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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Joanie's Ordeal

fetish basa930 2018-08-08

"we don't have much time Heather, you heard what mom said, we only have a couple of hours until dinner time and I want to check out the ship.” I said with my big s****r tone. "We'll see” I replied “Let's go Heather, mom and dad are waiting” I took her hand in mine motioning with my head to our table. A couple of minutes later I heard Lydia say “Ohh look how hard her nipples get” like I was a part of some sick experiment. I looked up and it was Frank smiling “Hi honey” he said, and without waiting for a response, he quickly f***ed down my lower jaw and burried his cock in my mouth.

"Are they Nice?"

fetish FootnoteFetish 2018-08-08

We were out shopping, browsing for interesting vegetables that were also on special offer, and had decided to pop up for a quick look upstairs: on the floor with lingerie, underthings, and shoes. "Mm?" She glanced at my face, at my eyes, and then followed my gaze to pair of strappy black heels, sitting on the top of a display of shoes. "Yes. They are Nice Shoes." "Could you help me with the zip?" She looked up at me as she asked, watching my expression, her face a picture of girlish innocence. I sank down to one knee, set down my shopping basket, and cupped the heel of her foot in one hand, carefully sliding the shoe on with the other- her very own perverted Prince Charming.

Insides humiliation

fetish Spip 2018-08-08

The beautiful ebony lady was now bent over his knee getting her rear end seriously worked upon. He knew from talking to her that even if she denied it she really wanted to be humiliated. He had attached a leash to her collar and was dragging her to the adjacent room. He promptly passed the leash through the ring and pulled on it until her high heels almost left the floor. He left the room to come back with a tripod and a camera and placed it in front of her. He said nothing and just left the room switching on the camera as he passed it by. There was no pleading to be done, he was just filming her about to humiliate herself.


fetish Leslie 2018-08-08

I have caught him jacking off to all of the nude photos you keep sending him, and while I know there is nothing I can do about that, I asked you here to see if you would like to place a little wager." Mary was wearing a tube-top, with a short mini-skirt and black high heels. Mary stood and spun, grabbing Fran's ankles, and locking them under her arms, pulling up hard. Michael began clicking off the photos, his cock bobbing in the air as he moved about Mary and Fran. As she felt Michael's erect cock in her mouth, she reached down and grabbed two handfuls of Fran's hair, pulling her head back and upright. Mary fell forward onto Fran, and held her head close as she once again took Michael in her mouth.

My trip to the adult bookstore for a toy

fetish 2018-08-08

So there I was sitting on the bench with my legs on the cashiers shoulders, I had a vibrator stuck all the way in me and the cashier smacking my pussy to make sure it wouldn't come out even if I wanted it to and his mouth sucking my clit and his other hand all over my tits. I knew my lunch hour had to be close to over so I hurried up and got dressed while he just stood there and watched me (I'm used to guys cumming and immediately leaving so I was a little scared) after I got dressed he took the vibrator and cleaned it off with his mouth telling me how sweet of a pussy I had and then handed it to me so I dropped it in my purse.

Games We Play

fetish Cynthia_D 2018-08-08

I say usually, because when we play the "game" and my wife participates in my crossdressing, she sometimes orders me to dress like a slut, or even worse, only in sexy lingerie then sends me outside. I finally saw my wife's car coming down the highway but looking the other direction I also saw a pick-up truck exiting the other side of the highway. I started walking towards my wife's car as fast as I could in heels and one of the men yelled "Where you going slut? When I got within an arm's length distance (as ordered) I said "I'm sorry I continued walking to my Mistress's car without answering your question." My face was as red as the lingerie they would soon be seeing.

Fuck me baby!

fetish 2018-08-08

She said to me "I know that you have been jacking off a lot to pictures of me getting fucked by another man. They were white boy-shorts That say 'Slut wife' 'Give me what I deserve' on the back and the front said 'I love BBC' and show a picture of a ruler going up to 8" that says 'Must be at least this tall to ride'. Then she asked "Does it feel good slut?" I responded "Yes Baby, I love being your Bitch." "Good" she said, "this is how it feels when I get fucked. "Shut up Bitch!" she said as she slapped my dick as hard as she could.

The Switch

fetish Julia7642 2018-08-08

He was about to unbutton my shirt when I turned to him and looked at his bulging cock and said come to my place for dinner at 9 as I gave a quick rub to his enormous penis. I then started to feel her tits and then began to suck her cock when she pushed me into a 69 position and stuck her head in my crotch and saw my penis and she jumped. Cara then took her head and began to suck on my hard cock while I moaned like a horny girl. He began to rub my tits above my shirt and I slid my hand below his pants and found a plastic dildo and he then smiled as he placed his hands under my bra and found I was a man and said how interesting.


fetish l19washington 2018-08-08

Halloween For halloween my boyfriend and I went to a costume party i dressed as a french maid. outfit and black fishnet pantyhose. I had a push up black lace bra under the outfit. My bf loved my outfit all during the party he was rubbing my thighs and bf started rubbing and licking my toes. he was so hard it made me wet just sucking him and knowing he would soon slide into my wet blond pussy to lick me(wihch i always love) he slid my pantyhose down over my ass, rubbed my pussy I was so wet and he was so hard knowing we were fucking in a strangers bed and could After a few minutes of hard fucking doggie style we

I Call Him Unc

fetish strictmentor 2018-08-08

Unc told me since I was a man now he was going to do something to me that he had done with After he worked my hole open far enough for two finger to fit in he told me to get on my hands and I told him" Unc I think Im going to make a mess" As soon as I said that I type of oil upstairs and made sure he rubbed plenty on his hard dick and on my ass hole. Then I felt his hard dick press against my hole. He pumped my hole for a few more minutes then he told me he was going to cum in me.


The Facilities

fetish helena_snow_renn 2018-08-08

Spreading her legs wide, then her lower lips with her left hand, with the right forefinger she circled her hot little pebble, which immediately lengthened and sent an electric jolt to her inner organs. Tears of mingled relief and frustration trickled from the corners of her eyes; had been long enough they were starting to slide down her neck, although she'd only just noticed. Empty, or so she thought, she reached limply for a piece of tissue to dry herself off, but when she shifted another pocket of piss spilled over, and she was going again, as were her watering eyes. She reached the final uphill climb towards orgasm with her eyes squeezed shut, her breathing stepped; she rocked and jerked her hips forward, pussy melting in anticipation.


Stretching Pt. 07

fetish ggerard87 2018-08-08

I, I, I want to see how big we can make your pussy?" "YOU WHAT!" Amy responded aggressively, "You want to see how big my pussy will get! "I don't understand." She said a bit less angrily, "I know you are a little weird in that you like my pussy all stretched out, but at some point doesn't it get too big. "Yes, I love your big pussy." I said again. Once Amy realized that I truly loved her pussy being huge, had time to calm down and process it, and knew I would not change my mind, she was all for "our project". Eventually, Amy actually grew to like the burning sensation of her pussy getting stretched wide.

Submissive Promises

fetish Pothos1 2018-08-08

Wendy's soft red lips tantalizing Mark to desire ever more. If nothing was done, Wendy felt as if she may be devoured alive in Mark's desperate desire. Indeed, Wendy's attempt was half-hearted as Mark's relentless kisses worked their way around her collar and back up towards her chin. All the while goading the answer she knew she would receive, Wendy was now artfully gliding her hand up and down Mark's throbbing shaft. Wendy was working Mark to the edge of orgasm but wouldn't dare dream of letting him go over at this point in time. Wendy let go of Mark's cock which had a spittle of precum now dangling a foot below its head. Wendy took Mark by the hand to guide him to the bedroom.

Exchange Ch. 03

fetish Soft_Mike 2018-08-08

Elaine stroked Michael's hair, rocked him quietly in her big mohair arms with his head leaning on her massive bosom. She tightened her hold until Michael started to moan, then she gently pushed his head backwards, took his chin in a firm grip and forced a muzzle gag into his mouth. but she is perhaps even stronger than me, so watch out, dear..." Michael looked at Elaine with evident mistrust, as if he didn't believe what she said. Elaine took a step aside and watched the encased Michael, in his white wrapping on the black carpet, wriggle and squirm in his effort to move, to escape the soft arena...

The First Time I Sucked My Dick

fetish thedickman1 2018-08-08

My girl friend likes to control things, So she inserts a remote control vibrating bullet up my ass and when she wants to see me cum she cranks up the power on the remote and my prostate starts contracting and cum starts pouring out of my cock straight into my mouth. My girlfriend looked over at me and started laughing, she said that "I would never be able to stick my cock in my ass, it wasn't long enough." She said that if I wanted to feel a cock in my ass that she would see if Bob would fuck me.

The Violet Guard Spanks Ch. 02

fetish rembrandt 2018-08-08

She walked slowly back to the village, her stomach was turning at the thought of what her Father would say, and she tears were welling up in her eyes at the prospect of not being allowed to attend the festival, to find the Patrick who had spanked and masturbated her with such passion. Normally the concept would infuriate or embarrass Seona, but at that moment, she could think of nothing better that she would like to do then to go over the powerful Guard's lap, and have her bottom spanked red. 'You'd better get used to it' said Kristiana, to Seona 'When the mead flows and the Guards eat, you can bet your bottom dollar they like to turn a few girls over the knees.

The Sperm Donation Ch. 02

fetish scorpionicus45 2018-08-08

Jack followed Mei up to the examination table until he was standing between the woman's wide spread legs. Seeing that Jack was now fully inside the woman on the table Mei moved back a step to give him room. Jack was starting to enjoy this very much and looking down he could see how the woman's pussy clung to his cock. The woman's hand was moving faster now on her clit and that was making her pussy massage Jack's cock in a very delightful way. "When you reach orgasm be sure your penis is fully inside her vagina," Mei instructed. Suddenly Jack felt the woman's pussy tighten on his cock and her hands moved on her breast and clit in a frenzy.

The Chronicles

fetish spice16 2018-08-08

I glided my hands down over her soft buttocks to the edge of her knee length skirt and hoisted up the hem as I retraced my downward stroke back up her silken thighs. She filled my mouth with her writhing tongue and I felt my erect penis pressing painfully hard against the zip of my fly. I buried my face amidst her splayed upper thighs and, very slowly, ran my tongue from her clitoris up though the entrance to her vagina and around her anus. "Good" I praised "you shall be rewarded!" I kissed her on the buttocks and ran my tongue down between the cleft of her cheeks to her asshole.

Once in a Lifetime Offer

fetish hisigorness 2018-08-08

She took my softening cock in her mouth, started to bob on it and used her hands to pull on her very erect nipples and play with her pussy. I grabbed both sides of her head and made her mouth move faster on my cock while her continued drool ran off my balls. From that point on, she went to classes and would stop by my place 2-3 times a day on her breaks to suck on me. "I'd really like to watch you suck off my friends and then me be the last in line with cum dripping off your face." She kind of gasped and said she had seen stuff like that on line but never figured to be in this position to make it happen.

Fantasy: His and Hers

fetish Storyhacker 2018-08-08

Since I know all of this domination stuff gets you super excited it will keep you from locking yourself in the bathroom and playing with yourself dick like little school boys do, like you like to do sometimes still," Betty said as she smiled at Jim. Jim was embarrassed at Betty's reference to him masturbating. "Oh Jim, your mouth says you don't but your dick, trying to get hard, tells me you do," Betty said smiling as she pointed to Jim's chastity tube. The whole time he was pleasuring her, Betty was giving Jim instructions like he didn't know what he was doing. Betty dropped the rag and started stroking Jim's dick with her hand.


Tea Time

fetish lilactwist 2018-08-08

My moaning became deep and dirty, "Oh you fuck Carla, go in me, fuck my ass, bitch love!" I quivered in anticipation of her delicious tongue, that mouth I've come to know so well. Carla let it slide into her mouth and as I pumped my explosion she tried to fuck my ass with the turd a few times before it broke, some stuck in my steaming hole, a piece down on the couch, and the rest in her mouth, which she began to chew. Now, with her other hand, she flogs my clit and tries to tongue my shimmering red vag; it's almost impossible to contort adequately to meet all physical points we want to taste and touch, but somehow we do, writhing around like the bitches in heat that we were.

David's Tall Girls' School Ch. 09

fetish Thorilla 2018-08-08

I knelt down in front of her and slid my hands up inside her skirt and petticoat and pulled down her warm nylon knickers as she stepped out of them holding on to my shoulders for support. I shuddered as my mind was filled with the images of a long legged Nicole Barbier and Michelle Lesquereux singing in their girlish voices as they spread their summer dresses over the upturned faces of village boys somewhere in isolated meadows away from public gaze. I brushed my fingers against her pubic hair beneath her knickers and again she flinched pushing her delightful pleat-skirted French derriere into my face as I sat against her with her astride my knees.

Sexy Cyclist Girlfriend

fetish j_zep2001 2018-08-08

I wanted to taste her other pit and moved to that side of her body, licking and sucking her left breast -- but she kept her arm by her side. Then I moved to the edges and sucked and licked the skin, taking in the sweat from her thighs and along the hairs that live just under the top of the pantyline. I moved forward and began to lick and suck the inside of her left thigh, moving up towards her pussy, looking always at her gorgeous hair. My mouth was back on her armpits, which were even more wet and sticky now, and I sucked on the dark hairs and licked in the taste of sex and sweat.

Journal Entry - Milk and Honey

fetish AToyCowsWhispers 2018-08-08

I moaned and gasped spreading my legs wide for him as his head moved in between them his tongue lapping at my juices mixed with honey. His tongue began teasing around it as he bit and teased my sensitive nipple sucking the honey and with it my milk from me breast. I Whimpered my body tense in need as I felt him spread apart my thighs his stiff cock running along my pussy smearing the honey and my juices over it. Hubby positioned my body along the couch lifting my hips up high over the arm rest of the couch letting his cum stay inside me as he slowly and carefully removed his cock from my pussy.