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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Susuruss Pt. 17-20

fetish Macjay 2018-08-05

They were probably a few years older than David and they smiled in a friendly manner as Kate took off her rubber mac and looked round for somewhere to put it. Careful, Jessica, you'll be turning yourself on." "Before we go back in," she added, "I'd like Dave to get a coat as well." Kate explained about Paula and James and gave them the address of their store and arranged to meet there at 10 o'clock the next morning. As Paula was busy, Kate and David looked around the store and found a shimmering iridescent hooded full-length cloak made from pure silvery-white latex.


Keeper of the Legjail

fetish kandor 2018-08-05

The man smiled back as she crossed her rugged legs, unbuttoned his top shirt button with a shaky hand as she slid her sundress up a bit higher on those sinfully thick, tanned quads, and broke an actual sweat when she licked a finger sexily and trailed a wet line of saliva down the side forrow of her outer thigh, the one facing him. "These legs can be yours for the whole weekend, Robbie, they can be so much a part of you, you won't be able to stand it," Susan growled, taking his hands and placing them on the thick bubbles of her top thighs, allowing him to gently caress them.

When I met Henry and Helene!

fetish mtomukka 2018-08-05

I was silent for most of the time and when they suggested for us to come over to their place (I was wondering if they all lived together in a big bachelor pad or if one of them was providing the entertainment and they took it in turns) I gave Kristen a panicked look as she said “Of course we will!” I almost choked on my drink and nodded no as vigorously as I could without falling out of my tiny dress. Inside the limo I started to think that this was a very bad idea, but Helene put a hand in my leg and gave me a fantastic smile that showed white pristine teeth and for some reason I relaxed a little.

2 Men 1 Cup

fetish expressiveness 2018-08-05

When the boy had finished pooping, he looked in the camera with something that looked like the beginning of a smile on his face. 'Now put the cup on the table, boy,' the director said, sitting in his chair and looking at the screenplay. Behind him, the man let his hand glide past his erected penis, decided it was hard enough and tried to put it in the firmly formed boy butt. He cleaned his hands a bit by smearing the remaining poop over the boy's firm butt cheeks. The man, cheered on by the cameramen, took his dick in his hand and slit it through the poop in the young boy's asshole.

Beryl and Our Neighbour

fetish Quietoldie 2018-08-05

I knew Beryl liked to look and had admitted she sometimes thought of other men when we were fucking, it helped her get in the mood she said. After one or two comments from me Beryl decided to have a little party at our house to celebrate our wedding anniversary and invited most of the neighbours including Adam and Tracey, his partner. Their kiss goodnight started like a peck but then Beryl pulled him to her and their lips met in a passionate kiss which soon turned into a tonguing similar to his earlier performance with Tracey. When I spoke to Beryl she was all for it but wanted to arrange things with Tracey for me, so I gave her the phone number.

Glorious Rendezvous

fetish Tantaluschained 2018-08-05

There are doors on either side leading, according to Ian's description, to private video booths where, even now, there must be men standing, watching the flickering video screens, their cocks in their hands. As you feed two dollars into the machine, your screen comes alive, lighting the booth around you, but before you can pick a movie to watch, you glance back down at the hole, and see the neighbor's cock protruding from the wall. You hear a groan from the next booth as you begin to bob your head on the stranger's cock, taking it as deeply into your mouth as you can, and running your tongue along its sensitive underside.

The Theatre Ch. 2

fetish Aussieseeker 2018-08-05

And when I began to see her juices trickle from inside her and down the taut skin between pussy and anus I changed my stroke to glide up from the lowest part of her open sex, over her inner lips which were swollen and lush with her desire. I felt the tight wrinkle with my fingertip for the briefest moment before forcing it in, piercing through her anal sphincter and deep into her rectum at the same time as I thrust my other finger back inside her cunt. As Rachelle’s mouth opened to accept my fingers I leant further forward, slowly penetrating her pussy, delighting in the wet heat of her vagina and the soft kiss of her labia against my shaft as I went deeper and deeper into her.

A Slave for Her

fetish Sweetness001 2018-08-05

I was instructed to squeeze her breast which was more than a hand full, to stroke her ass, to massage her body with oils, and if I did it wrong I would get the wrath of her whip again. The wetness of her made it hard for me to come but with the lash of her whip I was instructed to cum inside of her and then to eat her out. I took a sponge and bathed her with such care for I know I was pleasing her for she kissed me when I came to her neck. When I assisted her up from the water and toweled her off softly, she asked if I wanted to be her new slave.

Wicked Game Ch. 07

fetish velvetpie 2018-08-05

“Oh, Kevin!” Shane could barely gasp Kevin’s name as the cum boiled up from his balls, streaking up his cock and landing squarely under his own chin. Once the extra hair was gone, Shane saw that Kevin was larger than he’d originally thought and tried not to look too excited over that fact but his feelings overwhelmed him. Shane took the head of Kevin’s prick into his mouth and gave it a long, slow suck, his tongue swabbing the slit and lapping up the sticky pre-cum that was slowly oozing out. It took several minutes for Kevin to recover and taking one look at Shane, he thumbed the cell phone into life and summoned Nathan.

Space Camp Ch. 01

fetish kcunningh 2018-08-05

Kylie and Tiffany got to their dormitory and met Lisa, the other girl in the camp. "It's like wearing a really big maxi-pad that covers my whole butt." She tucked the worn diaper into her underwear drawer and pulled out a pair of pink, Hanes Her Way cotton panties and stepped into them. The girls had to put on new underwear as the pairs they were wearing earlier were a bit stretched out being pulled on over a bulky diaper. "With as skinny as you are and, no offense, as small as your chest is, wearing briefs makes you look like a little girl." Tiffany pulled her shorts up and buttoned them.

The Alley of No Return Ch. 08

fetish fursmoke11 2018-08-05

Jane raised an eyebrow as Laura DeadOrchid rose to her feet and rocketed a smoke ring at the girls face, as she took up a defiant stance with her legs akimbo in footless tights and pink leather kitten heels. "Come come..smoke with is social no?" Richard took the cigar from his top pocket but it was Jane Matthews who spun around to light it, the black spiky mink flapping for a split second against his face as he closed his hands on her leather gloves to accept, his erection stiffening. "My mum will kill me....she is a doctor..." she whimpered as she saw smoke come from her mouth and she felt all warm inside, and she smiled at last, closing her eyes to take from the cancer stick that Ruth Mears gloved hand held to her lips.

The Plaid Skirt

fetish madwhacker 2018-08-05

The feel of Anna's pussy juice, the sound of his dick slopping into her wet snatch and the girlish fuck sounds she made each time his cock head slammed into the back of her cunt, soon had Nash on the edge. I like naughty girls like me," Victoria said then took a deep drag and exhaled her smoke directly at Anna while maintaining eye contact. Victoria took another step closer to Anna, reached down with the hand she was holding her cigarette, and gently placed her finger tips on her thigh where the hem of her mini skirt met her flesh. "Yum," Victoria said with a smile and returned her fingers to Anna's pussy, this time leaving her half-smoked cigarette dangling between her lips.

Punished by Parents-in-Law Ch. 04

fetish Alfamann 2018-08-04

I worried about changing my clothing but did not want to risk keeping Ben and Jane waiting, so instead turned off my dinner, grabbed my keys, and set off on the short drive to their home. Suddenly the silence was broken by the noise of the front door opening and I heard Jane calling out to Ben that she had arrived. If I stay still and quiet the guests, and hopefully Ben and Jane, will leave for their dinner engagement, with the guests none the wiser a young lady was standing naked in the corner of the adjoining lounge. Jane then turned to her guests, "And this charming young lady is our Daughter in Law, Kym."

Femdom Strapon

fetish 2018-08-04

I can still remember the first time we did this and how surprised I was at how good this looked and how turned on I got watching the dildo as his anus opened up to receive it. Each time my pelvis hit his ass I felt sensations rush through my body as the dildo continued to vibrate my clitoris. The combination of my thrusts, the vibrations, and the feeling of control that I had seeing him strapped to the table with his ass in the air had me approaching orgasm after only a few minutes and I really increased my thrusts. I held it there for a second but then started moving slowly out an inch or two and then pushing back into him so that my pelvis hit his ass each time.

Cow Training

fetish Azmodaz 2018-08-04

I looked down in time to see the man’s hands move to my breasts as he spoke to the crowd, “As a precaution we clamped her nipples to keep her from loosing any milk before we get the pumps in place. I heard the machine come to life next to me with a low frequency hum as the man informed the crowd; “We will attach these transparent cylinders over the cow’s nipples and will literally suck the milk from her big, fat 38E’s. I felt unfamiliar hands teasing my other nipple as the other stranger slid the second tube in place and I shivered as his voice wafted across my ear, “Damn but you look good with those tubes on your tits slut.

A Whore Wife's Story Ch. 05

fetish Anal Slave 2018-08-04

It upset me quit a bit sense I have told him over and over that I own his cock and balls and that when he wants to cum he needs my approval. I kept watching until I saw him raise his hand up to his mouth and I knew right then that he was licking pre-cum off of his fingers. He couldn’t look me in the face while he was telling me where the cum came from, He told me that him and the next door neighbor, Dave was drinking last night and one thing lead to another and he ended up sucking Dave’s cock off. When the VCR started there were four guys lying around on a bed sucking and fucking each other’s cocks.

Cumming into her panties

fetish trevor54a 2018-08-04

But it wasn't until I figured out I'd check for my mum's worn panties in the laundry basket that things started moving. As I was walking in the bright sunshine all I could think of was that sexy young woman named Sheila and how she had been walking like this wearing the panties I was wearing now. My body shivered and my knees went weak as my cock shot spurt after spurt of lovely semen into Sheila's smelly panties. I was wearing jeans with the wide legs and - of course - Sheila's worn panties which had been cum soaked in the park the other day. For a second time I felt spurt after spurt staining her sexy favourite panties.

Pee for Charlie

fetish egmontgrigor2010 2018-08-04

Charlie held a finger in the urine stream and then while it was continuing gently pushed a finger into her vagina and Alice said oooh she really liked that. Alice completed the jog running with Joanne and Gwen fell in beside Charlie and encouraged him to talk about himself and where he lived and what he did during the day. Charlie had his freshly washed Sydney to New York Marathon T-shirt on and Madeline looked at it a bit cross-eyed and asked, "How the fuck can anyone run a marathon over water?" When they reached the point Alice stopped and said, "Ladies it has become traditional for ladies in my group to squat inside this stand of trees and pee for Charlie."

Obsession, the Beginning

fetish 62463 2018-08-04

Confused and embarrassed she started to cry, looked away, reached down to pick up her clothes and in a panic, she turned and somehow in her heels ran back to the house, opened the sliding glass door and disappeared inside. I walked in and there she was on my bed on her back, her head propped up on two stacked pillows, one arm at her side, the other bent at the elbow, forearm crossed over her belly, her hand rested just above her pussy, legs spread wide, knees up, heels digging into bed cover.

Halloween Night.

fetish 2018-08-04

Taking advantage of the dark dance floor, I ran my hand along his cock, clearly hard through his jeans. I wouldn't refuse a hard cock in the state I was in but he still didn't know i had a little something extra and wasn't the hot young "Debby" he'd be hard over all evening. He was caressing my whole body, sliding his hands from ass to tits, pulling them out of my corset and wrapping his lips around one of them. I grew harder and harder being on my knees, ass exposed and a cock in my mouth, to the point my panties were stretching. He agreed and slowly and deeply rammed his hard cock into my ass. Walking me a little further, still grabbing at my ass, we eventually kissed goodbye and exchanged phone numbers.

Evil Souls Have No Limits

fetish qudduse 2018-08-04

I lay face down on the bed pinching my nipples till it hurts while Brianna sucks and tongue fucks my asshole, making my pussy gush over her hand and onto the floor. My moans getting louder as I tell Brianna "Suck my nasty asshole, ohhh mmm fuck yesss… lick it good." my nipple rock hard making myself squeal in pain. Quickly I tell her, "NO, you’re going to suck his cock like the two bit whore you are." "You should know better than to get a cock hard and not make it cum" I yell at her. I grab a handful of Amanda’s hair, pulling her head back and off her b*****r's cock as the moaning vibrations almost made him cum in her mouth even though he was still d**gged and unable to move.

The Cripple & the Whore

fetish martyl40 2018-08-04

But, trust me, when it is said in front of you by an incredibly beautiful woman wearing a nurses uniform, it is possibly the sexiest thing a woman can say. that is very impressive Mr. Lloyd!" Cassandra said, as she got back down on her knees and wrapped her hand around my cock. She finally reached the last button, but did not remove the blouse, letting it hang open, giving me a glimpse of those incredible breasts restrained by a black leather bra. I moved my hand to wrap it around my cock, but she reached out and slapped it away. Her body by this time was quickly moving up and down my shaft, everytime she came down, slamming down on my thighs, her tits barely noticing.

Prisoners of cum

fetish pr0nhunta01 2018-08-04

Kathy watched as Sandra and the other girls quickly picked up the plates and began to eat up and sperm flavored rice. Sandra pushed her fingers into Kathy's wet cunt and dug out the last of the cum she had missed when licking her, she ate it up like it was something needed to sustain her life. Sandra noticed the look on Kathy's face and said, "Once you start eating cum it changes you, and I don't mean a little bit you get for a boyfriend once a week when you treat him to a blow job. After she had sucked all the cum from her cunt hole, Kathy moved behind Sandra and began to eat her ass, licking and sucking the sperm out of her anus.

Alice Pantyhose in Wonderland Ch. 06

fetish nylonleglover 2018-08-04

"You can't go around the bend when you don't even know where the bend is." Looking up to the table where the voice emanated from, Alice saw Gwen swirl into form from a vaporous blue plume sitting neatly in one of the iron chairs on the ceiling, or was it the floor? Both sets of silken legs quivered uncontrollably as Gwen's nimble fingers rubbed their clits firmly, and as Alice sat bolt upright, her lover disappeared in an enormous burst of blue smoke that enveloped the entire room. Sliding out of the comfy bed, her ruby slippers clacked lightly on the wooden floor as her new tights and stockings sent a tickle of pleasure across her nylon clad bottom, Alice set out from the windmill to the golden green plains.