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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

WhiteBoi BBC Worship Guide

fetish 425olds 2018-08-07

Now put your head underneath his cock and try to cover your eyes with it then one side of your face then let his balls rest on your face and smell the delicious scent of precum running on his shaft. Now start planting kisses everywhere on his cock from its head, to the shaft on either sides then his balls which you should also take time to caress them. You should start by giving him big slow licks from his ball to his gland passing by his shaft. Next, take his cock from the back slide it between his thigh muscles and start licking his ball and sucking his cock.

Jessica Takes Charge

fetish Bruno1027 2018-08-07

David couldn't help but imagine what she looked like without her skirt. "Getting a good look, boy?" She bent over, hands on her knees. "You could be so sweet, a cute boy like you." She raised her left leg slowly, the toes of her foot skating along his tender inner thigh. He couldn't bear to look at her; his face was twisted away, his eyes clenched tightly. "Kiss my ass like a good man." She thought for a moment and added, "Or I'll slap you." "You're going to do what I tell you, aren't you?" He moved to taste her and felt a heavy sting against his face as her hand flashed against him once more.

Asian Boys Kinky Bareback

fetish asiandream 2018-08-07

My first meeting with Julian had been that amazing threesome when Jonathan and I had shared him, but this weekend would be our first time alone together and I was very much looking forward to some one-on-one bareback fun with him - lots of wanking, sucking and fucking. Having looked forward to this moment all week, we enjoyed undressing each other and once again I was able to visually appreciate the boy's naked body, and he mine. Naked and sporting rock-hard erections, we went into the bathroom and I got Julian to stand with his hands on the large basin unit, facing the mirrored wall. Trying to push more piss into me, Julian started thrusting hard, his balls slapping against me, and he kept going for a long time.

Keeping up with the Neighbors Ch. 03

fetish Billyglide 2018-08-07

A few weeks had gone by since Nancy videoed us having sex and my eating her creampie. I knew Marcy wanted to be eaten out after sex, and that she would think it was hot that I do it. C'mon Billy, I think it's so hot that you will lick me clean after you cum in me. I think it's hot that all my friends know you love me enough to lick my pussy after you cum in me. Nancy suddenly said, "Eat my pussy, Bill." She looked ant me and said, "You're a mess, you're all wet and smell like pussy." I said, "I know, I love being all wet with our cum.

Amsterdam Prostitute: Client 03

fetish AVaugn 2018-08-07

Although the international sex fest has yet to start, my pussy has already been inspected, rubbed, and licked until my orgasmic juices dripped down towards my ass. If he wants my butthole, he needs to reserve it for another day; this afternoon he has paid to sniff my pussy and suck the fuck out of my twat. As he sucked on my right nipple hard, he took his middle finger and applied strong pressure on the plug and pushed it deeper into my ass. He spread my pussy with his fingers and sucked my wet snatch like he was eating an ice cream cone. Mr. Xiu licked my twat; he forced his tongue in my pussy hole.

Pissing Kay

fetish escalus 2018-08-07

I hadn't seen Mike for a while, and we were deep into a conversation about sport, when Kay swivelled my head towards her and told me it was about time I started paying more attention to her. I did my best to oblige - all the time mindful of my mother in the next room - whilst Kay yelled her head off and bit my arm when I tried to smother her cries. But Kay stretched her arm out towards me and gave me a look which took me straight back to that time when she had pissed in the doorway of the department store, and had told the couple: "No-one tells me where I can and can't piss." Although she didn't speak these words now, her look spoke them for her, and I froze before it.

Peeing with Suzy Ch. 03

fetish leaky_one 2018-08-07

Not even having the time to inspect the damage under the table I had just made with my impromptu toilet, I stood in the dining room hopping from foot to foot in a desperate cross legged attempt to stop myself from resuming a new pee directly over the thick pile carpet. With my skirt hitched up around my waste and my wide naked bum cheeks hung over the dog basket, I immediately started to take a hot squirting shower of clear piss directly over Bonnie's blankets. By the time I was convinced that I had managed to pee over every single item I had been stood with my pissing pussy up to the dish washer for around ten seconds.

The Collegiate Milkmaid Ch. 03

fetish ZotDragon 2018-08-07

They both knew that even the less than week-long period of Thanksgiving break was enough for her milk to dry up, and while restarting the process wouldn't be horrible, by the time that happened the end of the semester would be upon them and there was no real solution for the month long separation they were facing over Christmas. "No need to feel silly, it's a perfectly normal thing to do." He watched as the suction drew Kelly's nipples into the length of the funnel-like horns and gently squeezed them. "This is only perfectly normal if you're a nursing mother," Kelly muttered, but the sensations on her tits was starting to convince her otherwise.

The Challenge

fetish gbrmendi 2018-08-07

feeling his warm cock enter her aroused pussy. She entered the rest room smiling, securing the door and quickly rushing to attend to her wet pussy. He imagined her soft hands wrapped around his cock, gently stroking it and pulling his foreskin back to expose his bl**d red tip before devouring She imagined the same making sure to get his cock extra wet so when the time came it would easily slip into her pussy. As she kissed he removed her hand from grasping is cock They kissed for what felt like hours and his cock remained hard and throbbing. He freed one of his supporting hands, licked it and stimulated her clitoris while also maintaining a hard steady drive of his cock.

A Human Art Installation Ch. 01

fetish gmikeisbad 2018-08-07

Sensing from the look on Jenny's face she wasn't ready for this the photographer started to return the brace to the table. Jenny felt another little rush as she flexed her arms in the brace and realised her arms, head and neck were now fixed together, she was unable to shift from her pose. The Photographer took another brace that looked like two plastic chairs, one with half the seat missing and strapped it around Jenny. The Photographer walked off and Jenny dangled there tips of toes just touching the floor, slipping then swaying a little.

The Bag - wife takes BDSM and chastity to a whole

fetish mtgmoose 2018-08-07

Instantly my already hard cock started to bob and jig to the rhythm, and within 30 seconds, pre cum started to appear at the end of my cock, as the vibrator buzzed against my prostate, she began to squeeze the hand pump, I groaned at about 5 pumps and she laughed quickly squeezing it 5 more times – it was now the size of a g****fruit, it filled my ass and despite my bodies attempts to eject it, increased the pressure on my prostate.

The Traveling Worker Ch. 06

fetish TimWLy 2018-08-07

This trip to Louisville was special, because the government was paying for all of the constituents to come together to have workshops from experts in the field about marketing tools, how to sell in the field, and bring in the experts who are doing the best within their markets, so the pressure was on for everyone on my team, because we are a part of the entire program management staff, and we had to pull off putting together an entire event, and there were only five of us, to put on an event for over 450 people, and I knew if I played my cards right, there would be a lot of females wearing high heeled shoes, and I would have an opportunity to get some extra business within the four days of these workshops, so my mind started racing, as soon as we started making moves as to where the hotel was going to be, whether it would be accessible, and the fact that I would not have a personal assistant going with me.

gloryhole fantasy

fetish nigeltallguy 2018-08-07

As I felt her pussy release my cock I then heard my wife tell me to stay in the bedroom until she came in. To my surprise her friend then appeared naked, knelt down and started to suck my cock. She paused the video and told me that the carpenter who had worked on the door had jokingly said that it looked like I was having a gloryhole made. My wife looked at my hard on and said that her friend was still here and would I like to use the gloryhole more, and they would both play with my cock. Of course I would and my wife went outside the bedroom, closed the door and whispered through the hole ‘well come over her then’.

How I Became A Filthy Tranny Slave Ch. 03

fetish beyondkink 2018-08-07

Two of the men behind me each grab an ankle and hold it in place as they each flip thin metal shackles that are hinged to each corner of the table over my ankles, locking them in place so my socked heeled feet dangle over the edge of the table and my legs are forced in their open position. This forces my upper body and head to be pulled down against the table, where my collar is locked to a metal loop, arching my back and leaving my ass exposed. "Begin sucking my cock if you want your ass fucked." This process continued and I quickly lost count of how many men fucked me before I eventually passed out, still bound a full of cock.

The Kirkyard

fetish Decadent Switch 2018-08-07

I remember the time she took me by the hand and led me into the kirkyard, that night. told her one night, she had told me that she preferred us to be friends rather than lovers, so I had backed off. Trees rustled among the stones, and somewhere an owl called softly. We walked among the stones, laughing softly. But when she moved her hand higher and suddenly closed her fingers over my crotch, I finally woke up to her intentions. Then, restlessly, my hands started to roam up and down her back, tracing the contours of her spine. And I reached down, gripped the cheeks of her arse and then started moving my hands up and down her spine again.

Invitation to a Beach. Chapter 10.

fetish 2018-08-07

Max washed off too, and both of us looked like Adam and Eve in the lily pads, two water nymphs splashing around enjoying themselves in a virgin lake. Max raised his hands from behind his back and smeared lake mud down my front, covering my tits and stomach. Not to be outdone, I reached down and grabbed a handful of lake goo as Max ran, splashing out through the lily pads. Max turned with more black silt in his hands and smeared my tits again. I squatted back down in the lake and washed the muck off easily, feeling the smooth slipperiness of the mud as my hands ran over my nipples and breasts and down my body.

my journey to becoming a cuckhold

fetish jamestango 2018-08-07

One afternoon after we had sex and we were talking, Lynn was telling me about an ex boyfriend she had that had a huge cock that could satisfy her. Lynn told me to pull down her panties and clean her up as Kevin had already fucked her once and left a big sticky mess in her panties. Kevin approached her and plunged his huge cock into her cunt in one swift moton. He pulled out and aimed his cock at Lynns bum hole and slowly started easing it into her. As i gazed up at Lynn's cunt, she was gaping like there was an invisible cock in her.

New Terms

fetish LaArana 2018-08-07

Slowly but surely my mind has started to come to terms with the reality I find myself in, as a totally dependent bitch-toy. I know my sexual boundaries; my daddy controls my sex and he dictates the limits and terms. Kept well and truly as his slave, wait before you think that sounds glamorous, its a hard life and true pleasure only comes at the discretion of others, namely Daddy. My subjection is total as I have very little option to escape at this point after making the mistake of turning my sex over to Daddy. Daddy works me hard not only around the house with my chores and sexually, but he f***es me to perform and make money on webcam sites.

cottage wife

fetish oyespleeze 2018-08-07

Just then Marin walked in, looked around and said "Oh this is should do just fine!" as she playfully smacked my ass and planted a little kiss on my cheek. "Sounds good to me!" I replied "Well then don't just stand there silly, get your clothes off and come hear!" I did what she said and started walking towards her. Looking down at me she said "oh you do seem to like this so far!" and rubbed the end of the crop up and down my now hard cock. As her spasms subsided she inched her ass down a little saying" Tongue my asshole fuck doll!" Marin had never spoke to me like she was tonight and it was driving me crazy.

Peeing in the Living Room

fetish Declan26 2018-08-07

Matthew put the panties aside and fucked Maya or in his mind her little sister. Matthew was watching her sexy body twisting on the red sheet. Maya spread her pussy lips so that she could feel the warm pee better. Maya turned around again, knelt in front of his hard dick and licked it clean. Matthew lay down on the red sheet in his own pee. Matthew moaned when he felt her pee touching his dick. He was watching the pee coming out of Maya's pussy and splashing on his balls. He was watching Maya's wet body twisting in pee on the red latex sheet and it was to much for him. Maya wiped his cum over her body and mixed it with pee.

Jane and the Belly Dancer

fetish 2018-08-07

Then right on cue Arabian dance music started to play as Bella made her What made things worse was Bella shoe's were even sexier looking than mine. As if there wasn't anything more that she could do to get everyone hornier Bella got on all fours and began to go into booty popping twirking mode. Next I searched for the magic spot on Bella's pussy with my tongue from the rear working downward instead of upwards like I did with Dede.. It was the only way to not nut too soon and at the same time look like I was fully into it. I pulled out so Bella could turn and raise her legs up past her head. time to pull out and start stroking over Bella's stomach.

Nice or Nasty? Ch. 02

fetish mutterguffin1 2018-08-07

Evil twin washed away by my soft loving kiss, the innocent voice of that shy sweet sub spoke tenderly to me, cajoling me to insert my tongue into her perfect puckered hole. I stuck my tongue out stiff and slender and slowly pushed my way into her wet ass hole. Tongue fuck my ass hole fast and deep. With a spring board for a neck, I began piston fucking her ass hole with my tongue. I replaced my tongue with a finger in her ass, curled my finger upward to try and make contact with the inner wall of her rectum, and waited for a mouthful of her female love nectar.

Feeding the Boys

fetish neon_noodle 2018-08-07

All this cock sucking was making my pussy drip past my lips and down my legs, so I needed a good fuck. You know your slutty Mommy wants her boys' two cocks." This nasty incest talk was driving them wild, and Will forced himself to stop his thrust for a minute to allow Allan in. We rested for a few minutes on the sofa, jointed together by cock, pussy, and ass, until Allan slowly pulled his wet prick out of my stretched hole. Shouldn't you clean your sweet Mommy up?" With that, I spread my legs, and opened my pussy lips with the fingers on one hand, while I rubbed my swollen tits with the other.

Desperate Gaming

fetish pmaximus 2018-08-07

Chad couldn't leave his desk to use the toilet or his group would fail the dungeon quest and his character desperately needed the end boss loot. The next time pee began to travel down his shaft and to the tip of the penis, Chad very carefully let the flow continue for a few seconds. Chad managed to regain control of his bladder, but as if emboldened by it's previous victory another rush of pee began traveling down his semi-rigid shaft almost immediately. Right as he thought the flow had stopped, his muscles contracted and the full force of his bladder began to spray piss from the tip of his member like a geyser.