnonna 2018-11-23

A smiling gentleman passed by with no hand wave or signal that he even saw me but I did notice that his eyes did not stop looking my direction until he absolutely had to and then I heard his car stop some distance away. Soon he stepped up onto a large cement block that was next to my car and was standing straight up, pointing the camera straight down on my feet and I watched him inch forward, nearly touching his crotch to my toes. I actually giggled like a little child and he began to pump his cock harder through my toes and I then saw myself spread eagle against my car door, feet out the window and a hard head of a cock spreading my toes apart and allowing them to come back together, over and over.

26 From a faithful wife to a cuck`s sub.

fetish alibodge 2018-11-23

I could see a shadow of doubt flit across Andy`s face so I quickly told him that “this was all his idea if it didn’t happen that night I wouldn’t be even dreaming of doing it again for him and as we were here now, what`s there to lose, nothing ventured nothing gained.” He finally agreed and we finished our drinks in silence, before we headed up to our modern swipe card room, not without an air of some excitement. The drive home was strange, Andy hardly able to contain his curiosity as to what went on between Ray and me, and wanting to know if I would do it again, he said he had never been so turned on, so I knew it was on the cards to re-occur.

The Mandy Chronicles Ch. 03

fetish Scorpius1945 2018-11-23

I felt Stan's tell-tale tensing, knowing that he was going to spurt in a few seconds, so I bit Megan's clit, hard enough to hurt like hell but not enough to draw blood from the sensitive organ. I released Megan's clit after a few seconds, still wary of causing permanent damage, my own body shuddering from my orgasm as I felt Stan relax and lean over my back, reaching around and caressing my breasts. "Hi, Mandy," greeted Megan, casting her eyes over my corset-clad body, with a brief top tied beneath my breasts and a frilly skirt below my corset, reaching half way to my knees and looking like the merest breath of wind would blow it up and expose everything underneath, which wasn't very much.

Black On Black Pegging: Religion

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-23

When he first approached me inside the University Center at Carleton University in the City of Ottawa, Ontario, Mac Arthur had no idea that I was this kinky. At the beginning of the 2011-2012 academic year, I met Mac Arthur Adewale, a young Black man from the City of Lagos in the Republic of Nigeria. Being a white female Muslim in Europe and North America is different from being a Muslim woman living in Saudi Arabia. To a young woman raised in the City of Mecca, Saudi Arabia, the Confederation of Canada is a dream come true for me. For example, I went into an adult video store on Rideau Street near the mall and bought a strap-on dildo and condoms because I wanted to surprise my dear Mac Arthur tonight.


Happy to be used

fetish excaliburofthelake 2018-11-23

I can feel the tiled floor beneath me as he pulls me, my nipples sore from the chain. I feel something around my neck, a collar, and it gets pulled tight before something forces my head back. My ear plug is removed, "You can only swallow if this string is pulled, like this." He pulls the string and I swallow his delicious pee, "Good girl. I feel the stream fill my mouth and wait for the tug on the string. I feel so happy to be used like this, kept full and horny for I don't know how long. I feel the dildo re-enter my ass, "Consider that our thanks slut." My chain gets pulled "Crawl." I follow, having enjoyed a fantastic night pleasing my Daddy

Bossy Black Girls Rock!

fetish Samuelx 2018-11-23

Wow. And she told me she'd been looking for a Black male submissive for a long time but couldn't find one because most Black male submissive types went for dominant White women. We both laughed when I told her how frustrated I got because most dominant Black women went for White male submissive types. The most thrilling moment of the evening was when Lynn Colby, my sexy Black dominatrix, donned a strap-on dildo and told me she was going to fuck me with it. Smiling, she held on tight as I began fucking her with deep powerful strokes of my hard dick into her tight pussy, just like any red-blooded Black man should.

Dirty Race

fetish centaur 2018-11-23

Kate still had a half incredulous and half disgusted look on her face when she knelt down and took Sandra’s feet into her hands to untie the laces on the runner’s shoe. "Now," Sandra finally said, ‘let’s proceed with my massage.’ She put her right foot in Kate’s hand again. Kate removed the sock trying not to show any signs of disgust or else Sandy might even shove it up her mouth then she started rubbing the foot. Ridiculous, I’m not an easy girl like that –’ but at that moment Kate took her pinky toe in her mouth and started sucking on it. It was hot and really wet and Sandra enjoyed thoroughly fucking it with her foot while Kate let out small high pitched cries of joy.

Don't Judge a Book By It's Cover and Other Lessons Learned (2nd in the Golden Series)

fetish MrNiceguy888 2018-11-23

A little too late I asked if she would have liked to have sucked my cock in the ally and driven home with her tongue and throat coated with my sperm? Not exactly in such words, but other than mentioning her sloppy mouth having a certain cum and piss guzzling appeal and the petiteness of her ass and how tight it would feel stretched around my cock, I really wasn't prepared with what she needed to hear. We were doing quite well when focusing on our plans, but beyond telling her about what a fun little ass fucking, cock sucking, cum and piss bucket she was going to be for me, I missed a really key element of what she needed needed to hear.

Harem Ch. 04

fetish MyCherryTree 2018-11-23

Jelena could feel his balls tightening, and just the idea of having his seed inside of her, being full and pregnant again, forced a rolling orgasm like she had never felt before. "It's best that you eat dear, we've ordered in" said Sani, struggling to get up under her own weight, but extending an arm down for Gill and Jelena to get up as well. Jelena lay on her back, her breasts falling away from one another and resting on her arms by her side, her belly looming above her, threatening at any minute to expand again. Gerig thrust harder, mashing Gill's face into Jelena's pussy.

Beautiful Lee

fetish Seahawker 2018-11-23

“You look like you need to get your kids to day care, and yourself to work. Several minutes later Lee walked into the living room with some DVDs. She asked me to pick one, which was hard since they were all chick flicks, but I picked ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding.’ As she sat down Lee turned to me and said, “Gerry, since the divorce happened a year-and-a-half ago, you’re the first man I’ve been around alone. The movie forgotten, Lee turned toward me, spread her legs a little, reached up and pulled my head down for a long, forceful kiss. As she broke the kiss she looked at me and asked, “Can we just do it now, and then talk about it?” She pulled my cock toward her pussy.

Peg Your Husband! He'll Love It! Part 1

fetish iimpolite 2018-11-23

Almost every time I watch it I imagine it’s Anthony taking the massive cock into his cute little ass. I’m sure Anthony knows I watch porn, but I bet he thinks it’s just lesbian shit or BDSM stuff. After I had finished rubbing my clit to this hot video of a handsome man begging to be fucked by an Amazon woman with long blonde hair, I immediately ordered a strap on from some random sex toy website. I decided that I was time for me to fuck him like the man I was (or at least was pretending to be). I slapped his ass and said, “How much do you love my cock baby?


Jill My Sexy Lactating Secretary

fetish Mysteria27 2018-11-23

I look forward to when she comes back to work and will have to pump her milk. In my fantasies, she’d be so engorged with milk that she’d be crying for me to relieve the pressure of her breasts. I'd hold my cock and stroke my dick up and down. Her pussy would be so wet and after I had my snack of her breast milk, I’d bend her over the desk and fuck her bald cunt hard. I bought you the same breast pump I gave you at your baby shower for the office. While Jill was pumping her milk, I stood up and kicked off my shoes and pulled down my pants. My sweet Jill spread her long legs and pushed the cream pie through her pink pussy lips.


fetish Adagio 2018-11-23

As I watched him saunter my way, I knew my dark veil did little to disguise my arduous desire to expose his kinkiest obsession. With a glint in my eye I placed the urethral sound bar deep within his now growing prick. As the bar tolled, her smooth tongue voluntarily explored the underbelly of my prick, and I was trapped like prey. Knowing that he would be mere putty in my hands, I couldn't disguise my own thrill at the thought of preying on his kinky obsessions. I could hear his guttural moans as I stroked and sounded his pork covered prick while now vigorously humping his crooked, gnarly foot.


Michele's Slave Ch. 03

fetish Bernie54 2018-11-23

They walked in the house he got naked and on his knees he greeted Ann. He was French kissing Michele's asshole when the doorbell rang, Michele sent him to answer the door to his relief it was France. "Slave, get in the toilet box Ann needs to go and France will use you after. Ann sat on the box and as soon that his tongue was in her ass she started shitting a long soft log and he had to open his throat to let it pass. "Slave, use the toilet if you need wash your mouth refresh our wine in the living room and start cooking dinner."

Laura Learns Her Husband's Secrets Ch. 03

fetish lesliejones 2018-11-23

Jack had been left in the 20-year-old Elaine's care by his dominant wife, Laura. Elaine enjoyed the position Laura was placing her in—especially when Jack was down under her skirt licking her pudendum—and planned on using the experience in her Women's Studies Feminist Theory course. "You know everything we are learning about dominating men in Feminist Theory?" Well, Aunt Laura is sending Uncle Jack over here for the whole weekend when we can do whatever we want with him!" "Hi Laura darling," she said, "I hope you know how much Elaine and I appreciate the chance to try out what we've been learning in Fem Theory this weekend. Laura smiled broadly and told Elaine and Cynthia that she trusted them entirely with responsibility for supervising Jack.