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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Mrs. O'Malley's Golden Juices Ch. 12

fetish milfleglover 2018-07-29

Maria Pearson from the universalist church in town, and I'd like a word with you, Mrs. O'Malley," the reverend said, not looking directly into Susan's bright eyes. Maria's eyes widened as she watched Susan grunt, bite her lip and ooze a little more piss into her white panty, the darkness spreading farther and wider, dewy drops forming on the outside. "I said suck pussy, bitch," Susan snarled, looking down at the moaning face pressed tight in her muscular old thighs. She held her face in place, relocking her thighs, squeezing and positioning Maria's mouth at her pee slit, unleashing a sudden, savage flow of piss that nearly drowned the reverend.

My Dominant Experience

fetish allin44 2018-07-29

At first I thought I was dominant just by fucking them hard but then I started enjoying the feeling control. Grabbed her throat, bit her lip and I already felt her cumming on my hand. I just started rubbing my cock agaisnt her pussy. Then I started feeling her cumming on my cock. I continued fucking her and realized she liked my finger rubbing her asshole so I put it all in. I grabbed her tits hard with one hand and grabbed her throat with the other and whispered in her ear and told her to beg me to fuck her in the ass. After awhile a I pulled my cock and cummed all over her body. Then grabbed her throat and started fucking her again.

Torturous Boots

fetish Fetish114 2018-07-29

"I bought them from a shop that specializes in kinky boots, the owner is an old perverted man who always loves to zip them up for me and give them a good feel while I stand and pose in the mirror, then when no-one's looking he gives them little kisses which turns me on!' Pete said then slowly began using his boots to caress James's face, James continued to moan in anger and pleasure, he could not help it, Pete's sexy leather boots made his cock throb and was being jerked off by a pair of women's high heel boots worn by a guy! Pete giggled like a girl and dipped the same fingers and scooped more white cum form his leather boots and leaned forward again and rubbed it on James's right eye,

Behavior Modification Institute Ch. 10

fetish NancyPan 2018-07-29

"Now look at yourself in the mirror, Tom. Did you ever think it was possible for a sissy like you to have an 8 inch cock?" Madam Christina taunted. "You may stand up, Tom. But first thank Dolly for the privilege of servicing her and kiss her pussy like a good sissy," Madam Christina said in a comforting tone. "Ms. Panington, Tom was able to give Dolly an orgasm on his first try...took a bit of coaching, but he did it." Madam Christina said proudly. That is the first time you have made a pussy cum by fucking, isn't it Tom?" Ms. Panington picked up the phone, "Ms. Sweeney, would you get ahold of Ms. Jenson and Nurse Pyre and ask them to come into my office.

Nude Model

fetish robertcleve 2018-07-29

Now don’t get me wrong…I really do like Amy. We’ve had several nude outings together…but have refrained from actually going all the way. Ann reached under gently and felt the heftiness of my balls with her left hand. Then looking over to Amy and bouncing them in her hand, said. I turned as Ann and Amy watched. Ann spoke, “Very cute buttocks, Robert.”… as she gently placed her open hand on a cheek and stroked it slowly….”Very smooth….no flaws…no fat…very nice indeed.” I could have done it with just Ann’s helping hand but I wanted to bring Amy into this more. I stood up, still completely naked and walked over to where Amy and Ann were sitting.

Muscle encounters 6 Mistress Treasure

fetish lilguy41 2018-07-29

Little did he know, that that a Day ago Treasure broke out of Jail. "You got a Phone bitch, give it to me" Treasure said Laying Low. Yea got that little bitch who bitch hard right now looking at my breast" She said Need a little bitch like him to go out, get me food and items I need" Treasure She smiled and started licking her dark nipples. "Better make it good and quick, look like one of your ribs about to snap." She "Shit cumming" Treasure said Pussy licking a perfect Job for small dick bustas like you. "Then shut your fucking mouth and keep licking" Treasure said wimpy sissy" Treasure said "Piece of shit" came" Treasure said "Little light bitch" She said getting up

Tinkle Bell Ch. 06

fetish Many Feathers 2018-07-29

"My kind of party," Bella said standing against the railing in the upstairs "playroom" as Derrick had called it, the ceiling literally open to the bright sunlight outside, though a panel could be electrically closed in case of inclement weather. "And speaking of amazing fucking...why don't we?" Bella asked giggling almost like a little girl. About the only time when she can actually wear me out!" That made me think...wondering, though perhaps having heard that, Bella removed her mouth long enough to turn her head looking back at me. Tracy still content to lay there between her legs, sucking, and finger-fucking Bella's cunt with an almost ferocious like intensity.


fetish JenPB 2018-07-29

But instead, all I can do is imagine it and enjoy the wonderful sensations I'm feeling just from being wrapped up in so much hot cum. What I enjoy so much better is to orgasm then keep on working my clit with my fingers, vibrator, Hitachi or whatever no matter how sensitive my clit feels until I cum again. I know it might sound crazy to most women but I really do savor that hypersensitive sensation I feel at my clit after the orgasm fades. Just when I thought Stacey was going to make me cum by rubbing my clit with her fingers, instead all she did was ever so delicately rub the tip of her index finger in slow moving circles around it.

Are You Down?

fetish Sweetpea 2018-07-29

We plan to destroy the shitty little room by pissing and fucking and cumming everywhere. I spread your ass open and pour the rest of it out all over your asshole, drinking and sucking all of your piss off your tight, virgin hole. I tongue fuck your ass and then show you what it's like to get a nice, wet, ass fuck, pushing my cum-coated fingers inside you, pumping your asshole and fucking you like a bitch. You roll over and jerk off while watching me stick that nasty beer bottle down my throat, sucking all of our cum and piss and shit off of it. You cover my cunt with your mouth wide open, knowing that in seconds you'll be tasting my hot piss shooting down your throat.

A Tentacle Party

fetish tigrenar 2018-07-29

Not bleedin' likely at this rate." Sarah mumbled to herself as she trudged along in her shiny little party dress. Both her hands were gripping and stroking them and Sarah let out a little gasp as the one in the woman's left hand suddenly squirt a thick, creamy liquid onto the woman's face. "Maybe this will help." Sarah's eyes widened as her friend, the one who invited her to the party tonight, stepped into the light of the ring of candles. Several more tentacles tore her tiny little dancing dress off, leaving her as nude as the tattooed woman still moaning on the floor. But they weren't done, even as the tattooed woman came again, another tentacle made its way toward Sarah's leaking pussy.

Exchange Ch. 08

fetish Soft_Mike 2018-07-29

They ordered Melissa and Rose to unstrap Michael and bring him inside. Melissa and Rose watched as Maria together with Elaine swiftly and surprisingly pushed his arms down the two holes, which showed to be openings to long cylindrical tubes attached underneath the table. "Please, Michael", Elaine said, "This restraining system is a brand new invention, I would like you to make a serious effort to free yourself, darling" And he tried, but the funny thing was that he couldn't move at all. How he tried he wasn't able to move any of his limbs; head, arms, upper body, legs, feet were all just stuck. "Aunt Elaine", Rose suddenly asked, "May I play with Michael in my room?

A Deelishus Scat Meal

fetish FemScatLover 2018-07-29

"I think that my profile says it all, and considering how long you have kept me sitting her waiting for your response, I'm sure that you already checked me out." Venus was in heaven as she read the words that popped up on her screen from this Deelishus person. Although, Venus loved Pattie very much and had not considered the thought of ending their relationship, her mind was definitely looking into trying "other things" more in tune with her new interest. Although, Venus wasn't exactly sure who she was talking to; as soon as the words came out of her mouth, the door to the bathroom stall swung open and another woman stood looking down at her on her knees.

Wife Has Blowjob Fetish

fetish JRob 2018-07-29

It wasn't hard to imagine my wife Jan sucking on a guy's cock. Thinks like dangerous places (parking garages, her parent's house, restroom at the ball) to numbers (I knew about her blowing me and Richard in the same night, but she mentioned a frat party where she blew four guys in one night). I told Jen it was her decision, and the next night when she got home from work she said to clean the place up because Mr. Greeley was coming down to discuss the rent. After a few minutes Jan pulled her mouth off his cock and asked if she was a better cocksucker than his wife. He gets a blow job each week for as long as we are only paying half the rent," said my wife.

Mature Extreme Tranny Prostitute Part 3

fetish SexyTinaTV 2018-07-29

Once in position behind her, he held her hips and without hands aimed his hard cock at her messy lubed hole. After this quick 'thank you' I heard the door close and felt this guy who was fucking me start again on my arse. Even though she didn't recognise the old warn out training shoes and dirty jeans, she knew it would be Dave stood there and if she did look up he would slap her, hard across the face. I could feel my arse full of hot bubbling cum, the deposits from three complete strangers who's faces I had not even seen, and here I was being spoken to like a piece of shit. Dave picked up the old mans underpants and offered them up to Tina's face.

The heavy girl in the bar.

fetish experiencedjojo 2018-07-29

Surprisingly this and making out with her in the process was sexy enough to get me hard again, rubbed some lube on my dick (no condom by the way) and she undid her catsuit zipper from the small of her back to just below her ass and sat right on my dick and this big girl rode me. We sit down and have a drink and then she explains that the other night she was really d***k and wasn't thinking straight and really liked me and didn't want me to run away and so I'm pretty confused and I think this girl is just nuts until she unzips the zipper from under her ass and pulls it over her front and to my surprise a penis pops out.

The Advice Columnist

fetish colonellunchmeat 2018-07-29

I had this problem with my husband as well—he was all over my mammaries...and I did the rewards system too...prancing around with my bra on, teasing him with my husky voice and waving the cleavage in his face, to get him to do new and different things, like lick out the contents of my boyfriend's ashtray, and that kind of thing—and I eventually decided my husband shouldn't get to touch or kiss my boobies except on Christmas, if he gave me a decent present. Sometimes, I will keep massaging his cock while I order it to go flaccid, other times I'll open up my shirt and show him my breasts and say "Imagine my nipples in your mouth, Vaughn...wouldn't you like that?" And of course he just gets harder and more erect, and this puts me in a white-hot rage!

Jenny's Kinky Desires Ch. 02

fetish MiloXarts 2018-07-29

"We will have some dance lessons with Jenny, and I am sure at least there I can teach her some discipline," said Sandra without hesitation and my mother openly agreed with her. "I like you kinky attitude, you little horny slut!" Sandra's voice interrupted my thoughts, "and it's a nice hairbrush, so heavy..." she smiled. "Oh, please call me just Jenny, and I wear usually 'small' but for sexy dresses 'x-small'," I looked into Sandra's eyes while I pronounced this words. If not, she get punished," smiled Sandra at her, "Jenny turn around and show Amber your spanked bottom," she ordered me and I obediently followed.

neighbour love

fetish diabolic_devil 2018-07-29

i live in india where the all the ladies wear saris, which whie hiding the main parts, reveal quite a bit of the abdomen.... and my neighbour, a super sexy 40 year old lady, always wore her sarees such that 1 strap of her bra and quite a large portion of her belly were always visible... one afternoon when her husband had gone off to work, i went there to ask for some curd... after i got the curd.. i pulled apart... i pulled off my own clothes.... then removed all her clothes too... i turned her on the bed.... spreading her legs apart.... but we keep having intimate afternoon neighbour meets every now and then....

A Very Firm Fit

fetish Learningfast 2018-07-29

Acting on this, a month ago Meena ordered two modern control pants; "shapewear" as they were described on the Net. As soon as they arrived, she knew they were not the things to give her "...a sustained feeling of arousal..." Even the description on the pack was a disappointment: "Magic Knickers." She didn't want knickers. It converged on her hand between her legs and she stopped short of the door to rub her labia and clitoris with her hand, feeling all the while the extra pressure of the girdle and its fabric. She understood and agreed with the notion of, "...a slight but sustained feeling of arousal when wearing a moderately tight girdle..." She wore one every day, all day, before pleasuring herself in the evening.

BobbyJo Sue, Trailer Park Queen

fetish Ariel797 2018-07-29

I knew that butler done messed up bad, but Master, he said no, he says I got to learn how to use them just right. Now after a few days of me getting my butt stung on that damn chair and getting used to walking around all naked all the time, and then getting tied up at night or having him spank me, he tells me he wants me to learn to send out invitations. And then Master would tie my wrists and ankles and tease me with his tongue, then he'd stop, then he'd pull out that crop or a flogger and tap me, strike me with it, just real soft sometimes, til I was all wild again and sobbing and begging and stuff, and after a we'd have sex, the whole time I'm tied up, and I'd just want more and more and more.


Horny for the Professor

fetish closestfreakxxx 2018-07-29

Just as class was letting out Ashley walked up to Professor Williams and asked if he would mind skimming a paper she wrote for another class. She arrived just a minute after their scheduled time, and not wanting to seem too hasty Ashley went to the bathroom to check her hair and makeup. "No problem, Professor Williams, I was just going over some of the grammar lessons in the book." She scooted up closer to his desk and leaned forward with her book. Ashley kept moving in her seat and Professor Williams kept crossing his legs, trying to hide his massive boner. Professor Williams, walked forward placed his dick right between her legs and he could feel how wet she was through her clothes.

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 01

fetish StoryTeller07 2018-07-29

'Why don't you take my place at school, you look young enough,' Janice teased, with a smirk. Janice had to admit, the white ankle socks looked funny on her mother, but she didn't let on. Janice was as tall as her mother, and looked older than eighteen. 'The school must be about the last to insist on a uniform,' Janice commented, while looking her mother over. Janice pushed her mother back down on the sofa, took her face in both hands, and looked into her eyes. Of course, Janice hated the idea of the centre, and Rose didn't like the idea of her daughter going there. 'Hold on, I need to tell my daughter something,' Janice said, trying to gain some time.

Girls who like balls!

fetish Pigao 2018-07-29

I really enjoy my wife because she can give so much pleasure by sucking my balls! So, she sucks one of the balls and puts it inside her mouth. To finish, she puts the entire nut sack in her mouth and suck both balls together vigorously. A few months later, I found a prostitute who was willing to suck my balls. She used to suck my balls for 10 minutes and gone for the dick to finish it up. My serious girlfriend at that time didn't like to suck my balls, but I used to f***e her from time to time. Keep on sucking my balls like that and you'll get yourself a marriage.

Cheryl's Extra Credit Ch. 3

fetish cthulhu 2018-07-29

Yes. Yes Sir!” She tried to muffle a small groan, but it got away from her as I slid my hand beneath her skirt and cupped her panty-covered pussy. I slowly lowered her panties to her thighs and savored the sight of her pussy as it gaped open with need, and the butt-plug as she fought and clenched her ass to keep it from popping out. I can only hope the reader can picture this little maid being mercilessly ass fucked, her face in the pillow, orgasms ripping her body and mind apart, skirt hiked up, blouse torn open, arms pinned at her sides.