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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Brenda's Mature Feet

fetish Andre_Sillitoe 2018-08-06

"That feels wonderful sweetie." I continued rubbing for a solid five minutes or so until she said, "My other foot is starting to get lonely, dear." I watched as she wiggled her toes almost begging for my touch. "Since you enjoyed licking my flats so much, how about a taste of the real thing?" She lifted up her foot, wiggled her toes in front of my face and with her other foot, she rubbed my thigh gently. Thank you for licking the stink away." I lost track of time as she held her feet up to my face so I could glide my tongue up and down her wrinkled soles as she giggled and smiled. "I won't," I said as I walked out into the calm evening, licking my lips and savoring the taste of Brenda's mature feet.

Perfect Pegging

fetish 425olds 2018-08-06

The tip of her slippery cock nudged his ass, sliding and rubbing, teasing him, he spread his cheeks for her pulling his ass wide, she was in position and leant her weight gradually forward, easing the head of her cock into his waiting hole, he moaned and tightened around her, he took a deep breath and relaxed as she slipped deeper, inch by inch, allowing him to adjust to the thick length as it plunged gradually as deep as it would go, until he felt her balls against him.

the threesome

fetish 2018-08-06

A week or two pass and Josh and Tara have plenty of incredible sex and they agree with Adrian that they can meet up for the threesome in a few days time. She pushes Josh onto the couch and straddles him giving slow rhythmic thrusts, nice and deep onto Josh’s cock and Adrian feels himself getting harder and he feels a little awkward and exposed just standing there full erection on show, Tara leans over and pulls him over by the hand. The boys are throbbing and Tara sucks Josh off whilst masturbating Adrian’s cock having them both cum in a hot sticky shower of cum.

The Milking Herd Ch. 02

fetish StoryTeller07 2018-08-06

Betty felt a great loss when her father died, and regretted not asking why he left her mother. Sitting in a rental car in the parking lot, she went through the few old photos, wondering what her sister looked like now. I didn't even know I had a sister, until going through my late father's things," Betty quietly spoke, trying to get her on side. I've completed my chores for this morning so thought I'd look in to see how you are," Rob said, giving her a pleasant smile. Although it was better to spend time plumping up their breasts for a good yield, he needed to hurry things along.

BJ for the BOSS

fetish BusinessSlut 2018-08-06

I bent over to pick it up, but I was not kneeling down like i always do, I just bent over with my ass strait up in the air, at that time I think he saw more of me than he had seen before, I was just wearing a short black skirt and black panties, I almost had picked it all up when I heard the phone got put down on the desk, and a second later a soft touch and a small slap on my butt chick, he was just an arm rise from me. I got behind him and started to massage his shoulders and slowly went down his back and his chest till I finally touch his cock, it was still in his pants, but I could feel that it was getting harder.

Adventures In Rubber (Chapter 18)

fetish wastedaway 2018-08-06

more aware, she perceived a vague ache throughout most of her body. Flora's head appeared around the edge of "Who says you can't get good help these days?" croaked Mandy, sitting "I feel like the floor of a taxi cab," Mandy answered, "what's for "You are something, aren't you?" said Mandy, "I knew I kept you around Mandy glanced up from her tray, and around a mouthful of muffin said, "I think, just this once, that I won't ask..." Flora brightened visibly "Anything, love- just ask!" replied Flora. Mandy wore a slightly amused, thoughtful expression. She took Mandy's tray when she motioned that she was Flora watched Mandy roll over and wriggle into the covers, concern for

Catholic Nun Strips Naked During Church Services

fetish 2018-08-06

My speech lasts about ten minutes then I address the audience and ask if there is a young man in the crowd that would like to come up on stage and help me demonstrate the sin of having sex before marriage. As I stroke the young man's cock back and forth, I look over at the congregation and say, "Praise the Lord for delivering this evil for us to witness!" I take about four or five inches of the young man's cock inside me and pause a moment for Jesus to forgive me, then begin rocking back and forth. The congregation gets to their feet and begins applauding as I walk naked back and forth across the stage with my arms extended upwards to show off every inch of my magnificently toned slender body.

My Wife Finds a Load

fetish Batcum2002 2018-08-06

She loves to see me with my mouth being stuffed by a hard cock and how much I enjoy it. Susie had an idea for an evening where she did all the work getting me a cum fix and I would just wait and watch as she retrieved a sweet load for me. It wasn't too busy and I got a beer and began to look for Susie. Susie began to suck him, bobbing her head up and down and settling into a nice sperm producing blow job. Susie just held her head still as he emptied his balls into her mouth. Susie then walked over to me and looked down at my face. I closed my mouth and began to swallow my drink as they watched.

Life's Changes Ch. 07

fetish Scribler 2018-08-06

'You do most of the work you should get at lease half the bonus.' When I told him that he said 'You know she's right.' The next day I got my bonus so if no one has thanked you I'm thanking you now." She came over to me and kissed me on the cheek and said, "You a very special person please don't change." "I'm looking for more of the intimate costumes that you talked about on the phone." I said letting her know I wasn't looking for anything she had out front. Let me know if you will wear it to the party tomorrow." I gave her the box and said "Just put in your room for now you can look at it later."

Slut Gets Shaved

fetish 2018-08-06

He said, "Come along, there a great swimming hole over that hill, and you don't need a swimsuit." Since i had been with him i had changed alot from the shy, and even a little prudish, girl i had been when I was young, and i thought "What the Heck, i remember friends in high school and college who had gone skinny-dipping and had fun, so why not give it a try, at least it's not like i'm going here along or with some strange guy i just met after too many beers at a dorm party (yes, i know a girl who did that and regretted it).

Mary's Furtive Fetish

fetish ifm 2018-08-06

Mary had this one particular past time that she could only feel comfortable doing alone: farting heartily. Mary loved the feeling of having full bowels, an enlarged stomach from gas, and then letting loose long disgusting farts. Mary particularly loved it when she had the house to herself (her parents frequently went out), so she could partake in this disgusting activity. She grunted a little, and pushed a puttering fart, "Prbbt, prbbt, prrt", and moaned enjoying the hot gas warming her ass and pussy. "Oh," she thought, "How I wish I could just cut loose on someone's face," then she twisted her face in a grimace and pushed a loud droning fart through her tight jeans.

my Bossy Wife

fetish jasmine7 2018-08-06

She sat down in the tub in front of me and said, "Stick your head under the water and eat my pussy slave!" I stuck my head down between her legs and started lapping away. She came over to the edge of the bed where I was sitting, grabbed my balls through the pouch, and told me to open my mouth. When she finished feeding me she looked down at my crotch and said, "I'll bet you'd like to relive some pressure." "Yes." I gasped, as it was all I could do to keep from coming at this point. She just giggled and said, "Well, I don't want you to make a mess all over so just wait here a minute." She then left the room and quickly returned with a box of plastic wrap.

A Succubus' Curse

fetish Rett 2018-08-06

I don't know, I mean..." She paused and took a breath, "Can you make me irresistible or not?" she said with a little more confidence, however it was evident that the woman had noticed her fear. It was only the instant Jess realised what exactly the succubus was gazing at when the swelling snapped back into action, only that she wasn't getting taller this time, but swelling from a different part of her body. The front of Jess' shirt opened up like a pair of curtains, displaying her swollen, round tits in full view of the woman's satisfied eyes. The feeling of arousal was becoming more powerful now, and when Jess was hit by a wave of hot, sticky pleasure, it knocked her head down, arching her back and hands on her knees as she strained against the attack.

Abbeyway Revenge

fetish tarred 2018-08-06

Caroline pressed a button and part of the floor fell away, Jennifer started to roll, screaming as she hit a deep paddling pool filled with a dark substance, she rapidly sank beneath the surface before fighting to the surface covered in thick black goo. she smiled and leaned back landing in the tar with a splash, she emerged coated thickly with the heavy tar and stood beside Hilary, she hugged her the merging tar becoming one as they embraced before kicking the control panel, they both looked up as the drop box opened once more and a cloud of feathers fell sticking to every inch of their bodies. It took him sometime to work out that Jennifer was lying on the ground and that the single mass of tar and feathers was Caroline and Hilary.

Tight & White

fetish gussetlove 2018-08-06

Without a thought she threw open the hamper next to the laundry and started adding to the load. It's not mine it's my mothers she stated and continued to load clothes in the washer with mine. My girl slammed the lid of the washer and started it on its way, while also closing the lid on the hamper. While loading the clothes from the washer to the dryer in one hand I lifted the crotch of her panties to my nose with the other. The thought of these smelly panties being wedged between her pussylips the day before was all I could take. As I sucked and licked at the crotch I could smell the scent of her panties had also changed.

The OTHER Side Of The Glory Hole

fetish DickLover59 2018-08-06

But, THEN---the Inter-net came along, and on-line sites such as Craig's List started popping up, and suddenly, a whole new out-let was provided for guys like me and I got my second chance at glory hole sex (and, after a while, I set up my own glory hole and advertised through on-line sights)! It always surprised me that a married guy, with a decent enough looking wife, like Jock had, would manage to find their way to me and my glory hole, but Jock was by no means out of the ordinary when it came to that. I looked at the time on my lap-top, and checked to see if had any new e-mails that needed attention (there wasn't), and realized that Jock (if he came) would be there within the hour!

The Return of Justin D'Enfer Ch. 05

fetish The Needler 2018-08-06

The data is so conflicted and we're not sure what to do." Mary Thompkins, the head of his entertainment division, strode across the room quickly in her high heels, hand extended. Need to try something." Taking a deep breath, she worked her way down until she had his entire monstrous length down her throat, keeping her nose in his pubic hair for several seconds before coming up for air. Next came another mint flavored one, which all loved and Mary said she's like to have when she had a sore throat. Mary had no problems deep throating, while Melanie's tongue work as the best. When they were done, he was going to have Melanie suck his balls while he shot his load down Mary's throat while looking at Jean topless.

Spanking Kenny's Wife Ch. 04

fetish Pro_Ball_Player 2018-08-06

I knew she was afraid of being hurt there, and I wanted to use the anticipation of her anal invasion to create a heightened apprehension so I just let my finger press against her backdoor and tapped it lightly as I said "Don't tighten your cute ass like that again, my sweet. "Jan," I said, "Turn your head toward your husband so you can see what this is doing to him." She turned to look at Kenny as he laid all the way back and held his cock out for her to see and stopping his stroke for a few seconds.

A Panty Experience

fetish imcanadian1919 2018-08-06

When I looked back in the dryer I had missed a couple pairs of thong panties. I was extremely horny and wanted something to masturbate too and thats when I got the idea of Alisha panties. I ran back to my room, stripped off my pants (my cock was semi hard and dripping with pre-cum already) I rubbed the g-string on my cock for a bit then slipped it on. I fucked myself in my ass and came a few times without even needing to touch my cock, it was an absolutely exhausting experience. From that night on I had a huge panty fetish, it wasn't the last time I went back into Alisha's room either.

Dream by Searcher1957

fetish searcher1957 2018-08-06

You rip away the crotch of my pantyhose so my cock, balls and asshole are exposed and start playing with me....feeling, fondling, poking and prodding. I am trying to rub my cock against the pillows but you stop me by taking turns holding my balls firmly to keep me from moving in that direction so I start pushing harder back against your fingers and the dildos. The fist is pushing slowly forward and backward, my asshole is being stretched by the forearm as it goes in and when it comes out, it feels as if I have been knotted by a dog cock.

Man is Slave at Gloryhole

fetish fun4all6969 2018-08-06

She said "Well, you have dried cum in your hair, on your face, some soaking through your shirt and your precum has soaked through your shorts." I looked down and tried to cover up when Amber told me not to worry about it, it turned her on to have me humiliated. A guy in the next booth wanted to suck me but he saw my cock size, laughed and poked his through instead. There was a guy there telling me that Amber wanted me to suck him and deep throat his cock. Stacy saw my shriveled little cock and said "Wow, it is the smallest I have ever seen." They tossed me my clothes and told me to get dressed without removing any cum.

New Friends

fetish HappyOldGuy 2018-08-06

H: I walk right into the Jacuzzi - fully dressed - then wade up to you and present my hard cock to your mouth. Then I push your right butt cheek toward the door and march you outside again to stand naked by the car. I am SO fucking hot right now that I need to jamb my cock into your pussy. Before long, you are riding the host's cock while I am actively fucking his wife - right there in the entry hall - with the front doors wide open. I want to eat you and finger you and fuck your mouth and suck your nipples and keep you on edge for an entire day.

Sub basement dream

fetish carzysmoke1 2018-08-06

Embarrassed that I just caressed my ass against my coworker, I grab the juice I came down for and quickly turned to leave.  But there he stood, facing me in front of my exit.  I pretended that I didn't notice him blocking my way and went to exit anyway. As I stood, he repeated the question as he stepped into me.  He was slightly taller than I so his lips lingered an inch above mine as he whispered,  "Are you sure?".  As I stood still and silent, he slowly took the juice bottles out of my hands and placed them on a shelf.  He leaned in towards my ear and whispered one last time, “Are you?" And that's when I realized if I don't respond, he'll stop.  So I nodded.

Alley Fuck

fetish kingratex 2018-08-06

As J stroked me, wanking my cock, I moved a hand to pull up her jacket and placed my fingers between her legs to feel her wetness. All the time I toyed her moist wet pussy as she slowly moaned with pleasure, my back arched as I greedily held the back of her head grabbing her hair to guide her onto my cock. After a few more deep penetrating slapping pumps at her pussy, I heard her moaning increase and felt her body start with small spasms as it did, just before she was ready to cum.