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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

BUNSNUB: Another Love Story Ch. 01

fetish NastyPierre 2018-08-08

Touching was a concept Ms. Monroe thought important, so we'd sit together during each and every meeting. For two to three hours a session, four days a week, we'd sit like a pair of sardines in a can. It was a messy job Ms. Monroe watched till I wiped my hands off on my trousers and then she'd smile. Sure the friendship between my hand and penis became cozy again, once I realized mom could no longer jump out from somewhere and catch me, but Ms. Monroe was seeing to that. During what would be our last formal session, my birthday, Ms. Monroe ended it with a suggestion.

Mother Futa Ch. 01

fetish Sucker4Boobies 2018-08-08

Eventually, the two began hanging out outside of class, mostly going to the movies, eating at restaurants, or hanging out at Adam's house, since Katie couldn't do much due to her pregnancy. "Katie," Mrs. Ridley said in a firmer tone that Adam had heard from his own mother. Katie grabbed Adam's face and pulled it away from her chest. "Katie," Adam heard her mom say as she walked into the house. "I know, sweetheart," she said as she gently cupped Adam's face in her hands and looked him in the eye. He walked crookedly towards the front door, looking back to see Mrs. Ridley rubbing her thighs together and staring at him like a kid watching the ice cream truck drive away.

Salty Liquids 1: Rachelle Ch. 02

fetish ChristopherMoon 2018-08-08

"Wow, the sound of it must've been so hot," Ashlee's best friend, Lauren, replied. Like an obsessed maniac, Ashlee had to lick Lauren clean of any remaining drops. "Then lick my wet cunt out like you're life depends on it," Ashlee whispered softly through her front teeth. Ashlee didn't hesitate and dropped on her knees, right above Lauren's face, who didn't hesitate on her turn either. She grabbed Ashlee firmly by her hips and pushed her crotch down on her face, licking and tonguing every square millimeter of her young feminine flesh. Ashlee wildly grabbed both Lauren's pigtails and pulled her head fiercely to her pussy. Ashlee then unloaded a surge of squirt juice straight in Lauren's mouth.

Found this a*****ion story online. Very hot.

fetish perpetuavelouria 2018-08-08

If you continue to act like this little bitch, I’m going to hurt you a lot until you do what the fuck I say. A twisted little smirk adorned his face, “As pretty as your eyes are, I think you’re the kind of girl that likes surprises. Her struggling only raged for a moment or two, before she felt the point of the blade touch under her neck, “You might not want to thrash around little girl. Instead Hanna simply sobbed quietly as the clothing was cut away from her body. She could barely muster the strength to grunt in pain, but her body did squirm a little from the new horrible sensation.

The Hitch Hiker

fetish LucOuarm 2018-08-08

The sales lady became a little concerned because Vera donned her new clothes right away and did not carry them out of the store, but Danny explained, "She had an accident; she fell into a big puddle." As he placed his lips on her labia and tentatively licked her clit, Vera moved her hands to Dan's head and ran her fingers through his thick dark hair. Danny moved around and began sucking on her other nipple, and was again rewarded with a few drops of Vera's warm milk. He began to fuck Vera's face and moved his hard shaft in and out of her mouth while she sucked him and pumped his penis with her soft little hand. Danny moved his thick cock in and out, feeling the slick membranes of Vera's tight cunt massage his rigid member.

One Night at Vondelpark

fetish vk6033 2018-08-08

To your surprise I pull out a keychain light, shine it on your pussy, and tell them to look closely at how beautiful you are. I can tell the young man is close to cumming, so I stop sucking him and lead him by his cock over to you. I remove my finger, release his balls, and suck his cock into my mouth to clean off the remainder of his cum. You feel tongues in both your pussy and your ass as you suck his cock. After our kiss, I let him keep eating your pussy and, as you watch, I suck his cock to clean off all the cum.

9 iron part 1

fetish 2018-08-08

his profile had some pictures of his large cock and a video of him jerking his dick off. the camera angle was strait on and revealed a large mushroom head, his belly and legs were very hairy but his pubic area was neatly trimmed and balls clean shaven. my tounge would lick the head a bit before I put it in my mouth, looking up at him so he could see the great pleasure it was bringing me to service his cock. To my delight an audible moan was heard on the video followed by," yea suck my cock baby, you like that dont you?" as if the man in the video was thinking about getting a bj.

My Wife My Goddess

fetish dblofive 2018-08-08

Goddess then kicked her feet out, resting them across my back and she reclined back on the sofa, saying that she was giving my ass, which was now on fire, a little time to "cool off." Once I was down on the sofa she started to tease me, rubbing her ass in my face, lowering it within inches, leaving it there, then lifting it up and she would just laugh at my reaction and tell me how truly sad I was. When I'd slow up, she slap me hard across the chest with the belt she still had at her side to let me know that I was slacking, or she'd grab my hair and force me deeper into her ass as she told me the consequences if I didn't do a good job.

Vikinky's side of the story...

fetish 2018-08-08

By chance, a few weeks later, I had a couple of days to myself & decided to contact Jack about a meeting, I'd thought many times on how sexy our brief first encounter had been & what fun we could have together, me being new to the scene & willing to try anything, Jack knowing how to treat a slut like me. I went to visit a friend before hand & drank a little too much wine, out of nerves i think & when Jack phoned early to say he was home, a slight doubt crossed my mind. I came out of the bedroom & Jack smiled, I think he liked the look.

Shelia Thong Sandal Goddess

fetish mrstanley 2018-08-08

As we left the club Shelia grabbed me in the parking lot and shoved her tongue down my throat. I held onto her head and looked into her green eyes as she slowly sucked the top half of my cock into her mouth. I wear wigs when I am out I love my head shaved." Shelia said with a worried look. Shelia kept about five inches of my cock in her throat at a minimum as she swallowed me to my base. Without warning she spit my cock out of her mouth and lifted my legs and placed my feet by my head. Shelia wore a different pair of thong sandals each time we had sex. Shelia has me wearing thin strapped hand- made thong sandals as well.

Bedtime Stories - Wolf

fetish eekanif 2018-08-08

Still, as you talked - and we moved along the shadowy path, deeper into the woods than I had intended to go - I traced the outline of my dagger against my thigh and found a comforting sense of safety in its lines and the coolness of the steel against my skin. As my fingertips followed the pattern of pommel to blade and back - in subconscious infinity loops over the quillions - I find my thoughts wandering back to the gap in your trousers and your thighs, and the heat of your breath on my cheek surprises me - as does the pressure of your body (so much taller and stronger than mine) behind me - as you lean in close to whisper for me to notice the rabbits in front of us, down the path.

Gloria's Panties Ch. 02

fetish murphybrown537 2018-08-08

Over them I placed the cotton panties, first the yellow with the pink trim and pink polka dots, then the white with the purple flowers and finally the bright pink pair. Her soft white cotton shirt slipped across the silky bra beneath as I gently rubbed her wonderful little breast. I pulled it out and started to rub it thinking about the feel of her breast through the thin material, the kisses, my hand against her pussy, the look of her small white silky bra with the little black polka dots when I unbuttoned her shirt, her passionate reaction to me fondling her breast.

Roommate Beyond Fantasy Ch. 06

fetish EisAlntheia 2018-08-08

“Shh…you don’t need to know do you?” gripping a little tighter and leaning to my ear. You also want more of the feelings I’m creating now don’t you?” “Yes…I know you do…and you also want to give up control to me to get them don’t you?” As I passed Misty’s room a second time I saw her in just her lingerie laying clothes out on her bed. The thing that I noticed at the point that the pain caused me to struggle which in turn caused her hold me tighter and somehow made her wetter. I had regained just enough strength to crawl to my room and pull off my pajama pants and try to see what was causing all the pain.

Carin's continuing adventures February

fetish carin123 2018-08-07

Like for Valentine’s Day. I wore my skimpiest bra and panties to work, knowing I was to be over to Dawn’s after for a special treat before running home. I was half expecting to be naked and taken, and really my mind wasn’t on the work or my co-workers, so it shouldn’t have surprised me that I had completely missed the fact it was Thursday, which means us nurses give our doctors a bit of a show on our way out. Holding my hand as she led me down the hall, we passed Nurse C in the hall, her just wearing panties as she walked past me.

Gemma's Obsession

fetish johnniedee004 2018-08-07

And, feeling sorry for him, rather flirty, and distinctly randy, she put her arm round his neck, took his right hand and gently guided it into the top of her blouse, pushing it against the warm of her body and pressing the softness of her breast, bending over to kiss him on the lips at the same time. With his hands now grasping both her young breasts, squeezing and caressing, he concentrated his mind on the heavenly feeling of a soft, hot mouth paying homage to his cock, assisted by a small hand slowly jerking the lower end of the shaft. There had been a moment when Gemma though she would gag on John's heaving rod invading her mouth, but she hung on to feel the wonderful gush of hot creamy sperm splatter the back of her throat.

sl**ping Violation?

fetish AryaShae 2018-08-07

He slid my legs apart so my pussy was on full show and I could hear his breath picking up and then his lips were on my breasts kissing and nibbling at them, working over to my nipples, swirling them around his wet tongue and teasing them between his teeth, pulling them ever so slightly. His hand reached down to my hairy pussy and his fingers spread my lips open and started rubbing my clit, he slid his fingers deep inside me, they went in so easily, I was so wet. I could feel him starting to tremble and then I felt him explode inside my pussy and one final big moan leave his lips.

Old Man and My Busty Girlfriend

fetish freakygirl1991 2018-08-07

Curt immediately grabbed her big tits and started playing with them, his cock throbbing and pulsating in Angies hands as a thick string of pre-cum dripped from his shining tip. Angie's panting was nearly drown out by the hammer-like rain hitting the roof and windows as she reached under and grabbed a hold of Curts throbbing cock, and slowly lowered herself. "Good girl" Curt said, kissing Angie as she kept letting out satisfied grunts; her body slightly grinding as she rested on his huge rod. Curt looked down lustfully at her, as he hooked his arms under her legs, then proceeded to lift her up as he stood up, and headed towards the bedroom Angie grabbing on to his shoulders, bewildered at what was happening as his cock rested underneath her dripping pussy.

Drugged Gay Submission

fetish babybootieboy 2018-08-07

I’m a 20 year-old male who checks his email daily, and on one particular day I receive an email from a man who says he read a story about my fantasy online and wants to help make it come true. I feel a thick, hard pressure on my bottom…in my bottom, and I lay my head on my arms while my bottom is in the air, and let this man do his will on me. I obey once more, and as I lay my head back on my arms I hear him whisper in my ear, “Push back on this like your taking a little poopy”, so I do.

A Bloody Fuck Ch. 01

fetish BillBlack 2018-08-07

There's blood all over me, and I'm borderline panicked, and I'm sprinting like a madman down the halls of a run down apartment, my heart tearing in my chest, praying to god I can get out before she does. I don't know if she thinks she's Harry fucking Potter or she just likes to stick rough wooden objects up there but there's no question she's living in another world. Almost before I know it I have her shirt off, her pants down, and I'm dry-fucking her while she moans like it's heroin. But come hell or high water, I won't leave Wedding Crashers at the house of some fattie that I graced with my cock for half an hour.

Nazi fetish

fetish neonhamster 2018-08-07

Stranger: alright, not the best pic of me but if you like it maybe i will show you another. Stranger: innocent as all hell: Stranger: and my heart monitor pic from last week You: How about I put on my east German trench coat and fuck you like the bad little Jewess you are? Stranger: and when i am all wet from the water torture you would gently push all the wet hairs from my face and whisper good girl to me on my lips You: Let mr know when you wish to ejaculate Lt. Kessler and I will have Sophia prepare a wash cloth. Stranger: as you wish Sir. You: All right LT Kessler n you are dismissed.

A surprise welcome home

fetish 2018-08-07

As Barbara began to caress her breasts she imagined the noises she could hear were coming from her own room and it was some young stud giving her that pleasure. All of a sudden she imagines that she is in her sons bed and he is fucking her the way he is fucking this mystery girl. As her son Johnny made this girl almost scream the house down with yet another orgasm Barbara felt waves of pleasure rush through her body. "Thats just Sarah mum, she arrived here last night night after work and it was too wet to walk home" Barbara became very confused at the name Sarah and the familiar voice she had heard.

Before We Say "Good Morning"

fetish 2018-08-07

I turn over to look at that delicious fat ass, and my cock is stirring. Your peachy ass is so warm and big that the cheeks swallow up my dick that way it swallows up any underwear or short shorts you wear. I start to kiss your shoulders and rub my cock between your warm asscheeks. The warm sensation of my steamy creamy seed shooting unrelentingly inside you makes you cum so hard again. We're both screaming in pure pleasure and ecstacy as you cum on my cock while it empties my nut inside your honeypot. We're both shaking, you turn your head and make out with me while my cock slowly softens inside you.


fetish riverdummy 2018-08-07

I wasn't a shy person but Trent has this strong sort of coolness that oozes out from him that prevents me from talking to him normally. I was turning to my street when I heard footsteps approaching and I turned my head and saw Trent just coming back from his late afternoon runs. This is the 1st time I saw him w/o his shirt on and his glistening body from sweat and his broad shoulders, buffy chest, and that forming abs kinda gotten me off my trift for a sec. He put his big strong arms around my shoulders and it was the most comforting feeling that kinda gotten to me ever. Their faces brighten up when I mentioned Trent and they told me how he carried me home to my room.

TV Cuckolds

fetish poobah 2018-08-07

Greg Warner makes Phil Dunphy look like Malcolm X. They are just shitty husbands and Everybody Loves Raymond is about all the moments when the women have to suffer time at home and aren't off getting fucked by real men. This one is definitely made more relevant because her on screen husband was played by a real life gay man. In one episode, Carrie reveals to Doug that she'd like him to speak in a Spanish accent so she can fantasize about fucking a Hispanic construction worker (played by Leah's real life husband.) Before Carrie met Doug, she was a bar slut who wore the stereotypically "trashy Long Island" look with the big hair and cigarettes.