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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Lust Spells Us Ch. 02

fetish YoungLust5 2018-08-02

Freezing, Karl felt both her lips and tongue at his neck; both hands on his sides. Kims hands then moved to more sensual places, running her soft fingers up and down his shaft of body rocking pleasure. "You make me horny all the time...." She planned on drawing all her words out, wanting a moan from his beautiful lips. You make me rub and play with my breasts at night and my pussy burns with need for your cock to fuck it. "Oh yes, suck my cock darling," He said, taking her hair out of her face and stroking her head lovingly. She lightly sucked on his tip, her hot wet tongue swirling around his cock.

Lost bet to mom

fetish 13anonymous13 2018-08-02

When I was nineteen and back home from college during the summer, i was watching a jeopardy episode with my mom. What we liked to do is when the question was picked, we would pause the episode (it was recorded from the day before on VHS) and guess the answer, then play it and see who was right. Before she played it, she asked what we should bet. She finally said dont be a chicken, leaped forward, and yanked my boxers half way down my legs. I was gonna pull em up but she said i was half way there and i shudnt go back. Said fuck it, pulled em off, gave em to my mom, and started walking around my front yard.

Guys 40/50 10 Ways to Have Fun With A Granny

fetish captjim51 2018-08-02

Then one day I was in an upscale bar in Tucson and noticed a group of about twenty-five well dressed and obviously wealthy older men and women talking and having a great time. 2. Take time with your granny, they have old fashioned morals, it may take two or three dates or even longer to start getting laid. 8. If it is the first time with a particular granny use plenty of lube on her pussy, she may be tight from not being laid for years. 9. Granny’s love cunnalingus, eat your grannies pussy before you fuck her or after your have fucked her but haven’t cum in her yet.

His Daughter's Best Friend

fetish Madabouthair 2018-08-02

"I'm like that - kinda," Maria said, her thumbs in the belt loops of her shorts, and I don't know if was intentional or not but the shorts came down a bit, exposing the wide beginning of her treasure trail and the timberline of her bush. "I don't know what to say," I said, the sight of this little woman/child with her glasses slightly askew, pouring her heart out to me while I stood there like a predator thinking all sorts of things. "It's like you're Rodney and I'm auditioning to be one of your hairy girls," Maria said after a minute of sucking got me erect again, and then she was straddling me while rubbing the head of my cock into her bush.

Creampie Marathon

fetish rick_oh 2018-08-02

Carl, naked but for his cock cage, looked longingly at the girls - their firm bodies, their inviting eyes, and their attractive pussies. Seeing Tasha's smile up close, feeling her firm smooth legs, the exquisite pleasure of her womanhood -- all ensured that he had only to pump for a short while before his cock took control and spewed forth amid his groans of pleasure. As Brenda's mouth nursed Carl's cock to a partly erect state, Tasha took the cue and got in position to straddle Carl's face. The abundance of erotic sensations almost overwhelmed Carl -- the feel of Brenda's smooth legs, her bright eyes and sensuous kisses, the realization that he was inside her, and the presence of Tasha on the same bed.

First Time CockSucker PT 2 Gay

fetish 425olds 2018-08-02

(Fuck, don't gag) I placed my right hand on his hip to steady myself and with my left I grabbed his ass cheek and pulled him toward me – I could feel the tip of his fat meat pushing hard into my throat – I relaxed my throat as much as I could and could feel his cock slide down. I'm licking and running my tongue all over his dickhead, and he grabs my head hard with both hands and starts ramming his cock in my mouth again harder and harder and I can hear his breath coming faster and faster and then he pulls back out of until just the tip is again in my mouth.

A Bondage Story

fetish wastedaway 2018-08-02

Once implanted, I wrap a very long piece of rope around the top of her waist, then knot it behind her and pull the ends over the wide circles of plastic where the two openings used to be, the middle of her triangle of trim fur, and finally over the top of the waist line. From there, the ends travel their separate ways in a V to her ankles, which are bound so her legs are bent at a slight angle, then they are tied to the brass posts at the foot of the bed, leaving her pinned and spread in just enough discomfort to pass the coming hours productively.

Remembering My First Creampie

fetish cpluver 2018-08-02

She slid back to let me answer and I said, "Please just make me cum and I'll do anything you want." Wave after wave of hot sticky semen moved from my swollen nuts to my cock and sprayed deep inside her pussy. When I finally stopped cumming, I felt wonderful. I sucked her pussy hard again and received another mouthful. Suck that sperm out of my pussy just like a bitch. I kept on licking her pussy for another ten minutes until she begged me to finally make her cum. I told her that I hoped she tells her friends how well I did tonight, because I want to eat their creampies too.


fetish Christhecat 2018-08-02

As Kent followed her, Jenna remarked, “You don’t look like the type of guy who’d be interested in muddin’ to me. He took off his clothes meticulously as Jenna watched him intensely, splashing around in the mud like a little kid. Jenna pushed Kent on his back, scooped up a handful of mud and smeared it all over his crotch and up and down his cock, jacking him off as she coated his dick in mud. Jenna thrust her body up and down, thrashing and splashing mud everywhere, further covering Kent in the muck. Kent pulled out of her cunt and slammed his dick into Jenna’s mud-covered anus. “So this is what you like to do in the mud, huh?” Kent asked in short breaths.

First Night With My s****r (Part 3)

fetish 2018-08-02

"I did...a lot...your fingers are magic like your tongue and cock." Kathy then took her hand out of my shorts and pulled them down. Aren't you?" she said to me and then she continued, "I like that...fuck my ass with your finger you dirty fucking pig!" I started to push and pull my finger in and out of her ass. "You dirty fucking pig...I'm going to cum all over your face" she told me just as she clenched down hard one last time and pulled me so tight against her pussy with her legs that I thought she would surely crush my head.

A Fulfilling Life

fetish roblon 2018-08-02

As the attendant bends to wipe the toilet seat, the woman, suddenly presented with his bent ass before her eyes, begins to enjoy the encounter unfolding. Pulling the head from her mouth, the woman commands, “Hurry up the other girls are waiting for me.” She continues sucking his member and still the attendant shows no sign of coming. “Does Hilda know and approve of you wearing her dirty undergarments?” Sophia did not wait for an answer: “And have you been admitting my guests to this room with the clothes hamper lid ajar, allowing them free accord of all my servant’s filthy clothes, not to mention your own, s**ttered hear on the floor and in the tub?”

Midnight In London

fetish 2018-08-02

I began to shake a little, as he slowly crawled up to my right breast, and began to make slow, loving circles around my nipple. I was completely aroused, wanting him to thrust his hard man-hood deep inside my pussy. As he flicked my nipple with his tongue, he slowly rubbed down my body, stopping just above my wet pussy. Making me moan louder, I arch my back, wanting him to put his hot mouth on my pussy. He inserted a finger deep into my pussy, making me spread my legs wider, signaling that I wanted him to taste me. He took my legs, closed them together, and slowly rubbed his cock up and down my slit, making me whimper for it to be deep inside of me.

The accident

fetish 2018-08-02

I pulled his cock back a little so that the head was between my lips as I stroked his wet shaft glistening with my free hand. I stayed like that for a while grasping his semi-hard cock; rubbing my pussy and savoring the wet dirty situation I was in. I watched his face as I lifted off of him and let his semi- hard cock slip from me with a wet plop. I stopped for a moment and switched my hands so that the hand that was wet and slippery from his piss and my cum was lubing his hard cock. James watched me work his cock in my hand and pushed it into my closed fist as I moved it to the base.

Fun Job Interview Experience

fetish 2018-08-02

He accepted the kiss, and didn't even attempt to pull away as he hands went straight to my full, large, soft breasts.. Pulling my hand away from his bulge for a short while, whilst I take off my blouse fully and next my white lacy bra. A soft groan escapes from his lips as he attempts to unbutton his shirt, with his legs fully widened and trousers still on.. His hands soon finding some hair to grasp aggressively as he lowers my mouth onto his throbbing, cock.. Soon after, he starts to moan out as he fills my needy pussy rope after rope of his thick cum whilst he slaps at my ass-cheeks calling me a whore..

Oh Rocky!

fetish JacobGoody 2018-08-02

I stood in front of the mirror in nothing but my blue boxers, shiny clippers in hand, waiting for my girlfriend Gina to respond. Then, one day, after a decent bit of mattress fun, Gina asked me if I didn't like going down on her. Gina could tell when i wasn't being my genuine self, and would push me to be honest - which most of the time meant, I didn't want to be some boring, uncurious loser. With a weird grin on her face, Gina wrapped my belt around my neck, looped it through the buckle and pulled tight - creating a collar and leash of sorts. Despite all the trimming, I still had dark hair on my legs, and sprouting from the side of a rather obscene looking panty bulge.

Julie's Pantyhose Sex Ch. 03

fetish SylviaG 2018-08-02

He just mauled them as he looked deep into my eyes, and I just stood there letting him like some thick teenager! My eyes roll up and Barry is looking down at me, with an expression like he'd been shot up the ass with an elephant gun. Now this is an 18 year old telling my husband to sit in the chair, while his wife has got a mouth of young German cock! I closed my eyes and then start to suck him, all the time waiting for my husband to jump in and stop me. I tried to pull off but he just holds me down, and his cock starts spewing out cum into my mouth. Finally Carl lets my head up and my jaw feels like its locked open.

my wife

fetish 2018-08-02

a bit about my wife. her name is emily, she is 34 year's old, a brunette, brown eye's, very good body, nice hight ass, 38b tits, shaven, and the sex is great. but i guess every man as a fantasy about his wife and im one of them. i no she would never do it but i would love to see a man or 2 or 3 or more fucking her, or just to no a man is fucking her when im not there. guess u could call that bit cheating

Fetish begins at 40

fetish Learningfast 2018-08-02

She could feel him moving inside herself with a new clarity: it was is if the pressure of her corsetry had raised the sense of touch throughout her whole body. They held him in place as he exercised and she liked the smooth feeling of his body, especially around his bottom and over his thighs. Within a few weeks, she bought him a women's girdles and stockings, so then they could move straight from caressing and holding to making love without the need to undress him. What a struggle they had that first time, to get the hooks all done up whilst they were inside the corselette, and they to pull the zipper up its long run to close them both it.


fetish call_me_dana 2018-08-02

My left hand casually slides under my sweater and my fingers begin to tease my right nipple until it is hard and elongated. As soon as her hands left the ring, I could feel my cock begin to swell. Her left hand pulled my neck forward and the right hand clipped the steel chain to the ring in front of the collar. My tongue, extended through the hard rubber ring, tries to lick and flick her nipple. Her gloved hands began to rub my chest, massaging the area around my aching nipples. The first time I watched her dance - I usually sat midway back in the bar - I noticed her thin body and small tits.

Wetting Fun in the Sun Ch. 01

fetish Primal23 2018-08-02

Upon her arrival mid-July to Majorca, a sun-kissed island off the coast of Spain, she spent little time in checking into her hotel and finding the nearest beach, pausing only momentarily in her hotel room to change into an alluring red bikini, the kind kept on the body solely by lace on the hips and back. Her tan shorts began to dampen and the dark wet patch spread out around her shaved pussy and outlined her butt before it could no longer absorb the piss. She put her feet back onto the piss covered tiles with a splash and slipped out of her blatantly soaked shorts to reveal her bikini bottoms, now dark and shiny with her toilet.

Enslaved at My Feet

fetish MistressSadie 2018-08-02

Today my slave cleaned my apartment, did my laundry, washed my car, made me lunch, took my dog for a walk, and went grocery shopping for me. In the next phase of my training strategy, I had my slave tonguing and sucking my feet before giving me a pedicure. Finally, when I had gotten to the point that he was obediently tongue bathing my reeking feet when I had gotten home from work, I let him take his dick out and jack off right there in my living room. Actually, I allow my slave's self-gratification to reinforce his craving for my dirty feet. My slave's gratification is of no concern to me; however, he's learned to relish the humble fulfillment that comes from worshiping my dirty, sweaty, smelly, feet.

Mountains of Rubber Ch. 03

fetish jessicablank 2018-08-02

Dan's cheeks felt cool as Dominica's legs spread further apart, opening her pussy wider to his mouth, tilting her pink ass-bud up where he could reach it with his tongue. Dominica leaned forward and held a little rubber doggie bone in front of Dan's nose. Beg for your breakfast!" The slave waved her hands in the air, close together, gazing into Dominica's deep green eyes. The slave's eyes closed, and she arched her neck, pushing her head against Dominica's hand. The slave looked up at Mistress, with a big cat-like smile on her face, gazing into Dominica's eyes, and purred again. "Good girl," Dominica reached out one finger, and traced her long, red fingernail down Daniella's right cheek.

Fucking a Dirty Talking Bitch Ch. 02

fetish theprince 2018-08-02

She slapped my ass hard, pulling me harder and deeper into her mouth. I pulled her face closer to my body and stuffed my balls deeper into the whore's mouth. Eat my nasty spit you cunt licking motherfucker." She slipped in her fingers into my mouth and spit hard into it again. I want to see you feasting on my armpits like the dirty nasty bastard you are." She spat on her own hands and smeared it over her armpits. Stick that cock into my ass and fuck it like you own it baby. My cock fucking her shit out of her made her feel like a horny bitch and she was showing it. She sucked and licked her dirty ass juice from my cock like a hungry pig.

In the mall (sissy femdom story) Part 4

fetish germanmemail 2018-08-02

Looking at me, she took note of the shoes, particularly the heels. you've got to complete the look, accessories make the girl, or whatever you are They were silly looking really, too big and gaudy, just like with a look that said "Say UNCLE" Bitch, I had no intention of giving her the would you like to use our little whipping boy here." With a sweet smile she I looked again at the sweet little girl and saw a wicked grin. Jenny stood there looking at me for a moment and then spoke for the first time The dragon lady came over and looked at it closely and said "I always wondered long as the bitch held up a hand mirror for me to look.