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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Obsession of the Stepsister Ch. 02

fetish k4d0h1 2018-08-07

I quickly fixed my gaze upon the lower half of her door inspecting or admiring (I wasn't sure) where I had recently shot my load after gazing upon her naked body. I wanted to push the door open an inch to catch a better view of her shapely sexy legs; further hoping she was revealing a candid shot of her voluptuous ass. Rochelle was standing with the door open guzzling half a bottle before she turned toward me. The closeness and flirtatious way she moved her body over mine caused my dick to point straight out within a few seconds. I thought about turning on the TV, but wasn't sure if I wanted such a distraction that might cause a certain someone to be anything less than delightful towards me.

Toms bondage torment

fetish 2018-08-06

Ignoring her vocal complaints, Tom unlocked the padlock and threw the keys back to Jess, who quickly stuffed them back into her pocket and secured them in place with the small button sewn into the back of her shorts. Tom got to his knees and started trying to pick them up with his mouth, but Jessica was quicker and stood on the keys with her bare foot. Jessica turned so that her butt was facing towards where Tom was kneeling and he could easily see the shape of the keys tucked inside the back pocket of her shorts. When Jessica was finished she opened her bedroom door and led Tom to the bathroom, where they showered together, with the mitts and gag still firmly lock in place.

Daddies and 'Little Girls'

fetish TitsFlannagen 2018-08-06

The mermaid's large brown eyes looked at the girl outside of the bowl quizzically, smiled, then laughed with a rush of bubbles as she ran her hands over her nipples and rolled her tail with excitement. "Is your little girl ready?" the middle aged woman with a sequined eye patch asked as the wax was ready on the table prepared in the small room at Daddy's house. The Waxer rubbed and patted Little Girl's cute, slightly soft stomach, filled with so much of Daddy's cum, and then spread her legs to disinfect and numb with spray. Your Daddy has such a big cock and you like it in your ass, don't you, Little Girl?" The Waxer spoke as she ran a latexed finger around the sensitively swollen hole.

Jill & Tim's Story Ch. 01

fetish Lou Thomas 2018-08-06

She was sitting in an armchair and, I think, sensed my reluctance to go beyond the nudes (although God-only-knows why I felt that way, considering our experiences together prior to our marriage) because, without saying a word, she lifted her lovely, hose-clad legs up and over the arms of the chair and, with an enticingly wicked grin on her face, reached down with both hands to daintily -- but explicitly -- open the lips of her hairy, come-glistening cunt to expose its tasty interior. She held the vibrator in one hand (her other still slowly massaging her clit) and quietly said, "Darling, I'm going to kind of ignore you for the next few minutes and concentrate on myself." She one-handedly turned on the long, pink gadget and, still working her cunt with her right hand, she raised the now-whirring "lady's home companion" to her right breast, placing the tip at the edge of her nipple, to that little point's obvious enjoyment.

My Life as a Slave - Chapter 2

fetish KCUM 2018-08-06

A young, very attractive girl behind the desk addressed me in quite a supercilious way, but checked my appointment and told me to go to a consulting room and wait, and not to wait in the reception area. "Good and thick and a fair quantity, so lets get this tested." she said and picked up her telephone and made a quick call as she labelled the vial and made some notes. A young girl came into the room shortly afterwards and without even giving a glance to me as I stood naked, just took the vial away. "Lets get you back to Dr Blackwell," she said, "Angie's probably tested your sperm by now."

The Fur Side of Leather and Lace

fetish FurBob 2018-08-06

Out comes this beautiful young woman in a long fur coat. I briefly nestle my face into her fur collar and rest a minute, breathin' in her sweet perfume and enjoyin' the warmth of her and her sliver fox coat. His hands are rough and look almost leathery like his sun-tanned face. Well, I back my Cherokee up to the back of her car and proceed to put her fur coats and four suitcases in, plus a number of other smaller boxes and another larger, somewhat heavy box. "I think I would like to go home with you for the night." She says with a very warm smile. "I've never been inside a real cowboy's home." She says, "Thank you again for coming so soon.


Giantess on the Subway

fetish kathryn94 2018-08-06

She stood with her back to a glass pane dividing rows of seats, facing away from Jake. Jake noticed that the carriage had emptied and they were the only passengers except for another woman who was facing away from them, with headphones on. She stood up and walked past Jake, her massive rod swaying in front of her. She continued walking towards the woman who was seated facing away, wearing headphones. She walked right up to the woman, grabbed her by her shirt with her left hand, lifted her two feet off the ground, and tore off her pants with her right. The woman passed out in the meantime, her belly bloated outwards by the huge cock inside her.

pssst…..wake up !

fetish catsman11 2018-08-06

Ok , I just couldn't take it any longer, so I'm down on your hot spot with my mouth in the next instant and the second my tongue hits your playful clit, and I'm taking in that wonderful sweet pussy smell you have, your first wave of orgasm hits and your liquid cum erupts all over me and I opened my mouth wide so as to get a drink of it… is delicious to the taste, but my cock is now shivering and wanting to explode as well…..quickly, I'm inside you thrusting with my hard cock deeper and deeper with each pulse it seems and your orgasms are still relinquishing that sweet love juice and then I blast my cum deep inside you….pulsing with each spurt and feeling your legs wrapped around me tightly and pulling me closer with each jolt.

A Golden Moment

fetish Miyelo Ina 2018-08-06

Watching the crowds from your room’s balcony, you realize that shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops are the accepted style of dress here, so you follow custom, relishing the comfort and freedom you feel away from all the bonds of home and work. You continue to probe her warm mouth with your tongue and let your hands roam over her soft body while Joanna has the driver stop at a corner store. “That could be fun,” the tall one comments, “But I’d rather be out of the pool where I could feel it better.” She swims up under your other arm and you get to taste her now. With Joanna stroking her clit, Angela begins to climax – the tightening of her muscles changing the flow of the urine showering your face.

Corrections Officer

fetish chin6649 2018-08-06

Two that were always sexually active in the middle of the night were inmates Cece and Kay. As I would make my rounds, I would stand slightly out of view and watch them through the low light. When my voice came back from my fear, my yells for help were quickly muffled by inmate Kay’s pussy being shoved in my mouth. Cece devours my cock, kneading my balls, with the tip of her finder in my ass; Kay’s pussy is smothering me. The excitement of me licking Cece’s ass and Kay riding me hard has me beginning to tense up. As Cece continues to lick her pussy I can feel your ass begin to clench around my cock.


Jumping Melons Bus Co. Ch. 06

fetish qexiqex 2018-08-06

"Let's see if I can pull them so hard that we see some marks!" Betty giggled and grabbed the beautiful breasts with force. Richie idly played with the bloated red balls above and wondered how this girl would ever get out of those holes again. "Hey girl, do you need to get out?" he asked, lightly slapping the constricted breasts. Richie sighed, touched his two pairs one last time and said, "Bye bye, girls, and don't forget my offer! Soon, the driver released the locking mechanism and all the young women climbed out of the bus, clutching their sore breasts and chatting idly. Lily hurried out of the bus, clutching her hurting hooters and just wanted to leave for good.

Camilla Ch. 018

fetish MawrGorshin 2018-08-06

Stopping to take licks between each phrase, Callahan said, "Men...can't give women pleasure...the way a woman can...Men have sex...only for...their own pleasure..." Callahan never looked up from Camilla's vulva, so Camilla could freely record Callahan's face and voice, as well as the rest of the room so it would be visually evident to the first-time viewer that the sex was happening in their school. "You're gonna have soooo much fun with this body, sir." Camilla turned around so Candice could open her buttocks and expose her anus to Leroy, who was practically drooling at the lesbian pageant before his mesmerized eyes. The girls pecked each other on the lips a few times, and after letting Candice tickle her clitoris, Camilla walked over to the door to close it.

Wife's Birthday Pie

fetish rick_oh 2018-08-06

"Your birthday's coming up in a couple of weeks, Jen," her husband Rick said as he massaged her legs. "On my birthday, I want you to fuck my hot, nasty pussy and cum in it several times." She felt his cock pulse once inside her. "Every time you fuck me on that special day, I want you to eat the pie and give me an orgasm. Stick your desperate cock inside my nasty pussy and fill me with your sperm!" she commanded in a teasing, pouting voice. Then Rick had his wife straddle his face, and she wildly rocked her hips as he continued to extract the mixture of sperm and feminine arousal juice from her pussy.

One Step Too Far

fetish SatinDreamGirl 2018-08-06

Aside from the old bed with the headboard and footboard made of metal tubes and painted pink, the room had a draftsman's table covered with her clothing sketches, a chest of drawers always hanging open and stuffed with her clothes, a small desk for her computer, and some shelves with mementos from childhood: stuffed animals, Barbie dolls wearing outfits she'd designed, photo collages of her with high school friends including the graduation shot from a year ago. He eagerly relented slightly and began to squirm on the bed, flooding his mind with the sensations of the tight and slippery lingerie, the way each piece pulled softly on his skin, pulled in ways no male clothing could heightening his awareness of what a complete sissy he was.

Real-life Femdom

fetish 2018-08-06

In particular, I am referring to the topic area specific to “realistic” Femdom, wherein a woman (or a group of women) have control over a man in a non-professional setting. In any of these typical scenarios, it’s pretty clear that these women are merely providing a service for the sub men by helping them act out their male fantasies. It’s safe to assume that no two women would react the same way, but I think it’s pretty intuitive to assume that none of the typical male fantasies would be part of the agenda unless they somehow fit into the framework of the woman’s wants and desires.

Favourite Fantasies #5

fetish hard_for_yu 2018-08-06

I tried to scare Jill off by telling her I would take her prisoner and spank her if she didn’t go home. Instead of being frightened, Jill seemed to relish the adventure, even when I told her I was going to spank her bare-tail. I place her in a standing position and chain her ankles and her wrists to the frame so that her arms are held away from her body. When I have removed her last shred and she is naked, I chain her in a spread-eagle position on the frame and run my hands over her, telling her all the things I have in store for her and she is squirming and getting off like mad.

How To Be A Boi Bitch Lesson 02

fetish gothicboibitch 2018-08-06

Fear, my darlings, is what you need to feel. Underneath stacks of old bills that your wife, your girlfriend or boyfriend would never look at. Feel that rush of guilt and excitement again as your bitch steps out once more. (4) TO BE A BITCH IS TO LOVE COCK Oh, there are so many choices, and in time, darlings, in time you will want to use all of them.Just like each real cock is different, makes you feel different, so will the right dildo, vibrator or anal plug. Slide the cock against your cunt. Feeling the ripped cock against it. That's what it feels like to be a bitch. Feeling your cock tighten. Feel it shift inside you, from the rush to calm.

Johnny's Hairotica

fetish hairlover 2018-08-06

Now only in shorts, I resumed my seat, only to be stumped by Angel’s next remark, “You’ve got a great body, Johnny!” By the time I could find my voice, she had gotten up and wandered off to a corner of my room, to soon return with my estranged and dusty guitar. So I felt obliged to confess what a hit I was with the girls, that is until the most unexpected rejections and unwarranted insults almost entirely stopped my socializing, and that I could neither understand nor explain what exactly my fault was .I also told her I was quite good at studies and liked outdoor activities a lot.


fetish kandie 2018-08-06

The feel of her pussy lips, the softness of her skin, plus the taste, made him want to lick and suck her cunt indefinitely. "Yeah, that's why I want you to do it, because the thought of you shaving, massaging and eating my smooth cunt, makes me cum harder." She got the razor and things, laid them within reach and purred, "Shave your cock and balls." "Ooooh that feels good, if you keep doing it like that I will cum before you're finished shaving me!" She threw her head back, closed her eyes, and shrieked, "Mmmm baby, finger me harder. She stopped sucking long enough to squeal, "Hell yes baby, I want you to fill my mouth with cum!"

Jade in Control

fetish Slutboy88 2018-08-06

"We need to take a look for a butt plug for this wimps ass hole but I'm sure we can manage thank you." "I'm glad you agree that this huge butt plug will be perfect for your ass." Said Jade, still at an uncomfortable volume. I was stood here after possibly the most humiliating day off my life preparing to dress as a woman for Jade, preparing myself for whatever she had planned with the butt plug we had bought and unsure if she had meant what she said about other men fucking me. I had no control over my body and as Jade applied pressure on me I couldn't help but sit down, taking the butt plug inside me in one quick movement.

How Did He Get Here Ch. 02

fetish lsa3 2018-08-06

He got some plushy gear wrist and ankle cuffs, a leather waist belt with "D" rings spaced around it, a bunch of adjustable straps and clips, some double ended with a swivel and some like a carabiner, a medium and a large butt plug, a large bottle of thick lube, a plastic syringe to squirt some in his ass and a fat 12 inch realistic rubber cock. Scott, who prided himself on being able to hold back from cumming was finally giving into Tommy's hungry ass, pulling, pushing and clenching on his cock as he fucked him. Tommy got onto the bed next to them and, while tugging on her nipple, told her to push out as his cock went in and to squeeze and suck him in as he pulled out.

Ann's Revenge Ch. 02

fetish sleepless 3 2018-08-06

"Well if you get bored just think of me inside those lovely black panties you have on and the fun we will have on Sunday when I let you out of your toy" said Ann – with this she walked up to Rob and placing her chest in front of him so he would see the key she pushed her breasts into his chest and gave him a long kiss. "Just checking – I wouldn't want to punish you further by extending the game even longer!" Ann added – she then removed her hand, pulled back his zipper and moved to the hallway table collecting her keys and handbag and opened the door to go.

The BEST Doctors Visit Ever!!!

fetish Badbitch6937 2018-08-06

Then after another 10 minutes of straight pounding he starts going his hardest as I felt him about to burst in my ass and he ripped it out threw me to the floor shoved it in my mouth and and i sucked it as he shot his sweet venom down my throat that I more than gladly swallowed. As I sat there thinking about what just happened I realized I had my hand on my cock and I came all over the steering wheel I leaned forward to lick it off like the cum hungry whore I was and then felt a wetness leak out my asshole curious I put my finger down there then and tasted the clear stickiness to taste a sweet nectar i never knew my body could create.

Roommate Beyond Fantasy Ch. 01

fetish EisAlntheia 2018-08-06

Also, I was willing to let her come by because there might be a chance that she'd help me get off since she likes the taste of cum so much. In a flash, a girl rushed over and cupped her hand just under the head of my cock as my cum leaked out and my orgasm faded into nothing leaving me panting and frustrated. Cutting me off she commented, "I don't mean any offense, but you already lied to me about jacking off and I got proof of that, so now I'd just like to discuss the room and keep things out of the gutter from here on out...can we do that?" stroking my face with tenderness.