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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Just for Her

fetish HerFirst 2018-07-30

Adjusting her legs slightly, she slowly moved the dildo inside her while her breasts brushed and bounced against his face. She'd told him that she didn't like the chastity cage and preferred his cock to any dildo, but that didn't seem to stop her from giving him what he wanted without hesitation. He was tempted to tell her to stop, for god's sake, but it already felt too good as she snapped the bottle shut and began to rub him everywhere: tugging gently on the cage, rubbing his thighs, rotating his balls in her fingers, even reaching into his asshole with a slippery finger. Her hands were everywhere but where he needed to be touched and the frustration his cock felt was causing waves of chills throughout his body.

Fantasy Control

fetish JohnnyRose 2018-07-30

I glide my hands down your thighs to your knees making your body quake and your breath shudder. I begin to massage your chest with one hand and pull back the gag on your mouth. You moan into my mouth and your hands manage to find my thigh and you nails dig into me. Sitting up I slide my hands under your knees and lift your legs straight up. Letting your legs rest on my shoulder I shove my hands under your panties and slide them up. I lean down to kiss and trace my tongue along your collarbone while I reach my other hand under your shoulders. You break from my trance, twitch and look behind you, and I slide a finger from my right hand inside you.

At the wedding

fetish sonambulistscat 2018-07-30

Naked and with a woman in curlers wearing a pink satin housecoat and holding a cup of tea staring at me .Stil half cut i wobbled to my feet and tried to think of something to say . The feel of the soft cotton over my cock and the lace rubbing at the base wit every stroke had me spurting in close to 30 seconds . I was just about to get in the shower when i heard her shout up from somewhere down stairs that she had cleaned up my clothes as best she could in short time and there was a taxi booked for me in an hour to get me home and ready for the wedding.

Tribute to my Ex-Wife

fetish 2018-07-30

Where did all this happen." I laughed and said, "Have a look at this pic Bobby." I handed him one of the pics from the bars. Little b*****r looks like he is ready to fuck you again." She had a hard time getting onto her hands and knees. When she was empty inside I told him to "Get over her body on the floor and fuck her with that cock that apparently got hard when you ate the cum of all those really winner type men who fucked her at the adult store.

Street Fair

fetish Rocket19 2018-07-30

When he has finished with your right breast he takes a deep breath and steps on the pedal, again the giant dildo is shoved deeper into your stretched cunt and the chain pulls your clit even harder. Gently stroking your sore and swollen pussy, pulling the chain connecting your abused nipples and working the plug in your ass the people in the crowd ease your pain with their adoration. Walking through the crowded fair nude, with a butt plug firmly seated in your ass, you're sore and abused pussy still held open by the chains, and the front of your body covered in welts from the whipping you almost cum just thinking about it all.


Mother and Me

fetish JhMcKn 2018-07-30

"Just a second Emmy." With that Herb pulled his turgid eight inch cock out of mothers cunt and sprayed white semen all over her belly fur, her teats, her face, and her thighs. She tottered across the floor toward the kitchen and I heard Herb tell Emmy that she was drunk again and sucked his cock until she told him she wanted him to fuck her. I know I want a load of his baby batter in my cunt as well as having him piss all over me and eat my pussy.He knows just where my clit is and sucks it like it is going to dissolve." Emmy said.

Crazy Cheating Jennifer Pt. 03

fetish Surprise1997 2018-07-30

I have a surprise for you!" said my wife as Jennifer and I got into my car. Before I could look at more, she pulled on the cum stained panties, followed immediately by her jeans. She confirmed that this was her husband Ryan when she said "He forced me to suck his dick baby!" This was bullshit! All of a sudden Jennifer pulled her mouth off of my dick, smiled, and said "Let's take this to the bedroom". My dick on Ryan's skin felt exciting and strange. Jennifer and Ryan exchanged serious looks. Ryan hungrily gobbled my hot cum as his wife lightly bit down on my ball sack.

Below the Ankles

fetish tickle23 2018-07-30

"I know," replied a despondent Tom. Watching Tamara dress for her job, one would think she was actually going to the prom. "I don't think Tom wants me to have sex with strange men," replied Tamara, while realizing that this wasn't entirely true. "It was a good evening, baby." Tamara wondered to herself if Tom would note the difference in her smell and in her disheveledness from the other times she came home after jobs. Placing her feet together, Tamara softly pressed Tom's face with her still-oil covered size nine soles. "I got horny, sweetie." Tamara's left hand tickled Tom more furiously, and her right wondered to the area in between her legs.

Betrayed Pt. 01

fetish PurpleMonkeyDishwash 2018-07-30

"I wish I had visited your mom's store this morning," she taunted, "I'd have her sexy little body on her knees licking my pussy instead of you." Despite her comments, Brandon's dick was rock hard as he watched Lizzie's body squirm above him. Lizzie said she too didn't know what he meant: she and Brandon had been together the night before, and even showed him the crumpled up note she left saying she went out to get breakfast, not laid. Three and a half years later, after Lizzie and he had gone their separate ways, after Lucas had long since retreated to his Greek system life, after all finals and even graduation, Brandon looked back on the incident as an insane couple of days, mostly paranoia.

The Check-Out Girl Ch. 01

fetish SweetMia 2018-07-30

Myra was aware of every vibration against her clit, she was aware of her nipples hardening from the pleasure, she was aware that her pussy was beginning to get wet, but most of all she was aware of Mr. Banks looking at her, his hand in his pocket, as he controlled the vibration levels. Mr. Banks put his hand on her hips and pulled her closer to him, so close that her breasts pushed painfully on his chest, the clothespins pinching her harder. He grabbed Myra's hips and faced her away from him, he put his warm hand on the cool skin of her back and forced her back to bend so that her ass was sticking out behind her, Mr. Banks used his foot to spread her legs wide.

Ms Shaved Kitty

fetish asknoquarter 2018-07-30

"Oh, I think I know what you want." Her hand slid down to her muff, tugging gently at the short hair. I didn't even notice her other hand reaching out of the shower and grabbing a can of shaving cream off the counter. "I told you I know what you want," she said, taking my hand and rubbing the cream over her bush. "There's a razor on the counter, it's a new blade so it should work." I don't know what made her change her mind, but I wasn't about to start asking questions now. "I think we better finish cleaning up, that way we can get good and dirty again." she said, helping me to my feet.

Lightgirl's First Adventure Pt. 04

fetish Mouselegend 2018-07-30

Samantha - now Kitty, was close to a breakdown, tears streamed down her face at Blitz's words and she wanted to run off stage badly. She turned around to look at the big screen behind her and saw the end of herself cleaning Blitz's dick. Kitty groaned and wanted to punch the machine, but her attention returned to the coin still inside the machine. His cock was too big for her to swallow right away, so she started licking along the underside with her broad cat tongue instead. She expected to feel him thrusting his thick cock into her wet pussy at any moment but instead she suddenly felt him prodding at her anus. Finally she worked his cock all the way inside and felt his hips against her ass.

The Painslut Ch. 01

fetish SilverWolfXX 2018-07-30

"Come you stupid bitch." The atheletically built man dragged her forward by her hair, causing her to both whimper in pain and also see that momentary light of pure bliss, and slammed the car door shut. "Look at you, you fucking whore..." His hand began to slap her pussy with incredible speed, so hard bolts of pain mixed with the whispers of orgasm fired through every cell in her body. Just as Sarah gave up hope of ever coming again his huge cock forced its way balls deep into her tight, soaking wet, red raw and uber-sensitive cunt, stretching it painfully as her whole body exploded into an orgasm unlike any she had ever felt before.

The Manse Ch. 04

fetish myimaginaryfriendme 2018-07-30

"Personally, I'm thinking that tonight is an au naturel evening for me." Aunt Lynda smiled and turned to wave at Simone and Jones. Lynda closed her lips around the tip of Jones' cock, and I head him grunt. I could see the way his cock pulsed again and again, and I knew that he was cumming into Lynda's expectant mouth. Nicole involuntarily opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, so Heloise dabbed the head of my cock onto her tongue. The edges of Nicole's mouth turned up in a smile around my cock as I finally stopped cumming. "Cliff...cum for me," Ms Lawrence commanded then immediately enveloped the tip of his cock with her mouth.

Personal Space

fetish TattooGeno26 2018-07-30

She turned her attention to the left milk-filled orb, smiling, she said, "Check this out baby." and gripped her nipple in a way like I've never seen before, pulling and squeezing the stiff tip at the same time. "Oh god baby, your pussy feels so fucken good," I said pumping faster and faster as Sue moaned and her hips bucked, meeting my own. "Hey baby you took the last towel and I think you know that But look what I got for you again," I said in a sing-songy voice as I rounded the doorway into our room "and he's very excite...OH SHIT MOM!!"

Catfight Invitational

fetish MaxMarkov 2018-07-30

The blonde was desperately circling the room trying to escape the avalanche of punches and find a way to retaliate, but that was quite difficult as Frances, stimulated by the first blood on her enemy's face, was unstoppable. It was clear that Hilary desperately needed a break and to her great relief the timekeeper whistled to end the first round and the ladies retired to their corners, where they were immediately sponged and towelled off by their bare-breasted corner girls. The two women broke apart and teetered unsteadily back to their corners; badly shaken Hilary with her bruised breasts and cut face, and Frances with her swollen and bleeding nose.


fetish msmilfmilk 2018-07-30

Naomi grinned, sliding an arm around her partner's waist, pulling the two of them close together, her nails dragging down the pale girl's stomach slowly as her lips closed down on Aduras left breast, tongue teasing out and savoring the sweet milk of it, feeling the girl shake gently at the sudden contact. Pulling off the left with a stream of milk dripping down the pale girl's chest, Naomi lapped up the final stream from it before her lips closed down on the right breast, giving it the same amount of loving attention as her fingers rolled deeper in the silky folds between her partner's legs.

Creampie Novice

fetish rick_oh 2018-07-30

Each girl in turn gets her pick of the other guys, and you can either stay out here and socialize, or go to a room and get creampied to your heart's, or pussy's, delight, all night long!" A few moments later Missy opened the door and said, "Dan, please come out here." Dan stood in front of Missy, his erection growing in spite of his trepidation at being the only nude person in the room and being observed. Missy kept her hands on his buttocks and made sure that he stayed inside her while ejaculating. "Yes, that feels so good." He slowly pumped his hips several times, and then Missy let him slip out. Dan admitted to himself that Missy's freshly sexed pussy exuded sensuality.

Kip and Salina Ch. 03

fetish rmlooker 2018-07-30

Kip asked her which she thought would be easiest for her; to use her hook arm on the joy stick to guide her chair or to put it down by her good foot. They all went into her bedroom, Cricket used the bathroom and then Salina got her top and shorts off and Kip took her arm off and helped her into bed. After the kiss she asked if she needed to go put an arm on to help and Cricket said no she was ok so far, have a seat and drink you juice if you want. They both double teamed Salina with Kip working her breasts and arm stumps while Cricket ate her out.

Fucking my friend's daughter, Part 2

fetish 1kaaboom2 2018-07-30

As I told in Part 1 of this story, I was leaving an adult book/video store one night and ran into the father of a girl, Marie, my daughter had gone to school with. Paul had never been with a man before, but I wrapped my daughters panties around his cock, stroked him, then sucked him off through the crotch....and he found out that guys could be a s fun as girls. "I hope you don't freak over my fantasy," I told her, "but you are the same age as my daughter, and I would like to play dad and daughter if that was OK with you." She immediately agreed, and we set a date for a few nights later. She said she would do anything for 'daddy,' but my daughter was so petite I was sure Marie couldn't wear Janine's clothes.

Something Afoot

fetish RejectReality 2018-07-30

I knew I was in extra deep trouble when Becky opened the door to reveal Vera in a pencil skirt, open-front jacket, heels, and stockings. "So, how is it going at the new job?" Becky asked as she let Vera in. When I left the bathroom, much relieved, Becky said, "Vera will be here in a little bit to pick me up. Vera walked up next to the couch and said, "Becky said to tell you we're taking a cab so you won't worry about us driving." You're off limits, and you know that," I said as I scooted up against the arm of the couch, letting her feet drop to the cushions.

Lesley part 20

fetish 2018-07-30

First time we me fuck that wiz gid...second we the McPeevie power fuck, fucking great it waas, if out though, it wiz too easy...she fucking loved it and didna fight back....only had tae slap a tits twice..., never mind tho...least she's getting no cock frae the exboyfreend now Heehee" "Tell me everything that happened for you to end up in that mans room and you getting fucked by a cock like that....this I've got to hear!" "Right well I haven't got much time but er er Ar think I'll just eat that sweet pussy, now and before yee leave I'll get he back an yee can blow me...that's it...that's the get ya arse on this table, and spread they slut legs.

Pantyhose Love on a Sunday

fetish mugs101 2018-07-30

Not too hard but enough to get my attention, when I looked up to her she moved slightly to her left stepping away a bit then took her right heel and planted it on my face. I let her shoe drop and she planted her foot square on my face, My nose nestled against her sexy high arch and her toes flexing a bit on my eye and my lips busy kissing the underside of her foot. I slide my cock between them and she traps it between her calves holding my there as I slowly start to fuck her hose covered legs. As I lay there she took her heel and used my shoulder to take her shoe off sliding her foot down my chest my senses were exploding at the sensation.

The Calcium Club - Chapter 3

fetish KCUM 2018-07-30

Jake watched for a minute or two and then moved on to check on a younger girl that Jodie knew slightly as Janice, and then over to another woman of Jodie’s age that she’d seen a few times but didn’t really know, and then to Sandy, a teenage mother who worked in the post room of the agency that Jodie worked for. She knew she was, more often then not Angelo told her when she arrived at the parlour that a member had purchased her milk and she certainly looked forward to the $50 fee that she received instead of the regular $20.