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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Cop, The Doctor, & Me Ch. 01

fetish MissSeptember 2018-08-03

The cop left the Manhattan hotel room early. I also hadn't seen the doctor in a long time and didn't know whether seeing the cop was a mistake. What if fucking the cop was a bad idea and the doctor got so jealous, he went away? We made some small talk in the tiny hotel room, and then went into the bathroom to get ready. There was a frosted glass wall that sectioned off about one third of the hotel room into the bathroom. I wanted to make the doctor feel so badly for not taking care of me the way a man should. I wanted him to smell the cop on me and feel a heat inside his chest because someone else fucked me first.


fetish 2018-08-03

about a year. Well, one day she calls me from the store. staying open late for an inventory and that I should come to pick I was becoming weaker and weaker. becoming weaker and weaker from all that had happened. She then lifted a black satin bra and put it on me, lightly teasing My c was sticking straight out in She then pulled out a beige camisole Pulling them on over my legs I My c was sticking up and almost straight out, pushing the pants out. and a gold chain around my neck. neck. And later that year our marriage broke up. marriage would not only have survived, but would have flourished I shall keep

Hairy Holly: Varsity Cheerleader

fetish NiceGuyInVa 2018-08-03

I look up into her eyes and just as she kicks her right leg high providing me with her nearly exposed hairy vagina, she stares at me directly with a knowing smile on her face. I pull into my condo and lay in bed that night trying to force the sinful thoughts from my mind, but I instantly view Holly with her bouncy pony tail, doing her cheers, totally naked. Ever so slowly, Holly took her right leg and crossed it over her left and provided me with a clear view of her naked hairy crotch. Holly smiled and then lay on my desk with her hands supporting her head, providing me a clear view of her beautiful hairy armpits.

Bound for Fun Ch. 01

fetish DocAutomata 2018-08-03

While most of the products were pretty standard, I did come across a few things that didn't make much sense, like a leather-bound book that had an eye-shaped blue gem inlaid in the cover and some kind of knockoff Jumanji board game. I was considering starting out with a blindfold and some handcuffs or something, but as I was looking around I was drawn to a lovely leather collar that was displayed in an ornate glass case. The main band of the collar was made of black leather, with a slightly wider layer of what looked like red felt stitched to the inside, presumably to provide comfort to the wearer.

Doctors appointment - Part 2

fetish nicedevil55 2018-08-03

The doctor was thoroughly enjoying this examination and the sight of a young, hot girl on her hands and knees with her bottom and sopping pussy presented to him had his cock hard. Katie waited in anticipation as the doctor stepped up towards her and reached out to touch her hot wet pussy and pushed his fingers in. Katie groaned as the doctor slowly pushed the tip of his stiff cock into her opening and the doctors fingers gently circled her clit. He fingered her pussy again, diddling her clit and positioned the tip of his cock on her asshole and pushed in. Katie groaned at the feeling of something large, warm and hard being pushed into her back passage and all the nerves were sending shockwaves to her pussy

To do list 2011

fetish 2018-08-03

Then, in a brilliant stroke of loving cruelty, Jody casually leans over me, caresses my cheek with the back of her hand, "Honey, I was hoping that you could fix the kitchen sink for me today." At this point she grabs the covers that I have wrapped myself in and whisks them off the bed. Moving my hands from her ass, I stealthily slide my hand into the space between her thighs and immediately notice the difference in heat, moisture, and vocal sounds coming from Jody I love that I can still work her into this state, willing to do almost anything in order for me to keep going, after all these years of marriage. Jody's hand moves freely within the tent of my shorts, caressing my balls, then wraps her sun-warmed fingers around the base of my cock.

For My Boyfriend's Birthday

fetish oohlexi 2018-08-03

I slide my hands down to cup his warm cheeks and I plant a small kiss on his lips. Our lips meet again, and this time, his hand caresses my cheek as he kisses me more passionately. I lean down and lock lips with him, kissing hard and furiously as I pull his hands together above his head. So I sensuously move my hand over his stomach, across one hip, and down his v-fold to cup him while I softly lay small kisses around his neck. With my tongue frenzy and ruthless at his tip, I take shorter and slower strides on him, while my hand squeezes around his base and starts jacking him off--hard and fast!

Glamour Photos Lead to Latex & Sex

fetish Goosie 2018-08-03

Next she turned round and showed him her ass and slowly as the camera rolled she parted her legs just a little, so he could see the edge of her wet cunt. The thought made her cunt actually squirt a little juice out and she started to think about his thick cock sinking into her tight asshole and fucking it raw. As she moved her ass in time with her whorish sucking the large butt plug, rammed to the hilt in her asshole, was rubbing up against all the right places and she moaned around the thick shaft in her mouth, saliva dripping down the side of the cock making it slip and slide deliciously in her gloved hand.

Pissing with the Wife

fetish wetguy42 2018-08-03

She starts out by straddling my cock and letting loose with her pungent morning piss. The other thing that I have begun to do is drink my wife's piss in the evenings. I think she knew I was kinda hammered and would want her piss, so I think she held it for a long time. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for things that I can try to spice up the pissing. I have thought about suggesting to my wife when we are in public, taking a beer bottle into the bathroom with her and having her fill it up with a bit of piss so I can drink her all night long but I haven't done it as of yet.

Bra Heaven #1

fetish lace_lasenza 2018-08-03

I had already seen the white lace push up bra thru her shirt, and was hoping I would get a chance to see it again while she wasn't wearing it. Right on top was the beautiful white lace push-up bra that I had been fantasising about.i took it out and held it up. I then took a little black la senza g-string from her bag and pulled it up my legs, it felt so good having the string ride up tight on my ass. i al so took a tight little white lace g-string. I went home after that and laid on my bed, and took the bras out of my pants and got completely naked. i took the grey lace push up bra and graced my penis with the cup.

Corrupting Amber Ch. 07

fetish GuyintheTV 2018-08-03

She wasted no time and took another hard pull off her cigarette, residual smoke still faintly escaping her nostrils as she filled her sexy mouth again. "Nothing too complicated, just a tribal tattoo on the lower back and a nose ring," I replied, trying to avoid Amber's gaze as she looked up at me, possible annoyed at being left out of the decision making process. After a few seconds he stood up and I looked at my Amber, eyes watering a bit and a sexy ring in her right nostril and smiled. My already rock hard cock surged as she took the half straw and leaned over the table, about to snort something for the first time in her young life.

Kelly Pt. 02

fetish Hugo_S 2018-08-03

However, today I would not be bored because I had arranged to go around my friend Kelly's house to suck on her massive lactating tits again, but I wasn't about to go and tell Sophie that. Once again, her pink nipples stood out about half an inch from the pale pink background of her large areolas, which themselves looked strained and bumpy, as if they were having a job keeping all her milk contained in her massive tits. I need your lips wrapped around my nipples, sucking the milk right out of my tits." She kissed me. I let her nipple slide from between my lips – eliciting a disappointed sigh from Kelly – then brought my hands up from her ass and gripped both of her massive tits, one in each hand.

Tinkle Bell Ch. 09

fetish Many Feathers 2018-08-03

"Ah...good, ah...good morning," she smiled and then hurried off, no doubt worried about having gotten off to a late start herself, though perhaps in Bella's case, a very early one. "You look sensational mom, but I am come?" I know how that must have sounded, though she laughed, blushing a little. "Kind of fun thinking about it, good way to start off the workweek," she said with the biggest smile on her face that I'd seen in a long time. "Sorry...forgot my..." Mom stood there in the doorway just as the first jettison of my cream leapt out of my cock, saturating Bella's left tit. It was Bella of course who came upstairs a short time later, certainly after mom had gotten her wallet and left again.

Solving My Little Problem Ch. 05

fetish KarlMartinK 2018-08-03

She was taking Rachel and Angie with her, leaving Erin and Cheryl nothing to do for the day and no car, so instead of having them sit around the house and be bored, she asked me to do them a favor and take them to the mall. Normally, I would have been far to shy to hit on such a hot girl as Erin, but knowing she was already interested in me and afraid I would reject her wiped away any lack of confidence I had and made me feel a lot more self-assured. I just think we're hitting it off pretty good and I think my risk is a little lower, that's all." I scooted over closer to Erin, slid my hand behind her back and closed in for a kiss.

Fun in the Laundry Room

fetish pantyguy86 2018-08-03

"Oh my god, Jamie", I almost gasped, reaching out to tease the edge of her panties with my fingers, "You look so fucking hot." She smiled, sliding onto my lap again in just her thong, knowing she had me wrapped around her little finger. "I just want you to know that you are incredibly sexy Jamie; I love seeing you in your sexy panties, I love playing with your tits, and most of all, I love your tight little pussy" I managed to get all that out while trying to focus on getting a second finger inside. Well now I'm fucking it with my rock hard cock, and I'm going to fucking make you cum." Jamie screamed out in pleasure as I started pounding her pussy in rythm with her movements.

Another CD story

fetish 2018-08-03

looked me in the eyes and told me to relax she wasn't dinner she looked at me and said "ok we are going for a Jessie headed for the toy rack and told me to go find a Jessie was at the car shortly and told me to head home. at the couch looking thru the cross dresser magazine licking the head of the cock and slowly started taking She told me to stop sucking her cock and to get on my With me in a nighty Jessie told me she would check. inches from my mouth and Jessie told me to suck it, I started working his cock deeper and deeper in my mouth The clerk got dressed and Jessie walked him back to the

My best orgasm

fetish ditte123 2018-08-03

Once a boyfriend gagged me, gave me breast chain with clamps on. It was doggystyle. Had a huge vibrator in my pussy, and his cock in my ass. In and out, in and out he and the vibrator went, slow then fast, hard. He kept on and on, paused from time to time, just before I got an orgasm. Finally I was allowed to play with my clit, when he and the vibrator banged me hard, and I had the best orgasm ever!

Pegging for Promotions

fetish TheDougler80 2018-08-03

She exhaled a small laugh knowing how little control he had over himself or the situation, as she went for the coup de gras, Doug's eyes almost rolled back in his head as his cock flexed and his asshole gripped her little purple dildo as he came harder than ever before. Once Doug was getting his ass reamed out like he was used to by this new girl, Melissa came to his side with key in hand, she explained to Daisy as she unlocked the small padlock, "we have a bit of a management training program going here, I train his ass to take bigger and bigger cocks and his dick to have fewer and fewer orgasms, and he promotes me in turn."

my best friends pregnant friend

fetish waughs 2018-08-03

i let out a soft moan as he tongue flickers over the tip, jessica then lowers her head and starts taking my throbbing shaft in her mouth, she gets half way down and starts to gag a little before slowly sucking on my cock as her head moves up but she pulls up then lowers again taking a bit more of me each time, her pussy feels soo tight i cant belive shes pregnant just as i am thinking that she pushes her whole body down on my cock and i fully enter her, she lets out a big moan in to my ears and stars to gently rock on my cock.

A Good Day at School

fetish LegsattheLake 2018-08-03

She was a desk clerk at a hotel near the airport, so she would come to class after she got off from work, wearing a uniform skirt and blouse that fit her just right in all the right places. She answered with a sultry rasp and a sexy smile, "As little as possible." And she walked up to the counter to pay for the bottle of water and pack of gum that she had in her hand. We made small talk as usual while we walked, but when we stepped between my truck and her car, she turned to me and leaned in close. Turning to look, I saw her slowly pull up the hem of her skirt to reveal that she was wearing thigh highs.

My girlfriend cheated on me! A new kind of submiss

fetish Ass_worship 2018-08-03

I cleaned myself up and decided to go to bed and see how things go in the morning, as I laid in bed I could still hear Sue moaning "at one point almost screaming" I loved the taboo about it, as the love of my life was another guys slut for the night and I did nothing about it, I even got up and jacked off again while watching them, Sam increased his pace shoving his cock into her faster and harder then with one hard thrust he pushed all the way in and started cumming!

The New House Ch. 01

fetish perrybroom 2018-08-03

I arrived home on the Friday of the first week of his solo work at the house to be greeted by an exuberant Irene with the thrilling news that she'd enjoyed an afternoon of rampant sex with Steve, who actually fucked her three times before returning to his work minutes before I returned home. By this time Steve had fucked my wife all over the house, both kitchen and dining room tables seeing some action, but our bedroom remained their main venue so I had high hopes of watching them from the balcony. I assured Steve that I really did enjoy what I'd seen, stammering somewhat as I said that I hoped my deceit in spying on them hadn't put him off and he'd continue to fuck my wife until the building work was complete, adding that Irene found his lovemaking really satisfying.

Jennifer's Foot Job

fetish Kessler 2018-08-03

I watched as his cock slid between my feet and each time the head of his cock rubbed against my ankles I felt it twitch with excitement eliciting a soft grunt from Joe as well. Joe's breathing came in short gasps with each pumping of my legs and feet and torturous twirling of my finger and thumb around his sensitive cock head. By holding his cock in such a manner between my toes with my ankles turned out, it caused my knees to touch in a knock-kneed fashion above his cock, forcing the lower part of my legs to angle out with my heels pointing in opposite directions; my left heel towards his feet and the right heel towards his head.

Second Place

fetish Runtz3 2018-08-03

I was trying to play it cool, keeping my head straight but watching her hand beneath the blanket as she fished around and finally pulled my dick through the opening of my boxers. Looking back over at Melissa, I watched her hand sliding up and down the length of Mark's impressive cock. Angie put her hand on top of me, over the blanket and played with me, teasing my dick as we kept eyeing Melissa and Mark. Angie gasped and clutched her breast, her lips just inches away from Mark's dick as he wiped himself off and slowly pulled his pants up, keeping his monster exposed as long as possible.