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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The House Part One

fetish Johnny_Lee_Miller 2018-08-04

Looking around the room I saw my great Aunt Kathleen, her sons Tyler and Duke, Uncle Max's second wife Dottie and there daughter Lucy. The grand foyer was majestic, a large crystal chandelier hovered overhead and just beyond was a massive stairway that lead up to a second tier which had smaller stairs leading up to either side to walkways bordered with doors. Looking up noticed the second tier door lead to a path that bordered above this room. A door next to the fireplace lead to a long hall with a series of closets stocked with cleaning supplies, extra bed linens and various objects collected from a life of 70 years.

My brown beginning part three

fetish sadie56 2018-08-04

Mom and grandma were sitting on the loveseat in the livingroom chatting when I was finished in the bathroom.They looked so hot together boobs and pussys exposed and my cock once again was stiff in no time.Mom asked Donny..would you like to lick Mommys pussy for her?Watching you and grandma really made me need a good cumm too.Tell you what lets get into 69 position.Do you know what that is?..No I dont think so this is my first experience with real women.Mom and Gram laughed.Gram replied you ate my pucker like a old pro so its easy to forget your a virgin,Yea Mom giggled with her...

Visit to Erotica

fetish mariewilliams 2018-08-04

I think you’re just about to fuck me right there but the lift stops and we just have time to pull apart and look “normal” as the lift door opens and other people get in, but you have to hold your carrier bags in front of you to hide the fact that I’ve managed to unzip your fly and I quickly close my coat because my blouse is unfastened. I just know you’re going to cum in a few moments so I stand up, turn you around so I have my back to the wall now, drag the crotch of my panties to one side and roughly pull your cock towards me, pressing the end against my moist opening.

A New Neighborhood Ch. 3

fetish Kary_M 2018-08-04

Instantly my hips convulsed in pleasure, I felt his balls slap against my ass cheeks each time he drove his cock deep into my bowls. Alice collapsed onto the bed pulling me with her onto our sides and forcing my mouth away from Allen's cock. My little cock was brushing Allen's face and he turned his head sucking my penis into his mouth. But as soon as Alice felt the head start to penetrate, she forced herself back and drove about half of the dildo inside. I fell, to lie on top of Alice when Jim started to slowly withdraw until about a third of his cock was inside before pushing it back in.

Tonight She Was Going to Be 'The Man'

fetish misspeachyd 2018-08-04

Her bewildered husband was now tasting the rubber of the strap-on mixed with the lube his wife had so kindly slicked over its surface, the combination of the sight of his wife so dominant, so in control and clearly loving watching his embarrassment was far more of a turn on than he would ever have thought and even the humiliation of being on his knees with her strap-on sliding back and forth and inching deeper into his throat was becoming strangely erotic and he couldn't help but feel his own cock hardening.

Allison Sluts It Up Ch. 02

fetish Lawyerlyzach 2018-08-04

"I just wanted to say hi Mr. Furlong, and thank you, I'm tutoring history in my spare time during school, and the extra money is fantastic, as are the friends its helping me make, and a lot of that is owed to how great of a teacher you were." Allison said, while trying not to noticeably stare at his chest. Dave moaned into her mouth, and Allison broke the kiss saying "I saw you shirtless through the window, and I wanted to get a better look up close." She kept slowly rubbing her former teacher's cock, "your wife clearly isn't enough for you right now if you're watching porn in the middle of the day, and I think I can do more for you than the porn can...but you can watch it while I please you if you want."

Rebecca's Yummy Bung

fetish Paradiggler 2018-08-04

I imagined her bare white buttocks on the toilet seat, pretty knickers around her knees, pubic hair exposed and all the lovely feminine grunting and groaning going on as she pushed the waste out of her body and finally as she reached across for the toilet paper to start wiping her anus clean. Between flicking the anus and the applying a series of pushes with my pointed tongue, Rebecca's moans gasps grew more intense and I knew it was hitting the spot. I spread her moist anus one final time and inspected it as I gulped her sweaty, faecal flavours down my throat, kissing the opening one final time before massaging Rebecca to her own orgasm with my thumb and finishing her off with a moist tongue right where it felt best.

Houseguest.....Part 4

fetish Croozer 2018-08-04

"I'm keeping it on so it feels good when you rub your cock against my slip." I was confused for a moment, then said, "But you aren't wearing one." She walked over to her suitcase, and produced a light blue silky half slip which was a match to the bra she had worn. I couldn't get the feeling of you sitting on my lap jacking off on my nightgown out of my head, and I had to crawl into my own bed to masturbate." There was a very long silence after she finished, and I realized my penis was painfully hard and throbbing.

elder woman younger man relationship

fetish amitmurarka 2018-08-04

Although I've carried along from long back, recently I've been imagining more intensely about having an older lady as my companion just like my regular friends. This has got a stronger grip on me ever since I've lost frequent touch with my older lady friend whom I was close with. Things were going so good when her husband had to shift his work four states apart. Well, all I can say is that I got to learn a lot from her - how to walk, talk, behave, listen, hold, caress, kiss and even how to handle yourself and her when you're intimate with her in bed. Believe me, if you get the chords right, you'll be more contended just to have her sit besides you and listening to what you talk, than having sex!

Serena Visits The Fetish Shoe Shop

fetish fantasyboy 2018-08-04

Mrs Wyles then said, 'Robert can you get the red quarter cup bra, I think the 34dd is probably the correct size, and open crotch panties, the shoes are going to look so much better with red underwear than the black that Serena has on now.' Mark quickly picked up another red 6 or 7 inch high heel shoe and handed it to Mrs Wyles and stood beside them watching his wife being sexually stimulated. She went and stood in front of a mirror and loved the slutty sight of her as she saw the tarty lipstick and cum on her nipples and as she parted her legs could feel Robert's cum trickling out of the rpussy, down her thighs and onto her stockings.

The Cam Girl

fetish 2018-08-04

"Well sod this", she thought, "Thats is for the day, I need to to shower, change call Alisha and hit the pub, get hammered then spend some silly money, then think about that offer" Alisha was another cam girl, but one who half the time did it for the fun, she had a man who loved to watch her as she entertained the punters and who paid for her apartment, her clothes, gave her loads of spending money and only occasional made sexual demands on her. Alisha called shortly after she left the shower, "You have 20 minutes babes, be ready but not wearing too much." Elisa had thought to wear city clothes tonight, hadn't wanted to show much of her body to street punters for free, especially after spending the least few days wearing virtually nothing.

A Boy and his Mother

fetish klammer 2018-08-04

Mrs. Mother Dearest-Thumpsdale had no intention of letting up on her son Mrs. Valoria Mother Dearest-Thumpsdale often commented that most girls Mrs. Dearest-Thumpsdale's theory was that if he had been a good boy, it Dearest-Thumpsdale) first thoughtful image was that of her girly/boy/son Mrs. Dearest-Thumpsdale always kept a strap and cane hanging on stroked and even smacked by his Mother with the penis strap, if she felt The fear-ridden boy did not like the way his Mother described the types thighs and the calves while thinking of new ways to humiliate the boy to on their very bare bottoms with this long leather strap which was from his pretty little head as he just knew his Mother Dearest had to be

Elaine's Dirty Knickers Ch. 05

fetish Paradiggler 2018-08-04

What followed were 9 pages of "Natasha" in extremely erotic and lewd posing with the granny panties in various states of removal and exposure providing incredible imagery of her spread, wide open vaginal opening surrounded by black pubic hair -- the bright pinks and browns of her "bits" looking stunning set against the black colouring of her pubes and the pale very tones of her skin. The set drew to a climax with some very graphic and intimate close-ups of "Natasha" bent over and spreading her beautiful anus for the camera -- nothing was left to the imagination with several of the shots featuring her gaping anal opening and extremely clear views of the glistening pink internals of her rectum -- all this with the inner crotch panel of her white granny panties upturned and exposed underneath.

First Time Guys

fetish mrd619 2018-08-04

As I came out of the shower and started to dry myself, I didn't think Rick would be back yet so I left the bathroom without the towel to grab my clothes.. I continued pumping and sucking on the head, licking whatever cum I could find. As I stroked my hard cock, I told him to piss on me. He looked up at me and said that was the first time he had ever even touched a cock, and that it was fantastic! Just then, I rolled over, and said that I was ready and that I wanted to feel his huge cock up my ass. As morning came, I awoke with his semi hard cock in my hand.

Mind Swapping Fun Ch. 02

fetish Lawyerlyzach 2018-08-04

Anna immediately moved to suck Zach's cock, and clean their cum off of him, she loved the taste of the two of them mixed together, and at that time was wondering what Tasha and her would taste like mixed together. Anna let loose a full load inside of Tasha, and knowing what Zach wanted immediately pulled out of her and let Zach first lick Anna's cock clean and then switch spots with her so that Anna, now in her own body, could eat all of the remaining cum out of Tasha's pussy. I want to be leaking cum when we switch back." Zach moaned into Anna's neck as the orgasm started to build inside of him.


fetish Sean Renaud 2018-08-04

"You know your girlfriend Cordelia thinks that it's more than that." Lucy sloppily kicked her shoes off and then quickly peeled off her socks tossing them aside. You never look at her that way." Topher could feel the heat gathering under his collar both as she undressed and spoke. "So there isn't a part of you that wants me?" Even after watching her for a few years Topher didn't really know how fast she was until she simply rested her foot on his shoulder. "Now aren't you a naughty little boy getting your sticky cum all over my foot." Still balancing herself gracefully on her other foot Lucy pushed her toes against Topher's lips. Topher's heart leapt into his throat when Cordi stepped out of Lucy's closet.


Revenge: Fucking Her Heels and Panties

fetish aplover 2018-08-04

When she squats down to pick it up, I get a nice view of a red satin g-string riding up her ass crack. If only she knew I was gonna be fucking and cumming those panties and shoes. I dug through the hamper and found several more pairs of worn panties, all thongs and g-strings. I fucked them hard while sniffing her red g string. I took one of her black Louboutin heels and fucked it while sniffing and licking that red g-string. I exploded into her shoe imagining myself bending that bitch over and fucking her in her tight little anus. I took every clean pair of panties from her hamper and gently dipped the crotch into my cum.

Me and my cousin

fetish 2018-08-04

I was staying at a cousins house for a funeral.She has a son who is in his twenties and he was staying there too.I was invited to stay a few days after the funeral.Jeff was really paying a lot of attention to me.I could tell he was really taken by me.I was sitting in my room late one night when someone knocked on my door.I was not dressed to see anyone but I secretly hoped it was him or any other man.I was wearing a short nightshirt without any underwear.When I opened the door Jeff's eyes went right to my nipples protruding from my shirt.He just starred until I spoke " cat got your tongue?" I said.

A Taste of Love, A Taste of Lust Ch. 02

fetish Laughingman987 2018-08-04

Laura switched the can to her left hand, and, taking a handful of pudding in her right hand, reached down to massage the goo into Kelly’s pussy as she sprayed the cream over her breast, making the younger girl moan and buck as the sensations of warm and cold crept over her. “I want to make a proper slut sundae out of you.” She spread Kelly’s increasingly messy lips open to slop in more pudding with her fingers, and Kelly gasped as the sensation of her pussy filling with the muck brought her closer and closer to release. She reached back, taking another handful of pudding, all traces of the whipped cream now gone, and began to use the chocolate treat to massage Kelly’s breasts, rubbing her nipples with her thumbs, drawing gasps and giggles from the bound girl.

Marks wife in pantyhose.

fetish tonyhose 2018-08-03

I ask what treat you had left and she turns on the TVs and video and on the screen there is a film of you fucking your wife, both of you in sheer crotchless pantyhose too. Your wife says that there is more and begins to remove her clothes until she is standing there in just the sheer pantyhose that she is wearing in the video. She gets me to lie down and lowers herself onto my face and my tongue darts straight into her hot wet slit, tasting your cum and her pussy juices. Your wife is cumming again as you lick my cum from her cunt and I can feel your cock stiffen as your cum rises.

Office Sex with Paula

fetish leekeyone 2018-08-03

We achieved union almost immediately; my cock sliding home into Paula's waiting and very wet love hole. This was a fantasy Paula had no problem with and we had enjoyed many sex sessions with her pissing for me (on even over me), followed by my cock finding its way into her second hole. I was busily telling her how much I had missed her whilst at the same time my cock was sliding up and down inside her incredibly hot and wet pussy tunnel. Instead I focused hard, trying to savour every second of having my dick once again inside Paula's love palace. Paula had such an incredible body and I wished I had more time and privacy to enjoy her more.

wedding breakfast

fetish claracduk 2018-08-03

Checkout wasn't till midday so thought what the hell had a quick shower to clean myself and sober up a little and started getting dressed. I got out a bottle of wine and my poppers from the hotel fridge and turned the cam on. I was getting hotter and hornier alternating between advertising myself on various websites available for use in an Essex hotel or alternatively use as a popper cam slut. I was having fun opening my legs wide showing my stiffening cock and teasing mg pussy hole while being directed by a couple of tops online. He took out his cock telling me he had half an hour and was getting the full time with me not shooting off after five mins.

Florida Women Ch. 01

fetish KimMarcone 2018-08-03

Looking past my shoulder at Wendy, Claudia said, "Women like that have always gotten under my skin. Everyone there was either well-off (Kristen and her husband Richard had a spacious five bedroom house with a basement converted for events like tonight's) or obviously on their way to the same (Anna, who offered deep competition to any woman who was there). As Kristen was stunned Dee tackled her back to the ground and the two women were in it, rolling back and forth, yanking hair, smacking faces and sides, and squeezing breasts. "Face me on your feet like a woman," Dee said with scorn, and Kristen stood with a look of death.

Tables Turned Ch. 04

fetish mw0212 2018-08-03

'Come & sit Mr. Peters' Miss Sharp said, beckoning Jack towards the couch. He had guessed right & the immediate reaction to the pleasure was for Miss Sharp to press down with her other foot -- the heel now firmly resting on Jacks now throbbing cock. Now, pass me up my boots.' Miss Sharp said as she lay there -- looking like a woman who had the world at her feet. 'Be a sweetie & put these on for me while I check my riding boots would you?' she said, with 'that' sexy little smile whilst handing him the stiletto boots that only 6 hours ago he was wearing himself.