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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Niece pt 2

fetish wsgy411 2018-07-31

Brianna lookedout the window from the trunk andlaughed, "He looks like a 10-year-old waiting inline." The f****yall turned tosee Peter throw a tantrum over how long the line was. "Alright k**s, let's go." Meg, Chris, and Stewie cheered as Brianna climbed out from the trunk. Brian and Brianna walked intothe guest room that was normallylocked byChris's room. It's not like-"Stewie gasped looking at Brianna and then backat his friend, "Oh youdirtydog." Brianna walked out of her room as Stewie flipped off Brian. Peter and Lois were in the living room watching one of their shows as Meg and Chris on the floor deep in thought playing Battleship. Yeahmy Uncle Peter and Aunt Lois took custodysoI'm living with them now." Brianna answered.

Milk Does A Body Good

fetish tasteywhenwet 2018-07-31

I watched the look of contentment wash over you and I also watched as your cock became alive once again as you nursed from Karla's breast. I slide it over your cock and instruct Karla that its once again time she feel the pleasure of a man in her pussy. As you withdraw from her I dive in to get the taste of her sweet pussy juices before pulling the condom off and licking your cock clean. Karla's start dripping milk once again and she announces that it's time for your 4a.m. feeding. Just as you are about to start on the 2nd breast, Annie starts crying from the other room and Karla pulls away from you and laughs as she says, "It's the baby's turn now sweetie.

Path to Redemption Ch. 02

fetish Duke567 2018-07-31

"A few more edges and then I'll let you suck my pussy." Her stroking had me close to the edge, then she gave me 2 quick pumps and took her hands ways. I love you too." Kate moved over and lie down beside me, she held my cock in her hand. Kate lovingly rubbed some cooling gel onto my swollen balls, then started to gently rub my already mostly hard cock. Your cock looks so sexy in that cage!" Kate, still straddling my thighs, started stroking her pussy under her matching panties. "Please, I need you now!" Kate grabbed my encased cock, and started massaging my balls, rolling them back and forth in her fingers.

Hair Slave Training Ch. 03

fetish Raool 2018-07-31

Lorri slowly began taking her clothes off, letting them drop to her feet. Suddenly his hand spread her legs apart roughly, her knees banging the sides of the tub. he shoved another glop of the stuff in and forced her mouth closed and held it. A handful of ice cream was shoved up her ass, the shock made her body spasm. She could feel the ice cream melting in her pussy, flowing and dripping down her legs. He shoved a handful of solid ice cream against her left nipple, the pain shot to her armpit and she spasmed. Lorri stepped out of the tub, turned the water on, she would need to have very hot water to help cut the honey.

April's Dilemma Ch. 02

fetish S_Valasco 2018-07-31

April was sure that if she didn't find a cock to suck soon, the blemishes would return, And she had to sit and listen to Melissa talk so casually about meeting a man and giving him head... Of course, if the next happy hour was a week or two or three away--and it wasn't like they were planned out events--April would have a face full of ugly blemishes that would pretty much ruin her chances to meet someone new. If that meant somehow conveying to strange men in bars that she wanted to suck their cocks and swallow their cum, then she better get busy figuring out how she was going to make it happen.

BUNSNUB: Another Love Story Ch. 02

fetish NastyPierre 2018-07-31

She was about thirty years old, a stunning red head with flashing blue eyes against pastel pink skin. Since meeting with Ms. Monroe my life had been moving through a world of exploding passions and Ms. Handlesmen was a fitting corollary. "You need to understand some things Joey," Ms. Handlesmen continued. I expect you to act like a grown up, so strip down or walk out that door now and never come back," Ms. Handlesmen screamed while slapping both her hands down flat on her desk. Though I was bitterly embarrassed and couldn't keep my eyes from shooting about the office, between the pictures and thinking of the money, my shaking hands went for my trousers button.

Trash Talking

fetish mutterguffin1 2018-07-31

Her eyebrows bent in disappointment at my answer as she said, "I was thinking more along the lines of a good hard fuck right about now. Go ahead you fucking bastard, lick my cunt and ass hole with that nasty American tongue of yours you piece of shit." You owe it to me for making me miss my appointment you fucking ass hole." In fact, I'm gonna fuck every crevice I can find on your body and you will just have to take it like a good little wench won't you? You want me to fuck your cock with my ass hole? If you don't stop squeezing my dick head with your ass hole then I'm going to blow your ass off like a shot gun."

Christian's 2nd Date with Emily

fetish XXNoraJeanXX 2018-07-31

"So, tell me more about your work?" Christian heard Emily ask. "Would you like a glass of wine instead of that water?" Christian asked, hoping the wine might loosen her up a little. They like to sleep at night." Emily batted her big green eyes at Christian. Why is your body still producing milk, and enough for not just one baby, but two?" Christian felt a little weird about this revelation. "Is the breast-pump the only method to get the milk out?" Christian asked mischievously. Emily's bandage looking bra was different and this intrigued Christian like no swatch of lace ever had. Emily seemed very self conscience about this, but Christian was very much turned on by the leaking milk-filled tits before him.

The Milking Herd

fetish StoryTeller07 2018-07-31

Hearing the cows making a contented noise in the barn meant it was milking time. The sight of the cows being milked, with their large teats being pulled upon, was slightly arousing. With eyes half closed, she watched the milk from her breasts being sucked up a pipe into the machine. It feels much better now, doesn't it?" he asked, while pulling the t-shirt back over her breasts. She was away in dreamland, with her breasts being milked, when he fitted a feeder into her mouth. She would need some exercise, though most of the time she would be kept in a stall, for regular milking throughout the day. Rob watched the modified cattle trailer pull away, to slowly wend its way down the farm track.

Morning Routine at the Mansion of My Misstress

fetish heatherlingerie 2018-07-31

I get more turned on because not only did he wake up very happy, but I know that this beautiful cock which tastes like a mixture of leftover salty sweat, slightly bitter cum and the delicious juices of my Mistress will deposit into my ravenous and eager mouth an enormous load of cum. I curl up on my little bed feeling like such a dirty little girl and aware of every inch of the delicate lingerie on my skin and the sumptuous taste of his cum in my mouth and then I allow myself to daydream of the day to come in anticipation of her waking up.

Shopping for Latex

fetish Mooseman516 2018-07-31

I moved up and took his length in my mouth and started to suck and flick his cock with my tongue, feeling his orgasm build in his balls. I'm on my knees in a sexy red PVC Mac with a lovely thick black cock in my mouth while Suzi kisses Matt, tongues flicking in each other's mouths. It felt good to rub my shaft alongside Matt's and very horny to look in the changing room mirror and watch my wife suck another man while we are all dressed in leather and PVC. Once I had recovered I sat beside Suzi on the sofa and took Matt's prick into my mouth and between us Suzi and I gave him one hell of a blow job, sucking his balls, licking his shaft and taking as much of his length into or mouths.

Searching for Mummy Pt. 01

fetish vajrapani 2018-07-31

I wont bore you with it all,reader, but my therapist suggested I should stop trying to be something I am not in my personal relationships, and to cut a long story short, and following my overcoming the depression, I ended up visiting dominatrices and escorts looking for play nursing experiences and so on. I found that I was more like a little boy- in some ways babyish, in others more advanced, consciously wanting to please, but willing to accept that I might not be able to, and not wholly dependent on my mother-substitute in the way a baby might be.That meant it took time to find the right lady- and to some strange experiences along the way- not all of them terrible, by any means, but not always hitting the right note either.

Dinner night dirty knickers/panties

fetish johnnjohnn666 2018-07-31

As we met she introduced herself "hi I'm emily, your girlfriends next door neighbour." the whole time we were chatting I couldn't help look at her body in her dress and was aware that my gf was away chatting to someone else so I could really enjoy a perv. Once I'd picked the ones I wanted I quickly got my cock out and sat on her bed, smelling her pussy and arse on the thong literally made me cum in about two minutes, into the sweaty damp pair. The best bit was, her my gf and all their colleagues were going to work in the morning and I would be left with an opportunity to go back into her room and smell the knickers she was wearing right now!!

To Pee Or Not To Pee

fetish Van999 2018-07-31

I soon found out Lisa liked to talk, which was fine with me because four hours is a long drive, I realized, and having her along would certainly make the time go faster. "Do you think the stranger in the Jaguar would like it if I took off my skirt?" Lisa asked softly, "Would it excite him?" "Yes, he likes it a lot," I said, looking at Lisa, then back at the road. "Good," Lisa continued, "Now, I think I would ask the stranger to undo his pants and take his cock out, so I could see it as I played with myself."

Panty Fetish

fetish Graham54 2018-07-31

I reached round to undo her bra strap but just before I got there Lucy, amongst moans said "No baby." "Now I know how much you love this underwear so..." Lucy pulled down the left cup of her bra, "...I want you to cum in here..." then the right cup "...and here." My hand went to my cock again but as I started Lucy said "I want to give you a bit of help with this one" Lucy can tell how close I am to an orgasm, so as my eyes closed and I moaned louder, her hand slipped through my legs and came to rest on my arse.

Beach Buff

fetish Rings3 2018-07-31

Di pushed against the back of my head and wriggled, I n\knew what she wanted, this little bitch like a little pain as well, I bit down on her erect clit, holding it between my teeth , I shook my head and pulled away from her till her hand stopped my head, but she was getting close, I could feel the shiver in her thighs as I shoved the tip of my tongue into the tiny opening of her pee-hole.

Hookers Ch3

fetish panteeluvr 2018-07-31

She then sucked me and got me hard and just as I was gearing up to cum she stopped and asked me if I liked having my butt licked! I still had her dried cunt juice all over my little dick and pubes, and decided I was going to humiliate some poor hooker by licking me clean! I reached back and grabbed her head and pulled her face into my fat ass telling her to lick it good! She started licking as I moved her head up and down the length of my ass crack, rubbing her face in my dried up filth! I turned around and looked at her and she just sat back on her knees with my liquid shit running down her face and just stared off into space!

Teen Cigar Slut jenny

fetish SkipTracer 2018-07-31

Smoke seeping slowly from her slightly open mouth as she raised her hands to her pert young breasts rubbing them through her blouse, still looking up at me with those gorgeous blue eyes and occasionally dragging on the cig still between her lips and exhaling slowly through her nose. This only served for me to fuck her even more relentlessly and she even grimaced slightly in pain, but as that subsided she soon began to spasm on the end of my stabbing dick as the walls of her cunt contracted around me, her screaming wildly in orgasm, I very quickly pulled out of her and dragged her from the desk to the floor where she knelt open mouthed licking her glossed lips and puffing the cigar blowing a constant stream of hot smoke as I furiously jacked off my throbbing dick.

Norwegian Petticoat

fetish oggbashan 2018-07-31

"I have been coming to Silverbridge for so many years, and playing football with the Vixens as well, that I thought I was a local" said Brigitta. "Talking about Valkyries reminds me of the story I'm going to tell you." said Brigitta "You all know, of course, about the Valkyries' swan dresses ..." However in parts of Norway, even in my town in modern times, some young men still believe that if they can steal a girl's white night-dress then she will fall in love with him. "So is night-dress stealing for us." replied Brigitta "But when I was just 18 I was due to come to England as part of the adult education college choir and a young man - I'll call him Hans which isn't his name - was also going.

A Weakness for Dominant Bitches

fetish smutnut 2018-07-31

She found my throbbing hard on and started stroking me and it was all I could do not to squirt right then and there, but I held back, and then she was taking off her own pants, kicking off her shoes first and working her jeans down her legs and off, and off came her panties, pretty sexy pink panties and she was pulling me on top of her and guiding me inside, and I was breathing heavy because it was the greatest feeling in the entire world ever and I think I started pumping my hips and I suddenly realized why they called it humping and I only got in a couple of pumps and then I couldn't take it any longer...

Lingerie Does Make the Man Ch. 02

fetish lingerielover 2018-07-31

When the game got over and it was getting late, so I thought I would stick my head in the door and tell my wife that I was going to bed. She started to ask me to get off, but I reminded her that I was in charge and she was going to have to feel how wet she got me when she squirted. Now you know what your pussy feels like after I have cum inside of you when you are all wet from squirting everywhere, I told her. We finally got to bed around 2 a.m., and before I fell asleep my wife leaned over gave me a good night kiss and told me I could dress in lingerie more often if we could have nights like we did tonight.

My Fetish For Panties Ch8

fetish panteeluvr 2018-07-31

I do want to share two experiences that happened to me using that chatline, although I did get a lot of dirty panties, the norm was girl come up to car, hand me baggie, I hand over cash and she's gone, not much said! She gave me a sly look and said "You told me you liked them real dirty so I wore those for 4 days without showering." The sk**marks on them were HUGE, and although I could smell her raunchy pussy on them as well it was her ass sweat that dominated my sense of smell!

Step-b*****r's Torture

fetish LittleMissFart 2018-07-31

"Well get a good whiff of it, maybe it'll linger around you long enough that you'll remember to never come into my room again without asking and you won't look at me getting dressed again!" I told him sternly. "Oh well, think that's all for now, but I'm going to keep you tied up to my bed 'til mum gets back," I told him, "I got a long day ahead, but I'm sure you'll find something to do to occupy your time spent laying there, afterall you wanted to be in my room so bad, you can stay here all day!" So with that, I poked my butt into my bedroom, making sure he's getting a good eyeful, and let out that last fart before swiftly closing the door, trapping my smelly gas in the room with him.

The Scent Factory

fetish Seabug 2018-07-31

The lack of privacy was one thing in an apartment full of guys, but if Hayley's other roommates were also high school girls it was an entirely different matter. In his mind's eye, he was lying on his back on that bed in the privacy-free apartment, the innocent-looking blonde schoolgirl above him, her thighs either side of his head, gently depositing her panty-clad pussy onto his mouth and nose. Zoe was just as sweet as Hayley in her way – but she seemed more expressive, more confident, and revealed more about their intentions than the other girl by her body language alone – she was really trying to catch Jack's interest.