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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Life of Riley Ch. 01

fetish OneWhoAdores 2018-08-04

Riley Jenkins had not become a highly successful titan of the financial world by failing to recognize a sure thing when he saw it, and in a very short period of time, we were in my bedroom, both naked, and in each other's arms. He came over, kissed me on my forehead, and quietly said, "Giving you pleasure is all the pleasure I need." He then asked if he could call me later, and as I nodded a dazed yes, he gave me his spectacular smile, bent forward and kissed me lightly on the lips.

Naughty Pee Tales: Prologue

fetish alpian 2018-08-04

Amanda had her eyes fixed on the dark triangle of pubic hair from which sprang her friend's golden stream as she replied: Trying to aim her squirting pee, Amanda was still looking through the triangle between her crotch, legs and trousers, moving her hips ever so slightly and opening her slit with her fingers. Behind the haze of the spraying pee she saw a movement: The stranger had stopped dead as Amanda had started to urinate; and now her thongs slipped out of her hand and fell to the ground as she was staring at the woman in front of her. Before she began, Amanda turned round to have a last glance into the alley: The girl had shaken off her paralysis and was now squatting with her skirt held up and her thong around her knees.

Losing a bet to my girlfriend

fetish Latexslav3 2018-08-04

The final piece of my bondage came swiftly, when Mistress attached the end of the armbinder to a rope which she had threaded through a bolt in the ceiling, and she pulled on the other end. "Now," she said triumphantly, "I think you're ready to be fucked like the sissy-slut that you are, my darling Natalie." "Now get ready for a good ass-fucking!" she said, giving my right butt-cheek a strong slap. After pausing for a moment, she pulled back and slapped me on my right ass-cheek, never letting the dildo completely leave my vulnerable hole. I was incredibly uncomfortable, with my balls tied to the bar, my arms bound behind me on the floor, the corset still squeezing my lungs and innards, and the collar holding my head tightly.

His Goblet

fetish claretwine 2018-08-04

At one point while Ron watched in total lust, she reached up and plunged a finger into her forest of fir and drove it deep inside her pussy. Then in animal like passion, Ron pulled the bottle neck from Amanda's fir and threw it aside. By then, Ron was so ready to shoot his hot load in his red hot babe that he pulled his tongue from it's spasming vice and growled, "I'm gonna fuck you Mandy!" Hours later as they sat on the porch swing holding hands, Amanda said softly, "Ron. There are many places on my property where I want you to drink from your goblet."

Her Petite Possession Ch. 08

fetish AndreaJordan 2018-08-04

With Emma refusing to unlock the chain, Kate reluctantly removed Brad from her hips and both girls watched in amusement as the pink silk lingerie, now chained to the bed, tried to shuffle away. The evening making out with Emma, the shorts and the chain had combined to give Kate a wet dream, but even the feeling of dampness inside her tight white cotton shorts didn't make her take pity and release Brad. She then pulled the spare end tight between her butt cheeks, through her legs, up between the lips of her vagina and used a second padlock to lock it back on to the front of the waist chain.

A meet at the Hotel

fetish Ulfric 2018-08-04

you can feel my hard cock prodding your arse as I pull your skirt up to see the matching black lace panties. I make you lick my hands tasting your own cum, I undo your bra and tell you to pull your panties down. As you squeeze it tight I then put it in my mouth and suck your tit hard flicking your nipple with my tongue. I can now feel my self building up to release my hot sticky cum I f***e my cock as deep as it can go, I grab your tits hard pinching and twisting your nipples as I release my cum deep into your cunt.

Tinkle Bell Ch. 18

fetish Many Feathers 2018-08-04

"You mean watch mom and Bella going down on one another?" I said a lot more easily, seeing the relief in dad's eyes when he heard me come right out and say that. Sue noticed when she turned back to face Bella, smiling, though purposely looking down Bella's blouse as she leaned forward a little, obviously flirting with her. I noticed that she was wearing a small imprinted name badge over her right breast with the name "Sue" engraved on it, though dad spoke for everyone, still glancing at his menu, not really taking the young woman in the way Bella had, and the way I obviously was now.

House of Syn Ch. 02

fetish MSTarot 2018-08-04

Running my gloves over the goose bumps on my bare legs,shivering at the feel of my hands, in lace, on cold skin. I feel it dropping away from me as I kneel in the sun warmed grass, smelling the rose perfume. I feel his eyes on me; I lift my glasses from my face and meet his gaze for a second then look down. He lifts my face and places a soft kiss upon my lips, then a second harder one, his tongue demanding entrance. I feel the cold metal of the draft pull next to my face I turn and lick the copper sides of the pipe. Sucking my fingers like they're candy I turn and look back at Syn. Our eyes meet and I see his feral grin.

Cajun Voodoo

fetish Pit73 2018-08-04

Smugly smiling at me, looking deep into my eyes, probably to read the upcoming reaction, Miss Madeleine deftly removed the heavy restraint to display two magnificent, fully engorged breasts. When I finished sucking on Miss Madeleine's second breast, she looked deep into my eyes and commanded "Put your man meat into me now!" Being a good employee, I did as told. Miss Madeleine apparently liked to talk during sex as she kept encouraging me "That's it push your hard dick into my love tunnel, give me all of your manhood." After several minutes of this I realized that she had long nails as she dug them into my gyrating ass at the same time bit down on one of my nipples.

The a*****ion

fetish wastedaway 2018-08-04

I parked my car in the carport and as I turned away, I felt myself grabbed from behind, and held by a strong arm, a hand across my mouth. He told me to stand in front of him, with my legs apart, and my hands behind my head. He stood up, keeping his hand inside me, and as he looked down at me, quivering and arching toward him, he asked me what I wanted. He told me I could use my hands to hold it, and that if I really wanted to suck it, I should beg nicely. Licking it, I took the tip into my mouth and began to suck on it slowly and deeply, caressing his balls with my hands.

Daydream Believer

fetish Littlemissblair 2018-08-04

Mind if I get a ride all the way with you?" "I don't usually pick up hitchhikers. "I thought runaways were 12 year old kids running away from their parents," I said jokingly. "Well I'm a 36 year old parent running away from my kids. You'll find out what I mean one of these days," as she glanced down at my seven month pregnant belly. "You know how dangerous it is to hitchhike dressed like you're dressed. I knew instantly she wasn't feeling for a baby to kick. I glanced at her eyes submissively as her fingers snaked under the elastic of my slacks. As my pregnant thighs parted her fingers found my swollen clit, flicking it gently, sending juices flowing into my white cotton panties.

Slut Shoes

fetish AlecCarter 2018-08-04

As hard as he had ever been, Alec's cock dripped with precum as Bree's soft hand stroked it, lightly teasing the entire length as the kiss continued. After Bree began fingering herself right then and there while her cool feet and toes wrapped themselves around his cock and continuously stroked it, he felt a familiar urge coming up from deep inside his balls. Bree could feel his body start to shudder as his orgasm rolled in, and with her toes she lightly pinched at his balls, nearly like she would squeeze them softly with her hand when giving a blowjob - her other foot still arching along his cock just beneath the head.

Tongues and Toes

fetish keeopps2012 2018-08-04

As the car starts rolling, my hand runs up and down your legs, to your luscious, red-painted toes, to your soft soles, and I can hear your deep breathing, a little louder than before. Perhaps satisfied with your work or tired from all the effort, you withdraw your hands and mouth from my body and slide yourself up on top of me, when your face meets mine. Wanting to hear you moan or scream, I plant my lips and start sucking as I insert a finger inside you. I hold for several seconds to let you catch your breath--nipples pinched by your own hands, your clit being sucked, your canal so open and ready, and your tight hole fingered so well.

Panty Purchase

fetish longhornmike 2018-08-04

He felt that his cock had grown and shifted a little bit in his pants a bit as she finished her thoughts, and the way her eyes moved from looking at his face to glancing down at his crotch, he guessed she had noticed the movement that had just taken place. Austin was willing to pay good money to have these, as he was hornier than he had been in years, but $300 for a pair of panties, even sexy ones coming off this beauty was way more than he was willing to pay. "Sorry, I can't pay that much for just a pair of panties, much as I want to," Austin said.

To Lunambra Pt. 01

fetish Candy19837463 2018-08-04

It was the year 1432, and Marina was a servant girl for the royal family of Queen Jenara, the monarch of a small kingdom called Lunambra, laying in the northern lands of Europe. He thought about calling for the carriage to stop so he could attend to his need, but in his endless chivalry, refused to force the servant girl to know this after she had so strongly fought for her dignity. Marina saw the Queen's light blue robe as she was dragged into the forest away from the carriage. But I'm sure my need is nowhere as strong as yours." She finally had the luxury of crossing her legs now, and she felt the Prince's robe pressing against her womanhood.

The Slave Ch. 10

fetish Zoeeee 2018-08-04

She could see that the slave’s cock was rock hard, the veins standing out, the head flared wide, and a steady flow of pre-cum running down, coating the toe of her boot. Stephi stood there, watching the slave’s breathing return to normal; with her right foot still resting about an inch from the slave’s balls; she reached down and slowly, deliberately, pulled the boot zipper down, making Ross listen as the zipper went from her upper thigh down to her ankle. Stephi stood between the feet of the slave, just staring at the huge balls and thick cock, feeling the drops of her own hot juices literally run down her thighs.

A Weekend Together Ch. 01

fetish Drew Carroll 2018-08-04

I take the top of you thong in my left hand and pull it up tight, making your lips bulge around either side and then start kissing your right knee. You brace your legs against the door as your fingers start to stroke your pussy lips through your thong. My left arm reaches under your leg and stretch your labia apart with my thumb and fingers whilst my right alternately cups your boobs and twists your stiffening nipples. Slowly and seductively you start to suck the middle finger of your left hand whilst, in almost painful slow motion your middle finger of your right hand passes over your hard, swollen clit and slides into your greasy cunt.

I gave her, Her First Anal!

fetish triplxplosive 2018-08-04

I remember she told me how she loved to rub her tight little hole as she is pleasured by a man so I you my long tongue to lick her clit and probe her wet sopping pussy then make my way to her sweet tight little ass. I continue to probe deeper and deeper with my tongue and rubbing her clit with my fingers as she f***efully continues licking and sucking my slick wet BBC finally releasing me as she consume every drop. As I thrust farther and deeper than she imagined, she continues to writhe and moan she begs me to fuck her with all I've got as she manipulates her swollen clit and sopping pussy with her right hand barely managing to keep herself up with the left.

The Tease

fetish __bigg 2018-08-04

Opening her mouth her long tongue came out, wrapping it around his cock. As she continued feeding him in and out of her hungry mouth, she went to try something different. She knew the ecstasy she felt when he fucks her ass, she wanted to find out what it did to him when she stuck a finger in his ass. As she continued to bob her head up and down, moving her finger, he started to cum. This time when he came, it went down her throat, backing up to fill her mouth. The corners of her mouth had a little white showing as she pulled her head off his cock. She knew he was big, her hands could barely wrap half way around.


Tiffany's New Boss Chapter 1

fetish UKhitman 2018-08-04

These little incidents were making Tiffany feel even more uneasy about working so closely with William and she desperately want to tell Jack about the way that she was feeling, but she knew that Jack would pull out of the deal and that really wouldn’t be fair on him. Chloe obeyed and rose to her feet and looked at the floor as she walked past a disgusted Tiffany, William put his cock back into his jeans and asked. Tiffany felt her heart beat even faster as William walked towards her, she closed her eyes as his hand ran down her long hair that covered her tit, she held her breath as his fingers gently ran over her hard nipple and pushed her hair back exposing that tit too.

Kinky Dentist Sian And Sissy Rachel Ch. 02

fetish Sissy Adele Howells 2018-08-04

"Yes of course Auntie Susan, then on to my appointment with my dirty dentist, Mummy Sian Harris," I replied. "That's right my kinky cousin, now let me strip you naked," said Susan as she took her coat off, wearing red panties and bra underneath. "You must be starving sissy Rachel, my freckled nose holds plenty of sticky bogies for you to have a snack, my god you look prettier in those panties than my daughter Regan," said Susan giggling. my pretty sissy cousin, just like my Regan, loved being breast-fed," moaned Susan. Susan was enjoying every minute of it, lifting up my dress, for Hayley to admire my pretty panties. that's a pretty dress, look at your pretty panties, my kinky sissy," said Sian in a quiet voice.

Femdom Strapon

fetish 2018-08-04

The bench raised my arse up and the way she strapped my legs meant that my tight little hole was at full view. Before I knew what was happening the pain did stop to be replaced with a new sensation of a rubber gloved hand inserting 2 fingers into my tight little arse. She came up behind me and I could feel the tip of her strap-on cock pushing against my arse until she slipped it in and started fucking me. I felt utterly degraded and humilated as I wanked in front of her and she told me what a pathetic sissy slut I was.

Her Vibrating Panties

fetish want2bfree 2018-08-04

We had went online looking for the highest rated vibrating panties we could find...something we thought would be most comfortable for her and the most discreet we could find. I SO wanted to see the wet spot at the end of the lay her down and play with her soaking wet panties! I hit the remote on with a low setting, giving her a light little vibration as she was ordering her drink. While waiting for the drinks, I turned it on a little stronger and left it on for like maybe a minute. Tammy's friend looks at me and flashes me this huge smile! I was totally blown away when, without hesitation, her friend reached down to feel Tammy's vibrating pussy!

Growing and Learning with Restraint Ch. 02

fetish lauramks 2018-08-04

The mistress is such a tease and even though I think she might let me out of the belt, I know I will not be allowed to come. She has learned so much herself and she knows that the best way to mess me up is to alternate getting me hard with being locked away in the cage or belt. In the first days of our training together I really felt the best thing for him after attending my needs was to let him out of his belt and let him come like he has been begging me to do. He is allowed (and encouraged) to let me know he is close to coming but that in no way dictates my actions.