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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

How I started Cross Dressing and other first times

fetish pantiesdave 2018-07-29

Now I am sure there were many, less inpactful, incidences that occurred to me between the dress up play at six and thirteen, maybe glimpse of panties and bras here and there, or some summer swim suit things, but nothing stands out. Thongs and G-strings were just starting to make appearances, but body suits, slips, stockings, gloves, and see through nylon bras and panties and string bikinis are the items that I recall. I recall around this time and older male cousin saying, “I love the pics in those mags, but I really like a lady with a bit of clothing on” referring to lingerie. I remember quickly taking off my pants and boys underwear and hurriedly pulling those soft yet tight panties up my skinny legs.

Rani and Her Hidden Treasures

fetish adamaxilla 2018-07-29

I figured out which brand gave me the best and longest view of Rani's underarm hair, and bought a pack every day that she wore the yellow top. Each time I would watch as Rani reached high for the cigarettes, and as the sleeve would slide up and that jet black hair came into view, my day would be made. I think you have beautiful arms, and when I noticed that when you reach up for cigarettes your sleeve slides up and I get a peek at the hair under your arms," I blurted out in a fit of honesty. Rani smiled and pulled her hair back over her shoulders and kept her hands back there, giving me an unobstructed view of what I had only had glimpses of before.

Step Mom/Mum Foot Fetish (True Experience)

fetish 2018-07-29

Immediately in my head I started thinking about my foot fetish; I don't really like the look of these feet, How about if I come off to keen though, What if I got hard. My step mum kept asking for foot massages whenever my Dad was out, which was frequently due to work, there was also day in the week where my Dad would occupy the living room with his friend so I'd go into her bedroom and we'd watch TV, I'd massage her feet. I agreed as usual but kept the tights on, I massaged with one hand and in the other I had my phone, recording her feet being rubbed.

The Blue Raincoat

fetish JenniferWilson 2018-07-29

At home that evening Paul unable to take his mind off Sally's blue satin and rubber raincoat was trying to devise ways to get together with her and her coat but conceded it might be a bit too soon just yet. Paul and Sally cuddled whilst still in their raincoats enjoying the feeling and aroma of the smooth blue rubber lining. Paul brushed his lips against hers ever so softly and stroked her neck behind her ear and replied "In my wildest dreams I couldn't have imagined laying here with a wonderful young lady in just a raincoat and with myself also wrapped in a rubber lined girls coat, this really is heaven for me."

Here Kitty Kitty

fetish missperception 2018-07-29

He moved it slowly down her cheeks until he met her cunt; he began to administer a long, sweeping like motion of his fingers against her lips. To his surprise, she stopped for a moment and reached her hand to the milk bowl below her. She brought her tongue to his sac and began to lick off every last drop of milk that was on him, all the while not stopping her incessant massaging and rubbing of his organs. When he was finished, he looked down upon her innocent, smiling face as she wiped away the last bits of milk and cum from her lips.

Hiding in the Woods

fetish naughtybessparker 2018-07-29

My cunt began to burn and I felt the urge to plunge my fingers deep inside it but that would be unthinkable; finger fucking myself in the woods where the footballers might see me? I cried out my delirium as I received a good hard fucking whilst another cock pissed more delicious pee into my mouth and over my back. I was being fucked in the cunt and the mouth at the same time whilst a third man was furiously jacking off over my piss soaked hair. I sucked harder on the cock in my mouth and swallowed back the lovely creamy cum as the man climaxed and shot his load deep into my throat.

Tutorial Ch. 02

fetish idiferin 2018-07-29

However, Bonnie clearly had other plans.At around the 45 minute mark of our hour long tutorial, she leaned over and whispered something to the TA about an e-mail she apparently already sent to him requesting permission to leave early, and then began gathering her things. I looked imploringly at Bonnie, but she had already gathered her things and was quickly making her way towards the door. Tiring of this, Bonnie worked her toe under the chastity device to my balls and poked them, starting off relatively gentlly but becoming rougher very quickly. As I walked I took stock of my situation: my penis was still locked, I had to believe that there was now video (or at least a picture) of the disgusting act I had been to perform, and Bonnie had made it clear that there was more to come.

Another Man's...

fetish Mr James 2018-07-29

I could feel the slickness of her juices matting the soft covering of hair and the pout of her pussy as she pressed forward against my hand; her hands were busy too, stroking the length of my cock and caressing the swollen head until I throbbed in her grip. Kelly seemed to read my mind and she reached behind to guide my cock between her thighs; the tip nuzzling between the lips of her pussy brought simultaneous groans to our mouths, the caress of my breath making her shiver delightfully. I thrust my cock slowly and rhythmically into her seething pussy, feeling it gripping my shaft like a silken hand; at the same time I worked my finger to the same rhythm, probing deeper and deeper into her hot tight rectum.

Bisexual Awakening Ch. 02

fetish bimale_35 2018-07-29

Mike was laid back on the bed, wanking his cock slowly; Kat told me to get on all fours between his legs and to lick his balls for him. He held the knickers to one side and I felt his cock pressing against my ass and then slipping inside; it went in easily enough after the fucking Kat had just given me. Kat came again as I sucked her clit and then I felt Mike speed up his thrusts, his cock filling me to the hilt as he used a hand to reach around and pull at my cock. Kat was telling him to fuck me harder and shoot his cum into my ass; I pushed back against him and then I felt his cock twitch and his hot sperm started spurting deep into me.

In Heat

fetish 2018-07-29

The man, aware that she was completely oblivious to her surroundings, else she would have noticed the old vagrant sitting a few hundred yards away from them on the bench. Then, a few minutes later he reached into his pants and pulled out a filthy, dirty cock and started stroking it rhythmically to the woman's actions on his own cock. For some reason, he feels as though he must complete his task, mark this woman and spill his seed before the filthy old begger comes over to investigate further. She is out of her mind in her lust, and the only thing she craves now is the hot stream of man seed that she is hoping to coax out of this complete stranger.

Husband's Anal Adventure Ch. 12

fetish Anal Slave 2018-07-29

It was about 11:30 and I heard someone pull up in the driveway I jumped up and went to the door as I opened it I saw the young man that had delivered the pizza earlier he looked at me and I said, can I help you? I licked up all of the cum and the young man pulled his pants up and told me that I sucked better cock then my wife. She said that they was some black men at the party and she didn’t want to taste there cum so she made them put condoms over there cocks and she took her dildo and worked it up there ass while she was sucking there cocks.

A Deep Dark Secret Ch. 06

fetish cfblover 2018-07-29

Abigail got a little quiet about it, but then said, "If it will make you happy, I will try your balloon fetish, but no popping." She said, "I guess it's not as bad as I thought." I knew that Abigail was scared of balloons because when she was a little kid, some boys used to pop them in front of her just because she was scared of the noise. Abigail said, "These balloons are really loud when they pop, but I'm starting to get used to it a little bit." I said, "I know, you have to sit on them pretty hard." She tried bouncing a little bit again, but it still wouldn't pop.


fetish save_marla 2018-07-29

I felt his hand on me, pushing me back down on the table as he growled, "Just let me do my job!" But his anger was the end of me -- I could feel my hips thrusting as my wet lips squelched around the steel bills of the speculum. Immediately my hands flew to my face again, pressing against my closed eyes as I breathed slowly through parted lips and tried to pretend this was all just a bad nightmare. As if I suddenly felt his gaze on me, I jerked one hand away from my eyes and reached between my legs, still set wide in the stirrups.

I Completely Surrender to Her

fetish writer4u 2018-07-29

'Why not I tell your father that you broke the vase and ask him for the money instead or...' She said walking close to me. 'Good.' She said, 'remove your jeans and kneel down on your knees.' 'How it feel?' She said grabbing my hairs in her hand and pulling them down. 'I wanted to be spanked hard.' I said stopping after each word and it hurt me a lot. My dick was hard and I felt to jerk. 'Taste my pussy you jerk.' She said sitting on the cot and stretching her legs. A second then she grabbed my dick in her hand and stroked it hard. She took the dildo to my mouth and said, 'wet it a little.'

Charlie and Camilla's Encounter

fetish uksnowy 2018-07-29

When I turned, the woman was laid back on the mattress, her legs wide apart, her skirt up round her butt and a saucy smile played across her face. I licked the panties, tasting the crusty stains, finding stray loose hairs on my teeth, sucking the soft material that had snuggled so closely to the cunt I was shagging and nibbling the frayed edges of the cotton garment. I couldn't believe I had slid so slow in my terms for a fuck as to be lying in my own piss with a woman evidently much older than me, with a slack cunt, floppy little tits and a dirty arsehole.

A Whore Wife's Story Ch. 01

fetish Anal Slave 2018-07-29

When I first started having anal sex I would work one finger in my ass at a time, then I moved on to dildo’s, now I can fuck the really big cocks without pain and discomfort, only sexual pleasure. A man must use his tongue on my asshole and lick the hole real good and when the juices from my pussy start leaking down into my asshole, I am ready, I'll suck his cock or get him to fuck my pussy to get his cock really wet and then I will let him slide his cock up my ass.

Shearing the Sheep Ch. 02

fetish milfhouse 2018-07-29

Without instruction, I turned over and placed my hands above my head, my ass high in the air, already reaching out for the red bag of relief. When the two gallons of ice cold water had been emptied into my bowels, He pulled the tube from my hole, undid my wrists and gave me the plug, which I had to insert back into my ass. He sat before me and placed His hands on my engorged belly, pressing on it, moving the liquid with His touch, enchanted by what he had been able to do to my body with a tube and water. I know this because I woke an hour later on my bed with my wrists bound before me, a new larger plug in my ass, and different clothing covering my body.

Life With s*s: Pt. 4

fetish 2018-07-29

Next I got the lubricant and wet a couple of fingers with it and put them inside her pussy and rubbed them around to spread the lube, I did this a second time just to make sure. Then I put lube all over my right hand and started by inserting three fingers into her pussy, it was tight and she was moaning and moving her hips onto my fingers and telling me to put in another finger. I went for four and she started to stroke her clit and push her pussy onto my fingers, like she was fucking my hand. She said that it felt so good to have her pussy full like that and she wanted to keep trying until I could get my fist inside her.

Milk Maid

fetish 2018-07-29

Pulling my head up by a fist of hair, Mistress looks at me, giving me a brief vista of the play place to my right. Someone - my vet I think - pulls my head up by the hair and Mistress fits a bit into my mouth, checking it for fit, and then pulling the harness taught over my face and clasping it behind my ears. All sense of time is annihilated as the pain rolls through me in waves - even as I feel the brand coming away from the skin - I'm reminded of the shock that my body was knocked into when Mistress supervised my first piercing - my left nipple.

Dentist's Receptionist

fetish Satan_Klaus 2018-07-29

Sitting in the chair, caressing my breasts and twisting my nipples whenever I think the patients aren't looking I silently curse the devilish intruder for keeping me horny all day. It would have looked ridiculous on most women but the nurse, Alice said her nametag, filled the little dress gracefully with her bulging breasts and perfect figure. "I understand you are still a little uneasy from being treated without anaesthesia but that signature of yours does not even remotely look like the one on your credit card." He held up my gold Master Card to prove his point and took a fresh sheet from the nurse. The nurse was holding my hand, tears of compassion streaming down her face, ruining her perfect makeup and flowing over her bare breasts.

The Bet

fetish Chancethedog 2018-07-29

She grabbed his ear and said "come on slave follow me" Crystal took Danny out into the living room right in front of the patio doors. She said "get your face in there, lick my pussy." She reclined back Danny could see her pussy was wet and her scent filled his senses. Shit Oder filled his nose then he heard her ask "How do you like my dirty ass." Lick my asshole Danny and you better be enthusiastic about it or back over that chair with your ass exposed to the neighborhood. Danny stuck his tongue out licking frantically at her asshole. His tongue pushing into her ass licking...tasting! Crystal said alright Danny now I am going to fuck your ass.

Susie the Baby-Sitter

fetish DaveFree 2018-07-29

My cock was rock hard as Susie said: "Now, I'll do whatever you want to me to do – these panties will be completely sodden by the time we're finished." Then Susie asked me to wait and she took her bag off the dashboard and pulled out her own, soiled panties (that she had taken off earlier). Susie was still stating up in the sun-roof and I slid my hand up Susie's thigh and under the elastic lace at the crotch of the pink panties (Jane's) that were already warm and moist. She pulled aside the white lace leg of the pink panties and slid down slowly easing her crotch onto my now fully erect cock – breathing heavily all the time.

Best Friends Turned Rivals

fetish misslegs538 2018-07-29

Kelly bucked and thrashed, using her free hands to try and grab hold of Cindy's perfect blonde locks. Switching gears, Cindy wrapped one arm around Kelly's throat in a choke hold and continued pulling her hair with her free hand. Kelly's hands somehow managed to latch onto Cindy's blonde locks and she began pulling hair like her life depended on it. In a desperate move, Kelly began tearing at Cindy's black thong, finally ripping the entire garment after several tugs and leaving the blonde completely naked on the bed. Both girls got to their knees and Kelly went after Cindy's breasts again, trying to use every ounce of strength to rip her tits out.

Chastity Resort Pt. 06

fetish handyrandy9 2018-07-29

Anna had the fat head of the life-like dildo in her mouth and was slowly stroking the shaft with her hand. Lisa said since I'm going to suck your cock that you should do something for me first." Anna smiled seductively. I knew my cock must be leaking precum like crazy, but with Anna's copious amount of juices running out her pussy and down my groin, I couldn't tell her moisture from my own. I had been so engrossed watching Lisa deep throat my dick, I barely noticed as Anna pulled my arms over my head and attached them to the straps still affixed to the top of the bed.