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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Getting What You Wish For Ch. 03

fetish Phun4u2 2018-07-29

Once he was depleted, I pulled away, sat up and turned to see my daughter standing next to Jane with a horrified look on her face. Jane pulled my daughter forward till her face was buried in Jane's bush; I proceeded to lick my daughter's dripping cunt and I could feel the head of Derek's cock touch my anus. "Don't swallow, I want you to kiss your father and feed him his cum." Jane said as soon as she saw that I had climaxed. My daughter and I hadn't said two words to each other and I wasn't sure what our relationship was going to be like in the future, but I knew that I got excited whenever I thought about her.

Call Me, Lover!

fetish twistedthoughts1978 2018-07-29

I swallow three times and continue to suck, but he becomes flaccid, and pulls back in the hole. She eases out of my ass, turns me over and begins to suck my cock. I taste that cum as she pushes it all in my mouth French kissing the whole time. I feel it just before I get in the car, as the cum trickles out of my ass and down my leg. She runs her hand over my ass and pushes on the hole a little. Grinning, she says; " We are going to try new stuff today, my little cock slut!" I had four loads of cum in my stomach, one in my ass and had been fucked in each hole by multiple people.

How a girls hosed legs started their power over me

fetish 1glider 2018-07-29

Jail was when they f***ed us down and put our heads between Glenda's panty hosed legs while she was standing. In Third grade I was hanging on the monkey bars when Julie, also hanging, threw her hips up toward me and wrapped her lithe legs around me in an attempt to pull me down. she squeezed my mid section between her legs and I was going to let go and drop but I looked down and saw the sunlight reflect off her black tights and I could not let go. she would squeeze lovingly while locking me between her smooth legs and I got so good at supporting both of us that I later broke the pull up records all the way up through high school.

A True First Foot Encounter

fetish Rogahh 2018-07-28

For what seemed like hours, I kept my eyes away from my lap, trying to keep cool, preventing Christine's friend from glancing over and seeing me staring at her foot caressing my hard on. Stopping her full strokes, Christine grasped me between her big and second toe, her left foot at the base of my shaft, the right at the head. Does the skin of my feet feel better on the skin of your cock?" She was massaging the underside of my over swollen head with her big toe, left to right, and the sensation was such that I couldn't keep my eyes open.

Company Christmas Party

fetish Drakon66 2018-07-28

She and Dan followed the crowd to the large festively decorated room and found a table near the door so Helen could see her husband when he entered. Helen was being more flirtatious as the night wore on and Dan wasn't sure how Karl would respond with him flirting with his wife, but he was occupied at the moment. "Don't worry about Karl, he's gonna be out talking shop all night with those guys," Helen said then stood and walked away. Dan stood at the door to Helen and Karl's room still contemplating the consequences of what might happen if he knocked.

How It Began - A Cuckold Story

fetish farfromreality50 2018-07-28

In the few years that she worked for Randy, Suzie said they never fucked, but did banter back and forth and ever went into a porn shop down the road for shits and giggles. Carol, an agent that was getting ready for clients coming later and Tom. Tom knew Suzie's schedule and had even told her that he would be in that morning to catch up on work. After saying her "good mornings" to Carol and Tom, Suzie let them know she was going to get the coffee going and made her way back to the break room. Carol passed Tom and came into the break room like nothing happened, got her coffee and made her way back to finish prepping for her clients.

A Date with Megan Fox

fetish camdogg 2018-07-28

“Well, I’d love to take Megan Fox out on a date!” Bryan said jokingly as the reporter laughed and took down his answer. “Of course I’m joking.” Bryan said with a smile, getting a playful punch on the arm from Megan. Bryan started the engine and began to drive, as Megan came out from behind and started licking a chocolate ice cream cone. Taking hold of the ice cream cone, Megan looked at Bryan who was simply watching her, his mouth agape. “Orally please.” Bryan said with a smile, bending down to his knees he pulled Megan closer to him and d****d her legs over his shoulders.

Intern-al Damage

fetish kandor 2018-07-28

Her legs were white (she never tanned, she said, afraid of the cancer risk), creamy and ruggedly muscled, thick balls of meat rippling above slender ankles and these long, lean and downright dangerous looking thighs that were always etched in muscle, on top, at the sides, in the back, even if she was just sitting there doing nothing. I looked down and saw those socked calves locked again, this time at my crotch, as Pam sat behind me encircling my lower ribs in her thighs for a brutal bodyscissors. "Uh, Pammy..." I moaned from the meaty embrace of her thighs and ass, which she was now hunching down hard on my face, my nose locked inside the milking membrane of her asshole, my lips talking right into her cunt.

Redbook Date --- Ashley Mature Meth Queen Part III

fetish starbucks169 2018-07-28

Riding the elevator up to the 6th floor I wondered why I was going to continue to see professional, "working lady" who indulged in meth. Ashley was walking down the hallway with an ice bucket in tow. Walking pass me she kissed my cheek, smiled and brushed the ice bucket against my chest. As she hit the pipe my hands found their way under her little dress to her sweet, slutty pussy. Ashley wasted no time, going down on me like she was a hungry little woman. She had a TON of eye makeup on…green eyeshadow, mascara and blush…"Daddy, when its time to cum will you cum inside my slutty, wet lil pussy?"…Of course I will Baby Girl.

Halloween Party Pool Game Goes Wrong

fetish Straightnomore 2018-07-28

Joe and I stood there with tents in our pants and watched Vicky play with lisa's clit. Joe just stood there and let me play with his cock not saying a word, so I started to jack him off. While I was jacking him off, Vicky reached out with her tongue and licked Joe's cock. Joe got as hard as a rock and she took his cock into her mouth and started to bob up and down. Vicky pulled her mouth off of Joe's cock and smiled at me saying, oh that was so good. Vicky looked at me and said, Are you telling me that all the times you got a blowjob you never wondered what it would be like to do that.

Mistress Jaz's Sissy Slut

fetish barbiboi 2018-07-28

When I started to undress and Mistress Jaz was happy to see I was already wearing panties for her and told me she thought my panties were pretty. She then told Fred to get undressed and much to Mistress Jaz's delight he was in a pair of pink panties too. I rubbed, kissed, and sucked every inch of her gorgeous feet for about 20 minutes before Mistress said it was time for us to switch spots. Mistress Jaz walked me to the door, gave me a big hug and told me to text her as soon as I got home so she knew her new pet was safe :).

Cold Leather Revenge

fetish mw0212 2018-07-28

'A parcel turned up for you Ms Harris & it needed signing for so I kept it safe for you.' Lydia replied. Putting the parcel on the table, she looked across to Ms Harris who was reading through some papers, sat cross legged with her boot bouncing ever so slowly very close to Luke's face. 'Ah Mr Lucas, good evening.' Ms Harris said as she swung the door open. 'That's a nice photo don't you think?' Ms Harris said as she saw Mike dreamingly gazing at the picture. 'Just here Ms Harris.' Mike said, his own hand shaking as he pointed to the line where she placed her signature. Another?' Ms Harris said as she let her un-gloved hand fall onto Mike's thigh.


fetish StrongMaster7 2018-07-28

Marlene told me what I had heard before, how hard it is for women with huge breasts to get bras. I was getting the feeling, I might get to see Marlene's amazing tits for the second time. As I sat staring into the most expansive pair of tits I have ever imagined, Marlene moved closer until my face was as closed to buried in that flesh as possible without touching. As I worked that giant, fleshy orb, Marlene moaned and ground her pussy onto my hand. A moment later, Marlene's cunt was rooted on my cock again and I was not going to last much longer in this living real-life wet dream. Marlene held and massaged and worked her tits around my cock.

Me & Teasyme, Kitchen fantasy

fetish 2018-07-28

Legs still over the top of my arms leaning forward and bracing on the table with my hands, the tip of my hard firm penis slightly touches the soft folds of warm moist flesh of your vaginal entrance. Excitement and pleasure Is now extremely evident in both of us being the first to explore anal cavity as finger slides out in moves back down and once again find your vaginal entrance this time lubricating two fingers deep within soaking them in your own fluid. Eventually orgasm begins to lose its intensity and slowing my pace and removing fingers out of your anal opening, continuing to slide the four inside your extremely wet vaginal paradise.

Got a Hairy Story For You

fetish Madabouthair 2018-07-28

She probably thought that I was a young, dumb and full of cum kid that was so turned on by a woman old enough to be his mother who had hairy armpits and a jungle between her legs that he would run back here that night like she wanted." It took a long time for me to cum but that was fine because watching Debbie vigorous rubbing her armpit around my cock was as exciting as it gets, and when I finally came I shot all over my chest and neck. Now I had asked about that possibility but Debbie said she was safe because Baxter told her the reason she never got pregnant was because she wasn't fertile.

Spank Me Red

fetish Beau_Jack_Walker 2018-07-28

I took her for walk along river and cut switches from various trees and bushes. Miki gathered up the rest of switches and carried them to the car with bright red blush on her plump face. When we got back to motel we undressed and I told Mikki to lay face down on the bed. "Are you giving me butt fucking Jack..?" Mikki asked I returned from bathroom with an enema bulb. "Mikki come to the bathroom." I said "I'm going to give you a series of enemas to clean you out." When her water ran clear , I insert a pink butt up her stretched ass hole. She said "let me up, I got to let this oil out..Of my butt..!"

The Time Stopper Ch. 01

fetish GusBus77 2018-07-28

The shell of the black watch and its copper guts that spread out from its gears sat firmly on top of my desk as I said my prayers and wished with all my heart to come to a milky breast in my dreams. I couldn't wait any longer, I got in close, carried her body, (which she was light), over to the nearest bench, sat her down on my lap and dug my face onto her right breast like a fat kid into a cake. She kept her left arm hugged around my head and as she laid some soft kisses on my forehead she fidgeted with her bra's collar and pulls it under the breast that my lips had been stimulating.

bl**dy Good Night

fetish 2018-07-28

It was a pretty long evening, but eventually we all got tired and headed to my room to watch movies. She woke up a little bit and I started to rub my hand on her belly below the belly button down to her waist. I kept kissing her neck, and my hand went down her panties very slowly. My hand kept going down eventually reaching her clit. I went lower to put my finger in her and spreading het wetness around her whole pussy. I got to her waist and began to kiss her hips as I pulled her pants off. Her pussy got really wet and she started to push my head in her.

Spanking New Secretary’s Kink

fetish welshman 2018-07-28

At the outset he'd asked her to call him by his first name but in what almost sounded like a lecture she explained the necessity of 'office discipline' she only able to refer to him with correct regard to his position of authority as her boss, tho she insisted her boss could of course call her 'whatever sir prefers'. He advised she was trying to escape her punishment and required further discipline, spanking until his hand wearied of chastising buttocks glowing intense pink. Thank you boss" her hands and eyes were on fire-red cheeks, wishing for a mirror, until a dribble descending the inside of a thigh alerted her to the disgrace of her blatant wetness.

Alicia Ch. 01

fetish avenmagi 2018-07-28

When I went to law school in New York, I rented a room in a large house. When I opened the door I first noticed her pink flip flops and her perfect petite feet. Then out of the corner of my eyes I noticed that her closet door was slightly open and through the crack I saw the pair of black flip flops that Alicia wore almost every day. The flip flops had distinct impressions of Alicia's feet and by now my cock was a fully erect seven inches. I spent the next fifteen minutes kissing every inch of Alicia's flip flops pretending that I was kissing her feet instead. I wrapped Alicia's dirty gym sock around my throbbing dick and began to jerk myself off.


fetish Trescool 2018-07-28

Eyes closed and encased in sperm, I love to feel the heat of hot cum as it lands on my skin. Several men come forward to stroke me and massage cum into the parts of my skin that my hands can't reach. I turn my body sideways in the mirror to watch as dozens of hands work cum into my back, my legs and calves, and the globes and crack of my beautiful ass. His teen horndog brain begins to connect the dots: The dried film on my skin...that smell...the clotted hair...I can almost hear his brain click when it registers: "Oh, Fuck.....THIS GIRL HAS CUM ON HER FACE!!!" His mouth gapes open.

Punished Asian Shoplifter Ch. 02

fetish asianspankee 2018-07-28

I can't even begin to imagine what could possibly be more painful and humiliating than a bare-bottom spanking by a strong man that I'm going to endure today. Just as my body begins to relax and I'm wondering when you're going to start my spanking, I feel you hand touch the back of my silky smooth thigh. You let me lie limply across you lap for a few minutes to catch my breath while you slowly rub my red hot rump with your open palm, soothing away some of the sting. As the memories of my painful and embarrassing bare-bottom spanking replay themselves over and over in my mind, I suddenly realize that my little oriental "cockette" begins to grow stiff.

Finding Travis Ch. 07

fetish Katiekatsman 2018-07-28

As the girls moved into their teenage years Monique addressed 'boy-issues' and insisted they do things her way. The girls spent several nights mastering what Monique wanted delivered to any boy that interested their daughter and when the time came for the speech, Monique never hesitated to reinforce specific expectations to a wide-eyed boy sitting on the hard kitchen chair. The girls were all adults now and Monique felt it appropriate for her husband to remain naked at home whenever it was just family or a transient slave passed through on their way to The Farm. It took some adjustment but within a years' time the three girls didn't think twice of dad cooking with an erection or watching TV while mom rubbed his cock.

Professional Femdom

fetish rc5232 2018-07-28

Dom then applied a condom and told Morai to suck my cock. Dom then took Morai across the room and cuffed her hands to a bar suspended from the ceiling....she unstrapped me from the bench and cuffed my hands to the same bar.....Morai's ass to my cock. I had ask to be spanked and so Dom took out a collection of whips and work over both Morai and I as we hung from the ceiling. Morai worked open my hole with her fingers first.....while Dom had me suck her own nipples. Morai pulled the rubber off my dick and began to give it a quick tug while my face was buried in Dom's breasts.This was no slam bam thank you maam kind of place.