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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Inconvenient Coincidence Ch. 10

fetish Max332 2018-08-07

That said, she tied James to the side of her bra, forcing him to be in perpetual contact with her disgusting underarm, which, even though it wasn't as stinky as her feet, still was awfully sweaty, and got its very own distasteful smell. "Yes, yes!!" she moaned "Poor, poor little James, stuck to my pit as I touch myself, forced to bear with sweat formed because of my own horniness!" she slowed down, not wanting to go over quite yet. I'm sure she won't appreciate any of it!" she placed the boot as far as possible from her bed to avoid the smell, and curled up in her blanket; ready to have a good night sleep.

Dee's Panties Obsession Ch. 04

fetish storyfella 2018-08-07

"You know, I wore your dirty panties to work again, made me so wet all day," Sara said. Sara sniffed in more of the dirty odours from the panties Dee had been wearing all day, "Stick your finger in my cunt and lick my clit Dee... Sara shimmied down the bed and pulled the knickers out from under the pillow, the ones she had worn to work that day and handed them to Dee, "here, have these and sit on my face, let me taste that yummy pussy while you smell my juicy panties," instructed Sara. When she felt Sara's tongue slowly lick up her pussy lips she lifted the panties to her nose.

The Party

fetish buzbybdsm 2018-08-07

My girlfriend Alisia and I had been having a few drinks, kicking around ideas for a costume party we were planning on attending. "Ok Darling, I've put a lot of thought into how you can be sexless and still attend a party. There on the bed I saw random rolls of tape, something that looked like a little funnel, and a can of paint. "Don't worry darling, latex paint doesn't stick very well to duct tape, so I had to switch back to this." By that time the paint was dry, and Alisia had me lay down on the bed so she could trim the end of the funnel off flush with the tape.

The Maintenance Man: Apt 2G

fetish Cee_More 2018-08-07

I began rubbing my cock through my jeans as I imagined having face between her sexy thighs and taking in the erotic smell of her womanhood with my eyes closed and I could hear her calling my name out as I licked her panty's crotch and tasted her imaging it was the real thing. I spread her lips open with my right hand and began working on her honey hole reaching inside deeply to lick and stroke her inner walls and that was when she realized her first of several orgasms and as she shook and trembled strongly she pulled on my ears, pulling my further into her hole, just the way I loved it.

A mothers discovery part 2

fetish sasha_762 2018-08-07

I started getting dressed i knew i had the whole day to myself so i decided to go shopping i figured id buy something sexy to wear to start winning my husband back i didnt have a plan but i had a good idea to start. It was a nice day so i decided to wear a tank top and shorts i called my friend malin and asked if shed like to go shopping shes a very cute redhead 5' 11 110 pounds green eyes and very perky ass and c cup breasts.

The Wedding

fetish zeta515 2018-08-07

Adopting her usual stern manner, Miranda had told her bewildered brother that what had happened was normal but (as she had cautioned him before), he should not encourage these arousals, as he needed to save himself for marriage (at least if he wanted a decent woman). The next day, she called Rose and said, "I am not sure what happened, but Max really, really likes you. "It's all right Max, no need to be embarrassed, you can tell me," said Miranda, trying to encourage him. Looking at Max, Miranda said, "Rose gave me some special things for you to wear, for tonight." Max blushed and Miranda rapidly continued, pressed for time.

Two Cheerleaders, One Tight Spot

fetish fflover58 2018-08-07

"I recorded all the sounds you, Walker and your cousin made, and I could release if you'd like. Do as I ask, and you won't be in trouble, like I'm sure Walker wouldn't want to be." "I want you two to do exactly the same thing Brea's cousin did to you last me," Carrie stated. Not waiting for another instruction, we darted out the door and headed downtown for a homecoming ceremony that suddenly Walker wasn't so keen to attend. "An apartment?" Walker looked nervous as she read the text. We walked out to my car, Walker looking up directions on her phone, and then we took off for the northwest side of town.

Dogging with Hubby(Fiction)

fetish Redcap 2018-08-07

As soon as he did this two of them came into the window, one touching my leg and one feeling my boobs. The guy gets his condom on in flash and I feel him behind me, he pushes inside in almost one go, he then grabs my hips and starts fucking me quite hard and fast. He pulls out and then the next guy is there, I haven't even seen him, so I don't know what he is like, but he starts fucking me and its not bad . He fucked me for around 5 mins and I must admit that I did cum, then he starts to speed up and he grabs me by my hair and I feel him start cuming inside me, he seems to stop and then start cuming again.

Lady Owns Me Ch. 02

fetish lapitup 2018-08-07

"Joey, you make me so happy," she said as she looked into my eyes. With our fingers still entangled, she guided our hands up to my face and said, "taste me." Of course, I gladly obliged. I know you want to pull out your throbbing cock. Susan kept her hand on me, but stopped stroking. With a tiny bit of sternness in her voice and a raised brow, Susan said "Joey, tell me the truth." I want to keep my little cumeater happy and full," she said as I cleaned her finger once again. "Is my little cumeater still hungry?" Susan asked. She used one finger like a swizzle stick to mix the cum in the palm of her hand.

Full Disclosure Ch. 01

fetish guide423 2018-08-07

Scarlet simply stared at me watching and waiting for me to acknowledge her order. I knew she had found them, my first secret was exposed as she draped my panties across my back. I think I'm going to push your secrets to extremes, and I anticipate every assignment, every task will open you more to me," she declared. "Good girl," Scarlet approved as I blushed and my cock shivered in my soaking panties. Seeing the shimmer coming through, Mistress then asked "Have you tasted before, slut? I'll have it locked up soon enough so you had better enjoy it," Scarlet said as she leaned back on the bed. I could feel the blood in my head, throbbing with excitement, though I knew not to touch.

Cold Leather Revenge Pt. 02

fetish mw0212 2018-08-07

Seems like my pet word for you has some truth in it after all doesn't it slut?' Lydia said sarcastically, although inside she quietly admitted to herself that Ms Harris choice of underwear was sexy as hell. You must be quite the spender on all this slut wear.' Lydia said, shocked by the hundreds of pairs of shoes and boots that were all neatly arranged inside the walk in. Thank you ma'am.' Ms Harris replied, and with a spring in her step pulled out a pair of thigh high six inch black leather lace up boots before returning to her knees in front of Lydia. I think these will match this outfit perfectly, won't they Mike?' Lydia said, picking up Ms Harris thigh boots especially selected as being her favourite.

Pleasantly Surprised

fetish iluvred 2018-08-07

About the third time that she started talking about him I worked up the nerve to ask her is she was dating him. I didn’t want to ask the next question either but I had to…”Have you slept with him?” I could tell from her silence that the answer was yes. She finally said something, “That’s actually why I called, I wanted to talk to you about it”. “Tell me about it” I couldn’t believe what I just said, I was asking her to talk about having sex with someone else. I want you to CUM RIGHT NOW.” That pushed me over the edge; I had never heard her talk like this.

Summer Love

fetish sushicook 2018-08-07

Not experiencing any reaction the stranger's hand wandered slowly up and down the soft white skin of my upper leg, leaving a trail of chicken skin and pushing my shorts further and further up into my groin - I felt my little dickel rising and protectively pulled the travel bag over my lap! »Hang on, little lad, you have some dry shit in your pants and you smell like a piglet - let me have a look!« Encouraged by my passiveness the old man grew bolder, hooked his fingers into the waistband of my trainer pants and pulled them slowly down over my little buttocks.

A Supervillain's Domination

fetish MsEmilia 2018-08-07

I sit down in a chair and begin orchestrating my creation, a simple hand movement causing a flower tipped tentacle to latch onto her nipple, eliciting a moan of pleasure. I simply laugh and wave my hand, the cock tipped tentacle appears before her. I walk up behind her, and firmly placed a hand on the back of her head, guiding it as she bobs up and down the thick shaft, keeping her sucking like an obedient slut. Eventually, the appendage twitches in her mouth, and she tries to pull away, I wrap one hand around her throat and squeeze firmly, while my other holds her head down onto the raging cock tipped tentacle.

Restrained (A Natalya Story)

fetish Cherish_Desire 2018-08-07

Despite how mundane being ass fucked was, even with a bigger dildo in public, Natalya was interested in trying something new. Quietly Max spoke, "I suggest you only try this once you have worked up to it." His hand adjusted Natalya's ankle and another cuff clicked into place. As it was the latex cuff that extended a few inches into her ass and cunt removed all sensation except tugging and pressure from her openings. If Max really inserted latex sheathes into both her holes then Natalya knew she'd never feel a dildo or cock properly again. Transformed into a rubber doll, restrained by cuffs with her cunt and ass presented for whatever Max wanted to use them for, Natalya still had an ace in the hole.


fetish napueo 2018-08-07

“So the question is,” Reyna said as she got into my car for the first time, “’is she wearing any underwear?’” “Ok then,” I said, “put the seat back down…it’s the lever on the right hand side…and lie back.” Reyna gave me a wicked smile, raised the hem of her dress to her bellybutton, and started fingering her slit. Light was coming into the car from the bus, and Reyna was clearly visible to any riders sitting next to the windows. I could taste the my cum as it started to drip from her, and smell that beautiful pungent pussy odor. I stuck my index finger in her slit and started finger fucking her while I licked at her clit.

Tables Turned Ch. 03

fetish mw0212 2018-08-07

The hardest thing Jack had so far was to avoid making himself look like a gibbering wreck every time Miss Sharp waltzed by his desk on her way in each morning. Standing to the side of him, Jack's view went straight to Miss Sharps feet in a 'head bowed' position. With that Miss Sharp went into her office, closing the door behind her & shading the blinds that prevented Jack from maintaining eye contact. 'That's incredible' Jack thought as his bare flesh was completely covered by Miss Sharp's riding boots. As Jack's head hit the pillow, he felt his feet tingling at the thought of being enclosed in Miss Sharp's leather boots.

2 Size Queens and a Large Pepperoni

fetish smally 2018-08-07

She started going wild and I was feeling a little proud until I realized that Melissa was seducing her. Melissa brought her other hand there as well and started massaging Jen's pussy, while still rolling her clit with the other hand. She started sucking her lips and she slid her tongue right in Melissa's pussy. Melissa told Jen that she was going to get her really laid and teach her the difference between getting fucked by a "man-sized-cock" and a "little dick". Melissa told Jen that she would have to get ready for this one, so she had me lick her for a few minutes. She was already wet though when I started, I think just from looking at the pizza man's big cock.

Chastity Resort Pt. 04

fetish handyrandy9 2018-08-07

Suddenly, I felt water running over my groin and Anna stood up, chastity cage in hand. With the way Anna was leaning forward with her ass pushed back towards me, I was stretching considerably to reach her upper back. Anna, on the other hand, was wearing a small pair of skin tight yoga shorts that barely contained her ample bottom. "Well, now you don't have to..." Lisa reached behind her, pulled Chad's arm over her head, and brought his hand under the water and into her lap. "I remember Chad took me to a club that night," Lisa said, moving their hands around under the water.

Mechanical Dreams

fetish jusduit 2018-08-07

Renee was a kind of big sister at times, having matured like most girls at a faster rate than their male counterparts, and a bit of a surrogate parent when parents left them alone. I mean, I liked you doing it, Renee." He waited an awkward moment, then plunged further with, "I did see you playing with your, uh, things too, and then shoving a hand in your, uh, underwear." He nodded alternately at her breasts and crotch. She chuckled again and said, "It's nothing to worry about little brother." After a moment's hesitation, she looked again at the pajamas, and reached her hand down to his waist band.

Pussy In Boots Ch. 6

fetish Natalya 2018-08-07

The inside of the belt had a six-inch dildo and a butt plug that looked larger than the one on my latex panties. I think I had an answer straight away in Helena because she was the only one who knew that Phil and I had done this to each other in the past and that we both enjoyed teasing each other like this. It turned out that Phil's little present also consisted of a butt plug that couldn't be removed. Helena was wearing a pair of black, lace-topped, suspender pantyhose, and the black knee length boots that she had worn that night when she had interrupted Phil and I fucking over my desk.

Werewolf Fantasy

fetish Nakedtwister3340 2018-08-07

Licking and lapping faster and faster and my body arched hard off the bed, my orgasm tearing through me. Can I taste you again?" He asked as he smiled, looked into my eyes, and licked his lips. While he licked my pussy and clit, my body quivered at the feel of his mouth tasting me. Then, I slowly moved down his body, took off his already unzipped jeans, and softly licked the tip of his cock. Once he got nice and hard, I looked into his eyes and then kissed his lips again. As he pounded in and out of me, his hands caressed my entire body while his lips kissed my neck, lips, and shoulders.

Chrissy...Janie Visits Again

fetish Vwrite 2018-08-07

I have some Vaseline in the night table beside our bed." I did as Chrissy instructed and began to get excited at the thought of pushing the big black nozzle between Janie's firm and round ass cheeks. "It sort of looks like a big black cock, doesn't it?" I spread some more lubricant on the nozzle and touched it to Janie's anus. Again Chrissy whispered, "Joey is going to massage your cunny a little and make it feel good while you are taking the enema. I wanted to fuck Janie so much while her belly was bulging and the big nozzle was stretching her ass. Chrissy snuggled next to my back spoon fashion and whispered, "Joey, baby, are you ready for me to fuck your ass?" I nodded and groaned.

Last Day

fetish maxxmann81 2018-08-07

Monica pulled a smaller vibrator from her skirt pocket and began using it on Jamie's legs. Pam unbuttoned her own top with her free hand and undid her bra, letting her well-tanned mounds fall onto Jamie's shoulders as she bent over to suck on the exposed nipple of her co-worker. After sufficiently soaking the smaller vibrator, Monica brought it up to Jamie's quivering asshole and began to work it in. As Jamie's orgasm subsided, Monica removed the vibrator from the asshole she'd been working it in and began licking Pam's goo covered fingers. Pam took over working the vibrator in Monica's pussy while placing her own love hole over Monica's willing mouth. Pam moaned as Jamie's tongue snaked around her ass hole and Monica sucked on her hardened clit.