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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

A Cowboy's Fantasy

fetish penguindance 2018-08-08

Tight wrangler jeans, cowboy hats, the hands of a man who works hard for a living – there's no bigger turn-on for me. I nodded emphatically as he leaned in to kiss me hard on the mouth, at the same time reaching down to cup my firm ass in his big strong hands. His mustache tickled and burned my skin as he kissed me hard, ripping my shirt out of the way so that two round breasts, heaving with excitement were exposed to him. As I passed by that spot on the way back from town, I knew this wouldn't be the last time I would see my cowboy, but the next day when I snuck away to drive by… he wasn't in the field.

Kinky Experiments 04

fetish bigothboy 2018-08-08

Skunk opened the stall door, and Daz, makeup half-melted into a black mess, his beautiful hair plastered to his face, came in looking dazed. So saying, he started suckling on my now limp cock as I perched on the system, and Darren, having a lot of fun, sank to his knees and began slobbering at Skunk's fucked-out arsehole. I shut my eyes tight, trying to focus my whole mind on the forest-like world between Chrissa's thighs- her moans got louder and more animal until finally, with a guttural yell and a spasm of muscle which almost knocked me off, she emptied herself with a titanic orgasm which coated both our faces with in girlslime.

Love, Respect, & Trust

fetish the lady k 2018-08-08

"I thought you wanted them to come over, really." Mike reached a hand out to touch his wife's arm, but stopped in fear that she would smack it away. Sheila held the bottle of lube high above Mike's body and let the oil stream several feet down to where her other hand waited to catch it. Mike's breathing was coming in shorts bursts now, and he cried out when Sheila grasped his cock with one hand and pulled it toward the ceiling, stretching it upward with her slick hand. Sheila leaned forward and grabbed Mike's cock with her right hand, squeezing it as the dildo continued to penetrate him. Just as he said this, Sheila released Mike's legs and pushed his hands away from his erection.

Balloons and Clarinet

fetish cfblover 2018-08-08

The latex felt good against my hard penis and a lot of times I would end up cumming all over the balloon. I started to squeeze the green balloon a little and then I laid on it really hard until it popped. Semen start to drip on my bed and I had to put my penis inside the bell of my Clarinet. I was so turned on that it became really wet inside my Clarinet and when I took my penis out, my semen started dripping out a little bit. I then got a little faster, soon I couldn't help myself and started cumming really hard in my Clarinet.

Nylons, Viagra, & Neckties, Oh My Ch. 01

fetish squirty69 2018-08-08

Tom's mind was still spinning with excitement at the fact that he had been deliberately set up by his girlfriend, even to the point she had drugged him with Viagra and was planning on basically using his cock as her own personal toy, when Jane very casually sat back on the bed and began lightly running her nylon clad feet up his leg, then back down again. She felt his cock give an involuntary jerk and begin to throb as soon as her eyes met his and that was when she began stroking her little nylon covered feet up and down Tom's organ causing him to call out her name and moan.

Lincoln Legs

fetish jolly_rogering 2018-08-08

I worked up the one leg, stroking the calf and evoking some nervous giggles, touching the back of the knee and eliciting a small ticklish gasp, and then reaching the El Dorado of my wild fantasy: I was feeling up a young girl's thigh, and she was going to let me for as long as I cared to, while her gorgeous friend looked on and waited her turn. I began to stroke again, feet that were brushing the roof, ankles, calves, knees, and the stunning backs of her thighs, in long loving strokes, my index and middle fingers trailing along softly here and there, and occasionally pressing, circling just a bit, and as I did this, she let out a sigh that nearly sent me over the edge, a sigh that said we had crossed a bridge, the nerves were gone, conquered completely by pleasurable sensation.

The Training of Sissy Paula Ch. 3

fetish submissive~pet~ 2018-08-08

Mistress cuffed my wrist to the ankle cuffs, and told me to greet each man with 5 licks on their assholes with my slut ass licking tongue. Hello guys take a necklace from the box red is for cock sucking and pink in to fuck my sissy’s asshole. Try as I might the thing kept my mouth open wide and ready for the cocks to enter and penetrate my waiting throat. The first man was thick and about 10 inches long; he rammed his hard meat down my throat and held it there till Mistress said next. Ok now its time to enjoy my slaves mouth and asshole.

Twenty Dollar Thrill

fetish luvmymilf 2018-08-08

Turning to face me, my wife flashed me a sexy smile as she cupped her large breasts and pinched her nipples. "Uh-oh, I think you're going to have another mess to clean up" my wife said, looking me in the eye as she shifted so that my slippery stream flowed directly onto her erect nipple. "If you like the taste of that, maybe you should try a taste your own cum" my wife said as she slowly fisted my cock. "Squeeze my tits hard when you lick your cum off of them" my wife demanded, continuing her lewd display of masturbation. I watched as she pulled her right hand from her pussy, placed her fingers in her mouth and began licking them clean.

Office Discipline

fetish satisfy 2018-08-08

I walk up behind you and my hand slides around your body before wrapping around your neck. I pull you back against me and you feel your skin press against my clothed body. I bring the makeshift whip down and this time the smack of leather against skin rings out filling the room. You're still tied up, your ass is still stinging, your pussy soaked, clit is throbbing and the clips on your nipple are starting to become very uncomfortable. My free hand moves to your pussy and you feel my fingers slide into you. The whole time I'm rubbing your pussy with my other hand, prolonging your orgasm for as long as possible.

Lady with Surprise

fetish fossie123 2018-08-08

Not looking away she takes his hand and places it back on her tit saying, Come on baby don't be shy, pinch my nipple. But, at the same time, I feel my rock hard cock pushing against the island and I realize that yes, I really want to be here. Holding my head she pushes her cock into my mouth and starts fucking it. She's starts fucking me slowly, taking her time, pulling all the way out, then pushing it in until I can feel her skin on my ass. Do you like this, you big slut, you like how I'm fucking your ass bitch, or do you want it like this, as her cock comes all the way out and is slammed home, pushing me forward.

Tropical Vacation Ch. 03

fetish Drakon66 2018-08-08

"I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable right now," Chloe said running her hands over Kelly's firm chest, "You have been staring at me this whole time in nothing more than this sheer body stocking that hides absolutely nothing from you, but I can't see all of your magnificent body." Chloe's tongue was swirling around the head of Kelly's cock as she pumped up and down his shaft with her hand. "Well I want your tongue buried in my pussy until I make your face look like a glazed doughnut!" she said as she positioned herself, "Show me what ya got." "I want you to massage my hot wet pussy with this," Chloe said squeezing his cock between her feet for emphasis.

Perfect Lap Dance.

fetish ButtonClit 2018-08-08

Story is graphic and contain murder. Murder. Her hiccuped sobs rang through my ears and stirred my insides much like a woman's moan would do any "normal" man. I sighed listening to her squeals of pain and fear just before I pressed a pillow into her tear stained, mascara running face. Her body bounced and bobbed around in my lap continuously fighting for life. It was a wander I didn't blow my load right then and there, but I held it in feeling her movements slow, then eventually stop, until her body slumped against mine. I rolled her lifeless body off of me and analyzed her lifeless face.

Jessica Bond - 00Heaven

fetish LittleMissFart 2018-08-08

Bond closed her eyes as the darkly sweet exotic smell of Barbarossa's ass got stronger and stronger, until her nose was neatly tucked between the soft warm mounds of her wonderful ass. Agent 78 told her, as she then let her big ass fully cover Bond's face once more. Bond quickly lifted her head up and forward, as there was now a big gap between her face and Anali's ass, but in one swift movement, Cintova had quickly outstretched her legs with her thighs against both sides of Bond's neck, and she then crossed her legs, Agent 78 then sent the message through, knowing within moments the money for killing Anali would be transferred over into Bond's account.

School Girl Smoking Fetish Ch. 02

fetish sophiewilliams 2018-08-08

After exhaling the second drag I placed the smouldering cigarette between my lips and let it dangle there while I grabbed the sides of my white panties with my thumbs and pulled them down. I was soon sat in his car with my black skirt around my waist, white blouse fully unbuttoned, exposing the most sacred and personal parts of my young body. It felt wonderful doing as I was told as he rubbed his cock against my pussy, but then as I started to exhale he slowly fed his cock inside my body. I could feel something twitching deep inside of me and I knew his cock was spilling his hot fertile cum into my young and unprotected womb.

Bad Woman Cop

fetish ADVrider 2018-08-08

While she was cleared by the department she was the only one who knew she took the man's life because he pissed her off when he pulled his cock out and told her "Suck this bitch." Drawing her Glock she shot the man twice, once in the abdomen knowing it would be painful and the second round a few seconds later in the heart. His cock ached for an orgasm, she sensed it in time, pushing the knife point into his hard abdomen, it didn't draw blood but hurt enough to make him feel like it did. James had suffered enough; reaching around her ass, she lifted her body of his shaft enough to pull the slip knot that held the cord tight around his hard cock.


fetish im_invisible69 2018-08-08

Angela pulled me back to the table we had been working at and continued to finalize the party plans. As she fastened my other limbs to the table she said "Actually the wait staff was on my list, you were right, you just didn't know I had decided on you serving us all tonight." She was giggling as she took a pair of scissors and cut my clothes off of my body and pulled the material out from under me. I looked right into her eyes and told her the truth, "yes, very much." That seemed to be the right answer as Angela leaned over and kissed me "Good, I want everyone to have fun, including you my sexy Andre."

Boys in My Bra

fetish PinkDelphi 2018-08-08

Each time I sucked their nipples and bra fucked them, I told them how sweet their tits were, how wonderful their cocks were, how I had never known anything like this kind of forbidden pleasure, and how I could hardly imagine how great it would be to actually "do it" one day. Of course, boys would get me wet and after a few nights, fingers would explore me, but I sort of controlled everything all of the time, and simply by letting them fuck my tits, or sucking their darling little cocks, avoid getting fucked.

All Day Tease Ch. 01

fetish shapeshifter37 2018-08-08

For years, I had fantasized about coming home from work one day to find Kelly waiting to seduce me, cigarette in hand. For the next couple of hours I was barely able to concentrate as I imagined Kelly fulfilling my desires: lying on the couch and reading with a cigarette in her hand, smoking while putting on her eyeshadow, taking a drag as she shoved a 12" dildo into her neatly trimmed pussy... She sucked on the first few inches of my cock for a couple of minutes, stroking from the base up with her right hand and pausing twice to take drags from the cigarette and exhale around my shaft.

Torturous Boots Ch. 03

fetish Fetish114 2018-08-08

Pete sat down on a chair and with Bradley remaining on his knees he began rubbing Bradley's throbbing cock with the tip of his boot. Pete began sucking on his leather index finger and caressed Bradley's cock using his other boot as Bradley continued licking. Bradley then raised Pete's leg up into the air and using his hands gripped both sides of the booted leg and began licking Pete's tight leather calf, his tongue ran up and down it and he moved up to the ankle and began sucking on it before taking in the long stiletto heel again. "Now fuck my boots Mr officer!" he said and whilst remaining on his knee's Bradley placed his hard again cock between the ankle parts of Pete's boots and began thrusting back and forth.


fetish PmelCalTech 2018-08-08

On another occasion Steve had awoken with a huge erection and needing the toilet he had to squeeze past Rachael as he headed for the loo. “My oh my Steve” Rachael had said “Is that my daughters doing?”, “No”, said Steve “its just a nocturnal hard on that’s all.” “I hope that things not loaded or likely to go off any minute” she giggled as she felt the hot purple head of his erect penis brush her hip as he squeezed past her and into the bathroom. Steve’s hand had now speeded up its movements and she continued to watch as he let his head hang back, obviously enjoying the sensations that travelled from the tip of his penis down his shaft to his testicles where they obviously spread throughout his body.

Match #03: David vs Claire

fetish bluedave1234 2018-08-08

"Today, we're going to have a bit of fun, but I was wondering if you wanted to start a little early?" I gave her a confused look that turned to understanding as she uncrossed her legs and revealed that she wasn't wearing any underwear. Claire did not relent and she continued to send waves of pleasure through my body as she shouted for the camera, "From a real mixed nude fighting woman, I want to officially welcome you to our club!" Soon, she's milked my entire orgasm, and my pleasure turned to sensitivity. Claire told me to behave, put a blindfold over my eyes, and I felt Brittany grab my cock in her hand, point it straight up and lower herself to envelop my member.

The Computerized Bed

fetish submissive~pet~ 2018-08-08

Before John knew what was going on some devices came out from the bed and began undressing him. A bra with holes for the nipples to come out of was put on him, weird looking hands and things were changing him and he was unable to stop the machine from doing what it was programmed to do. Umm Jennifer you want a 2 hour butt fucking with the king black dildoe. Umm that long butt fucking you received has you walking like a sissy even Paula. Now as you suck and lick our butt holes this well hung stud of a robot is going to open your asshole so wide you will be leaving in a diaper. Mistress Jennifer came back in as I started to lick the mans butt.

My Little Runaway

fetish CaitlyCate 2018-08-08

All anyone could see of me was my downward tilted head and my right open palm set about twelve inches above her ass, ready to strike for the second time. Her head was cocked back; her eyes were trying to look behind her at my threatening hand. The rest of the story of that photo remained branded in my mind like how the photo was branded on that Polaroid paper; both would stay forever. I spent most of my time looking out my window, trying to find motivation as I watched New York turn from summer to fall. "You came all this way from New York for a prostitute?" she asked with a mocking smile.

Satin Cum Boy Ch. 01

fetish biggles3309 2018-08-08

Taking the black satin knickers from my shacking hands Natasha leant forward and wrapped them around my bobbing cock and started massage its full length making sure the head was treated to a sensory overload of satin crotch. I felt her arms wrap round me and her body push close so I could feel the silky material she wore slide between us as she encased my cock once more with her knickers and proceeded to give me the best slow wank I have ever had. The ripping sound was unexpectedly met with a moan of pleasure from Kay and I proceeded to now massage her clit through the satin of her knickers as I had done earlier today with Natasha.