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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My Job as a Tester Ch. 02

fetish dreamer_of_urges 2018-07-28

Cindy places her finger on my puckered hole and starts making circles like Rosa directs her to do then she slowly slides a finger inside once I loosen up a little. "Rosa has got a few things to do so you need to get with Sarah and work on her project for a little while." She turns to the three young men and says, "Mac is our computer guy here but he helps out with a lot of other things as well!" "There that should keep baby from squirming around while mommy does what she has to!" Sarah says as she places a finger on my puckered little hole I'm trying to keep closed.


fetish Giftofondine 2018-07-28

"I can feel your pussy clenching down on my cock you hot bitch in heat." One hand comes down hard on her ass to leave a red mark in its wake. The feeling of her master's cock so far inside of her while her nipples are relentlessly tortured by the milking machine unravels her. "Mr. Bovine, my bitch needs another hard cock inside her if you don't mind." He pulls out and away from her cunt, moving around to kneel in front of her. She feels Mr. Bovine's cock head breach her pussy lips as her master directs her mouth to his soaked soft cock.

She Ch. 01

fetish Scorpionic 2018-07-28

She opens the wardrobe and inside there is a large black leather hold-all type bag. Inside is a small tube of unscented shave gel and a feminine looking razor. Her spare hand reaches for the dragon and flinches at the cold feel of the smooth stone. She flexes and moves the dragon into place, knowing her own body inside out. She feels the overriding warmth of the impending orgasm sweeping over her and begins to push the dragon deeper inside herself until it is touching her cervix. She smiles as he moves the tripod over in front of her and pulls a large digital camera out of a bag that he has placed on the floor.

A Ticklish Situation

fetish Quillman 2018-07-28

For the next 15 minutes Peter was in heaven as his fingers, palms and eyes danced over every inch of Claire toes, ankles heels and arches. Claire's skill as a woman was second to none, and as Peter squirmed in his chair, she gently prodded his growing erection with the sole of her foot. 'To tickle you has been a passion of mine for so long, but somehow forcing it on you, to watch you scream and laugh, oh my darling Claire if only I could find the words to describe it' and with that he began to gently pet the soles of her feet. As he brushed Claire's soles, he would take her toes into his mouth until every inch of her stocking clad feet had been licked and worshipped.

David's Tall Girls' School Ch. 01

fetish Thorilla 2018-07-28

Above these two long athletic legs encased in fine denier black stockings disappeared under a navy blue knee-length tartan skirt. The heading to the notice board read 'Dentwood Finishing School for Tall Girls aged 18 to 20 years.' Amelia W-N continued reading from the school rules and persuaded the other staff members, Matron and I to move her heavy Victorian desk away from the centre of her study to allow more space for me to be tied down. "It appears Mr Shaw that you are obliged to 'orally pleasure' the whole school beginning with me," said Amelia Wiff-Naseford in a stifled and somewhat surprised tone.

My Pet

fetish LaFemmeNicole 2018-07-28

I used him that night, used his mouth to wipe out all the abuse I had received from men over the years, I used his mouth to suck away all those memories, I used his mouth the way a man uses a woman's mouth, I fucked it, I came in it, I fed him my cum. He would come over, we would drink a little, watch a porn movie that he rented and then he would suck my pussy for the rest of the evening. "He said as soon as he did a cock was shoved into his mouth and he sucked on it for a few minutes." But it would totally turn me on to know you had sucked some ones cock in one of those dark little booths."

Surprised He's Black Gay

fetish 425olds 2018-07-28

I kissed my way down his chest, spending some quality time with his nipples, which he enjoyed, and eventually found myself faced with my very first (and as it turned out, only) black cock. I squeezed out a big glob into my left hand and then put my right hand over it, warming the lube a little before I gripped his cock in both hands and began to stroke it, covering his big black dick with KY in the process. "Turn around white boy," Phil said with good humor, "and get your ass spread wide for some black cock. "C'mon, Phil, fuck my white ass with that big black cock. Phil gave a final push and it felt like he was going to shove his cock all the way through my body and into the bed.

The Yes Girl Ch. 04

fetish sin138 2018-07-28

I felt another dick entering my pussy, Larry started fucking me from behind, while Tyler was deepthroating me. Before I could ask what his pill had to do with my need to pee, he then stuck his dick in my mouth. "David wanted you guys to try this new drug out," Crystal explained, as Tyler kept on ejaculating. While I stood by the bed wearing nothing but my necklace and the dildo, Crystal went through my mom's closet and put on some fresh clothes for herself. As soon as they came the strippers would collect the spunk and spit it into the piss filled vase, and the four men will empty their bladders onto me.

A Long Weekend

fetish Boomerang7 2018-07-28

She turned and handed the bags to me, by which time her skirt was completely up around her chin, giving everyone a clear view of her tiny, lacy purple thong. He approached my wife, looking into her eyes rather than up her skirt, then dropped to sit on the grass right in front of her feet. The leather paddle hurt more than the bat, and, of course I was already injured which doubled the pain, so I started crying almost straight away, and blubbed all the way through the fifteen minutes. My wife climbed onto the bed next to me, reached between my legs with her left hand and grabbed my balls by the base, pulling them up clear of my body.

Good Morning?

fetish Lloyd2004 2018-07-28

I lifted her from the floor and pushed her ass against the wall and lifted her body up and slid my cock against the lips of her cunt. "I need to piss too, but I don't want to spoil the moment it feels so good sitting here holding your hand." "I want you to piss on my cock, fill my belly button with pee and spray my chest and let me drink from your cunt!" I could feel my orgasm approaching, my body shuddered and I pumped what was left of my sperm deep up her ass......My cock was quivering as the last drops squirted into her. I just lay there with my cock deep up her hot tight ass, my hands around her waist just holding her.

Chocolate Syrup & Berries Ch. 01

fetish luv2flirtamswf34 2018-07-28

I lean down and begin following the path of my hands with my mouth: licking, kissing, sucking and nibbling my way down your back. I use my hands to slightly smear it into your body before I begin licking it off. I use my tongue to gently lick the chocolate off the berries before nibbling them off from you, being very careful never to catch your skin in my teeth too hard. I am licking the syrup off from your stomach, slowly moving further down your body when I feel your hands on the back of my head, guiding me to where you want to feel my hot wet mouth the most.

What a sissy wants from her Daddy

fetish igglepiggle 2018-07-28

Usually he wants me in School uniform with my long brown hair, white patterned knee socks and patent shoes, the pink satin panties he bought me that says 'Daddies ikkle Baby' with a lace trimmed hole in the back for his pleasure and my little sissy bumbum lubed up and all slippery with another present from him. Once Daddy is round my place and has lifted his weights and all his muscles are pumped up, I sit at his feet and take his trainers off and sniff his socks, I take a sock off and kiss his feet, licking between his toes and move my way up his legs. When my Daddy has rested, he cuddles me and kisses me and tells me Im his likkle sissy princess.


fetish 2018-07-28

I love to see her shop and walk around while she finds ways of bending over, reaching up high, or allowing the wind to blow up her short skirt or dress to reveal her panties. I was thrilled when she said yes and agreed to let me pick her outfit. I booked a hotel near the club and we went that night and had a blast! I went to the men's room a couple times just so I could walked towards her and see those white panties facing my way and to see other guys looking her over. She picked a spot where two other couples were right behind us, and the guys were loving my wife's ass.

A Week in the Life of a Cumeater Ch. 06

fetish Ilovetoeatsperm 2018-07-28

I can feel her muscles contract and relax tighten again, she says she is going to cum and moments later my face is flooded with her warm juice. She comes over to me helps me out of bed and again gives me a deep kiss probing my mouth for and trace of sperm. I feel the sting and before she can even ask I tell her, yes just like that only harder. I do as she says she grabs the butt plug and yanks it out of my ass. I'm going to fuck you ass with your own cum in there, then you are going to lick my strapon clean. She says you know when you had your ass presented to me I could see your butt cheeks real good.

A Mom's Sexuality Awaken Chapter 12

fetish rollhigh 2018-07-28

When Sally finally let Rick pull his cock from her mouth one of the other ladies, named Beth, came over to her and started licking up the cum from Sally’s face. Sally felt things inside her feel like there were expanding and she tried pushing her pussy further inside his sucking mouth. As soon as Sally was in place Tom told her to open her mouth and to bring her chin down against his cock about half way down from the head. Sally took his cock out and asked Tom if it was possible to make him feel like she did when he made her cum with his mouth. When his cock finished Sally kept him inside her sucking mouth while her pussy banged out one more big orgasm.

Fleeting Glimpses Ch. 04

fetish laplappapillon 2018-07-28

The walls above the dado were painted with very expensive Wedgewood blue eggshell paint and between the quarter landings a spectacular stained glass window threw shards of violent coloured light over our heads onto the mosaic tiled floor.Although it was a classical Victorian whimsy with fawns and ivy and pretty girls, it reminded me, ironically, of a striking, yet austere black and white image taken in Central station, New York. A young man dressed in a beautifully tailored black suit and waistcoat, with sky-blue bowtie and shiny white shirt strode purposefully towards us, looking very busy and veered to take the steps 2/3 at a time till he disappeared from view.

Hubby's Wish

fetish mywayyourway100 2018-07-28

After several bottles of wine and plenty of sex themed chit chat, Tommy confessed to me that he had always wanted to experiment with tasting and eating his own cum. I took his throbbing cock in my mouth and began to give my loving husband the blowjob of his life. Immediately hot thick cum began to pump out of my hubby's thick cock. Ignoring what I may have seen, I pressed my cum covered boobs right into Tommy's face. I moaned softly as Tommy took my cummy nipple in his mouth and flicked his tongue. Tommy looked in pure ecstasy lying there with cum smeared all over his smiling face. Tommy thrust upward to meet my aching pussy each time I thrust downward to meet his throbbing cock.

Carla The Masseuse

fetish livvy_uk 2018-07-28

Mikes cock grew hard against the massage bed as he felt Carla's soft feminine hands begin to caress his skin. Mikes cock was now raging as she continued to pull the uniform downwards until it reached her waist. Mike wasted no time as he cupped one of her bare breasts and reached for her nipple with his mouth. "You have the most beautiful breasts." Mike said as he took her nipple into his mouth and began to caress her breast. With his cock throbbing in her hand, Carla took the head into her mouth before sliding the entire length, deep into her mouth. Taking a firm grip of his cock in one hand, Carla began to stroke him in time with her bobbing head.

Behaviour Modification and Sissy Trainin

fetish klammer 2018-07-28

True "girly girls" sort of look like they're floating. You do not want to look like white-trash and wear your favorite over sized t-shirt. If this is your first time being a girly-girl-in-training, try not to use dark colors like black. Because you're a girly girl means you have to wear pink or purple (etc) all the time. Extremely low necklines, too short skirts, belly-bearing tops and revealing clothing can make a girl look like she does not respect her body and herself. Angry girly girls look even cuter when they try to mess with real boys, so propably they would laugh at you. Hang out with lots of girly girls and try to copy things they do like: The catchphrases they say (omigosh!

Me and my wife

fetish satyajeet 2018-07-28

I thrust into her wet pussy gently but with some f***e, and taking turns pulling and pushing my fingers in and out, running smooth circular motions around her clit over and over again as she starts to softly moan with excitement. Use me to massage your clit before I push it in.” My wife takes my shaft and begins rubbing it almost roughly now into her wet pussy, grinding my tip into her clit back and forth and in circles. It is now vibrating quickly back and forth touching her clit right on her button, as well as my balls and the shaft of my cock as it goes in and out of my wife’s pussy in every motion of each push.

Cum Crazed Cuckold

fetish Anal Slave 2018-07-28

Most of the time she let’s her lovers ream her asshole out and her ass will be gaped open enough that I can stick my whole tongue right into it and the thick hot cum will roll out of it into my hungry mouth. After her lovers leave she always gets real horny and wants me to fuck her, she knows good and well that before I cum, I love to hear her tell me how she is going to force me to suck my cum from her hot cunt. I love to hear her tell me about her fucking a guy with a 12" cock, 5" thick, and then making me clean her pussy and ass afterwards, although her cunt is too stretched out to feel my 8 inch cock.

The Princess and the Assassin Pt. 09

fetish thecloned22 2018-07-28

Look it's all right it's us!" Heaven said placing a hand to Hell's cheek and turning her so they could face one another. Heaven was looking away still with her hand covering the left side of her face which Hell had just scratched. Using her will power to take control of the girl's arms, she pressed both Heaven and Hell to her cheeks. Unable to contain herself, Earth stole control of their arms as she forcefully grabbed Heaven and Hell's faces and pressed their lips to hers. Heaven, Earth, and Hell licked at one another's faces, covering one another in saliva as they came closer and closer to an orgasm.

Personal trainer

fetish Blondlady 2018-07-28

Then last week Louise who trains us was away and we had Greg for one session. On Thursday I was again caresses by Gregs body during training and this time i though everyone would smell my wet pussy after he had given me personal attention in the way of one to one guidance. them dried and put on my bra and panties, my shiny sheer stockings and high heels, then I noticed Greg inside the female area smiling at me. my hand felt his huge cock inside reaching up his leg i felt the head of his cock with my long nails i knew i was about to cum when i felt his cock grow harder and ejeculate inside me so strongly i almost screamed

Hell Hath No Fury: an Eclipse Vignette

fetish damilklover 2018-07-28

Her breasts look so big, so soft beneath her tight, purple sweater. Looking down at him, and he up at her, she inhales a deep breath and draws back her shoulders, showing him her big, lovely breasts. Hmm?" She asks mischievously, swaying her big breasts slightly before his eyes, so close to his delicate little face. I want to crush your little body with my big, soft breasts." Rather, she feels him stir underneath her weight and, incredibly - as if in fealty - start to lick, to kiss, to suck at the skin of her huge breast. "Here, sweetie, let's have a look at you," she purrs as she raises herself up slowly, her nipple slipping from his distended mouth.