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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Cum Obsession

fetish k80s 2018-08-06

The two guys who were fucking Jenn were close to cumming and I put my perky tits out in front of them and just smiled my evil little smile. I walked back out into the living room and saw 4 guys all cum in the pool at once, smiling at me. One came in my pussy and the other up my gaping asshole, fucking me until Jenn had the enema bag full and got it ready. Bringing an extra large turkey baster into the room Jenn handed it to every guy she fucked. I walked to the kitchen where I opened the fridge and saw the milk gallon jug filled with cum.

My Cross-Dressing for a couple fantasy

fetish marcusp1979 2018-08-06

with that sally came and sat down beside me on the sofa and as she turned herself towards me she placed a hand on my knee, gently she run her palm along my thigh and after gently caressing it over the material of my silk stockings she slowly slid her hand up underneath the hem line of my dress, continuing to slide her hand up until she found my stocking tops, for a minute or two she just caressed me right there, the feel of her hand brushing my thigh and the lace work on the top of my thigh soon had me feeling aroused.

She Caught Me And Created Me Do It!

fetish cocksucker1966 2018-08-06

Let’s get you dressed the way you like, I don’t know if that hard cock is going to fit into your panties. You get dressed up so you can think about sucking a cock and swallowing cum. When I get dressed, I’m telling myself that I want to eat cum, mine or someone elses. She looked up at me and pulled back from sucking my cock to say: " This is what you want to do, don’t you? OK, I’d like to go there and suck a cock and swallow some cum, I’m a cocksucker. I loved the way I looked, dressed like this and I was going to go find some cock.

Danger! Naked Woman Part 01

fetish oggbashan 2018-08-06

The answers that mattered: Her name is Julia; she lives alone in Canterbury; she had come to the Marsh to spend a weekend with a man she wouldn’t name but she had changed her mind and fled in HIS car which she had crashed. I wrote the car’s registration on the credit car slip, replaced the torch in the Porsche, hid the ignition keys under the passenger seat, and returned to Julia. I don’t want to meet a police car and answer questions, especially dressed in a rug.” “It doesn’t sound a good idea to me, but even if you think it is, surely she wouldn’t welcome us at…” Julia peered at the dashboard clock “…four o’clock in the morning.”

And So A Fetish Is Born

fetish moonlight58 2018-08-06

Or that the considerate lover I'd always been would completely abandon me at that moment and I'd push her against the wall of the shower, pinning her hands above her head, her generous breasts compressed against the tile, and pound desperately into her pussy with a cock still so hard, so swollen that she'd felt like a virgin around my girth? Hell, she'd come apart on my cock like a porn star, sobbing and begging me not to stop. "Um, I like watching men pee,' she said softy, her skin tinted pink across her cheek bones."I'd love to hold yours sometime when you really, really need to go." "Hold your big cock while you piss Matt," she said boldly, and she reached for my hardening shaft.

Texas Traveler

fetish Shale 2018-08-06

When I got back with the beers he was leaning against the headboard, shirt open, long legs stretched out on the bed, and large white feet enjoying some needed air. The armpit smell wafted up on the warm air from his bare chest as I leaned my mouth toward his. I slid it back, releasing the smell of three days of accumulated smegma, but it blended into a symphony of personal odors that were now in the air or smeared on my mustache and face. While rolling one on my dripping cock, Brad said he always wondered how a girl felt having someone inside her. Putting the head of my cock on the circle, it parted slightly as I pushed forward but tightened inside.

Wanna Bet?

fetish rick_oh 2018-08-06

Her eyes showed promise, and I fantasized about how good it would feel when we made our way to her bed -- her firm lips pressing against mine, front to front, my hard member hugged by the smooth creamy insides of her womanhood, and the beauty of her fiery red pussy hair. It's hard to explain the difference in being so willing to suck on a cum-filled pussy when my arousal was at its highest, and my reluctance after my lust had been spent inside her womanhood. She giggled and said, "I think you knew you wouldn't last fifteen minutes, and made the bet just to get into my pussy!"

Mary Louise Ch. 01

fetish mlyn 2018-08-06

Before Mary Louise could think, the shears zoomed around cutting those strands to the length of an ear-tip bobbed style, but it didn’t feel straight or neat. Since her aunt had drawn a line three inches above her ear and pulled the hair above into a clip, Mary Louise realized that the clippers were quickly eating away everything below that line. As her aunt and mother both applied several bottles of solution, Mary Louise fought against mental images of herself with a “poodle perm.” God! Mary Louise felt her mother touching it lightly, but to her it mostly felt like her mother’s hand, held flat, was bouncing off the super coiled curls.

My New Neighbour Wearing Angora

fetish airoralover 2018-08-06

I suffered asthma as a child and after an attack one day I remember my much older cousin's girlfriend, who must have been in her early twenties, wearing a black mohair sweater and kneeling next to my bed and gently stroking my chest to help relieve the tightness in my chest. At the first social event that we went to with our new neighbours, the wife was wearing a short pink, cream and beige tartan skirt, cream fishnet holdups and a tight white blouse, unbuttoned to show her lacy bra. Had she read my mind the last time she had worn the outfit when she had seen me looking at her or did she have a passion for wearing tight angora sweaters and love dressing like she did that night?

Submissively Yours

fetish subseeker 2018-08-05

finally looked up at him and smiled shyly, "I want to be yours. He finally looked up again and said smiled enigmatically when she looked up at him, hoping for a hint. eyes went wide and she looked at him in surprise. tears flowing from her eyes, afraid and completely sure all at once. whimpered as she felt the cool belt touch her skin and fit snugly into The next day she took a shower with the belt on. She felt completely owned and submissive, her tears flowing freely In the evening, he took her out to dinner, their favourite want?" He looked at her with his soul searching eyes. Tears flowed down her face and she sobbed as he took

Accidents and Non-Accidents at Work Ch. 02

fetish anyone11 2018-08-05

Once her bladder was empty, she put her pajama pants on over the swollen diaper (and took a moment to admire the baseball-sized wet patch around the crotch) and went back upstairs, this time remembering to take the package of diapers and booster pads with her, and crawled back into bed with her sopping diaper still on. She made sure the wet spot wasn't visible, then picked up her purse (which had a dry diaper, booster pad, and clean panties inside) and carefully made her way to Jen's bathroom. After a few minutes of progressively longer leaks and shorter stops, by which time her crotch, butt and upper thighs were quite wet, she lost any semblance of control and the rest of her pee flowed out uninterrupted, until her bladder was entirely empty and she was sitting in a puddle of pee.

Chloe in Prison Ch. 03

fetish coniungoergosum 2018-08-05

I was terrified: I was certain Dawes was going to beat me: it came as a complete surprise when, instead of hitting me, she took off first her skirt and then her knickers, and handed them to Raymond. Then Bradley put the bowl down on the floor, and I felt I'd slipped into some sort of insane time loop as, just like Dawes before her, she unbuckled her belt and took off her knickers and skirt. "You heard me," Rose said: then to Bradley: "she didn't mean anything – it was just her little joke." Then Dawes took off her knickers: and Sandy found herself with a bowlful of porridge and piss.

Roshni Ch. 06

fetish ab_man_nz 2018-08-05

Putting her bare salty arms around my neck, Roshni jumped up to wrap her thighs around my waist, and just for a moment she clung to me, the thick tangle of hair between her legs teasing my cock, until she slowly lowered herself, impaling herself on me. We fucked like animals, Roshni's small body hanging off me, her hot and wonderful pussy taking my full length, her ample mass of pubic hair crushed against me as I thrust and pushed into her, making her gasp and moan. I drove my tongue deep into her armpit, circling and swirling the hairs, exploring the little creases in the soft and sensitive skin, sucking her acidic sweat until it covered my face.

The Sexy Cuckold Couple Pt. 15

fetish cuckcpl4play 2018-08-05

This superior male's load was of such a volume that he was not only able to fill and coat my wife's cunt, but also to both coat my own mouth while I cleaned his monster shaft of their combined sex juices, and to cover my sissy face in his warm cherished cum which all of you can visibly see drying on my face and sissy lips." I paused and then continued, "This all happened while my small boy clit was caged, untouched, and while my sissy boy cunt was being ruthlessly pounded by Mistress Deana's large dark strap-on phallus which I eventually cleaned with my whorish faggot mouth Master."

The Gentlemen's Panty Club Pt. 03

fetish joefelton 2018-08-05

After all, the members of the Gentlemen's Panty Club are all important and powerful men in San Francisco upper class society, and they can be very helpful to a young up and coming businessman like yourself." I also remembered how beautiful she was and how she liked how I looked when I was dressed up as a sissy panty girl, masturbating in front of seven women, and cumming on my mother's face. My father had mentioned that Melanie was a competent saleswoman and had assisted many members of the Panty Club with their shopping. Melanie reached her arms around me and stuck one hand inside my panties, pulling my penis so it was pointing upwards, towards my navel, and then she cupped my balls and adjusted them so they were evenly spaced.

A Look Into My Mind: Uncle Sissyboy Ch. 05

fetish rickiee_2002 2018-08-05

"You actually think that nothing was wrong with you wanting to look at your niece's panties when she was a young girl is hurting no one? Lauren gently pushed Lori's leg between mine, so that it once again was pressed against my panty covered clittie. Lauren was kneading Lori's nipples and masturbating her cunt as I continued to thrust my precum soaked panty covered clittie against her leg. After all, here I was dressed as a girl, peeing in my cum filled panties with my niece, wife and sister in law looking on. "I hear you're going to suck a dog's cock, auntie-rickiee" Lauren giggled. I couldn't believe I was licking and sucking my nieces bloody pussy and was wearing her hot wet bloody tampon in my asshole.

Corrupting Amber Ch. 04

fetish GuyintheTV 2018-08-05

I only hope you can forgive my childish selfishness and give me another chance at loving you for who you really are." I wanted to look into her eyes but I couldn't lift my gaze from the cheap comforter on the bed. "I guess-" I started, but this time she stopped me by putting a finger up to my lips. She made a sad, pleading look like a little girl, with her eyes wide and lips pursed. She sucked a few more times slowly while puffing the smoke out of the side of her mouth, having it float inches from my face. Her eyes still focused on the cigarette she took a medium sized drag and arched her back to accommodate the smoke entering her lungs.


fetish 2018-08-05

i sat down on the couch and she straddled me ,i pulled down her top releasing her fat tits, her hand reached down to put my cock in her hungry cunt but i pushed her hand away and leaned her forward onto me exposing her cunt and ass to mike little did i know then that this was the start of many many sessions with emma and that this was just the tip of the iceberg of how dirty and cock hungry this slut was , with each meeting over the next few yrs i had her getting filthier and dirtier , taking her to swinger clubs , hotel meets, dogging, organising gangbangs for her , swallowing anything!

Smelly Cunt Ch. 1

fetish rajivalan 2018-08-05

I parted her cunt lips and took the whole swollen clit in my mouth – the moment I did that she let out a load gasp – I started to play with it in my mouth – sucking it biting it and licking it hard – and I could see her breathing get heavier and heavier – I could see only her belly at this point moving up and down – I was like a little dog – licking everything that she spewed on me and I kept going – I knew the time was coming – She started to scream in that half cry half talk moan – “Mommys gonna cum, mommys gonna cum” – just before she came she let out this loud scream and then she actually exploded – she squirt cum right on my face and I just couldn’t stop myself from licking it.

fetish fun

fetish 2018-08-05

Now open your mouth and lick the head gently and show us how much you love sucking cock. Finally, she lay down on top of me, pushing my rock-hard cock out of the way and told the young stud to come up behind her. She pushed back and forth until finally his cock softened and dropped out of her pussy bringing a huge dollop of his creamy cum with it into my mouth. Finally she pulled up off my face and said, "Lick him clean now, my sissy hubby." I crawled over to the young stud, finally getting to take in his whole, gorgeous, hairy body. He smiled a bit when he saw me licking my own precum up, especially as my wife said, "He loves to eat his own cum too.

Party time

fetish wyldechylde 2018-08-05

Deciding she could no longer hold back her torrent of hot piss Marie placed her cigarette in her mouth and pulled her panties off from under her skirt then lifted it, spread her legs, took a deep breath on her cigarette and peed on the ground in front of Jason. One of these days my bladder is going to rupture inside me before I can piss it out." Marie held her half-smoked cigarette in her urine stream to put it out, her pee slowed for a second then resumed once she straighten up again. I eat bitches like you for breakfast you think you can take me on think again." He started to push his cock into her sopping wet pussy, Marie's sobs didn't skip a beat and she did her best to keep them going for dramatic effect.

My Incredible Cum Slut Wife: The beginning

fetish couple4party1965 2018-08-05

She sucked this guys cock like a real slut, I was so hot then she said I want him to cum on my face so we can see his load you know it turns me on when the guys in the videos cum on the women. She was getting super wet while she fucked her cunt with her new toy, but I only took about 7 inches which made me ask whats the matter is it to big. She was so fucking wet and tasty, then I felt her squirting in my mouth I swallowed a lot but couldn't take anymore so I got up hand slammed my cock into her flooded cunt.

My First CD experience with a female

fetish CharlotteHardcock2 2018-08-05

While I was getting dressed I could feel myself shaking with nervous excitement and anticipation. She continued to stroke my thighs, going a little higher up my leg each time, her hand push my dress up revealing the suspender strap and more of my naked thigh. For several minutes I sat there while she moved her hand over my body, moving up from my thighs to my chest, feeling my (fake) boobs, squeezing them through my dress, we kissed… I felt like a teen again, so nervous. A little kiss on the tip, she looked up at me with her gorgeous eyes… another teasing lick at my cock caused it to twitch again.


fetish Hubs_in_hose 2018-08-05

You are holding onto my head, pulling me into you, grinding your sex against my face, my mouth, my tongue. Your legs squeeze my head and I feel your juices flow onto me and I lap up as much as I can -- you taste so good. Your moans and cries are echoing off the walls as you work your fingers in and out of you faster and faster, rubbing your clit with more and more force, pinching and pulling your nipples. "I need this inside me now," you say as you grab my stiff dick and slide down my body until your still wet pussy meets my member. "I am cuming!" I cry as the hot jets of cum erupt out of my cock deep inside you.