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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Jane's New Loves

fetish JenniferWilson 2018-08-09

Susan had deduced Jane's love for the latex panties and bra and thought that the best item to compliment them would be a long-sleeved, loose fitting, long raincoat with attached hood, in black of course. Jane removed her hand to put on the bra and then slide her arms into the coat's sleeves feeling the coolness of the black latex and drawing the hood fully over her head as she fell onto the bed. The all-enclosing feeling of the hooded coat and the tightness of the panties and bra holding her most precious parts in rubber was all Jane could wish for as she laid on the bed still thinking about Susan.

Michelle Ch. 02

fetish TenScoopLove 2018-08-09

He stood there silently, looking at Jenny who started to undo her top, then turning his head at Michelle, who kneeling down with her head pointing to the floor. As he fucked her, he pulled his dick out few times and slapped Jenny's ass with it. At some point he pulled away from Jenny, slipped the condom off and walked over to Michelle. He pulled his pants up, waved to Jenny and one more time glanced over Michelle, whose face now dripping from cum. I wanted to give her maximum humiliation, so fucking this bitch in the ass for the second time today, with her face splattered on the floor and cum dripping all over – would be priceless.


fetish zetony5 2018-08-09

I guess we'd better be getting back for our math class." Rick said ash he opened the door got in and opened the passenger door, Pam slipped in and her skirt rode up pretty legs again, she slid over close to Richard and pressed a leg against his as she rested a hand on her knees. Richard slowly curled his little finger back and Pam slowly slid there hand higher up her thighs letting his little finger come to rest touching the first pubic curls, then slid his hand back down toward her knee's, as she adjusted her skirt, "you have nice soft hands and a soft gentle touch Rick." Pam said as she let go of his hand and gently caressed the bulge in his pants as she bit her bottom lip.

Saloon and Shirley

fetish PeggyBuxton 2018-08-09

"Your chariot awaits." I laughed again and watched her long legs hike one at a time up onto the seat giving me a preview of what awaited me. "Guess you like it." She laughed and ran her hand over my ass and across the end of my short stump. "So that's what it looks like," she slowly said as her head moved closer to my stump. "Oh-h yeah-h," she gasped softly while letting her fingers hold my cock more firmly and her tongue stroke the bottom of the head. "You make it look natural," she said as she watched the next time I moved the large black crutch tips forward. Her hand roamed my body and covered my stump for a moment then she stepped back and took another sip leaving her glass empty.

A Surprise at Work

fetish targa45x 2018-08-09

While I was filling out my forms my boss (Tom) asked if he could talk with me after I finished. Tom then asked me to come over and show him some stuff with his new Yahoo Messenger account. Tom told me to get down on my knees and kiss his cock. He began to moan and I could feel the head of his cock starting to swell as he was about to cum. I pulled away and he let his cock hang for a minute and I saw a drop of cum oozing off the head. Afterwards he sat down on the couch and I turned around and began sucking and licking his cock. Tom told me to cum on his cock and balls.

Exchanging Flesh Ch. 10

fetish eric shawn listo 2018-08-09

She sipped her drink and said, "I feel like sucking some dick. She took my penis in her mouth wrapping her soft tongue around it like she was sucking a popsicle. I like to suck cock and I like to fuck hard and fast. She said, "Let me piss on your cock and balls and I'll suck them dry." She took my dick in her mouth and sucked me with her soft tongue. I was standing up like a pillar when she took her mouth off my cock. Charlotte brought her tongue very close to my meat then said, "No, I don't think so." "I knew you'd like it, fucker," she said, grabbing my dick in two hands.

Interracial Office. Tony and Paula

fetish imornery81 2018-08-09

“I cannot tell you a single thing that I love more than moving my arms under the creamy smoothness of your thighs and seeing the contrast of your white flesh and my dark chocolate as I wrap my arms around your thighs and hips and breathe in the fresh full sensuality of you. Tell me what you want to do to my pussy!” Paula was definitely aroused as he watched her fingers moving faster and then pausing, pressing harder, then moving again. Paula moved her hand under her skirt and began furiously rubbing her clit as she urged the older man to do it hard and to give her every drop in her cunt.

30 Days or Bust: Day 14

fetish l8bloom 2018-08-09

"You know, Mark, you spend so much time asking me how I'm doing, but I feel like I never return the favor." Let's try to ease those bosoms." I handed her the bath pillow and helped her arrange it under her chin. I'd never want to hurt her feelings, and parents always think they did, or didn't do something, to make a child turn out the way they have." "Yes." This time instead of being careful to only do my job, I wrapped her in my arms as I laid my mouth once again to her teat. Lisa and I were together, and tomorrow I would find the right moment to tell her I loved her.

Taste of True Friendship Ch. 01

fetish Benny_Blank 2018-08-09

Late one Friday night (actually early one Saturday morning) after I had worked over a fair number of juicy pricks and felt that things had slowed down for the night, I made sure my baseball cap was adjusted and my hoodie up and slipped out of the booth to leave and head home. There's enough real crime out there to keep them busy without having to worry about some harmless cock sucking and things like that going on in a porno shop. And I mean, like I can control things here in the store but when you leave I honestly worry that some dude is going to stalk you, especially some guy you've turned down."

The Sacrament of Semen

fetish BJcumcraver 2018-08-09

In the world of men I worship Semen. worship body of man. Semen of men, that this worshiper's belly be filled with the Semen of men. Cock is a Living Bridge between God Seed is the Life, the Sacred Knowledge of God. Semen, the Sacred Water, is the Spiritual Union of man and God. Giving worship and pleasure to Cock Cock is worshiped freely and without The sacred link between Cock and The Semen is the Sacred Water, a Sacred Water to all men who do so is to perform the Work of God. Take the Seed of all men who offer If a single worshiper takes the Seed Seed among men is the Drawing into Worship Cock. Worship Cock. Worship Cock.

A Woman's Story

fetish magas911 2018-08-09

I thought of the words Mr. Hamilton said, that my husband was now my cuckold and I was sexually liberated. "During that time my Jeffery worked part time in a super market, plus going to his classes, studying and all of the work that Mr. Hamilton gave him, my Jeffery was often too tired to even think of sex and that's the way I wanted it. Mr. Hamilton smiled and said, "Well Sharon, it looks like your cuckold really wants to be a cuckold but we are going to have to make sure. "Then Mr. Hamilton said, "Sharon, you may tell him when to swallow." "I lifted my mouth up from my cuckold's and there was a long string of semen from my lip to my cuckold's lip.

David's French Tutor Ch. 08

fetish Thorilla 2018-08-09

"Master Penis is enjoying his little tongue tickling," said Sarah pouting at me with a demure expression on her face. "Does Master Penis wish to explore Sarah's little mouth?" said Anna in a deep sensuous voice and she lifted it off my stomach and held it vertical ready for her twin sister to stimulate further. "Sarah knows and doesn't mind," said Anna looking at her sister who was running her tongue around my tip which was held rigidly between her lips. With one enormously loud thrust I jerked out eight strings of sticky slimy semen into the young girl's mouth and looked at Anna who smiled at Sarah then at me and I knew that Anna wanted me to do the same to her too.

Celebration of Feet

fetish Ambrosious 2018-08-09

Frank went back to her feet and pulled her left foot to his face, inhaling deeply her aroma. He pulled her right foot to his face and continued his silent worship of her feet with little nuzzlings and love nibbles. The sock was drying rather quickly in the now cooled air of their bedroom and Frank removed her sock with tenderness, wanting to move to the next step of foot worshiping game. “I love you,” was all that Frank could mutter before Mary raised her foot and placed her big toe in his mouth. Mary smiled and removed her other sock herself and raised her foot to his mouth, placing that big toe in his mouth alongside her other one.

Senior Week Day 01

fetish Good Burger 2018-08-09

"Now, you let me know when you're finished, then I'll change your diaper and we'll be on our way." No sooner than he said that did I feel the pee start to shoot out of my vagina. He patted a bit of baby powder on me, slid another diaper under my butt and wrapped it up. Here, have your bottle and take a nap." Eric handed me a baby bottle with juice in it, and I began sucking the juice through the bottle's nipple. Eric grabbed the diaper bag, picked me up, and carried me into the cabin. He gently fucked me in the ass for a few minutes before I jumped up and said "Baby needs diaper!" He quickly followed me out of the tub and put a fresh diaper on me.

The Contest

fetish bimyselfz 2018-08-09

He started moaning and jerking as he came deep in her pussy. Not only did I not get to fuck her yet, I was eating another guys cum out of her pussy and the next guy was in the room and lining up his dick for a nice sloppy seconds fuck. As #3 started plowing away, he was pushing the cum out of her pussy, so I lapped it up. I was beneath all of them licking away, trying to get all the cum out of her pussy before any of it got home. Each day I would start in a sixty-nine, and she would let the guys in one at a time.

Bound To Stray (Again)

fetish ninja-mon 2018-08-09

She has great legs, and often wears dresses or skirts to work, and usually nylons and heels. We've kidded around I/M-ing each other, and I've let her know how much I love her legs, especially in nylons and heels. She leaned back and let her skirt ride all the way up to her waist, exposing yards of nylon clad legs and thighs! As she ran her tongue up and down my shaft, I ran my hand up and down her leg, from her sexy, high heeled shoe, to near the top of her thigh. She took about 3 inches in her mouth, sucking and nipping on the head of my cock, her hand stroking it faster and faster.

Weird Cousin

fetish 2018-08-09

I thought "oh gross." He kept fucking me and I finally just let him as I got more comfortable with his cock. He got rougher fucking like an a****l and I did cum but didn't let him know. Then he pulled out and grabbed my leg lifting it over his shoulder and thrusting his cock back into my pussy. He pulled his cock out and poked it back up my ass hard and I felt a warm sensation inside my asshole as he shot his load inside me. As he left the room he said "remember what happens if you tell." He left and that was the last time I saw him ever.

Sam's Secret Pt3

fetish Wolfshed66 2018-08-09

In fact, mom actually sneaked me a quick knowing smile when the two men were busy talking about something, which made my face go red to the point where I had to look away from her. I noticed Kyle’s face was a little red once I looked up to it, but it didn’t stop him from giving me a knowing grin before he turned away. I really didn’t think that was very likely, so I got to my feet and tore my own bikini underwear off, then walked right beside him into the showers. “If I let you blow a load in my mouth, do you think I could talk you into coming over to my place for dinner tonight?” I asked while looking right up into his wide-eyed expression.


fetish abricotfendu 2018-08-09

I pulled out then laid back as she came over me on all four's she pulled my balls into her mouth, one then the other till I thought I would explode before moving back up to suck on the sensitive tip running her tongue wildly over me before running the whole thing into her mouth. Her face told me she was close, I was almost too sensitive to continue but couldnt let her down, I released her legs and bit her nipples hard as I continued pumping into her, knowing she could often get off on my dick even if it wasn't completely hard, she bit my shoulder and let out a muffled noise as I felt our juices being to run down my balls and thigh.

Panty Bandit


Over and again, he watched this same Japanese assailant run up to unsuspecting women wearing tube type tops without bras beneath, reach out his hand as he passed by them, and pulled down their tops exposing their tits. Later, in bed, unable to sleep, he replayed the videos in his mind thinking of that man running up behind unsuspecting women and either lifting up their skirts to expose their panties and pulling them down or running up from the front of them, reaching out his hand, and pulling down their tops and exposing their tits. The judge, district attorney, the jury, and even the woman who Jason pulled her panties down, the one who knocked off his hat, took pity on him when they viewed the video tape and played it in court.

The Milking Herd Ch. 03

fetish StoryTeller07 2018-08-09

'He wants to talk to you,' Joshua said, and handed her the phone. Jenny had been a dairy farm inspector for five years, since leaving college, and hadn't seen anything like this. 'We milked them by hand at first, but needed to improve the yield, so we got in the first machine. 'I'd better inspect the stalls,' Jenny said. A naked woman was on hands and knees in a stall. A happy milker gives better quality milk,' he said. Jenny looked away from the fat dildo penetrating the woman. The two clear tubes were pumping milk from the wife's breasts. Think about having four orgasms a day, and all the chocolate you want.

Caught Red Handed Pt. 01

fetish MyOutlet 2018-08-09

You're his best friend; and yet you're sneaking in his sister's panty drawer!" she said in firm tone of voice. Andrew is going to work in an hour; I want you to come back here while he's gone and we'll discuss this further," she said with a devious looking smirk. As I pulled the lace from my pocket she stands up, removes the purple bikini panties she's wearing and shoves it in my mouth. "I'll tell you what," she walks up right to me, "Lets go to the mall and find something a little more suitable," she giggles as she brushed her hand against my panty covered cock.

Feed Me

fetish Jay Richards 2018-08-09

My wife would ask me about the simplest things and my answer would always be "whatever you want is fine, I don't mind..." etc. No, she meant it; "Fine ready for me..." I had to trust in my perception; she was expecting to come home to suck my cock. I love your cock baby, god I have wanted this for so long." She gasped. "Feed your pussy cum to me." I said...she opened her eyes and smiled, then scooped wet cunt cum and fed it to my mouth. I held her face as I tongue kissed her and tasted my cum In her mouth, it was like a jolt of excitement.


Black Girls Can't Be Cheerleaders Ch. 02

fetish Phoenix Arrow 2018-08-09

Miss Simons could still hear Trish's final words before leaving: "Congratulations Coach, your on the squad." This caused a mixture of feelings to course through her mind. Miss Simons felt very uneasy getting undressed with her girls, but one look from Trish had her nude in no time. "Miss Simons, get that face out of Sasha's vagina this instant!" Yelled Trish, surprising the coach and causing her to quickly pull her head out from between the black girl's legs. Naked, and dripping wet, Miss Simons watched as Sasha dried and covered herself with two towels and followed her back to the benches were several other naked and wet cheerleaders were sitting on the floor waiting as well.