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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Kim Ch. 02

fetish rmlooker 2018-08-10

They exchanged mail a couple of times and finally Kim asked if he would like to talk on the phone. Kim said alright, we are together in person you can ask me anything you want to know about me, nothing will be too personal. He moved her legs back to her chair as she transferred her rear to the seat but left them swinging with the foot rests folded up and Kim did not alter that. Kim finally said that with the good sun today she wanted to get rid of her winter white and was going to strip to get more sun. After another 20 minutes Kim said it was time to get out of the sun and she was going to shower, did he want to join her.

Girls Peeing in the Office

fetish leaky_one 2018-08-10

The soft hiss and patter of Lindsey's toilet landing on the carpet under her desk could just be heard by her friend Emma, who was busily pulling down her tan pants and white thong before getting ready for a naughty piss of her own. By the photocopier was a large piss satin on the carpet similar to the one lying under Lindsey's desk where the office favourite had squirted her pee shower. It then took little effort to allow a quick squirt of her golden pee to rain downwards to join the piss patch on the floor made by the girls earlier. Between Lesley's legs her hot piss shower continued to flow through the empty air before descending in a pattering rain of her spent pee all over the carpeted stairwell.

Brighton Hairy 1st Round

fetish belab 2018-08-10

I must admit I loved hairy women and seeing this fecund hirsute woman with tufty black hair in her bushy armpits made my limp cock erect. Little did they know that my cock was bursting looking at the wild bushy armpits of these hairy women. Her saliva or was it my precum made my cock all wet as my hands still in the jungle of Silvia's bushy armpits looked for support to stop me from swooning. There was no way I could hold back as now Silvia freed herself from my grasping hands and jerked my cock from Suzie's mouth and put into her lovely mouth and took almost half of my foot long penis.


fetish Tracey77fm 2018-08-10

[image][/image]Masturbate Over My Panties and Stockings While I Come I'm going to pose and model for you, show you my sexy lingerie beneath my long, silky dress, and encourage you to stroke your cock while I run my own hands all over my smooth skin and rub my pussy. Yes, you wanker, I'm going to use all those dirty words that name how naughty you are and all those things you love to do (and I do too)... masturbate, orgasm, wanker, masturbator.... I want you to stand over me, wank off over my bared panties and stockings as I lift up my nice dress, and come all over my lap. We can come together if you can hold out long enough.

hot slutty blowjob game with neighbor

fetish markyboyzzz 2018-08-10

and i dont want you thinking im a hooker or anything, its just im doing you this favor and its really going to inconveinence me" So i said fine, and then we started negotiating prices and i was like"some girls charge 100 150 an hour but thats full sex and im not getting that!" She was only willing to give me a rough blowjob/sensual one, however i liked i(facials allowed/dirty talk/ whtever i wanted).She went on to tell me she had friends of hers that gave head for 20 bucks 40 bucks and she thought that was standard, but extra and more"fun bjs" should be more sometimes!


fetish tekkar 2018-08-10

The surge of power flowing thru every nerve of her body & after watching the last of her nectar go down his toilet throat she removed the funnel & in pressing her cunny to his open mouth she f***ed him to the cold bathroom floor where she sat on his mouth as he lapped her clean before sucking her girl cum into his mouth where he swallowed one more time. Michelle looked back at Kyle remembering the little game her & Regina had played & how the threat of being replaced made him so much more attentive to worshiping her ass to the point of not gagging & pulling his mouth away when she 'Fluffed' several times into his mouth.

Mr. Norton From Next Door Ch. 02

fetish Quin 2018-08-10

I plunged a spoon into the coffee jar and deposited it into a beaker trying to decide if I was the one displaying bad manners or was it Norton who ought not have lingered at this early hour knowing I wasn't yet dressed or even fully awake. You should ask yourself," he added slowly and with a mock menace usually only heard in the dialogue of cheap scary old b-movies, "Why, here in your kitchen, with your husband having only just left, you feel the inclination, the desire, to arouse the cock of this old man you consider to be depraved and perverted?" Suddenly Norton looked the old man he was, the helpful neighbour who came in to do odd jobs.

Toed Off

fetish footshrimper 2018-08-10

I think women who wear high heels are very sexy, especially in the summer, when all the open toed shoes and sandals come out. "Oh yeah, wow that tickles," she said, " Normally I can't stand it when someone tickles or even touches my feet," she sighed, "But this feel so naughty and sexy. After a while I looked up to see Wendy's face pleasantly contorted as she sprung into orgasm, while I continued to suck on her toes, play with her feet and massage her thighs. Then, as I sat with my legs wide apart, I pulled Wendy between them so that her hot wet pussy was right above my extended, throbbing cock.

Lingerie Fetish

fetish monicaelwes 2018-08-10

"I think we'll keep these on," my boss at the ad agency I had joined after leaving Bristol University said referring to the white, French knickers I was wearing specially for him. I was only wearing the French knickers under the dress, no bra or tights or stockings. "You dirty little bitch" he whispered as he slid down a little so that the tip of his cock pressed against the gusset of my white, French knickers. And then, with me still wearing my white, silk French knickers he fucked me. I can get excited at the briefness of a thong or the fullness of a pair of high-waisted panties, particularly when made from silk or satin, which means that more of my skin is stimulated by the lustrous material.

A Teacher's Way Out of a Dilemma Ch. 12

fetish SubBabs 2018-08-10

John avoided my personal feelings and did not ask how I felt about becoming almost a sex slave to Kevin. The doctor told me to toss away the medications I had been taking and begin with two new ones. The doctor said she was going to assist the hormones by stimulating my breasts. The doctor said she was going to use a milking machine to develop increased milk in the glands and a flow of my own milk. Continuous vacuum is applied inside the soft liner to massage milk from the teat by creating a pressure difference across the teat canal (or opening at the end of the teat).

Understanding Mother

fetish vinceh23 2018-08-10

My body became a total sexual organ, my hands so very aware of the soft sensual feeling ( I didn't know then how to describe it, but knew how it felt) that added a new dimension to the erotic nature of the total experience. With but moments before she was in the garage and able to see me I put the bra back, stuffed the panties in my pocket, grabbed my dirty pants and started looking for my money, finding it just as the car pulled in. "No, I just had to get my money," I replied, and as I did so I became aware of the tent in my pants, the redness of my flushed face, heck my whole body, and quickly turned away saying "I'm late, have to get going" as I rushed back upstairs to finish dressing.

The Boss

fetish ClaireBare 2018-08-10

"I've seen you looking at me in the office Claire." Stephen said as he continued to put pressure on the thumb, the spelling mistake apparently forgotten now. "And yes, I do believe you're looking more trim recently." As he said this he let go of my hand and lightly touched my arse. Stephen stood behind me with his hands on my arse then gave me a small spank. Stephen stood up and kept a hand on the back of my arse, rubbing it gently. "I believe I owe you an orgasm." Stephen said to me and without letting me go he reached down and rubbed my clit with his hand while kissing my shoulders and back.

Left-Field Fantasy

fetish anonymous3 2018-08-10

"Being by myself, I've realized things; I like sex in all it's "regular" forms, but I also came to realize I have fetishes that interest me that I want to explore," she said. Amanda stood near the toilet and took my hand. "First time out, just come and sit with me while I answer the call, I think." She offered a hand again, which I took as I stepped carefully over in front of her. It lasted maybe five seconds, and then the mass hit the toilet bowl with a decided 'thud.' Amanda took a deep breath. Amanda looked at me and smiled, gesturing at the door, and stepped around to lead me out and back up to the living room, pausing to secure the doors as we left.

Chance Encounter

fetish OneWhoAdores 2018-08-10

I had to finally face the hard fact that I had just been a way station in her life, the best that she could come up with at the time, and maybe would have stuck with longer if nothing better came along. For the most part however the majority of Dommes and Doms weren't actively taking part in the many varied activities, but rather were sitting around in groups, some larger, some smaller, socializing together, while their own subs or those recruited for the evening generally knelt close by, silently waiting to attend to any of their needs, such as fetching or holding drinks, carrying messages to others, or performing ordered tricks for the entertainment and amusement of the seated Dominants.

Jim The Cuckold Ch2

fetish panteeluvr 2018-08-10

He stripped naked and sat on the toilet and placed Dana's dirty, sweaty panties over his face, making sure the gusset was right over his nose, and began to tease his cock to erection. As the thick wad of jizz slid down his throat, Jim made quick work of licking up the remainder of his cum from his wife's panties, making sure there wasn't a drop left on them before hanging them on the towel rack and heading to bed. Leaving Jim knelt on the floor, little dick tented out in his pink panties, finger's smelly with ass and a fat belly full of teen cum that he had just eaten from his wife's freshly fucked cunt!

The Doctor

fetish pcharm 2018-08-10

Then the doctor had a good feel around. I began to grow hot as he rubbed me downstairs. It began to feel it - turn on and arousal. The doctor grew hard. I felt him grow hard. The doctor shivered as he took himself away. I had been felt and was going to leave the office feeling empty. But then the doctors fingers crept inside and I knew he was in pasion for me once again. I began to grow wet, and as I grew wet he grew seedy, and I knew it was going to happen again. I wanted to moan, however his eyes told me not to and so i kept quiet as I choked on my own steam.

Smallest cock she's ever seen! And a prematu

fetish 5inchsoffun 2018-08-10

I started to rub her clit and she decided to return the favour by taking down my fly and taking out my very hard (nearly ready to cum) cock. She said: 'I'm sorry I'm laughing, but thats the smallest, thinnest cock I've ever seen'. I stood up, approached her soaking wet little pussy with my cock and could already feel that I was going to cum. As she said this, she reached down to take my cock out of her and as she grabbed it with her hand, I started to cum. Floods of cum started shooting out over her hand, stomach and most importantly, her perfectly shaped little pussy lips... 'Yes, I've seen small cocks before, but never one as skinny as that, or one that cums so fucking fast!

The Feather of Love

fetish Bakeboss 2018-08-10

Some would say it is the feeling of being powerless as her boyfriend holds her captive and as she gives up control of her body to him, it allows her to achieve orgasm. Jody would surely disagree with this thought, as she was a child when her brother tickled her and did not achieve orgasm this way until she was in her twenties. One day John was holding down Susan while he tickled her, Susan laughing asked Jody to help her. Now trapped and at John's mercy she laughed until out of breath and suddenly it changed from fun and games to sex as Jody had her first ever orgasm.


auntie gets cleaned

fetish bluebird101 2018-08-10

I saw her anus looked a bit brown so I inserted the foam nozzle into her anus and squeezed, auntie jumped as her anal cavity was filled with shaving foam you are a bad man but I like what you did I feel really full now . Now be careful they’re very full of milk and I don’t want to get myself all covered I looked and it was true there were ginger hairs growing out of the brown areoles that covered nearly a third of her massive breasts. I stuck to my task but I could feel the milk trying to rise up my throat before the end and a milky burp filled my mouth I kissed auntie and opened my lips o let it flow into her and be recycled she slurped and dank every drop.

A Night of Lust

fetish 51inchass 2018-08-10

Before I know it Slick, Kim, and Wayne was heading to my car. When I got out I saw Wayne licking his lips then as I walk closer to him he put his arm around my waist as he said "Damn you look good". "Oh no" I said "I want to see everything turn them all on we ain't got a thing to hide." So he turned them back on the he started to take his jacket off, and then he unbutton his shirt. Slick and Kim was in there "girl you don't mind if I join yell do you?" and before I could have answer her shirt was already off and she pulling her pants down then jumped right in.

Beth's Place Ch. 02

fetish bthom 2018-08-10

I'm not one to run from an uncomfortable situation or allow others to daunt me, but that night at Beth's place was so unexpected, and so electrifying, that I didn't want to ruin our little secret by confronting her about it. If it was going to come down to using them, I wanted to leave Beth a good, clean impression. It was the first time I had ever put my hands on Beth's skin in a sexual way and I knew at that point that it was all worth it. My come drooled out of my mouth and down my chin, most of it making its way into her and the rest spattering her lips, cheeks and chin.

Katie Does Sex Wrestling

fetish KatieTay 2018-08-10

Katie particularly remembered the match between some guy called "Rob the Rocket" and a thick-bodied, extremely strong-looking woman called "Jersey Kaitlyn". Rob was rather unfortunately named, Katie had thought at the time, his moniker implying that he would cum like a rocket, but to her surprise he had taken the victory in an intense match that left Katie flushed and aroused. The other girls in the locker room, wanting to give the Chinese muscle girl in their midst some tips for her debut match, had told Katie that Ralph was a rather gentle and soft-spoken man outside, but became savage and bestial in the ring. He seemed used to having to separate two naked men and women with his hands, and Katie stepped back with the referee's hand pushing at her chest, a bit nonplussed at the lack of self-consciousness.

A Polish Encounter Ch. 01

fetish jon47m 2018-08-10

I stretched her arse with my fingers then, pulled them out, still holding her arse open by tugging on her bum cheeks, I raised my head, my mouth open, encircling her dirty mess hole with my lips I breathed deeply through my nose then blew into her shitter. I pushed my cock down towards her, she took it in her hand and held it against her lips, then opened her mouth and began tonguing my pisshole. I pulled out and filled her open mouth then drove my cock in to the hilt, fucking her as she puked piss and spit over my bollocks. As I pushed further inside, her hole tightened, sucking firmly on my cock before my balls were hanging against her cunt.

Mother-in-Law Discipline Pt. 03

fetish Chastebob 2018-08-09

Still emotional and 'broken' from his ordeal David just let it all out, every detail, including her "appreciation ritual" and his inability to control his arousal at the scent of Momma Ann. All the time Mary felt her pussy get wetter from more than her period. He was so overwhelmed with the thoughts, feelings and hopes surrounding his chastity that he hadn't thought about the fact that the device was originally intended merely to keep him from getting an erection when showing appreciation to his mother-in-law for her discipline. Actually it's kinda sweet thinking about these old ladies wanting to get off having someone eat them." Perhaps it was his horniness, but David was actually warming to the idea.