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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish perry47 2018-08-12

Let's see you in action." He leaned over her and by holding it with one hand, he put the head of his cock right in front of her mouth. Bobbi's head was pushed deep into the ottoman's cushion, as James' hip action kept strong and steady. I could hear the slut gag a little each time James shoved his cock into her throat. His head was tilted back, and when he shoved his cock deep into her mouth, he held it there for a little while before pulling it back out. Her toes kind of curled back, during most of James' strokes but when he pushed his cock down her throat, she wiggled her feet almost like they were being tickled.

Erotic Quicksand Ch. 01

fetish muddygurluk 2018-08-12

But time had made her blossom into the fullness of womanhood, she was now 18, and her affection for play in the soft sand had blossomed with her, into a lustful longing to let her liquid-like lover linger on her bare skin, flow freely all around her, maybe within her too... Daringly, she bent down and let him nibble at her pert nipples, the rippling sand sucking at them like eager lips, until she let herself lie fully over him, on him, into him, breasts dipping in the mud, arms reaching out and holding him in a wide wet embrace. He had all but her face and, deliriously, dizzy with desire, Helen wanted him to kiss her lips, touch and caress her face, let him run fluid fingers through her long blonde hair.


fetish wildcd4u 2018-08-12


A Time for Creampie

fetish MitchCapslock 2018-08-12

Shannon Taylor, the lady who cuts my hair and one of the first people my former wife and I had met when we moved to town 15 years before, came through the door to my office. "I want you to lick my panties and my pussy clean and then suck and lick my clit until I come on your face," she said. "Shannon, ask Mitch, I bet he'll tell you the truth," she said. As I licked up toward her clit, Shannon's legs stiffened and she pushed her mound into my face, moaning more encouragement. We said our good-byes, which were only slightly less awkward than they had been at her shop the week before and Shannon left.


fetish Deadwood 2018-08-12

Jennifer Lynn Steele spun slowly around in her desk chair and stared out the window that overlooked the machine shop floor. As the buzzer sounded and the machinists began to go back to work, Steve and Scott grabbed a broom handle and a roll of duct tape and waited for Jennifer to leave the room. "Actually I don't want them back Steve, I think I can use this little incident to make us stand out from the other machine shops." Steve was left in confusion as Jennifer smiled and returned to her office. As Jennifer began to trail off into her rehearsed speech about the company's merits, she could not help but look down at her bare feet, her red painted toes just peeking through the thin fabric of her nylons.

True story of how I got my nickname "Squashto

fetish 2018-08-12

As our marriage wore on these sessions turned more into punishments rather than the fun foreplay it started as. She knew that although I loved to be pinned down my limit was about 30 minutes, so her "sittings" became longer and more inventive. My wife told her she was teaching me a lesson for disobeying her, but got off me and sent me into the kitchen to make them coffe and do the washing up. This was the start of many sessions where my wife would crush me for this friends amusement and often got her to join in the games. If you like this true sory I will post more of the later events which included lots of heavy facesitting with f***ed oral worship on both my wife and her friend.

Flight SH 123 to Corfu Ch. 02 of 07

fetish davidmuleguy 2018-08-12

But, before Danny could foolishly respond to Elaine's snide, goading remark, his other sister – and the eldest of the three siblings, twenty-three-year-old, dark-haired, and heavily pregnant, Melanie – only too pleased to be the bearer of Danny's bad tidings, gleefully handed over to Danny his letter of notification from the local Job Centre. Danny Dawson, eighteen-year-old school leaver with no job or training to go to upon his leaving education, and second-generation (would be) 'career claimant', upon finishing reading his letter of notification from his local Job Centre, looked up – his face bleak; almost chalk-white from shock – and said, "An 'Air Purification Technician'?

Transformation Ch. 05

fetish NancysboyBill 2018-08-12

She started to give my cock some soapy strokes and it responded quickly but when I was close to an orgasm she stopped and said that now she knew I was good and clean and that I had better hurry up and get to work. After Chris caught her breath from laughing so hard she got out (through several renewed laughing attacks) "They say you can't get promoted if you don't get noticed; by now I'll bet that every female manager from entry level to executive AND their assistants know who you are...but you may need to wear the same suit, they might not recognize your face!" This set off another bout of hysterics after which she said more seriously "The thought of all those women wanting what only I can have sure makes me hot.

Best Party Ever?

fetish suprafan88 2018-08-12

It was the d**gs first, a syringe into each cheek of my ass and then one kiss there. warm kiss on each cheek. I was just wiping the sweat What were these bitches doing to me? my cock free and the cheeks of the prosthetic ass had a hole cut in them "Mmm, they should keep you on a nice, sexy high for the rest of the "There, those should be nicely stuck now. Then there was a gradual really dislike that bitch. It gradually got "Looks like she's getting her strength back. going to start soon!" Carly pulled her fist from my rear fuckhole and wiped herself clean with a towel. Movement in the tight rubber was hard but I managed to hold up

Wife gangbanged at company party PART2

fetish casper747 2018-08-12

Guys started making comments about her big tits and hot ass. The guys had their cocks out in no time and Janie went to work on them. Guys were calling her a "cock sucking whore" and "dirty little cunt." After they all fucked her mouth. For the next hour the guys repeatedly took turns on Janies hot mouth and slutty pussy. Making comments like" my buddies at work are gonna love these" and " I know dome sites that pay well for pics of sluts like you baby " it was such a turn on being up close and personal while a group of strange men pulled a train on my beautiful wife.


fetish JUICYBOX 2018-08-11

This is how it's going to be! I'm going to tie you down, and suck you off, until you explode, with a fat load, of your sweet, sweeet cream! So, I'll start with placing your ball's on my face, your cock then fall's right in place, while I hum like a motor-boat race! Not until I mount your hard throbbing cock! My pleasure's you shall feel, My pussy power's, I shall reveal! You then Insert your hard and ready cock, into my juicy fuck box! You and me, together, are heart's racing and No matter, the weather! And sure, you will feel, my slippery tight seal, suck your big dick, inside out! ~ JUICY'BOX ~ & ~ JUICEBOX ~

Ready to Pop Ch. 01

fetish Dmnoid 2018-08-11

In the sixties, I would have looked like a sex goddess, instead of when I grew up, being made fun of for being a little "chubby" my whole life. My nipples were hard by the time we finished, and my pussy was getting wet, even though I'd rather that it didn't. I want to watch you pump every night for the next few nights, to make sure that you get plenty of practice, and are doing it right." How'd she know what breast milk tastes like? I bet she wanted to suck right on my nipples, suck the milk right out of my breasts, and drink it down. It had been a long time since I done anything like that, not since the earliest days of the pregnancy.

what teachers get upto!

fetish tarny 2018-08-11

then my cock twitched and shot about 3 to 4 ribbons of cum right into her mouth all the time she kept sucking and gulping down my cum..afterwards after she cleaned it up she said nobody has made me squirt but i wanted to ..youre the only one and it made me horny and she said i never swallow cum...look what you have done to me..I said your a dirty little teacher miss... then we heard the door and she said quick thats the fucking cleaner..we got dressed quickly and went out before the cleaner came around and as the cleaner came around Claire said "and this is your c***ds work,great isnt it?" the cleaner didnt even know but i do and everytime I see her I think about the next time as im sure shes thinking about it when she sees me and gives me a quick smile..

Tricked Sluts pt.5

fetish 2018-08-11

But it’s rare to find a busty Asian girl man and we found her,” said Josh clinging onto Shawn’s arm with joy and smiling real wide. Josh started to zoom in on Kagome sucking Shawn’s massive dick. He kept going back and forth from her sucking and slurping down Shawn’s massive cock to Shawn groping her gargantuan breasts. Both Shawn and Kagome started sweating promptly as the tit fucking got faster and faster. “That’s the plan baby,” said Shawn as he started thrusting away at Kagome’s pussy. Kagome was pretty much rocking on her tits beneath her like a rocking chair as Shawn continued to pound her pussy harder and harder.

How to Handle a Submissive Hubby

fetish dombaby 2018-08-11

I was starting to like this control and couldn't wait to squeeze those balls to which I got my affirmative response, "Yes, Maam." Just to make sure he knew I wasn't afraid to crush his balls again, I released them and gave him a really hard smack right on the balls with my hand. I removed his mask and I looked him right in the eyes, smiled and said, "Who's the bitch now?" I quickly grabbed his balls to squeeze them again and heard him quickly say, "Yes, maam." I then pushed him back down on his face and put the mask back on, so that I could get to the next part of my plan.

Lady Liddy Ch. 02

fetish Rockinworld 2018-08-11

Laurie had made an ass of herself yesterday afternoon at lunch, after Liddy had told her about her husband Paul's secret fetish for forced pussy licking. Paul's reply was muffled, but Laurie assumed it was positive, so she leaned back on the bed and pulled him even deeper between her thighs, pressing his nose into the drenched gusset of her pink lace panties. Laurie took a step away, and let Paul watch as she hooked her fingers into the waistband of her underwear and slid them over her hips and down her tight thighs and muscular calves. "Oh," he said, "do you need these?" Laurie looked down and saw that Paul was holding her pink lace panties.

Ruth and Wendy Pt. 04

fetish JenniferWilson 2018-08-11

Allison and Wendy enjoyed a pleasant evening at home discussing old time and the other friends they knew from school, but Wendy had her mind mostly on being able to get into her latex nightie and feel the coolness of the rubber around her body and the aroma. Ruth said it was fine to feel the latex of the dresses but not to touch the girls themselves unless they gave permission, she explained that this is a high-class parade and not a sleazy nightclub gathering. Rolf and Helen always gave Wendy special attention and asking each time for permission to fondle the latex and each time told her how lovely she looked in the shiny dresses.

Getting Ready for Dinner

fetish UKCuddlyGuy 2018-08-11

After a minute of him gently teasing around her opening, Samantha used her powerful thigh muscle of the leg still hooked over David's shoulder to pull him all the way in, forcing him to use his tongue on her clit. David didn't know who was more excited at this point, he was completely under her control, driving her wild, but he was getting hard and starting to leak precum and she hadn't even touched his cock! "Good boy," she said and reached out with her hand on his chin to draw his face close to hers, her deep red lips almost touching his, and held it for a few seconds as if considering whether to kiss him or not (even though she knew she would, it was hot to make him wait).

Aphrodite's Shell Ch. 03

fetish markydaysaid 2018-08-11

Normally my mother and sister packed a lot, but for this cruise they wouldn't be needing much, just several pairs of very small swimsuits (most of which we stole from the mall with that lesbian's credit card) lingerie, and some select sex toys. Your sister brought you here after you hurt yourself masturbating." Nurse Nixxy suppressed an evil little laugh as she looked at my cock. I think I'll take up her offer too, not every day you get to fuck a hot bitch like that in a VIP suite." Nurse Nixxy turned away from my and began moving towards another room. I saw Nixxy sucking his cock, and from the looks of things it was so big that she needed to use both hands and her breasts to work it.

Au Pair in Paris

fetish fanofpantyhose 2018-08-11

While watching the sex scenes, I would lie on their bed, pulling down my pants and panties, moving up my T-shirt, massaging my breasts and nipples until they got hard, and then gently rubbing my outer and inner lips, my clitoris, and inserting one or two fingers in my pussy. Natalie's hand gently moved forward, touching my face a little bit, playing with my lips, then she put a finger into my mouth. Then she caressed my neck, my shoulders and back for a while with her small cute hands and continued to lick my breasts all over the place and sucked on my hard nipples, almost a bit too intense, but it felt absolutely wonderful, even much better then in my wildest fantasies.

Accounting Solutions Beatdown

fetish cody234 2018-08-11

Arion sees movement inside their jeans, which makes it clear that the two co-workers are now playing with each other's pussies, and judging by the moans that can be heard behind their sealed lips and in their throats, he estimates that it won't be long until they reach orgasm, and as he thinks that, he notices that their legs are beginning to shake, their chests are heaving, mashing their breasts together, and their hands have picked up speed, indicating that they are now furiously finger fucking each other, and their hair tugging is getting rougher.

Cuckold knows his place

fetish 2018-08-11

He doesn't know how lucky he is though as she got a message 2mins after arranging from the guy she was hoping to meet tomorrow asking if she was free. 10 mins in she gets a text "give me your postcode and I'll tell you how long it will take." She replied and he messaged back "about 2hrs is that too late." She looked at the clock and started fretting as that woul mean about 1am. She goes back upstairs and they're chatting but I cant make out what they're saying and to be honest I'm not too bothered if it's anything sexual I'm sure she'll tell me next time I have her pussy.

New Friends in the Breeding Pens

fetish AmethystMare 2018-08-11

In one of the quieter pens set back from the orgy rooms, a room decorated to look like a small, indoor equestrian arena, two females wriggled, strapped into bondage that barely let them shift to ease the growing ache in their muscles as they waited on their breeding stud. Rovoska rolled her eyes as Apalala twisted, trying to catch a better look of the gryphon out of the corner of her eye, as she could not turn her strapped down head enough to see clearly. A long tail flicked behind a set of hindquarters rolling with power as he snorted, ducking his head down to his hooves as he threw in a buck for good measure, showing off for the females he'd been brought in to breed.


Caught Stealing

fetish CJPorter 2018-08-11

She spread her legs and squatted so her ass cheeks parted, revealing her tight pink hole. I'm almost certain you pushed that ring right up your ass hole, and are holding it in your rectum at this very moment. Kyle pressed his index finger against her quivering asshole, and forced it inside. She pushed so hard, that she forced Kyle's finger out of her hole. Hillary moaned and tried to push the hose out of her ass, but Kyle held it in place, and then fed it deeper. With that Kyle popped the hose out of her butt, and, as predicted, Hillary gushed a gigantic stream of clear water.