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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My First CD experience with a female

fetish CharlotteHardcock2 2018-08-05

While I was getting dressed I could feel myself shaking with nervous excitement and anticipation. She continued to stroke my thighs, going a little higher up my leg each time, her hand push my dress up revealing the suspender strap and more of my naked thigh. For several minutes I sat there while she moved her hand over my body, moving up from my thighs to my chest, feeling my (fake) boobs, squeezing them through my dress, we kissed… I felt like a teen again, so nervous. A little kiss on the tip, she looked up at me with her gorgeous eyes… another teasing lick at my cock caused it to twitch again.


fetish Hubs_in_hose 2018-08-05

You are holding onto my head, pulling me into you, grinding your sex against my face, my mouth, my tongue. Your legs squeeze my head and I feel your juices flow onto me and I lap up as much as I can -- you taste so good. Your moans and cries are echoing off the walls as you work your fingers in and out of you faster and faster, rubbing your clit with more and more force, pinching and pulling your nipples. "I need this inside me now," you say as you grab my stiff dick and slide down my body until your still wet pussy meets my member. "I am cuming!" I cry as the hot jets of cum erupt out of my cock deep inside you.

Liana's Heavy Hanging Burden

fetish Liana_hangers 2018-08-05

He then just cleared his throat awkwardly "Okay, that's enough, stand up" I stood up a bit too fast, and felt the part of my tits that I managed to squeeze inside my too small bra starting to slip out little by little, pulled down by the weight of the tit flesh hanging down at my knees, as I stood there waiting for the next order now terrified of the inevitable. I hesitated a little while longer, then just closed my eyes and jumped as high as I could, spreading my arms and legs, my jiggling heavy tits flying all the way up with me, and then finally down against my bra with their huge mass, breaking it as they continued falling down all the way to the ground slapping heavily against it, their weight making me bend over, almost making me fall to the ground in the process.

What Made Me a Cuckold

fetish RipRespon 2018-08-05

"Shut the fuck up," he rebuked, "you love it, slut, I bet your creaming yourself just thinking about sucking a bunch of cocks while your husband's out." She continued to resist and they just looked at each other for a moment, "we've only got 40 minutes left," Jerry finally said, and pulled her hard out of my sight. "It turns you on to cheat on your husband doesn't it?" he asked to a nodding Suzie, "You've always loved being a nasty cum slut who will suck and fuck anyone I tell you too, haven't you?" Again she moaned a yes with Steve's cock deep in her throat, "Tell these guys that you'll be a nasty slut for them at the office."

Am I The Only One?

fetish CAPervert 2018-08-05

For example about a week ago when she came to my apartment after getting off from work I suggested that Lateisha allow me to lick her body from head to toe. Now at first Lateisha looked at me like I was strange but after a few moments during which time I began fondling her titties the way she likes them fondled, she agreed to let me do what I wanted but she said she wanted to take a shower first. I told her that I was very sure in what I was doing and after telling her to stretch her arms above her head I buried my face into her left armpit and started licking away.

I am not a Cocksucker Gay

fetish 425olds 2018-08-05

My frustration stemmed from the fact that my wife was not going and would probably be fucking our good friend Charlie's brains out while I was gone and she would not suck my cock prior to my leaving. "I have been very turned on ever since I heard you sucking the older guy earlier, but how did you know I was in here jacking," I asked? Upon entering, I saw the older man standing in the doorway of the stall with a huge cock sticking out the fly of his pants. As he kept fucking my mouth and throat, I realized I had a huge boner and my cock was throbbing and I wondered if I was going to cum while sucking a cock.

The Box

fetish luvs2cuddle 2018-08-05

She noticed that on the box he had written her name and "DO NOT TOUCH OR OPEN"...she kind of smirked, he knew she loved surprises but hated it when he teased her with them. After kissing her cheek he whispers in her ear how much he loves her and then he pushes her face down onto the bed and pulls her shirt up and works it over her head. While she was totally engrossed in his kisses he grabbed her ankle and pulled her leg further and wrapped a rope around it then tied it to the footboard of their bed. He took the other ankle in his hand and this time without the kissing he pulled wide and tied it to the other side of the footboard.

The Table

fetish imornery81 2018-08-05

I felt her slap playfully at my cock and she said, "I guess I can understand wanting to look at the parts of the body that belong to the opposite sex, I just can't figure out why you weren't happy with looking at mine..." With that she gave my nuts a firm slap and I groaned. As she walked around to the side of the table I could not think for the life of me what Torrie was up to and then I felt her tug on that stocking that had my cock locked out at full attention, and the parking brake set on my nuts and I groaned. Sure enough, about a minute later I felt a sharp jerk on the jewels and then I could feel it swinging under the table, pulling knots tighter and my cock and balls lower!!

Bukkake Holiday

fetish cum-girl 2018-08-05

I started to taste sweet pre-cum, so I removed his cock and started jerking him off, my tongue eagerly awaiting his load. I love feeling warm gooey cum splatter my hard nipples, and these guys seemed to know it. The guy fucking me was ready to cum, and I soon felt my cunt fill up. I opened my mouth and caught some on my tongue, and a cream pie started to ooze out of my cunt, and I instantly slid three fingers into my pussy and started fucking myself, and as oceans of cum poured down on me from above, I hit a stunning orgasm, and it continued for a full minute, as fresh cocks replaced spent ones and showered me with more.

Roommate Beyond Fantasy Ch. 02

fetish EisAlntheia 2018-08-05

Simply enough I asked her why she chose that field and she responded by saying that she just knew of so many problems out there and she wanted to fix them and set things right. I admired her even more when she said that because of the amount of work involved, she’d be studying a lot and even administering projects for extra credit because she wanted good grades. Also, most of my friends are very pretty and a lot of them may even be willing to help you with that masturbation problem you have!” saying that last part giggling. In a haze, I moaned in agreement and pointed to the disk with the lease on it and fumbled for a pen so she could sign the current hard copy.

Lover on a Leash

fetish Boxlicker101 2018-08-05

After she had licked the first side of my balls, I moved my hand that held the leather strap, and she followed my command and started her tongue pleasuring the other side and massaging my cock with her other cheek. Holding the shaft in one hand, she reached out with her tongue and started licking the head in concentric circles, while slowly moving her mouth closer. Still holding Chloe's ass, and with the leash still fastened to my wrist, I moved my mouth slightly and her pussy slightly, and started licking the other outer lip. Her delightful pussy was well on its way toward getting my cock ready to fuck so, before starting on her other labia, I shortened my grip on her leash and pulled on it, ordering Chloe to lower her face, and she knew why.

Robin's Revenge

fetish Hangdog90 2018-08-05

To a casual observer that afternoon in May, Robin looked liked just another yuppie wife, collecting her husband's dry cleaning at their well-heeled suburban shopping mall. As she walked to the car, Robin knew that she would replace the blue thong in Julius's suit pocket, now soaked in Lerone's dried in cum and her cunt juice, and simply say nothing. Or would Julius give the cum-soaked, cunt juice impregnated lingerie to his mistress, not realizing that Robin's was the pussy odour and Lerone's was th cum odour, not his and Melanie's? And would Melanie wash that beautiful garment, knowing that it was an expensive item that made her look so sexy, not only for Julius, but for her own regular lover, a charming black man by the name of.......

Thirst Ch. 02

fetish dulcisfontis 2018-08-05

I wanted him to tell me that he loved me for who I am -- even though I knew fully well that he did -- and that he would do all he could to continue to make our relationship work, despite the challenges of separation and distance. Besides, I felt I owed him one pleasant surprise in consideration of the wretched way I had treated him the last time he mentioned the word "watersports." And so it had turned out with the glass of "lemonade" I handed to him. "Bim, sweetie, we just agreed to be open with each other, yes?" I said, kissing his shoulder, and looking straight into his eyes said as steadily as I could, "Are you trying to say that you liked the way I pulled my ass cheeks apart?

... And You Wonder ...

fetish theWIFEWatcher 2018-08-05

I watched the thin man lean forward from the bench, and the black guy turned toward him stroking that huge cock. I couldn't look away, even when the black man turned his attention to me as the thin man started to bob all over that monster cock. The thin man must have thought I was going to move in on the big black cock he was sucking on, then pushed the black guy back against the stone wall getting now on his knees in front of him. Holy shit I thought to myself I have been here five minutes only and I watching some dude suck off the biggest black cock I had ever seen right in front of me.

The Girls College Ch. 05

fetish TF2123 2018-08-05

"I think he's already into feet if I'm honest," commented Laura while smirking and lifting her left foot towards his face as Jessica brought hers back to the floor. "A nice big bite, I want all of this off my foot," cooed Jessica Lewis, pressing her pasta-covered toes against Paul's sealed lips. "Good boy," she said as his head was forced forward and he took all five of the toes of her right foot into his mouth. "Luckily he has a big mouth, so he can fit all the toes in," said the red-haired woman next to Laura, the black-haired girl still ramming her foot down Paul's throat.


Cum Play Ch. 01

fetish Anal Slave 2018-08-05

Carl stepped back and started jacking off as the next man stepped up and showed my wife his cock it was huge and all of his pubic hair was shaved off, I could tell she liked his bare naked cock because she started licking his balls and playing with his cock. It was so sexy standing there watching my wife being fucked hard by this black young man, his hard black cock going in and out of her wet pink pussy. Clyde kept fucking her the cum that was deposited in my wife’s cunt was being whipped into a lather, it looked like butter it was all in both of there pubic hair.

The Lodgers Lingerie Ch. 02

fetish lycranlace 2018-08-05

By the time Val returned home from work 45 minutes later, I was downstairs drinking coffee and reading the evening paper although I was still wearing another pair of her discarded panties. "Good looking or not, Ellen hasn't been out with a guy in over three years and there have been plenty chasing her for a date but she certainly took a shine to you and was asking all sorts of questions when I met her briefly after work tonight," Val replied. Here I was talking to my lodger whilst wearing her discarded panties and she was telling me she didn't think her friend was suitable for me because Val, presumably, thought I was too conventional.

Cock Worship

fetish Rubberband man 2018-08-05

I loved the way it throbbed between my legs, with the head so big, my veins sticking out, and my cock standing so hard twitching to be rubbed. We'd both get naked and she would suck me hard and tightly put rubber bands and sometimes duct tape on my erection and we'd walk in the woods there. After returning she'd fix me a plate of food and as I ate she would be under the kitchen table licking my cock, sucking the head, licking my balls, adding and removing things like tape, rubber bands of various sizes and colors, attaching string around the head and tugging lightly on it as it tried to remain standing upward.

The One That Made & Broke Me

fetish SizeQueenSupreme 2018-08-05

I cradled his fat balls in the palms of my hands and gave them a last loving kiss, and then started to spiral back up his cock, making sure to cover every part of it with my swabbing tongue. I savaged the head of his cock with my mouth, licking and slurping all over, spreading a thick mass of precum and lusty saliva around it, heavy white drops sliding down the sides. I'd like to say I wasn't scared, but I was looking at the most lengthiest, (yes it was big enough to deserve a double positive!) thickest, snake I had ever seen on a man, and I was about to try putting it in my average-sized pussy.

The Audition

fetish BrettJ 2018-08-05

By the time she entered high school, finally settling in Glendale, California, the gorgeous young Phoenix burned as brightly as her namesake. Over time, Phoenix would come to accept her sexuality and she already knew her parents would have no real issue with her bisexuality. Miss Veronique was a tall, imposing and stunningly beautiful Danish blonde with more presence than any woman Phoenix had ever met. Miss Veronique (she had been called that by her servants growing up and liked the sound of it) knew all too well what a treasure she had in the lovely black girl. Lilith was already smiling, so Phoenix knew that she only had to please the Asian woman and make them both orgasm.

Once Upon a War Ch. 07

fetish GhostHunterDude 2018-08-05

Later in the afternoon, after the initial clinic tour he was on was over, Nick was able to find a quiet spot to talk with Lisa, he found out that the now 23 year old woman had filled a vacancy from her home medical unit by volunteering to supplement the SME contingency of an F-16 unit out of Shaw AFB, South Carolina; Shaw was her current assignment. Nick enjoyed tugging on Lisa's blond pubic hair with his lips, her thatch was so much like Theresa and Samantha's it made his somewhat homesick, even though he had only been gone a couple days.

Goldenrod Ch. 06

fetish rlmmike 2018-08-05

Suddenly she stepped out of profile to address the problem from a different perspective, and I caught sight of a bulge in her shorts that was the shape of a strapped-on dildo, which projected to a point near her left hip two inches above the waistband. Like a heartbeat the action consisted of a pair of contractions, one pulling me all the way to her before replacing me at the end of the dick, and the other an aftershock caused by her grip halting my slide off the skewer. She stood, stroking her glorious cock out of me for one second and into me for two, rocking me on my ass and shoulders, with her mighty forearms clutching my thighs to her belly.

Another Step In The Right Direction

fetish dirrylittleboy 2018-08-05

Giving me a little kiss, smiling she said "Stand up honey." Up I came like a rocket, which really hurt my balls more because I failed to noticed that she had grabbed my nut sack and as I stood she pulled down. I want to kick you in balls hard, and then when you recover you can shove your cock deep in my cunt." I love it when she talks nasty like this. Later that night after we cleaned up and were settling down to sleep she kissed me good night and said "Think about letting one of my girlfriends coming over to help me beat your balls honey." Nasty things ran through my head, and my dick started to get hard again.

77% cbt

In Search of a Starlet

fetish minerva69 2018-08-05

"Jenna I thought you told me there wasn't going to be any of this shit." I flipped the camera onto standby for a second and came and sat next to her. "If I come over there, I want the same money as she's getting, I want your word that this isn't going to end up all over the internet or some shit, and Jenna you can't ever, ever tell anyone about this or I'll never, ever talk to you again in my fucking life." Abbey, quickly tiring of the limited aspect presented to her pushed Jenna's lips apart with both thumbs opening her up, then running her tongue from her clit right up inside.