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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Balloon Factory Pt. 01: Linda

fetish blowhyoooge 2018-08-01

Another deep breath, another big blow, and as the balloon grew in front of her eyes (it was purple, she noticed), her mind began to wander. The compressor was broken that day, and Linda and Ellen were inspecting a batch of Fun Time Balloons's new Play-Tyme 24" rounds. "Oh," Ellen said, "Well, in that case..." She took a deep breath and blew a big puffy-cheeked blast into her blue balloon. When Linda first got the job, Lester complained about the taste of latex on her lips and decided he didn't like kissing her. Now Linda had blown the purple balloon big and full, and leaving just enough uninflated to pinch it closed, she inspected the inflated neck.

Preggo Fun

fetish clarkbrian82 2018-08-01

She looked at me and said "can we have sex?" i looked at her and said "your pregnant can your have sex?" She said "yes sometimes it helps!" I thought what the hell my girl would understand after all i let her sl**p with another guy before. then she undressed me and said "be slow i'm very horny and want this to be the best!" I layed her on the bed and and cover her in my real fur blanket. I (like and idot) asked if she really wanted this to wich she said "yes please!" So i gave her my cock and filled her up she said "wow your as big as mia says*" I slowly fucked her nice and deep kissing as we went and talking dirty to each other.


fetish CarolineBenes 2018-08-01

I will spare you the details of two women hugging and saying banalities like "You look gorgeous!" and "I love what you've done with your hair!" (Well, actually, it was her who said those things, I mostly just smiled and made approving noises). I was considering wearing tights or stockings, but thought that tights would just be in the way and highly impractical, and stockings would look slutty and cheap, so I just put on a simple business-like skirt that ended a good deal above my knees, a jacket and white blouse. But the torture master proceeded to extend the thing by pulling out one of the funny stick's ends, and then again and again, and I realised that it was nothing more than a steel rod looking pretty much identical to an analogue radio antenna, like the kind we earthlings used in the 20th century.


fetish Girl Friend 2018-08-01

"O.k., but just a little bit of vodka and more orange juice." Layla said as Mr. Wilson once again went to get her drink. We could try some of the things in the movie and I am a mature older man who can teach you how to feel like a woman, Layla." Mr. Wilson said, surprising her. Now just sit back and watch the movie while I relax you." he said as he got down on his knees in front of Layla and placed his hand underneath her cheerleader skirt, pulled her white panties off and spread her thighs wide, exposing her pink swollen clit and making contact with his tongue, licking herr up and down.

Farm house Experience..I will never forget.......

fetish vanita 2018-08-01

He entered and saw Vicky's stiff hard cock all exposed and out of his shorts and standing tall and pulsating up and down. Rahul was giving the stiff cock slow long strokes and my hands were also fondling his balls and occasionally touching the cock at it's base. Suddenly we could see Vicky clenching his fists and his hard stiff cock tightening and shaking and spewing out huge squirts of thick white cream, high up in the air. Suddenly I could feel his cock vibrating and shaking deep inside my pussy and the hot thick cream inundating my inner folds....I lay quiet with closed eyes in his embrace as if my whole body had lost all it's strength.......

Cum Fetish

fetish hotchat 2018-08-01

As I jerk off I suck on the bubble and enjoy a constant flow of cum as I stroke to a great orgasm. By the time 79 guys have shot their load on you it is hard too find an area not covered in cum. Eating other guys cum ,of course, is the easiest and quickest way to enjoy large quantities of cum, so another alternative is the normal public park or public restroom. If I can get the girl to allow several guys to shoot their load in their cunt before I take my turn it is just absolutely great!!! Some guys like to cum as I deep throat their cocks but that way doesn't allow me to taste the cum very well.

Bad Housemate

fetish Piedmont722 2018-08-01

As I stood over her quite feminine naked body, her arms and legs askew, I couldn't help but think how a VHS or Polaroid camera would have been handy right now, but those toys remained with my ex-lovers, the photographic evidence of my own drunken nudity and nasty sex acts likely taped over or packed away in storage. Moving down her body, I then gently propped one of her knees up against the wall beneath the towel rack, separating her thighs and allowed access to inspect and palm her hairy, fragrant, recently exercised vulva as my other hand tugged and rubbed my clit under my long shirt, inside my panties Her inviting pink labia were thinner and more projecting than I expected - I guess I had assumed plump lips lurked between her legs to match her tits.

Pinky - Bowing Out

fetish mshsrfc 2018-08-01

The basis was a tight skirt of heavily lined pink satin with flat pleats all the way down the front that would hold the legs clamped together from hip to knee. The act of bending reminded her of the butt plug's presence, and she quickly snatched at tape measure and picked it up; the tension built up in hobble skirt, boots and the corset forced her back up too quickly and she stumbled heavily against the sideboard, struggling against the unfamiliar compression of her ribs to get her breath back. Walking quickly forward, she tugged at the laces and, spreading her legs as wide as the skirt would allow, she tipped forward on the ballet boot toes to increase the tension; the laces jerked through eyelets and Pinky gasped as the corset crushed her waist.


fetish wickedlittleelle 2018-08-01

It took the urging of two of her Sisters to move her from her kneeling position on the floor, where she'd been meditating as the Mother moved about the room, inspecting the girls, often reaching between their legs to check their wetness, squeezing their breasts to check their firmness. She knew many of her Chosen Sisters, who had already been through this process, would be reaching between each other's legs at this point, bringing each other to orgasm. She knew them to be the Mother's hands, as she'd felt them many times in the past few months, as each girl in the waiting tent was constantly brought to the edge of orgasm, as training for this moment.

Kendra and Rob

fetish rick_oh 2018-08-01

Just thinking about all her friends with cum-filed pussies and wanting the same kind of relief that Kendra gets regularly, made my cock harder still. "It would be so sexy if I could see you eat Cassie's pussy right after she's been fucked by her husband," Kendra began. Also serving to keep me aroused was the prospect of licking and kissing the pussies of Kendra's friends, and wondering what was going to happen with Lexie. The plan was for the girls to meet at our place and then go to dinner from there, after my initiating Cassie and Barb into the delights of having their sperm filled pussies licked, if they could manage to get laid immediately before.

A Conference Legacy Ch. 06

fetish barelegs 2018-08-01

Louise moved gracefully over to the bed, and, with typical poise, positioned herself effortlessly in the middle of the huge bed, lying with her arms folded behind her head and her wonderful long legs stretched out straight, positioned very slightly apart in a narrow V-shape. She closed her legs gently, trapping my right hand at the extreme end of its journey, my little finger resting against the warm and slightly damp crotch of her panties. I reached up to her waist, pulling her hips down gently towards me, my tongue lashing her beautiful bare legs, getting ever closer to her panties-covered crotch. I returned to the upper end of the bed, lying next to Louise, and running my hands along the full length of those lovely bare legs.

The Gold Digger Ch. 02

fetish carvohi 2018-08-01

On the cart was fried and scrambled eggs, toast, strips of bacon, sausage patties, a container of orange juice, a small kettle she presumed was either filled with hot water for tea, or, preferably, coffee, and a small bowl of creamers. Getting back up and turning her back to the cart again she got hold of a knife and fork and, backwards, managed to cut up the fried eggs. Carol wanted it a little hotter than she normally liked it since she expected to be in the tub a lot longer. She didn't know exactly how long she took in the tub, but it was long enough to start to feel uncomfortable owing to the drop in water temperature.

femdom 1

fetish spikedplats 2018-08-01

If I give you the pleasure of cumming at anytime you will clean up after yourself and if I want to to talk you will address me as goddess or mistress.” Again to prove I am at the point of doing whatever you want You tell me that this is the hand that jerked off the guy in the bathroom and you will lick it now...I did so to please you. you point and tell me” you know what to do and you're not stopping until I cum so get to work and you better a do a good job” Your pussy was so wet and tasted like heaven. Kneeling in front of my face you push the cock into my mouth and have me suck your pussy juice from the used cock and telling me how you are going to use me like a little slut.

Caught in the Laundry Room

fetish kebbyman 2018-08-01

That gave him plenty of time to root through Callie and Evelyn's dirty laundry looking for a pair or two of panties to sniff on and tease himself with so that his balls were nice and full when he and Callie went out later. She could hear his long intake of breath as he reveled in her scent and there was so much precum leaking from his cock that the little yellow pair of her daughter's panties he was pumping with was slick with it. Lance reached down and again started to stroke his young cock with his girlfriend's dirty panties only now he was doing it as her mother watched.

When Dave Met Sally Ch. 07

fetish inkman 2018-08-01

I was kneeling behind her with my multi coloured cock in front and erect, and I slowly pulled my foreskin back to reveal the shinny black tattooed dome, the ring that hung behind made a great contrast and gently but surely I entered her, I saw the rings disappear into her one by one, and then out again, just the sight on my ringed dick nearly made me cum, but again the sex was great, soon I was down between her legs giving her oral, I was licking her clit and sliding the steel balls over and over her, until she came, she said that the sensation was great, and soon she was giving me head, again I watched the rings disappear into her mouth only to emerge again a little shinier as the saliva helped brighten up the colour.

My first SPH experience!

fetish threeinchdicklett 2018-08-01

At this point i start getting very nervous, I think I was just scared of what she would think of my cock. She continued to laugh and when she grabbed her composure said, "Sweety did you actually think you were going to fuck me with that disgusting little thing?" I asked her if she really thought I was that small and she then laughed again. At this point I knew I wasnt getting laid and she even took pics of my dick with her phone so she could show all her freinds. Who would've thought all this started from a naive college k** thinking his 5 inch dick was satisfactory lol.


fetish 2018-08-01

I thought, for a fraction of a second, that it took too long to crawl, so I got up on my feet and started to walk: It must have appeared as if I was under the influence of large amounts of alcohol as I was stumbling towards her. Tammi moved to stand right beside me and stood motionless smiling by my side as my body started squirming from the intensity of the orgasm, which just kept building. At other times I couldn't help falling in love with this wonderful person who abused, but never used, my body for my own greater good, who really knew what strings to pull in order to push me beyond my limits.

Kelsey Needs a Ride

fetish Midnight_Man 2018-08-01

We make our way to the car and as we head out of the parking lot Kelsey tells me where she lives. I want to suck your big hard cock and let you cum in my hot little mouth." Somehow she must have sensed I was getting ready to cum because she released my balls and began stroking my cock again as she continued to suck. Her sucking finally brought me to the point of no return and hot creamy cum began to flow from my cock into her sweet little mouth. As I looked into Kelsey's eyes I told her I'd really like to return the favor but it would have to be some other time.

Midnight Showers

fetish WatchesYouCum 2018-08-01

Then, just as dream Rachel was reaching into his pants, Trevor began to wake up. During the time Trevor had been stroking and caressing Rachel in an attempt to wake her softly the pressure in his bladder continued to grow. As Rachel kissed him and worked his dick Trevor got lost in the moment. Rachel moaned and began thrusting in time with Trevor. As Rachel began to cum she squeezed Trevor firmly between her thighs, which promptly reminded him of how full his bladder had become. Sensing his struggle Rachel looked at him and moaned rubbing the piss that had hit her all over her breasts and began playing with her nipples. Rachel loved the warm feeling of her husbands piss and began playing with herself.

Brief Encounter

fetish Gazinlancs 2018-08-01

We humped together faster and faster, harder and harder, both grunting and moaning loudly, panting and sweating, cock fucking each other wildly in our underwear, our cocks grinding together hard as we thrust our hips together, pumping against each other, bucking and rolling around on the bed, our bodies locked together, frotting each other wildly as we both got closer and closer to climax, moaning "Ohhhh ooooohhh fuckkk, ohhhh, ohhhhh fuckkkk man!" Suddenly I felt his whole body go rigid, his back arched, he let out a strangled cry and I felt squirt after squirt of his hot jizz gushing inside my underpants, all over my cock, which immediately made me cum too, with

Mistress Tanya Ch. 01

fetish Palancar 2018-08-01

After a lot of deep thought and sleepless nights I answered an ad on one of them from a couple looking for a sub male. I told her that although I would lovingly worship her ass, I was not at all interested in anything to do with scat and that was a hard limit. I also told her that other hard limits would include severe beatings and punishment which resulted in actual injury. She said she had never peed in a man's mouth before but that the thought excited her. She told me she had been controlling her husband/sub's orgasms for almost 10 years now and had gotten very good at it.

Bush River

fetish dna27fog 2018-08-01

I wanted to see tears form in her eyes as she took black cocks in her mouth as she thought about how her family had said they would disown her for touching a black man. I wanted to see her crying uncontrollably as men called her a whore and took turns shoving their cocks into her. I told her to take the cock of the guy who was pushing it toward her face, and start to jerk it off. She was sucking their cocks, letting them lick her pussy and her nipples, fondle her tits, and almost anything they wanted to do. She was being fucked, sucking cock, and jerking guys off while letting them touch her anyway they pleased.

The Aguila Incident

fetish ViridianQS 2018-08-01

In Pyongyang she was taken to the Ryugyong Hotel, formerly a concrete shell for decades, now glistening with its finished glass exterior; the Kumsusan Palace to see the embalmed body of Eternal President Kim Il-Sung and former leader Kim Jong-Il; and the monuments on Mansu Hill – the elaborate detail of the people's revolution, and the magnificent bronze statues of Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il. It seemed that the military wanted to strong-arm their way into the tour by giving Veronica a tour of several barracks, numerous military parades and a chance to fire some weapons at a training range. Scanning the clearing, Veronica spotted the dark hair of Sunny partially obscured by a plane seat, laying some distance away from the wrecked cabin.

Discovering My Girlfriend Ch. 6

fetish Scotsdude 2018-08-01

Also I bought you this mini-dress but looking at you, you are too pigeon-chested." I heard the door slam. My mother came over to me and ground her old cunt into my mouth and pissed. Then my daddy let me drink his piss and suck his dick. We visit them regularly, where we have mass orgies, and I fuck my mummy mistress and my daddy. Daddy also now has breasts and wears women’s clothes full time like me. They spend the first night, and if they don’t leave after that, we spend the rest of the week converting them, after which, they leave a she-male like Jane and I; all of them are happy though.