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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Fantasies of Katrina Ch. 02 Pt. 02

fetish mntnmanor 2018-07-30

This time though, the sensation is going to amplified immensely by the added taste and aroma of Kat's sweet, salty pee added to the incredibly tasty juices already there. Kat begins to move involuntarily on my face, as if trying to make contact my tongue with a certain area that she feels needs attention. "Please give it a try Kat. Then whenever you feel me licking at the hole where you pee, let a little more go. She lets my cock slip from her mouth, swallows the precum that has collected there, and says "Will, as much as I would enjoying watching the pleasure on your face when you do that, I need you in me.

Sarah Fucks Her Neighbour

fetish KFP93 2018-07-30

Moving to lay on the bed, Sarah spread her legs wide and began to slowly stroke her lightly haired mound. Suddenly, Sarah screamed as she felt a finger slide inside her pussy. Alan wrapped his big, strong hands into her curly hair and began to forcefully fuck Sarah's throat. Curious as to how he would react, Sarah withdrew her tongue and slowly pressed her index finger into Alan's asshole. As if in retaliation, Alan used three fingers to probe deeply into Sarah's sopping pussy. Their fucking had reached a fever pitch as Alan slammed his thick, hard cock in and out of Sarah's ass. The taste of her own ass on his cock was the most erotic thing Sarah had experienced, she rubbed her clit roughly and quickly.

Girlfriend used in a Holiday Toilet

fetish kingmickyb 2018-07-30

“I know you English girls like sucking cock,” sneered Oz, “maybe if you suck mine good enough, I don’t beat your boyfriend.” She tried to turn away but reluctantly opened her mouth, the bulbous head slipping past her pursed lips as he applied more pressure, tears dripping from her chin. He held her blonde hair wrapped around his fist as he face fucked her, banging away so his balls slapped on her chin as his mate smashed away at the other end, the combined rhythm shaking her like a rag doll. I brushed her hair from her face and she grinned up at me with a mischievous twinkle in her eye and said “Do you think we can get them to do the same tomorrow night?!”

Chastity Belt Roulette

fetish klammer 2018-07-30

Gloria can keep you in the chastity belt for a long, long time and when she is certain that you can be trusted to put it back on, then and only then will she consider letting you please her with your cock. Under the circumstances, I could learn to enjoy the Cum Buster and Gloria's finger up my ass as much as sex used to be like. The plug at first wasn't too uncomfortable, but by the time Gloria finished her bath and dressed, it felt like a telephone pole. Their goal was to train me to cum in my chastity belt while be fucked with a dildo strapped to Gloria.

Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XXX

fetish Victor2K 2018-07-30

For a while, I managed to keep my head straight and live happy with my husband, but until Elaine called us for a trip to the African jungle, the bad thoughts floated again inside my brain like a tsunami. “You are right, Sam. I still like Norman and, somehow, I can’t stop thinking how envy of you I am by having him as your husband. Luckily we had a few blankets we used on the ground because you don’t want to get our body full of dust or bites when you are having sex in the outdoors, and the blowing section followed up when I let Elaine ride Norman, with him laid on the floor and her sitting and pounding her groin into his dick.


fetish LaBlancheTraversee 2018-07-30

It's like a scene from my most erotic dreams: Tori's dressed in her sexy prison guard outfit, with a short black skirt, red high heels, an ample view of her breathtaking cleavage, and a riding crop at her side. You're a dirty, worthless, prissy little whore - she spits the adjectives at me and I'm as hard as you can be without exploding - who deserves to have his ass fist-raped by Miss Tori. I can hear the click, click, click of her heels going up the stairs as I, freshly fucked and still naked and red, lick the first white rope of cum off her basement wall.

Frauen(?)party Teil 2

fetish ICU123 2018-07-30

Auch Silke kam jetzt mit einem leisen Schrei und ließ sich auf mich sinken, den Dildo weiterhin in mir vergraben. Vom Sofa her schaute Petra kurz herüber und sagte dann zu Mark „du wolltest mich doch immer schon mal eine Frau anal nehmen, und ich möchte das nicht. Er begann von hinten an Manuelas Brüsten zu spielen, während ich mich neben Petra auf den Boden setzte und meine Hand in ihren Ausschnitt steckte. „Soll ich dich jetzt auch noch ficken?" Manuela keuchte „ja, aber auch in den Arsch wie unsere zwei hübschen Schwanzmädels." Silke setzte sich aufs Sofa und Manuela stand auf. Petra zog auch mir mein Kleid aus, so dass ich nur noch in Corsage, Strümpfen und Pumps vor ihr stand.


King Cock PT3 GayMaker

fetish 425olds 2018-07-30

I stand up and Kim leans forward and begins licking the head of my dick and playing with my balls at the same time. I say, "Hey, Come over here Kim. That way I can keep a look out for Eddie's car pulling in so he won't catch us. Eddie is a very lucky guy." I look down and I see her big blue eyes staring up at me and her lips stretched so far around my dick. I rip my cock out of Kim's throat and start squirting rope after rope of cum all over her face, while I look at Eddie's face as he comes through the door.

The House of Lesslie Ch. 02

fetish gothicboibitch 2018-07-30

Without objection, without shame, Caroline began to let her body flow out of the maid's uniform, a ghostly white form of perfection given flesh, curved and strong and shuddering a little as the air touched and caressed it. She had known, of course, that there were toilet whores in the mansion, trained, willing and lusting after those tastes, but to find her mistress to accept and willingly devour the waste of one of her lowest slaves - a slave whose name she had not even known hours earlier- made her already raw nerves send out a powerful signal of pleasure that exploded between her cunt lips, blinding her to everything else in the room, including me.

A promise is a promise...

fetish sheridan56 2018-07-30

Maybe the vacation was a good time, the couple, Lauren and Frank, could only stay a few days, the single male, Mark, was the only one who had no problems staying for the duration, he could probably find a few more guys amongst his dive buddies... It wasn't long before everyone was back in the room and the party started all over with Sheri and Frank, Lauren and Mark, Ashley and William, everyone fucked everyone else. It was well into the wee hours when they all finally parted company for the night and William smiled when Sheri told him later that this was going to be her best vacation ever - she had no idea...

Gyno Imposter

fetish pocketjenny 2018-07-30

Dr. Ryan repeated the circular massage of each breast, and Jenny felt electric shocks shooting to her pussy as he got closer and closer to her nipples. In fact, I may restrain the rest of your body now, for your safety, so that you don't injure yourself or me while I operate the machine." Dr. Ryan began pressing Jenny's legs apart before hearing a response. As the breast machine gently pulled on her engorged tits and nipples, he had placed his index finger right on her clit, and then had pulled up her clit hood and massaged her clit carefully to make sure nothing was amiss. The metal thrusting deep into her pussy while Dr. Ryan massaged her clit, and the breast machine sucked her delicate nipples, were all too much for her to handle.

Opening Night: Act 05

fetish Smother 2018-07-30

Michelle and I didn't venture too far from the seats where Erin had left us for a good portion of the evening. "We are okay skipping the introductions if you are." "Sorry," he said. "Okay. Right, sorry. "They had some mittens made out of this stuff and I swear I could hear one of the guys crying underneath the table as I was jerking him off. "Sorry, I forgot about that part. "Sorry," the girl stepped in. "We forgot to mention that part, too. "It was sable. "Have you ever had anyone jerk you off using sable?

Baby Girl Goes to the Glory Hole

fetish DaddyBsBabyGirl 2018-07-30

I must have seemed like I wasn't getting enough - because within moments a second cock appears in my hand. I close my eyes and hear "Good job, baby girl." I don't know if it is real or if I dreamed it. This time I am sure I am awake, so I don't know how you know or where you are, but I hear you say "Go ahead, baby girl." I don't need a second invitation, so I slip my legs through into the other room and push my pussy against the wall. First one, then two are shoved into my pussy, too hard to be a pleasure, but the combination of the urgency of his finger fucking and the sexiness of the situation makes me wet and needy.

step s****r in-law fanasty...fucking because of my

fetish aorion255 2018-07-30

As I massaged her foot, her other one moved to lay flat on my cock, and started to rub me off. “Oh, someone is hard,” as Kimberly took notice of my hard cock as her moved around. Kimberly pulled, and tugged my pants off, and smiling from the sight of a big hard cock. Kimberly stopped moving, and I felt her body tense up as I reached with my mouth to suck in her pussy juices. Kimberly asked “i want to ride you, I want to fuck you in till I cum on top?” I laid down, and she climbed on top. Kimberly moved on top of my cock, and I felt her slowly guide her pussy on top of it.

Vaginal Fisting 101

fetish 425olds 2018-07-30

During the insertion of finger number four, you have to pay close attention to your partners reactions, she will let you know when something is uncomfortable. Once you have reached the stage where you have four well lubricated fingers inside, you may want to take a break and let her adjust to that new feeling of fullness. Once she has adjusted to your palm, begin to move your hand, SLOWLY AND GENTLY to help stretch the skin for what comes next. Ladies, once your partners' hand is all the way inside you, you'll find that you have the urge to urinate, so it is usually a good idea to empty your bladder before you start, unless you are both really into watersports.


fetish noz4atu 2018-07-30

"Each subject has to be immobile to make the tests more accurate" he explains as he gently moves your hand to the cuffs you hadn't noticed above your head. As he is closing the second cuff over your other hand, you get this sudden sinking feeling that you don't really know what is going to happen next. I can explain as I start each test, but as I said, it might just help to relax, use the blindfold and it will take no time at all." He is looking at you, waiting for you to respond. This time he moves between your legs and puts his cock inches away from your wide open cunt.

Panty Sniffing Southerner

fetish Anal_Ally 2018-07-30

As a special 'surprise' for Eric I would slip my thong back on after fucking Samson, feeling our mixed juices drip out of my pussy and slime between my matted hair and the gusset of my thong. I sat watching him, placing Samson's hand up my skirt, so my pussy got all the attention I needed as I enjoyed Eric's little performance. Watching Eric indulge in his panty sniffing fetish, his cock and balls at my mercy, Samson playing with my wet pussy all had me desperate to fuck. I fucked Samson reliving Eric kneeling as we had left him, the smell of my pussy still on his face, the imprint of my sweaty hairs pressed into his face, his nose coated in my juices and Sue-Anna's panties in his hand.

The Date

fetish alexis_m 2018-07-30

Alexis smiled in anticipation of showing her feet off in person tonight, the left one now sporting a silver ring on her second toe. By the kitchen entrance to the garage a pair of black aluminum forearm crutches stood, ready for Alexis' use in moving from the house to her car. Alexis used hers only to move from house to car and back, having a second wheelchair behind the driver's seat of the Lexus. As if he anticipated Alexis' anxiety he accompanied her to the car and then asked, "Can I help?" This was the question that every disabled person hated for the most part, but Alexis decided this time to take advantage of the offer. Suddenly, Bill released her toes from his lips, looked deeply into her eyes and said, "Alexis, I want all of you.

Silence is Golden

fetish owengreybeard 2018-07-30

When you live in the woods, pounding on the door usually means a neighbor in trouble, but the hair on my arms was standing up, and over the years on battlefields both wild and urban, I'd learned to trust my body when it moved into that kind of a primal response. As the black Kimber Custom 1911 slid into my hand like an old but deadly friend, I grabbed a tactical light and headed into the front room of my cabin. You're hypothermic and dehydrated, so let's start with some tea, and then we'll move to some soup when it looks like you're not gonna throw it up." I gave her some tea, and she poured it out into her mouth, and then tipped her head back.

pantyhose and the bosses clothes

fetish tinamichelle 2018-07-30

10 minutes later she comes walking out dress in her work clothes, and looking hot I might add, and walks over to me as says, did you have fun while I was gone? So, for the next couple of weeks this little routine goes on, she leaves for the gym and I wear her clothes and masturbate in her dresses and pantyhose. Until one day, she goes to the gym and I go into her office to play dress up, and I swing the door around and everything was there, including a brand new pair of pantyhose still in the package and attached is a sticky note. She goes into her office and does her normal routine of closing the door and coming out 10 minutes after wearing her dress clothes.

Let's Play a Game Pt. 02

fetish Vassal0 2018-07-30

"Why bother," he thought, "No one is around and it makes it easier to pee too!" Grabbing an extra soda and the burgers, he set the outside table just as Kim was coming out of the kitchen. "It must have felt so good to be exposed and peeing freely like that," replied Kim. The glasses of water had caught up with her too. Moving his hips he aimed his stream into the drain, loudly announcing to the house of what he was doing and after a couple of seconds his bladder was empty and he stepped into the garage to grab two water bottles, being careful to step over his puddle swirling lazily down the drain as he went to meet up with Kim.

Humiliated by a Slut (and Loved It) Ch. 04

fetish mywayyourway100 2018-07-30

"We were wondering if you were going to come and see us Stevie" Sasha purred as she continued to feed my wife's pussy the dildo. My cock began to slowly rub the bottom of Sasha's gorgeous pussy and she continued to fuck my wife. Sasha spanked her ass hard again and started using both hands to dildo fuck her pussy. Kimmy was now moaning and groaning like a woman possessed as Sasha continued to fuck and rub her swollen pussy. "Here it comes Stevie" Sasha teased again before gently forcing the dildo past my tight hole and into my basically virgin ass.

Valerie Song: Drama Bomb Part 04

fetish dongstar 2018-07-30

Val's daughter Tasha and her friends were sitting together about twelve seats in, and Valerie still had a long way to go to get there. Tasha's pants were too baggy to show any visible bulge, but Val knew the sullen girl kept an almost, if not equally, as sizable member hidden behind the voluminous wall of denim. "Not everyone likes to put themselves on display like you do," said Tasha, glancing pointedly at the fat, anaconda bulge of cock that hugged Valerie's right thigh. You look like the big top at an emo circus." She reached over and tried to grab a handful of Tasha's thigh-dwarfing cock. You're gonna leave a dent!" said Val, swerving slightly as she took her eyes off the road to look over at Tasha's throbbing meat pillar.

Unexpected Strap On

fetish nt60 2018-07-30

"I can't make out much with the light and shadows, but I can tell you're wearing high heel boots that go up to a little below your knees, a red and black corset, and what seems like oddly bulky panties for the rest of the outfit." As the ecstasy becomes all you know, and you start to moan and scream my name, and tell me to fuck you harder, deeper, not caring that you are in the open and people could hear. I was imagining her fucking me with the entire girls' dorm watching my hard cock bounce against my stomach as she rammed into my ass. I was now laying on the ground, naked, dirty, handcuffed, with a freshly fucked ass and cum all over my face and stomach, all alone.