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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Master's Gift

fetish ChandraFudge 2018-08-02

When he was finished encircling her breasts in needles, he moved onto the other girl, this time he placed the along her sides and across her stomach creating an intricate pattern, pushing each needle delicately into her skin, watching her whole body tighten as he slid each needle into place. He walked back over to his slave, lazily lying on the bed, gripping her by the hair in one hand, and wrist with the other, pulling her up he replied ‘I think you’ve sat around quite enough.” He pulled her towards the other girls and after dropping her on the floor commanded that she slowly lick up every drop of his cum.

Fall From Grace Ch. 2

fetish Anais Dahl 2018-08-02

Catherine brushed the horse in long strokes and prayed the man had not known she had been thinking of him doing this very thing to her. The pleasure and pain of it was shockingly intense and she felt him take the reins i n one hand and with the other he took up the soapy cloth and scrubbed her back again, just like a horse. Catherine clenched her fists and tried with all her might to muster a bit of dignity and look as if she had not just been ravished by barbarians, but the fact was, people were staring at her, riding on the horse with this strapping man, her hair damp and unbound, her shift damp and her face flushed pink.

Madison Turns Another Leaf Ch. 02

fetish GusBus77 2018-08-02

'Ever since she started to lactate, that's all John ever thinks about' she thought in her mind the moment she let Matt's mouth engulf her tits for the first time. Matt knew what was going on and saw Madison's eyes fill with silent horror as she was looking down at her body's natural release happening. "I know that Stacy, but it's like, shit, titty milk sounds kinda hot, like something I'd like to try out" Harrison said still pondering about the thought of seeing Madison and her bare, leaking breasts. Matt wasted no time in bringing his mouth over her left breast, the one which had already began the leaking and allowed a firm latch to seal and suck.

My brown beginning part 10

fetish sadie56 2018-08-02

Oh that old sink hole out back I will fill it with dirt later so it wont smell.Yes Thats a good idea Mrs Stevens said.He seems to take it well he certainly is a good little guy.Yes Most of the time he is said Mom. Can be a rascal sometimes though.I watched TV for awhile thinking Mrs Stevens will need to pee soon I hoped.Sure enough she had Mom show her where the commode was and she shut the door for privacy.2 Min. later she came out and patted my head as she went back to the girls and the sewing Mom said Donny dont forget to refresh the pot.OK MOM I will.I didnt want it to look like I was anxious.I went into the bedroom and pulled out the bucket it had a inch of warm pee and a couple tissues floating in it.I looked out the doorway to make sure i wasnt seen and tipped the bucket up and drank Mrs.Stevens pee all down even swallowing the toilet paper.

Panty trail for you to find!

fetish phantompantywanker 2018-08-02

My wife always slips a pair or two of her panties into my bags for me to find when I reach my accommodation, but this time I'm going to drop off some of my panty 'stash' that I've accumulated over the years at various way-points en-route. I often fantasise about parking up in a remote lay-by somewhere, and 'accidentally' allowing another male motorist to catch a glimpse of a bag full of my undies stash, perhaps in the boot of my car, striking up a casual conversation with them, the undies coming under discussion, comparing thoughts what men like to do with them, - would they like to try some, should we sit in the car together for more privacy, mmmmmm lovely cock - looks so good stretching my wife's panties like that - big purple bell-end with the transparent material pulled so taut over it, glistening pre-cum just oozing through...

Bagged at the Opera

fetish oggbashan 2018-08-02

"Drake," Irene said "I don't know if you can hear me, but I'm leaving you in my dressing room until I'm ready to let you out. Irene had imprisoned me, bagged me, gagged me, tied me, smothered me in petticoats and locked me in a laundry basket. Irene jammed the petticoats back over me, crashed the basket lid down and bolted it in place. She had tried her best to help me, and even stuffing me in a bag inside a basket of the chorus girls’ dirty laundry was to get me to change, not just for me, but for the success of the opera. When Audrey opened the basket again I was in the women’s chorus dressing room.

Sarah - Lung Hammer

fetish odnoha 2018-08-02

the plane," said Sarah, inhaling smoke from her cigarette "I need more smoke in my lungs, Tom," said Sarah. high-tar smoke into Sarah's lungs was highly intense. Tom said, "Let me light it, Sarah." He held the had lit three cigarettes, Sarah took an enormous drag from "OK," said Tom. He leaned over and gave Sarah a deep kiss, Sarah took several more long, deep drags and inhaled each that second cigarette," whispered Tom as they led Sarah to Phil led Tom and Sarah to a sleek, black limousine. want to smoke a lot of these cigarettes, Sarah." lung-filtered smoke into Tom. Tom inhaled all of Sarah's to get enough smoke." Tom pounced on Sarah for the start of

Michael and Elle

fetish Justbecause1011 2018-08-02

He lifts his head and says softly "Mine." He punctuates it with a thrust, "you're mine Elle." He crushes my lips with his as his hands slip under my hips, lifting me to meet his thrusts. I feel so cherished in those moments, when he kisses away all the hurts, licks me softly til I cum against his tongue and then cradles me in his arms as I drift off to sleep. "Hi honey" I murmur as his lips track across my cheek "how was your day?" I feel him smile as he pulls my hips against him, grinding his hardening cock against me.

BUNSNUB: Another Love Story Ch. 05

fetish NastyPierre 2018-08-02

Again the elevator was crowded with bold women, probing eyes and long nailed fingers that made my skin crawl and my cock drool. These women didn't need a spatula to serve me, I was a freshly opened baboon brain and they wielded their eyes like knives, forks and spoons. "I bet you're fuckin' in love with Ms. Handlesmen's hand Joey, aren't you," Ms. Rocksand butted in, continuing in sarcasm. "You know Joey," Ms. Rocksand continued, pushing another small spoonful of mush into my reluctant mouth. I'm talking from fuckin' experience." It seemed that many women at other tables were nodding their heads and I hoped it was because of me. You do understand that I'm doing this for your own fuckin' good," Ms. Rocksand said like my mom always had.

Greg's Surprise

fetish SensualCurves 2018-08-02

It was with immense amusement therefore, Sasha walked into the little coffee shop in town, knowing that Greg knew nothing about her.............. I mean, everyone outside can see Ma'am..." Greg's voice trailed off to a whisper as Sasha nodded and just smiled at him, well aware that her foot was now firmly planted in his groin and playing havoc with his cock and balls. Hurriedly, Greg rushed from the coffee shop in Sasha's wake, eyes locked onto those wonderful seamed nylons, encasing a shapely pair of legs, weaving their way into the hustle and bustle of the shopping mall.

Wife Discovers Husband's Fetish

fetish paul_kate 2018-08-02

I quickly flicked back to a picture of a girl dressed in school uniform, kneeling on the floor smoking a long cigarette, as some stud shot cum all over her face. Lighting a cigarette I inhaled deeper than ever, feeling my body relax as the thick smoke filled my lungs. As I fixed my eyes on my husband's cock, I watched it grow hard as I seductively painted my lips cherry red. By the time I took the last drag from my cigarette, the room was full with smoke and his cock was leaking pre-cum. His cock slipped out of my pussy and I could feel the hot cum dribbling out of my body.

Do you want to be owned ?

fetish BiBoiBitch 2018-08-02

As you lay your hands on your knees you tell me "The sweet scent of my juices will be like nectar to you. Gliding my tongue across the slightly parted outer labia I sense a slight shiver in your body. Taking a long lick across your labia, then flicking my tongue across your clitoris, the taste of your juices makes me ever more enslaved to your will. As my arousal increases I can feel my mind slowly slipping away. As your cunt muscles start to contract from your orgasm I feel a spray of womancum along my butt cheeks. As my body twitches and writhes I slowly feel my willpower fading away.

A Letter from My Sister

fetish rembrandt 2018-08-01

The last spanking you detailed to me in your previous letter (gosh, you sure go into describing them – I could practically feel my own bottom heating up reading it) brought back a lot of memories of my times over Daddy's knee. In fact, John spanked me on the Saturday two weeks before our wedding (when I was staying with you and Mum and Daddy, the day after we went out clubbing, sis). When John takes me across his lap, like Daddy, and spanks me on my (always bare) bottom, it makes me feel secure. He spanks me just like Daddy always did, corner time beforehand, stark naked, thinking about the upcoming punishment.

A Wife Pleases - I

fetish 2018-08-01

She thought for a few minutes and asked what I would think of that...I took her hand and laid it on my hard and she knew the answer immediately and indicated she would advise me if an opportunity arose to further investigate our friend and his adequate assets. A little later, while I was away on a military assignment (her dancing partner knew of my absence and again his wife was out of town on business), he called to see if he could spend some time with her, that he had enjoyed dancing with her and that with noone at his house and a good music system, they could do some "private" dancing.

My VideoChat Error Ch 13

fetish NaughtyOne88 2018-08-01

"Did you tell Roger to bring seven friends and fuck me without condoms so that I could be impregnated like he said?" asked Denise. "Why did you have me gang banged, unprotected, by eight black me with big cocks last night when you knew I was likely ovulating?" Denise half cried out as she sobbed while asking the question. "Yes Naughty," replied Denise dutifully, much like a child that was told to say sorry to a bully even though the bully was in the wrong. I don't want anymore big black cocks in me, ever," Denise said in a plaintive, childlike voice in between sobs.

Round 1- The mover

fetish xxxjaney 2018-08-01

He pulls my head so my ear is too his lips, *Shhhhhhhhh* "be good, I don't want to hurt you." He starts kissing and biting my neck and I can feel my pussy getting moist. I feel his big hand cup my boob as he starts to fuck my mouth harder with his dick. "You like sucking this dick, baby?" "Oh yeahh, and I love the way your cock tastes!" Grabbing the back of my head, he shoves his dick down my throat as far as he could and held me there while he pumped that big cock, making my gag on his big dick. cum all over this dick!" His cock slamming my pussy so hard, his balls slapping my clit!

Sex before karting.

fetish socklover7 2018-08-01

She noticed I was looking at her socks and she wriggle her toes more. As I got to the door she pulled me in. After I while I pulled her overalls off and started to lick her clit. She pushed my head away and stuck her socks in my face. She then ran them down my chest to my cock and started to give me a footjob with her amazing white ankle socks on. It felt amazing and she let out a huge moan. I kept pounding away until she pushed me back and said 'Cum on my socks.' I stood there and shot my cum all over her white ankle socks. She licked the rest of the cum of the tip of my cock.

First Thirst Ch. 05

fetish NastyPierre 2018-08-01

Colleen's head cocked to one side and she looked at me seriously. My hands found Colleen's skin soft and her body firm, but I took their freedom seriously, adapting quickly. I massaged Colleen's shoulders and rinsed them clean, then moved my hands down to her arm pits. When my hands finished rinsing each pit clean, they continued down Colleen's sides. Colleen knew just when to touch me and for how long. Colleen's body was warm and cuddly all over and I couldn't wait to fuck her. Colleen was mashing her breasts into me, causing the lather foaming between us. She was lathering her hands and smiling, while mashing her breasts together between her arms. Once sufficiently soapy Colleen scooped up her breasts and began washing them.

I Stole My Lady Tenants Tights Pantyhose

fetish CockBoy1970 2018-08-01

Also touching all this nylon and lace made my cock rock hard, not helpful at all at this moment in time,and then of all things to happen the doorbell rang i had forgotten about the delivery man and thought it was Katie, so defeated by the airer and clothes i knocked it back down hoping the ever increasing afternoon wind would get the blame and then had a brainwave of actually throwing a few items over the balcony.

Food for Thought.

fetish SuccubusDreams 2018-08-01

The village is a really boring place to live, granted it looks all picture postcard and yes the birds do twitter, believe me it gets boring pretty dam quick suffice to say me and the other twenty something’s put our glad rags on and take a taxi into the nearest town near enough every Friday night. Lifting my hand he motioned for me to rub it over me and his languid smile said more than words ever could, reaching upwards with my finger I spoke for the first time. For what seemed like forever nothing happened then I felt something against my mouth opening it up I was delighted to feel the gooey creamy texture of a cream cake, biting I chewed it slowly swallowing it before taking another bite.

Recurrent fantasy

fetish foolishboy 2018-08-01

Parting her wet lips I press my mouth hard against her, slowly starting to tease with my tongue, bathed in her sweet smell. Just holding my tongue there is enough, I can feel her starting to climax, her pussy twitching hard around my fingers. I bury my face even further and with each twitch I slide my tongue across her clitoris, making her ride out her orgasm for an age. The black woman sits on my stomach, sliding her pussy forwards and backwards, every now and again brushing against my penis head. I can quickly feel my balls tightening again and grunt loudly when the black lady finally slides my cock inside.

Julia's Discovery

fetish Carpe Diem 2000 2018-08-01

Julia sat at Robert’s desk, the large flat computer screen stared blankly back at her. A box appeared; ‘Please enter password.’ Julia had no idea and typed in Robert’s name. Opening this, Julia was met by a further array of folders each with a salacious title. She clicked on another which featured Robert now wearing the knickers which he was pulling to one side to free his stiff cock. I’ll post them this afternoon, so you’ll soon have them to sniff and wank over – I know how you like the taste of my dried up cunny-cream – this pair is especially juicy, I wore them for two days for you – hope you like the picture… Jane XXX’ There was an attachment entitled ‘Dirty Knickers’ which Julia opened.

Bondage Olympics Pt. 02

fetish sfsdada 2018-08-01

Katie felt a single tear drape down her eye as Rebecca clipped the collar across her neck and Mallory took and stretched the leash, letting all the flag fluttered across. "Damn Katie, booty bibs are trending, but yours looks super hot," said Rebecca, given her butt a playful spank. Katie was confused but then found herself turned around, exposing her handcuffed hands, butt, and booty bib to the camera, with Mallory and Rebecca still facing the camera. The photo was snapped and Mallory took the phone back and Rebecca quickly retook her leash with flags. "Time to go," said Rebecca, handing Mallory her bag so she could lead Katie towards the door.


fetish PhilippaMaQuente 2018-08-01

"Once the client enters the vestibule, he or she will interact with our new video interface before the door will open to let them into your chamber. "Should I let that vibrator finish you off, or would you like to feel my tongue drive you over the edge?" He climbed up into the bed and got between her open thighs. Thin red welts rose on her thighs, on her tits- he flogged along the insides of her legs, close to her pussy, and it sent her screaming over the edge at last. "Welcome!" she gasped out, still coming down from the orgasm she'd been given, "Please use my-" before she could even finish her greeting, he was on the bed, between her legs, already plunging inside.