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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Cathy's Sick Desire

fetish almostdead 2018-08-01

He coughed, cleared his raspy throat and said, "Oh and one more thing bitch, I'll want a cold beer waiting for me when I get there." And the third thing is, 'You can call me a fucking bitch or a fucking cunt, as long as you fix my fucking sink'. He took a look at the filth in the sink and said, I think it's going to be something simple, but you never really know with this things until you do a little digging. He got down on his knees and opened the cabinet beneath the sink, as he said, "You know something bitch; I asked you to wear something a little sexy and that's the best you could fucking do?

Sheri the Tourist Gets Used.

fetish Ravisher71 2018-08-01

Sheri offered, “What a country, you meet one guy at a bar, and the next thing you are talking about kinky sex and the possibility of being tied up and good knows what else!” I also bet you didn’t expect what is about to transpire – a thoroughly spanked ass that will almost certainly end up with my cock in it, a fist in your cunt, and your tits tied and used.” “Your tits look like they are going to explode Sheri, my, my, you turn up for a quiet drink in an Australian bar, and you end up with your tits tied up and a cock down your throat, ain’t life grand?” I asked rhetorically and in any case an answer was not possible as her mouth was fully occupied by my rigid cock.

Milk Sow Ch. 07

fetish InYourDreams 2018-08-01

Soon she would be reduced to pleading with him to take her down over and over again, allowing the machine to attach itself to her body, remorselessly being worn down, severing string by tiny string Ginny from all the routines of her once normal life, becoming increasingly focused upon her engorged breasts and the milk she was helpless to prevent collecting within them. Yet if the nights were unbearably hot, there was no relief for Ginny during the day as she heard Ben down in the basement tinkering on his machine, forging the new attachment that would come to dominate her cunt as surely and utterly as the cups had already dominated her udders. During the days Ben worked on the attachment, Ginny spent more and more time naked and she started to wear her leather collar permanently about the house.


fetish Hyperdebut 2018-08-01

Jenny closed her mouth and swallowed Allie's booger. Jenny swallowed the booger and once again made a face of disgust. Her boyfriend helped her to lift Jenny and position her in front of the armchair, facing to the left of it. Allie's boyfriend continued to stuff his massive dick into Jenny's fat throat. Allie's boyfriend moved Jenny and positioned her facing the armchair. Allie kicked it harder making Jenny scream louder. Allie's boyfriend and Allie lifted Jenny and moved her back to the side of the armchair. Allie stood up and looked at Jenny just in time to see her swallow down the disgusting, salty load. Jenny moaned and screamed before her pussy exploded, spraying hot juices everwhere.

Golden Showers in Black and White

fetish bigrimmstales 2018-08-01

"They often make each other hang on to their pee, like me being tied to the bed unable to go to the toilet," I said, struggling to contain my excitement at the thought of being made to withhold my piss for a long time then letting it out, preferably directly onto Indra's face. I wanted Indra to suck me off, releasing the tension, then I could even the score and attend to her piss-fantasies, which I was sure Karen would have encouraged knowing that slut (meaning it in the most affectionate of ways). I gave up trying to speak as two sets of lips took control: Indra over my mouth and Karen, the buxom West Indian, over my cock.

Our First Strap-On Story

fetish whitebottom1000 2018-08-01

She turned and walked to the couch and I couldn't help but admire her ass in those leggings and the image of her big black cock swinging from side to side. Amanda said with a little chuckle, but I didn't care, I was loving being on my knees sucking on her big black cock! As she got to the last sip, I felt her sit up and pull my lips off her cock, my face a little red and gasping for air after having that big black cock deep in my mouth as far as it would go! "Now I'm going to fuck that little white ass with this big black cock. "Listen to you moan just like a real white bitch, you love Daddy's big black cock huh?"

Life's Changes Ch. 08

fetish Scribler 2018-08-01

After we finished our breakfast Sandy came in freshly showered and dressed to meet the day and said "Thank you Sheri I really enjoyed Pam last night. But I really think I lover her, not like the love you and I have or that I have for Pam. But I do love her." Bill kissed my hand and said "After they heel try hanging these from their nipples they may like it if not you could use it as a form of punishment." I couldn't see how Bill and Pam could enjoy it but you never know. I want you to wear it so no one will think you're available." I saw a tear come to Pam's eyes the she said.

Suzette & Norma Ch. 1

fetish norma_gg2001 2018-08-01

You continue to lick my she-cock as I lubricate the fingers of my right hand and slide them between your ass cheeks. " Lisa looked Norma directly in the eyes as she cupped her breasts and then brought her wet red lips and tongue down to lick them. "Just looking at Norma like that makes me quite horny" continued Lisa, "how about you Suzy?" "It IS hot in here all of a sudden isn't it" laughed Suzette. Suzette was licking Lisa's big she-cock as it pushed in and out of Norma's pussy, teasing Norma's clit with every stroke. Suzette continued licking Norma's pussy as Lisa's cum oozed out. Then Lisa removed her cock from Norma's pussy and began to dress as Suzette unfastened Norma's ankles and wrists.

Just My Size

fetish pedicur8her 2018-08-01

Her nametag read Lyn, and she asked, "Is there anything I can do for you, sir?" As she cocked her head and looked up at me with liquid brown eyes, I thought I caught a mischievous glint. "Of course, sir," she said in a husky voice, "whatever the customer wants." Lyn walked over and planted her left foot on the edge of the chair between my legs, skirt pulled up to just below her knee. Lyn slipped her foot back into the shoe, rubbing her toes on the pre-come soaked head and then gripping my shaft firmly between her big toe and second toe. The sensation was incredible as my cock slid in and out of her shoe, trapped between her foot and the warm leather, her toes stroking my shaft.

From Weird to Eccentric

fetish Jaxon16 2018-08-01

Her dress rode up her legs, and she did not have a chance to pull it down before the barber caped her. Susan sighed seeing her hair fall onto the cape. Helen then proceeded to clipper Susan's neck and above her ears. "So, you found this exciting and easy to satisfy your desires." "Yes, from a physical and visual standpoint, but it was not exciting from a gaming perspective. Now, who is game?" Here was the chance for the fixer to rescue the ladies in distress. How about I make good for the other eight thousand, and you leave the ladies alone." I called the pit boss for a marker for 10 thousand.

Mystery Man

fetish Harvest1201 2018-08-01

One look from the eyes that pierce me thru your mask and my questions fall away, replaced by want. I can taste myself on you, so sweet...I suck you deeper, gagging myself as your dick rubs the back of my throat....I can hear you moaning for me, see the pleasure on your face as I look up at you thru my mask....I fucking love it. Your hands fisted in my hair, fucking my face, forcing yourself farther down my throat.....I can feel you stiffen as you get closer to release....I want to feel you blow all over me. I open my eyes-I want to see your face-but you're gone.

Cosplaying Yeina Ch. 03: Day Two

fetish qexiqex 2018-08-01

Jana's breasts suddenly looked like weird mushrooms! "Bob!" Tom shouted concerned, looking at the rotating breasts above him, "Be a bit more careful, please?!" Jana felt the rope again, this time Bob wrapped it around her whole rack in one big loop. But at the same time it was kind of interesting feel her own body in such a weird have no choice but to stay here, trapped, not knowing how her breasts even looked right now... Either you let some guy or some machine suck on your tits for, like, the whole fucking time for months, or you pop some pills. "What?" the Orcogre screamed, and then his strong hands bit deep into her escaping boobs and grabbed her hard, "Where do you think you're going?"

Getting a Haircut

fetish JHArchimede 2018-08-01

Her arms grabbed the chair arms and she pushed off of them so she could grind her pussy into my face, and finally she was shuddering as her orgasm hit like a wave, gasping for air she moaned like a lioness and came in 3 waves, each time I could feel her cunt tighten around my tongue and it was making my cock as hard as a rock. She went to the bottle of conditioner again and squeezed more into her hand and was now rubbing my legs again with is and moved to my ass cheeks, my ass was starting to feel like it was red now, but that just served to make my cock harder, and the swirl of her tongue against my head was making my cum well up like a volcano.

Eve and the garden ( A Fantasy)

fetish Jerry04 2018-08-01

Eve continued on her trip toward the stream the area she could hear the birds singing inthe trees, the wind over her named body cooling her, making her nipples erect as she walked through the brush toward the open area of grass by the stream she called "The Garden". The bodies rocking rocking fucking there bodies sweating rocking together as one, Eve wondered could this really be happening She wrapped her arms and legs around him for dear life wodnering when the ride would end, his huge cock shove deep inside of her, Eve was now crying tears ran down her face, part fear and part ecxtasy like she never knew exhisted.

The Science Experiment Ch. 04

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-08-01

The problem, as others viewed it, was that it remained a secure city and folk like Sumpter and Puller couldn't gain access by any means. Not wanting to be seen they climbed a fire escape and scaled the remaining section, eventually making their way to the roof of a three-story building that looked out over the active road and walks below. Puller gave his partner a high-five and said smiling, "We need to find a different truck to get out of here." It was Puller that found what he was looking for first – a truck bound for Moldova to pick up a load of paper products.

Girdle Problem

fetish Learningfast 2018-07-31

He was lying on the other hand but had it pressed against her thigh, feeling the strong fabric of the girdle and the spiral steel that ran down the side of her hip to the suspender just out of his reach. Both breasts, throat, tummy and groin until, of course, eventually, he placed his hand over the edge of the girdle and let his fingers rest upon her pubic hair and the smooth roundness of her mound. Her words excited him even more and he became extra sensitive to her body, the tightness of her vagina and its wetness, the firmness of her corsetry underneath him, the suspenders pressing against his thighs, and the smooth slipperiness of her stocking tops as he bucked and plunged and pulled at her insides.

A Date with Hitomi Tanaka

fetish Parmaklot 2018-07-31

Almost all day was spent contemplating cumming; I was afraid the second I saw the woman...or the tits, of my dreams, I would just instantly lose all control and ruin my pants. The ride wasn't long, and despite part of me knowing I needed to calm down, I couldn't stop myself from spending the whole time visualizing those humongous, heaving, goddess breasts suffocating my cock between them. My god, I was aching to explode for hours, but the prospect of Hitomi Tanaka actually acknowledging, of encouraging me to cum in my pants was too much.

Recreational Purposes

fetish the lady k 2018-07-31

Now that Keith was home, the longing Maggie had felt since he left for work that morning gave way to a feeling of excitement, a fluttering in her stomach and aching between her legs. Keith remembered the overpowering urge to reach out and touch her breasts, but every time he moved his hand, she gently pushed it away. Grasping his cock in one hand, Maggie guided it into her mouth, her fingers meeting her lips so they carressed him in one warm, fluid motion. “Mmmmm.” Maggie hummed as she sucked, causing her mouth and tongue to vibrate softly on Keith’s slick cock. Pinching her nipples, Maggie sprayed milk from the left breast directly into his mouth.

A Matter of Taste Ch. 01

fetish lilactwist 2018-07-31

I don't know what I was thinking, I mean I wasn't looking for an affair or anything, but being away from one's element and feeling kind of temporarily disengaged from the normal responsibilities does allow one to fantasize every now and then. A very relaxed hour later, we lay side by side in a cool quiet room on our towels, naked, slightly oily from the massages, on comfortable leather lounge chairs. Looking at a couple of Germans, fat and fleshy in another bath a few meters away, she changed the subject. "I think he likes to watch her undress," she began describing the pink fleshy couple, "then ask her to sit on his face and pee."

Fucked Part 1

fetish hornylioness 2018-07-31

He watched as I turned onto my stomach, my plump flesh pressed down on the tossled bedding, I pushed my body up on to my knees, spreading the distance between my legs enough to feel my pussy lips part, I could feel the heat and moistness escaping their entrapment. Then his fingers touched my parted lips, his fingers slipping across the swollen plump, spreading my lips, his fingers twisting, closing and opening as they began to enter. I moaned as his fingers began to slip deeper and deeper, my hot wet pussy contracting against the probing, his other hand grabbed my arse cheek and squeezed and molded the willing plump flesh. "yes, yes " I moaned, "yessssssssssss" my body began to rock, backwards and forwards making his fingers fuck me deeper and deeper.

Teased, Denied and Sissified Ch. 03

fetish subbieman 2018-07-31

"Hey - that feels really good but you could have done it before you put it on!" I said as my cock began to swell and strain against the cage. Well, girls don't have cocks and little sissies don't get to use theirs so you'll stay like this until I think you're ready to come out. You're going to watch me cum and get a little sissy training at the same time." She straddled my face as I licked her bare slit. I expect you to do it anytime I cum, but you're not done yet." She sat on my chest and put the dildo to my face, "my little slut needs to clean this too. Dressing like a sexy slut, licking my pussy, sucking cock, watching me get off.

Matthew's Journey

fetish manless 2018-07-31

In his email he said he lived in a small town in Alaska, so I felt there was no harm in writing him, and it would be good for me to put down on paper what I thought a slave should do for it's owner. A few more days passed and another of His emails, "Slaves do not have friends, does it have friends?" Although I had a couple of friends left from my marriage, I had not seen anyone in a few months as I was getting more and more enticed by this Man. I had sent him a list of things I would do, stated what I wouldn't do, sucked another Man's cock and now have my penis locked in chastity as per His desire.

My Story, Making a Maid

fetish Kary_M 2018-07-31

It all started quite innocently when on one occasion, Sandra, my employer left me a note to take the laundry from her washer and with a list of settings for the drier, what to fold and what to hang because she was running late and didn't want all her expensive things damage. I didn't want to breech my trust with Sandra by stealing her things and I didn't think the hour or so I had alone in her house after school would be long enough. As much as how great I felt wearing it I thought I'd better take it off before something happened to it, just in case Sandra wanted to take it back to the store.

Pierced Girl's Drunken Face-fuck

fetish fakename1221 2018-07-31

One day I went to an office and had to interact with this cute woman at the reception desk, with chunky eyeglasses and big curly sandy-brown hair. This seemed like a pretty direct invitation to take her home and fuck her. In this girl's case it was even better because instead of just holding her by her pussy lips, I could hold her by her piercings to spread her open. While we were making out, buck naked in the pitch blackness, I started gathering all her big curls in my hand on top of her head, like a cheerleader's pony tail. I fucked her little pierced pussy from behind, busted a nut and went back to sleep.