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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Fun with Stephanie & Mark Ch. 02

fetish Raze18 2018-07-31

Mark stepped behind Stephanie and rubbed his cock over her ass and pussy until she was dripping wet and begging to have one of her holes fucked. While she took this massive load, the man's cocks behind her kept fucking her hard, making her come splattered tits sway back and forth as the semen dripped down her body. The cocks in her pussy and ass continued to fuck her deeply and Stephanie felt herself come hard. As Stephanie worked over the cocks at her head, the dicks pile driving her were fucking her deeply and she felt the cocks swell up before dumping huge come loads in her pussy and ass.

Sex Toy Sales Girl

fetish tomthumper 2018-07-31

My cock, long and hard, with a giant swelling head was pointing right at her like prime pussy detector. "How to look so innocent they won't hardly have a chance." She blinked her eyes through her big black glasses and shook her head back and forth to let her pig tales gently whip my chest. "Still so big." She trailed the fibers across my chest and then slowly began to whip me, letting the threads curl round my dong and then tugged it free - again and again and again, till I was panting and sighing with every lashing. " should start small and work your way up, but I feel like I need to show you exactly what kind of pleasure your girl-friend is getting." She stroked my quivering long-john.

Netflix and Chill

fetish darkromantic1975 2018-07-31

She must be horny, she had broken up with her boyfriend over a month so she was at least sex starved for a month and a hot piece of ass like her should be getting it regularly. Ashanti: I only have a thong and you would see everything if I sent a picture now xxx Ashanti: You got a big cock for a white boy. Ashanti: Wow. That cock looks amazing. Ashanti: Most boys want some chill when they ask a girl over. She said, "I want to netflix and chill with that big white cock. I started spanking her ass and she moaned like a good black slut.

Chastity & Humiliation

fetish SlaveJ 2018-07-31

Nancy stood facing away from me and Lisa handed her the end of my belt after feeding it in-between her legs. She leaned forward giving me complete access to her ass and pulled hard on the belt, forcing my face and tongue deep into her anal canal. She laughed as she told Nancy, " His cock is hard, looks like her enjoys licking your ass while I beat him." Then the women changed places and I was forced to lick Lisa's ass while my wife whipped me. She placed her pussy on my lips with the command, "Open your mouth." She pulled my face into her cunt and let it's contents drain into my mouth.


fetish 2018-07-31

You straddle me, put Your arms around my neck and lower Your pussy onto my cock, just allowing the tip into Your wet sweet pussy, You begin to kiss me but then without warning, slap me again saying "Who the fuck are you to stick your dick in Me?" You walk behind me and release my hands, remove my blindfold allowing me to see you bald pussy directly in front of my face "Ok bitch this is your only chance to not have blue balls tonight, you have 60 seconds to cum, GO" I grab my cock but You distract me by pushing Your pussy in my face, completely stopping me from wanking my aching cock.

Tammy's Panties

fetish pantyperv 2018-07-31

Do you like the way my panties feel on that little cock of yours?" "See I knew you would enjoy it you little sissy!" just hearing those words come out of her mouth and the combination of her panties on my body was making my dick ache! "See now we both know what it feels like to wear panties." Seeing her in that little sexy string bikini was doing a number on me. Tammy began moaning with pleasure and said, "for a little panty boy you sure know how to eat pussy! Our double dates continued and neither Maria nor mike seemed to let on that they knew anything about the laundry room ordeal.

Stockings & Sambucca

fetish Rhon1768 2018-07-31

You can feel my hands sliding down over your shoulders now... I take your wrists in my hands and slowly walk you to the centre of the room. You watch as I attach one end of the smooth material around your wrist... raising one arm at a time, I attach the other end of the stocking to the chandelier. taking your hard cock in my hand I lean over and slide my tongue gently over the head... I want to toy with you a little tonight... I stand up and slowly remove my panties... your eyes are watering a little... and as I pull away I can feel hot spurts of your cum hitting my ass...

Ms. Marca Ch. 22

fetish Ms. Marca 2018-07-31

Letting his big wrinkle hands roam at will across my sexy body, touch my brown nipples, pull my pussy lips open and insert his fingers, his tongue, his Dick inside my pussy was a real rush! Without warning, Chad pulled his cock away from me, leaving me there, on my knees, my mouth still shaped into an obscene "O", like a fish gasping for oxygen! I thought the pain would make me pass out, and I had a sex- crazed Old man, the size of your average NFL linebacker, shoving an eleven-inch cock into my pussy. Please!" He continued to push against my dry ass hole with his rock hard cock!

The Encounter

fetish venus_can 2018-07-31

As I sat at the bar, waiting for Nelly, I was hit on many times by guys. As soon as we reached the room, I took my top and skirt off, exposing my pink pussy lips to Nelly. I lay on the bed, my legs spread wide open, allowing Nelly easy access. She had her breasts done some time ago, but was still waiting to complete the transition. From what I knew, Nelly was a complete woman, but for this minor problem. While I moved up and down the pole, I played with her nipples and kissed her over and over again, until I felt her climax and discharge her cum deep inside me.

The Classroom Foot Boy

fetish pussylickerlovespanties 2018-07-31

"Robert," She said, "Do you know the answer to question 14B?" I continued to look at the two girls feet for a moment, and then brought my head up to say, "Umm... I froze for a moment then whispered, "Ok!" The last few hours of the day went by much too slow because of my fantasies about Caroline and Hailey's perfect feet, but then finally the day was over. I got down on my knees and began to sniff, lick, suck, and stare at their large, perfect feet. I began sniffing and licking the perfect pussy and then I felt Hailey's feet stroking my pulsing cock.

Fucked in the Backyard by Wendy

fetish fossie123 2018-07-31

I took a deep breath and relaxed, Wendy patted me on my ass and said "good boy" One hand on my hip and the other holding her cock she lined her cock up and pushed, I was so excited it just slipped in. When Wendy's hips hit my butt she pulled hard and I heard her let out a moan, she shudder and her hot cum washed down my ass, she kept giving me these short little strokes that were hitting me just right. She sensed I was close and started giving me long hard strokes that made her hips slap against my ass and push me forward.

Fucked In Balenciaga

fetish Desiremakesmeweak 2018-07-31

The electric starter system went into high drive and the plane began moving, turning around to the right first, and then rolling a short way up the taxi-ing lane before stopping briefly, until the turbines were spinning into gas compression velocity, quickly screaming the aircraft forward with urgency and intensity, and then faster and faster until the big wings lifted the plane's wheels off the ground, and we went up, up into the sleeting darkness, undercarriage methodically whining back into fold-in position, and the in-cabin sound-baffled take-off roar now changing to a soft hum.

Txt or Dare: 1x01

fetish XianLai_XianChi 2018-07-31

*What do you want me to be wearing?* *I didn't say I was going to play* *I dare you to take off all your clothes, leave them upstairs, and go down into the basement.* And knock on my bedroom door each time you pass it.* She didn't send a text for several minutes, and then I heard footsteps on the stairs, followed by a knock on my door, and then her own door opening, closing, and at last opening again. After she knocked on my door, I waited until her steps were descending the stairs again, and I peaked out. *Alright.* She came upstairs again, and this time I recorded all her movements. I waited a few moments and the descended the stairs quietly, not making a sound.

AdDICKed Cuck Ch. 02

fetish Anal Slave 2018-07-31

I'm jacking my cock when Linda tells me to get on my hands and knees next to my wife. She than has me hold the dildo in my ass and I get down under both of them, so I can suck on my wife's loose cunt while Linda fucks it. My wife started off by saying that if I was going to be her bitch that I needed to douche my ass-pussy. I couldn't believe I watched my mother-in-law fuck my wife. When the wife is on the rag, she calls it boys night, she likes to see us get in a 69 position with us sucking each other's cock.

Surprise Surprise Ch. 4

fetish Sobek 2018-07-31

I walked to the trunk and began to grab bags as well, when my arms were full, my mother pick up her purse off the ground where she had sat it and started toward the house. I loved the feeling of it that deep in my throat, but as I tried to do the swallowing action like Anna was doing, I began to chock and pulled off quickly. So around 11:00 am Anna, and I began to help my mother and sister start putting things in the car and Anna made then up a nice plate of food to take home. She open the car and Anna had started walking back toward me, mother lowered her glasses enough to look over the top and said.

A Strange Encounter

fetish HunterShambles 2018-07-31

A new round of snapping twigs saw Colin's sister Sue appear, she threw her coat with the others and hung her bag on a "hook" that was free. Sue climbed onto the vanity unit then arranged herself so her pussy just sat over the sink, she placed her legs either side of the basin. "Where does the piss come out," he asked entranced by her pretty pink vulva , he licked back and forth, Sue felt the rush of her orgasm. Twenty minutes later showered and dressed, he went to his room and tried to concentrate on his book, but all he could think of was Sue naked and pissing into the hand basin, him licking her and the amazing site of her opening like a flower as he did so.

Ruth and Wendy Pt. 02

fetish JenniferWilson 2018-07-30

As the two boys reluctantly left Ruth looked at Wendy and said,' Well that was a bit of fun don't you think?" and with that eased of her shoe and raised her leg to bring her toe up to Wendy's soft mound still moist from the attention of David's fingers. She wriggled her toes around Wendy's crutch easing the latex panties into the soft slit of her pussy and Wendy took hold of Ruth's foot and helped it ever so slowly massage her slippery mound, around and around, in and out until Wendy's thighs stiffened and closed together to clamp Ruth's foot as she climaxed with a big smile on her face. She placed her hand on her mound and slowly massaged it, feeling the love juices slurp around under the latex panties and wishing she could service Ruth now rather than later.

Never Too Much Pregnancy Ch. 04

fetish ZotDragon 2018-07-30

Before Wendy could have me hard enough to penetrate even the hottest, soggiest pussy Lydia practically dove between Justine's legs and started feasting on her pussy. Wendy inched back and leaned against Justine's chest, taking my wife's big nipple into her mouth and sucking off the now free-flowing milk. Both women pushed me away so that Lydia's tongue could replace my cock in Justine's cunt. As hard as Justine worked on my prick and as much as I wanted to fuck Lydia, I couldn't achieve enough of an erection. The last image I saw was Wendy joining Justine between Lydia's upraised legs as they both feasted on the cream pie I left behind for them.

Timmy Stiles Ch. 06 Pt. 1-3

fetish Franco Pauli 2018-07-30

Her body shivered slightly as she recalled the first time he stuffed that huge cock of his deep into her “hot black ass.” She laughed, thinking how much he loved that phrase, which was now his exclusive reference to her lovely bottom…in private of course. Terra moaned and rolled forward onto her knees, pulling away from Veronica, but quickly slid back and ground her ass into the slut’s eager mouth. He kneeled and slid his hands under Terra’s hips, lifting her away from Veronica, then pushed his slimy cock into her whore’s mouth, thrusting the cum-coated, shit streaked shaft deep into her throat. “Oh …yesssssssssssssss…fill my dirty ass with hot piss, Master.” Veronica felt the hot liquid begin to drip onto her face and hungrily opened her mouth wide.

Fay Ch. 01

fetish rmlooker 2018-07-30

She personally did not like to wear any of the arms and left all three at the hospital most of the time when she went home. Fay got her forearm crutch, put her left arm through the ring and took hold of the handle. As it turned out he needed to do both movements to get the arm to clear the table and then he could move his stump towards the object he was to move, move his right shoulder and open the hooks, move them into position and slowly let them close and grasp the object!! Margo wore her prosthetics all the time and she walked into the PT room and greeted Fay. They went to work working on arm movements first.

Cumming on my cousin's toes

fetish 2018-07-30

As I looked out the window I noticed her drying off, and figured she was likely coming in the house to use the bathroom or something like that. She came in the house, and walked right to the bathroom I was in and was greeted by myself naked with a rock hard boner in my hand. She had never seen a hard cock in person and was very interested in the idea of watching it cum. As i stared at her beautiful nipples which were hard from the cold pool water I blasted my load. She stopped me and said she could do it and used her fingers to wipe it off and kind of stared at it for a second, checking out the texture.

Jo's Dark Secret

fetish CHARLOTTEOZ 2018-07-30

Swallowing her come, I was suddenly aware of the strange situation I found myself in with renewed clarity - here was Jo, my own beautiful long blonde Jo, the Jo I had dreamed and fantasised about for the last several weeks, half naked on my sofa, her small delicate hands wrapped firmly around my cock, and she’d just come, hard, right in my mouth! I could feel Jo’s hard cock pressed into my belly, and her hand slip down and begin to masturbate, as I slowly and fully fucked her beautiful arse. Jo sensed the time was right, and we began to slowly reach a simultaneous climax, until at the final moment, all motion stopped and I felt myself pumping hard into her bottom as a hot sticky sensation flooded between our two bellies.

Our Help Ch. 02

fetish thonglick66 2018-07-30

Have a go yourself, Babe," I said, handing the used knickers over to her as I watched the Cunt, Michelle, grow red again, her face scarlet from where Louise had slapped her only a few moments ago. Louise took in several deep breaths while holding the knickers to her face, her nose drinking in the scent of Michelle's cunt as she did so. As we pulled out of the carpark and turned onto the main road, Louise told the Cunt on the back seat to finger fuck herself but not to cum. Looking at Michelle's face covered in her piss, Louise proceeded to slap her across the cheeks as she was reaching her own orgasm again.

Tempted by b*****r (Part 3 out of 8)

fetish 2018-07-30

I carefully tiptoed to it, grabbed the shirt and quickly got back under the covers. He grabbed his beautiful, long, hard cock in his hand and started stroking it. But I kept starring at his cock through my lashes, now that he wasn’t stroking it, I could see it twitch and pump. But I resisted the tickling, and the tingling sensations in my pussy, and my own desire to push his hands of his cock, and claim it as my own. So I started tossing and turning pretending I am feeling discomfort. Finally my body calmed down from all the tossing and turning, and I quickly fell asl**p, having wet dreams for the next 3 hours.