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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.


fetish malesub01 2018-08-09

Lacey responded with a smirk, “He has some experience and likes expanding his horizons.” Only Tiffany and Amanda knew that I had been with guys. “How do those clamps feel?” Amanda asked Lacey answered, “They hurt, but in a good way. They heighten your sensations, especially when they come off because bl**d flow returns to your nipples.” Lacey handed Amanda a pair as Casey and Laura joined in the curiosity. She grabbed my leash and told me, “If you’re as good as the girls say you are, I just might let you keep my panties as a souvenir.” With that, she laid me on my back on the chaise and she straddled my face with the dress d****d over.

Neighbour Fantasies...Part 7

fetish Croozer 2018-08-09

As I gathered my wits in the dark bedroom with only lightning flashes for visibility, I saw Gloria sitting next to the bed, with her legs crossed, wearing only a panty, and smoking a long 120mm cigarette. There stood Gloria, dressed in a creme coloured half slip with lace trim, and a matching nylon bra and panty just like the outfit my "aunt" Lorene had worn so long ago when we slept in the motel. "You told me Lorene wore something like this on a stormy night years ago, so I wanted to give it to you again," she said softly, "Let's get on the bed with Jill...I want to watch you play with her for a bit." I needed no encouragement or prompting, and began to explore the doll's body.


fetish six10 2018-08-09

Me beeing a bit d***k felt I didnt have the boner necessary to enter her. And it was hairy, my friends. So towl under her ass, still lying in bed, shavingfoam and water applied, and then I started working my way threw the unatained wildgrown hedge she had going on. Looked at my "work" and was pleased. One, two, three fingers went in with ease. Looked up at her to see that she was ok with what I was doin. So I asked if I could go all the way and fist her: "Sure. Go ahead" she said sounding somewhat suprised that I asked. Maybe went on for 5 minutes when she came all over me. Pleased with my performance I felt more relaxed.

Kinkiest Request

fetish Hornyman69WithU 2018-08-09

As far as fucking went, she was really good, but her pussy was a bit on the small side and moist but not real wet, so I wanted to fuck her doggie-style, as that position opens a woman up wider, and, of course, would give the best view of her best part, her fabulous butt. This one time in late July, before I could even shuck my trunks, Kim was already on all fours with her ass hiked up high in the air, back beautifully arched down, pussy pointing right at me, and looking back at me over her shoulder, exclaiming, "Hurry up!" I parted and kneaded her perfect ass cheeks, licked her gash good and wet, then sucked her clit hard before plunging my stiff rod inside and fondling those tiny taught tits, watching my cock go in and out her tight little pussy.

Evolution Ch. 03

fetish jamieengland1 2018-08-09

"We'll start with these." He pulled a tiny black piece of sheer cloth from the bag and handed it to me. Very sexy." He pulled another little folded cloth from the bag on the bed and handed it to me. Looking down, I could see that it was translucent, almost transparent, over my breasts where it was pulled the tightest, and my small nipples were clearly on display. You will be wearing heels soon, but not tonight, not for the first time." He handed me the shoes. I felt my hips and my ass thrust forward in the shoes, and my shoulders pulled back. "You look very pretty, my slut." He ran a hand over my ass, and I caught my breath.

Waste Not, Want Not

fetish ldrequiv 2018-08-09

Tim tossed his magazine aside and followed the young woman down a long hallway perforated by innumerable doorways. Only two things were notable: a complicated steel and vinyl contraption in the room's center, and a tall, beautiful young blonde woman in a white lab coat who watched him from the far end. "Relax, Tim." She pulled a padded restraining strap across his chest and belted it tight. "Push back a little, Tim." He did, and gasped as she slid a long, tapered object deep into his rectum. Hm." She looked down at the thin stream of clear fluid dripping from his penis, and her hand slid down his torso.

My Name is Fred Ch. 02

fetish gushogan 2018-08-09

When I got home Sarah asked if I liked my private time with a room full of jock babes. I told Sarah when I got home that Vershana outed like half the jock babes at school tonight. Missy had an away road trip starting the next day, but said she would come by and ask Sarah upon her return. I told Sarah about my "date" with Missy first thing when I got home. Sarah wanted me to remember that she was my best girl and liked to eat the cum from my little dick. Sarah told me not to get the idea that Missy would be willing to eat my cum like she did.

Oh, That Touch

fetish Misschievous1 2018-08-09

I must admit this morning I was hoping that before she awoke I could produce enough precum to soak the gusset that was covering her shaved slit which would allow me to glide my cock between her ass cheeks, feel the soaked material rubbing against my cock head and enjoy the sensations before she awoke and got too wet herself knowing that she usually insisted on penetration that second. Awash with sensations and hard as rock, my balls started to tighten, feeling my foreskin banging against Leila's now blood engorged clit and the seam of her panties I was an unstoppable force, so much so I was unaware that Leila was awake and conscious of my actions until she turned her head and breathed in my face I sensed that she was waking and enjoying the stimulation.

Slut Mother Gets Married Again (Part III)

fetish hi1 2018-08-09

Mom's door opened and closed quickly and then, just like that I could hear gentle rocking in the room where my mother must have spread her hips for a young, strong cock. Craig grabbed Lizzie's hands and they wrestled on the floor, next to mom. At first she only wanted to talk but when she saw mom's naked body, she couldn't help and started fucking her. She visits whore houses and sucks assholes of black sluts." Lizzie said smiling. Lizzie worshipped my mother and mom liked the tenderness of another woman's body. When Christine returned, we heard the mother-daughter having loud arguments which ended with Lizzie's shrill accusation -"I have pictures of you pushing your tongue up that fat whore's asshole mom!"

Nice Secretary

fetish sunnyboyz 2018-08-09

His tongue moves with the champagne from my pussy to my ass, licking off every drop, then fingers, one then two, in my asshole pumping in and out stretching me. Two hands on my ass, squeezing hard like someone is trying to get all the juice out of two grapefruits, then fingers are dipped in, stretching my asshole. Hot juice shot down my throat as Sunny screams his lungs out, then “fuck” in my ass the cock pumps madly and harder and presses deep inside me and slowly to a stop. Exhausted I roll to the side of the stallion trying to catch my breath, only to feel my legs are picked up and a cock entering my pussy.

Fucking with Darla

fetish badboy4320 2018-08-09

I even fucked up a couple actual relationships including the one i was in when i started working there. After a while, i started picking her up on the way to work instead of going to work and having the boss tell me to go get her. At one point when she still lived with her parents i met a guy at the bookstore took him home and fucked like a****ls. I readily agreed without mentioning i had already jacked off while trying it on a couple times, and fucked myself with the strap on. I was so good feeling her pound all the way into me i had a hands free orgasm right away. I finally got my fantasy getting fucked like a sissy face to face.

Cuck Journals: Mr. Kost's Request

fetish CharlieKonrad 2018-08-09

There is a novel I've been preparing to write about Charlie Konrad for a long time. He pokes, "Konalin, you aren't seeing any of your fans lately, why aren't you writing anything for them at least?" When I finally wake up I am usually still exhausted after that fucker annoying me all night, but he has a point. A new book is usually the best way to interact with my fans, but I don't have anything I currently want to publish. I must admit, I've always wanted to write that story, but have been reluctant to be seen as a writer of smut. So I think I owe it to you all, and myself for that matter, to write the novel that we're all a little afraid to read in public places.

Ashley's Confessions Ch. 03

fetish Marie89 2018-08-09

I sucked him but before he could cum he pulled me up and took me to his bedroom where he closed and locked the door and put a gag on my mouth to muffle my cries and began to fuck me from behind. He fucked my body relentlessly, he grunted into my ear that he was going to sell this pussy tonight for a good price. My arms were tied behind my back and they set me face down onto the bed, a cock began to push into my pussy and I was pressed to the mattress by a heavy body fucking me. I struggled to reach him, my legs flailed until another set of hands roughly held them apart and began to slap my pussy.

The Boy's Story (Chapter 16 - Final Chapter)

fetish gazzy43 2018-08-09

I asked my Master to put it into me before he filled Eric with the giant dildo and turning my arse to him felt him slip the butt plug inside me. I then knelt at Eric's head and watched as my Master started to push the giant dildo into Eric's greased hole. I could feel my cock starting to swell and next moment I shot my creamy cum into Erics hot mouth and felt his tongue licking around my head and his throat sucking down my man cream. His hole looked wide and red as the dildo head came out and without warning my Master suddenly started pushing his half hard cock into the wide hole that the dildo had filled.

The DAALS in Jamaica Ch. 01

fetish Dunn81 2018-08-09

When I finished cleaning myself after taking a piss, I opened the door and the big fat black woman wearing only fishnets was looking at me with her hands in her pussy fingering herself... She told me Hana was a member of the (Daals) and they were taking white people man or woman as sex slave for them. The taste was horrible probably because she did not wiped properly with all those beer she even farted in my face and told me to rim her ass telling I was just her slave and my only place in life was to be tonguing black assholes. At the motel, I was still petrified by what happened, Carmen explained to me that the DAALS was a group of black woman who were taking white slave.

Visiting Her: A Breathtaking Tale

fetish lsslave 2018-08-09

Her legs locked around me like unmovable jaws, her hips began to heave back and forth with a rhythm I quickly adjusted to, and her hands grasped at my hair, pulling me deeper and deeper into her, until, finally, she climaxed with a loud cry, formerly trapped in her lungs by the mounting euphoria. I lowered myself to the floor below her, waiting, head down, on my hand's and knees, but not too close to the bed, as if to carry her, as I was now attempting to show her that I was in no way trying to foresee her next command. Very gently, I lifted the boot that sat to my left and began to unzip it slowly, not wanting to irritate my Mistress by acting to hastily.

a****l Skin (Pussyboy Farm Breeding Stock)

fetish ssspspb 2018-08-09

my head up and starts fucking my face deep and hard with his big dick. hard fuck starts and my ass is getting some serious abuse but I’m fuckin turn at my ass and, when he is finished, Bruno, Nicks first dog to fuck me, my cunt was getting fuckin trashed to accept the pace of the abuse and fucking and I was writhing and pushing back my ass for nearly 20 inches of hard horse dick deep in my cunt and it’s as thick as the biceps of the arms that fuckin away at me hard as Master Nick comes round and shoves his dick deep from my ass Master Nick lubes his fist n arm up with dog cum and power

Colin's Chronicle

fetish Macjay 2018-08-09

Then I hugged Jan who was wearing her rubber-surfaced shiny black mackintosh, which had raindrops beading on its highly polished material as well as on her matching rain hat. "I think it's the fact that they have a rubber coating which was invented by Charles Mackintosh years ago." "This makes them waterproof, not just rainproof or shower resistant like our raincoats. Then the two went their separate ways as Doris inhaled a hint of the mackintosh of the handsome young man on the train and she felt a stirring which she had tried to ignore. Since early that morning, Doris had been trying to think up a way to tell her cousin that she intended to buy another mackintosh in addition to the green one she was wearing.

Heaven or Hell?

fetish Blytz 2018-08-09

She leans even closer to me and says, "Would you buy me a drink?" i meekly reply, "Yes Ma'am i would like that very much." i motion to the bartender to bring me two more whiskey's and two more beers. She sees me visibly start to shake as i continue to gaze upon Her. She knows She has me right where She wants me. i start a rhythm between my fingers and thumb, continuing, a little faster now. She kisses me on the cheek with those now pouting red lips and says to me, "Good boy." She gets off of the stool, pulls Her skirt down over Her now glistening thighs and walks towards the door.


fetish Nate_Walis 2018-08-09

By the time she had been placed on her back again, the molecular adhesive that lined the inside of the garment had bonded with Tamara's skin so that there was literally nothing between her own flesh and the material that covered her legs. Two of the men left the table and opened a locker on the wall of the room, they removed a second garment and carried it back towards Tamara. The new garment could only have been a mermaids tail and the men wasted no time in making a final check as to Tamara's readiness before they aligned it with the end of the first garment which held her feet and began to pull it over the top.

Lia's First Lesson

fetish MNGirl 2018-08-09

It occurs to me that I even have trouble receiving just massages from lovers, and always feel guilty for something: maybe his hands are getting tired, maybe my feet are sweaty, or maybe he doesn't want to be doing this. He must know that this isn't comfortable unless you are face-down, so he folds my arms and places my palms by my shoulders, keeping my elbows down, but slightly away from my body. I love having my mouth all over you, everywhere on you." His words comfort me, because I feel my body relax again. I don't know what to think or feel when he begins to work his finger inside, using my own fluids to ease his way in.

Star Industries, Subject 84 Pt. 01

fetish esteban77 2018-08-09

The warming cream decreases the recovery time too mere minutes and increases the intensity of the orgasm. Subject 84 was about to experience a 4 hour trial of a 24% compound of warming cream. Cassandra knew what warming cream orgasms did to men and women. "We are going to see how the warming cream affects how many orgasms you have and how long they take. Marlena scooped out some more warming cream and applied it to his spent cock. "The thing about warming cream Mr. 84 is that it decreases the time you need to recover, increases the intensity, and makes your balls produce a full amount. We are wasting valuable time." Marlena scooped out more warming cream and wrapped her hand around 84's already tired cock.

wife shares me

fetish 2018-08-09

"Lick me from my clit to my asshole." I moved my tongue all the way down to the crack in her ass and then back up. Behind me Sylvie said, "He's learning to be a pretty good cunt lapper." I felt her finger on my asshole, rubbing a lubricant around and inside it. Just as I moved up to do that, Sylvie pushed the end of the dildo into my ass. Sylvie reached forward and started pumping my cock. Sylvie kept stroking my cock and then started fucking me gently, pushing a little deeper with each stroke. "If you want something really nice," Sylvie said, "let him lick your ass. As I pushed my tongue into Maureen's ass, Sylvie picked up her pace, fucking me.

Caught With s****r's Best Friends Dirty Panti

fetish bracum 2018-08-09

I was thinking of Robin, and I pulled her panties out and started sniffing the scent of s****rs best friends pussy. Sure enough when she got home Sunday night, she came straight to my room with her night bag, opened it up and pulled out two pair of panties, tossed them on the bed and said enjoy and left. I thought for a second and said yes, I can do that for you, just don't expect me to last very long, the thought of smelling Robins panties and you watching from your computer will make me cum pretty fast, matter of fact I am so excited right now I could cum in my pants.