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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Helen's Face Slave Ch. 02

fetish ossforyou 2018-08-11

"As you already know from our correspondence, I am a very aggressive and demanding woman who ONLY wants to use your mouth, tongue, lips and face for my sexual and personal pleasure. "Stick your tongue out slave." As soon as his tongue came out Helen began to place more weight on her foot, rubbing it forward and back on Ed.'s crushed face. It makes my pussy wet, which you will be tasting soon fuck face." Helen made Ed. lick between each of her toes and than demanded he suck on each of her toes, and finally attempted to force all her toes and foot into his mouth, stretching his lips to the extreme.

Katie's Cuck

fetish TwistedGecko 2018-08-11

Katie put the two beers down on the coffee table and sat on the couch with her legs tucked under her which gave Richard a nice view of her right thigh and the panty crease between her thighs. Honestly, I've been fucked by so many big fat daddy cocks, I don't even think I'd feel that boy dick inside me" She said with a grin. I prefer a nice fat hairy daddy cock with big balls hanging down so I can feel them slap my ass while getting pounded hard." She told him. While he was licking and nibbling on her nipple, Katie reached down and slid her right hand inside her panties feeling how sloppy wet it was.

Anonymous cock

fetish cocksucker1966 2018-08-11

The room was mostly dark and I was to be blindfolded and on all fours, ass up and at the edge of the bed ready to be fucked. I do like to fuck without lube sometimes but I didn’t know if I was dealing with a monster cock or what so I went ahead and got it ready. I felt his cock head probing between my cheeks looking for its spot. I especially loved when he was pulling completely out and then going back in to the bottom, pushing so hard it felt like he was trying to shove his cock up into my throat threw my ass! Cum ran out my hole and I put my hand back between my legs to get some on my fingers.

Please Hold My Titties Ch. 06

fetish LIVINRFANTASIES 2018-08-11

This first time at the nude beach was also when we'd begin a long friendship with new friend Dale. As a sample, after we'd met Dale at the nude beach several more times that week, he was getting rather frisky grabbing Dollie's bare ass. So here we were right on the main nude beach, at least three men feeling Dollie's tits, Dale again rubbing her ass, and rubbing a few fingers up and down Dollie's pussy! At the new to us beach, Dollie only let her new friends, and temporary new friends, play with her boobs even though Dale was sneaking fingers between her legs whenever he could. Our photo shoots became way more exciting when Dollie finally let strangers also feel and finger fuck her right on that beach.

Riviera Sun & Knickers Ch. 03

fetish lovethosepanties 2018-08-11

"We have little first night tradition Simon, we always have a cocktail party with a few of our friends and neighbours, dress will be formal, so I suggest we all have a rest and freshen up after the journey and meet up for a late lunch at one o'clock," Olivia said rising from the table. Both Isabelle and Virginie were wearing light grey "maids" dresses with a small white apron tied at the back, I guess it's a little clichéd but both looked very sexy in their uniforms. "Isabelle," I said reluctantly letting Chantal go and watching her panty covered arse move away as she took her dress and sat down.

First Femdom!!

fetish Dmac_89 2018-08-11

As see ties my first hand to the bed I look at her and she knows what am thinking, after all I have only just met this women. After five minutes of teasing me and her asking if I want to kiss and lick her pussy she lowered herself down and was sitting on my face! As I started to struggle for breath she would slap my body or cock and tell me to stop moving and do what am told. After a couple of bounces she looked at me very serious and said "if you come before am finished with you I’ll leave you tied to the bed and leave!" She carried on doing what she wanted and all I could do was look on.

Wife Takes A Gangbang Ch. 01

fetish amypussy 2018-08-11

Another guy had moved to her already lubed up ass, pointed his cock at her pink asshole, popped the head in, and the shaft disappeared inch by inch. "Let him fuck that mouth Lydia...Is that better?" Mark asked the guy. Marked grinned, "She loves it..she loves to be used anally, don't you dear?" Lydia of course couldn't say a word with her mouth full of cock. "That's it, Lydia, take that cock like a good girl...oh yes!...Keep it nice and tight for him Lydia, squeeze that asshole tight Lydia!" The guy with the monster cock was a little more that halfway in and then began short strokes back and forth.


Massage Parlor Playtime

fetish Nerdy1979 2018-08-11

She lovingly caressed my balls with one hand, gently rubbing the warm oil over my little ball sac while at the same time stroking my pee pee with great care and attention. Jules lowered her head toward my crotch at the same time her oiled hand went between my legs and under my ass where she felt around for and found my asshole with her finger. Jules cleans the corner of her mouth, just the little dribble she couldn't get down, and then proceeded to get a warm washcloth and gently rub my genitals down to not only get the small amount of cum left but to help relax my spent little willie.

Sweet Feet

fetish TonyDowse 2018-08-11

I led her to a seat and sat on the fitting-stool in front of her and, as she removed one shoe and then lifted her foot into my waiting hand, flicked my eyes up and gave her a small, nervous smile, noticing that her face seemed almost as tense as I was feeling. We must have spent at least twenty to thirty minutes at what by then I felt sure was a mutually stimulating activity, she giving me the pleasure of handling her stockinged feet with growing intimacy between each pair of shoes she tried on.

the shopping day

fetish harmrm 2018-08-11

I walk to you and ask one of the girls if Joan is here today. I tell Joan that we would like to get some heels for you. We walk to all the displays and Joan and I discuss what would look good on you. I ask you to look at the heels and see if anything catches your eye. I tell Joan to pick an assortment for you and we will see what looks good on you. She goes to the back and comes out with a big box and says try these on while I get some heels. She looks at you and tells you that this pair of heels is all you need for the outfit you have on.

kylie minogue

fetish perry47 2018-08-11

She worked extra hard on his cock until he grabbed her head and took over again, jamming down into her as he pulled her head up, Kylie just trying to sustain it as he pounded her before she choked again, not having any time to react as she powerfully gagged this time, another burst of thick fluid escaping round him as she choked noisily, sounding exactly like a porn star as it ran down over her face and into her hair again, some dripping off her cheeks onto the floor below as he continued, Kylie trying not to fight him.

Excerpts from a Diary

fetish mshsrfc 2018-08-11

For the last few days, he has allowed me from the house unbound, but that morning I was singing a happy tune, not loud, as I can still not manage even half a breath in my rigid stays and for some reason he took umbrage, he ordered, Lissa my maid to lace my corset fully closed for its whole length which left me gasping for air, bind my arms up double, attach my false ones, draw my shoulder brace fully back, fill my mouth with a kerchief and cover it with a full mask, then a heavy veil which restricted my vision to nought and then my most tunnel brimmed bonnet, capped above with my largest hat ( which is an unbridled confection that I will be glad to see gone).

Big Cock

fetish dudeofwv 2018-08-11

I knew from that day that I had to have a Big Cock.We would go to this girls house after school a couple times a week and look at porn . And every time my pussy would get wet and I would go home and go to my room and just finger my little pussy thinking about Big Cock. He said yea I like you.I then said if I show you my pussy Scott will you show me your Big Cock. I feel his Big Cock on my thigh when he moves up to kiss me.He his real hard my hand makes it way down to his manhood.

My Wife's Mom

fetish shoeslayer 2018-08-10

"No trouble with that idea, Andrea." Damn I like that idea, she is a hot looking woman on the chunky side and I know she can be very loving, I can see her letting me clean her glasses for her quite often and I think she knows they turn me on somehow. Andrea wanted to know if I'd like her glasses to get steamed up in her bra during the ride so I could clean them up after. I got on some biker clothes, did a pre-ride and headed over to Andrea's with a few nice pair of half-glasses, a silver pair of half-rounds and a gold pair of half-square or granny's and a black pair of half -square and thinking about the way she'd look got me knotted up down there.

Leading a Double Life

fetish 0131aj 2018-08-10

As she got over her initial inhibitions and began to post her underwear to the men and women who requested them she realised that she would very soon have no panties left. Elaine tried but couldn't tear her eyes away as Mr Jenkins began by gently smoothing his right hand over Mary's silky upturned cheeks. Grinning smugly to himself, Elaine watched in horror as this evil man raised his hand from Mary's pussy and announced that the spanking was about to begin. She had never seen anything so arousing as Mary draped over Mr Jenkins lap and she knew that if she didn't get home soon she would have to find relief somewhere much more public.

Blackmailed by my s*n

fetish 2018-08-10

So I came home and snuck in to the garage and looked out of the window , what i saw blew my mind, m*m lieing back knees raised with Kaiser between her legs. I knew she was saying something and too excited to think clearly i turn the video off and taking the camera and phone, i snuck quietly into the yard. Turning to the camera i said "Enjoying this m*m?, Enjoying having Kaiser lick your pussy?" She replied in a somewhat shaky voice "Yes, I am. I turned the video on that off, making sure my phone video was on and began to snap pics..m*ms hand wrapped round Kaisers stiff erect cock, her naked and clearly wet, herface inches from the cock.

Samantha's First monster Black Cock

fetish oddtastes 2018-08-10

Samantha took a sip of her gin and tonic and never missed a beat but looked at Frank as he continued to tell his fish story not moving his hand until it started moving up the inside of her right leg. As I said Samantha sometimes like to talk during sex and she started telling Frank to fuck her hard and make her his fucking bitch, which seemed to turn Frank even harder. Samantha went into the house and came back having cleaned her face and tits off forgetting that the cum in her hair was still streaming large, standing hold the towel full of Frank’s cum said to me, I hate to tell you this, at which I expect to hear how bad she felt having just been fucked into a sloppy mess in front of me.

My Next Door Neighbors.

fetish lovewearingthighhigh 2018-08-10


Kitten Ch. 02

fetish MamaK 2018-08-10

Her breath came ragged as Natalie's hands ventured down her curvaceous body, pinching and pulling her own nipples causing them to stand to attention, snaking down her supple abdomen skin, ending their journey at the tip of her tantalising slit. It took what was left of her self-restraint not to moan with longing when Natalie slipped her nectar covered finger out of her succulent pussy and lightly ran it over Kitten's lips. Natalie clasped her pet around the jaw applying pressure with her fingers to the mandible causing Kitten's mouth to pop open. Kitten rose to her knees, she placed one hand on each of Natalie's wide set hips. Kitten's hair was matted under her fingers, gripping it tightly she ground her pet's face into her throbbing pussy.

Used by master and friends

fetish rogbal2 2018-08-10

He moved behind the sofa and said something in Russian as he grabbed my feet and pulled them closer to him, making the stranger plunge deeper in my pussy, the tip of his cock rubbing the wall of my vagina again. I moaned, he quickly began fucking me hard as he placed his hands behind my head and pulled it towards him each time he pushed inside me. Boris had now climbed onto the sofa, burying me deeper in to the cushions I was moaning as he continued to fuck me deep, his penis was rubbing the right spot, and I could feel an orgasm coming again.

Cuckhold Love Ch. 02: The Confrontation

fetish Rocket1010 2018-08-10

Maybe they were lovers and this was a lover's rendezvous and when she knew I would be thousands of miles away in Chicago." His mind was in turmoil, angry one minute at seeing his wife with another man and then wondering why he got excited seeing them together. "Did I really like seeing my wife get pounded by that man?" he said opening his eyes and looking at the computer screen. Make me cum like a whore with that cock of yours and I'll only be your whore." She saw him thinking, taking in her words, weighing them and while she waited for his answer, she knew she was going to win. "Ohhhh baby I think all this talk about fucking other men is turning you on," she said pulling his cock out and then sucking the head into her mouth.

The Happiest Anniversary

fetish dannythebaltimoron 2018-08-10

April's daughter was a good girl, trusting, who now could not get money for college because she got arrested holding Brandy's marijuana. Here's what's going to happen" the female officer said to Brandy "The only reason you're not under arrest right now is because you calmed down and decided to cooperate with us. Deputy Johnson started on the paperwork for the trespass notice as Deputy Burke went to work searching Brandy's purse. "You going to be a good girl now and stop fighting?" Johnson asked Brandy The patrons applauded as the to deputies lead Brandy out of the lounge, handcuffed, under arrest, on her way to a well-deserved night in jail.

A Panty Thief's Punishment

fetish SofiaCarrington 2018-08-10

"Yes, Mommy," David said meekly, as he slid on the panties and adjusted his cock, which appeared to be so hard that it was about to burst. "Mommy wants to take some pictures of her dirty boy wearing panties," I said as I typed in my phone's passcode and pressed the camera icon. "I've decided that even though you messed up earlier, you were a very good boy to make Mommy cum so hard, so you can fuck Mommy's face any way you want," I said as I took his cock into my mouth. Mommy is such a good little cocksucker," David moaned as he wound his fingers through my hair and slowly pushed his thick cock deeper and deeper into my mouth.

My Summer Vacation...

fetish maid_pleasures 2018-08-10

I got into the shower and there was an older man in there who saw me covered with cum....He was naked and had a nice hard on from listening to us in the sauna....I just got on my knees right there without saying a word and started sucking his cock....He was so excited he shot him load about 45 seconds into it....I was not expecting him to shoot so quickly and he blasted right in my mouth....He grabbed the back of my head and fucked my throat while shooting more and more....I have no gag reflex so he was able to release all him cum without me spilling a drop....I showered and got all cleaned up and found myself wanting more....And to my surprise....more guys were in the sauna and hot tub....