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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Here to Help Ch. 01

fetish susurrus 2018-07-28

And it happened that I was playing a video on one of the tube sites, watching a hot girl and two guys going at it in every possible combination, my lubricated cock stiff and very happy, when the pop-up indicating an incoming e-mail lit up the lower right corner of my screen. As the gorgeous Vicki kissed me, I felt thin, small fingers begin to cup and caress my balls while the talented Mr. Briggs worked his magic on my cock. While Vicki continued to kiss me and play with my balls and Briggs continued to slowly work a finger toward my wanting asshole and expertly worked his magic at my cock, I felt Vicki's free hand guide one of mine to her full, lovely breasts.

Auditor Tales Ch. 09

fetish peelover 2018-07-28

I love you for that, Martin.' Francis said and kissed me full on the mouth, pressing her big tits against my chest. If you go on trip that long, you should come back for a few days, make love to me and drink as much of my piss you like. I want to feel your body, your hands over my tits, your fingers in my cunt and arse'. Francis started to kiss my face and went slowly down to my chest. Francis held my penis firm in her hand, squeezing out another spurt landing on her breast. 'Come on, fuck me, put your big dick inside my body!' Francis screamed. She aimed my penis at her breasts and my stream wetted her big tits.

87% bbw

Pammy Submits Ch. 01

fetish lawn 2018-07-28

A woman I did not want to see opened the back door and stepped out gym bag in hand, as I watched from behind the blinds. Again, Pammy turned her eyes from me, this time looking down at the floor. I got to watch her legs lift one at a time, the way the movement pronounced her knee caps, the way it reshaped her thighs, allowed her breasts to hang loosely from her ribs, the quick peek of her panties. Shy like a little girl, Pammy placed her hands on the hem of the light green skirt. The room lights reflected us sitting and lying on the couch, her legs glowing in the glass, my dick in her mouth, her hand working my balls.

The Chameleon

fetish venus_can 2018-07-28

Later that evening, Tony asked me "Have you ever dressed up as a man?" When I said no, he wondered, "Would you like to try?" Always ready for an adventure, I said "YES." Tony went out shopping. When we got home that night, I was so turned by the experience that I asked Tony to fuck me in the ass like a man. On the evening of my birthday, when I returned home, I found a post-it note on the microwave, asking me to go up to the bedroom, Tony had asked me to get dressed up and be ready by the time he got back. By the time, I wore the underwear and rest of the clothes Tony came in.

Babying Sarah

fetish DaddysBadLilGirl 2018-07-28

“Come on Baby, Daddy knows your hungry, lets go in the kitchen and make you a baba” Jon said as he walked into the kitchen carrying the bag. I started to doze off and woke up to Jon pulling the now empty bottle out of my mouth and sitting me up to burp me. Daddy has to finish unpacking everything and then I’ll come help you potty.” As he walked away he turned his head back and said, “Don’t potty in your diaper, bad babies potty in their diapers.” But first, you’re going to have another bottle.” Jon said, this time with a smile on his face.

Red Weekend

fetish Ozfetishguy 2018-07-28

After we had eaten most of the chocolate, Michelle took a pad from the packet, a clean pair of panties from her suitcase, and headed for the bathroom. Instead of collapsing on my chest for our usual post-coital cuddle, Michelle wasted no time heading for the bathroom, her panties in one hand and the other hand again between her thighs. I wondered if Michelle would be disgusted if she knew that Kate, my previous girlfriend would call me into the bathroom so that I could watch her change her pads and tampons? Even after tonight, I certainly couldn't imagine Michelle sucking my bloodied dick or encouraging me to go down on her as she sat on the toilet, drops of her blood running down the porcelain.

Jimmy gets Married

fetish littledick5 2018-07-28

When they got back to her place she made him use his mouth on her legs and pussy, played with his little dick and teased him until he was ready to scream with need, and then left him unfinished. In between, of course, Patty kept Jimmy running and fetching, as well as his usual sexual duties, which he performed without getting what he wanted in return from his fiancé. Jimmy became irrationally jealous, even as he told himself, each time, that it was just his imagination making him think something was going on between his super-sexy bride and his stud of an . That pre-nup Patty had rushed him into signing without reading, the one drafted by Randall's slick lawyer, assured that if Jimmy divorced his wife he would be left penniless.

The Adventures of Penny Ch. 07

fetish mousemoonwalk 2018-07-28

I looked Mr Oldcastle straight in the eye and smiled, "Now then are you going to show a naughty girl the error of her ways." With that I walked to the table bent over and rested my hands on it, "Give my pert arse the spanking it deserves!" I turned my head towards Metcalfe who's eyes were on stalks and said to Mr Oldcastle, "Have you finished with my bottom or do you want to give it some more." I turned once more to the table, lifted one leg onto the edge of it, and balanced myself on one leg.

The Harem Slave Ch. 04

fetish naughtybabygirl 2018-07-28

Moments later, to Sophie's surprise, a naked woman entered the room. As the blonde went back to licking the floor clean, the Master led Sophie out of the room. As the Master led her through the atrium, Sophie saw several women sitting on benches underneath the starlight. A woman passed them on the path, smiling radiantly at the Master. Sophie expected her to begin sucking the Master's dick, but instead, she watched the girl begin to swallow repeatedly. The women seemed not to even notice her, but Sophie didn't mind—she wasn't sure how she would handle attention from any of these big-titted, naked sluts. As Sophie and the Master paused briefly to watch the film, the blonde appeared, holding a martini glass full of ice.

81% mdom

Cuckolding Wife Ch. 02

fetish aquavulva 2018-07-28

"I like to watch her lips on your dick, Ray. And she gets to go home to her boyfriend later and she'll kiss him with the lips that are on your dick now." As Max talked nasty to him, the head of Ray's dick began swelling, and he began pumping his hips, fucking my mouth as if he may come, but he grabbed my hair and pulled me away before he went past the point of no return. Max and Ray were strangers to me, yet I opened myself to them; their cocks had felt wonderful inside of me; I remembered watching Max suck Ray's cock right in front of my face as Max brought me to orgasm; they came on me; I felt powerful parading my just-fucked self in front of my husband, who himself was aroused by it and fucked me as well...The memories of last night had made me want more, as soon as possible.

Kinky Girlfriend First Encounter

fetish spandexman 2018-07-28

"That's one of the reasons I like being with you." I smiled, taking in every swell and curve of the 5'11", Barbie doll faced gorgeous, 22-year-old, secretary, with high cheekbones, a strong chin, full red lips, big almond shaped hazel-green eyes, thick wavy fiery-red hair that cascaded down to the middle of her back and a firm, but extremely shapely 38EE-25-40 hourglass figure, that her black spandex leotard, nude tights, and white sneakers looked painted on.

Seven Days of Pain and Bliss

fetish analasis 2018-07-28

This surprised me, since I think of myself as rather drab; plain of face, neither interesting nor particularly pretty, hair not blond or dark, but somewhere in between, pert breasts descending to a narrow waist, emphasing my best feature, an ass well rounded and long coltish legs. Hours later we emerged, totally enthralled by make-up, how a dress sensuously worn could emphasise a well- rounded ass or thigh, tight pants versus long skirts, latest fashions, ideal length of a skirt, whether knickers, panties or thong; how to lower or raise them to best effect, to provoke a certain reaction. With trembling hands and legs shaking, I removed my scant panties and lowered myself over the table, legs spread as wide as possible, ass raised in supplication, vulnerable in its offering.

Music Lessons

fetish literoticpalsy 2018-07-28

I wasn't sure I could ever find a reason to turn her lessons down over some other cheap trick trying to pass as a music teacher. Speaking of music, Ms. Cross had stood up and walked across to a sound system she uses when we sing. A new definition to couch potato, as I felt like a care in the world couldn't dare reach me. Maybe this is what panic feels like, especially now that I realized she practically boozed me up. I felt a soothing calmness coming from the bond-like feeling she gave me. I just wasn't exactly sure how she intended to use her penis as help.

The Nature Walk

fetish FantasyMan021 2018-07-28

I suddenly felt a pair of hands on my body starting at my shoulders and working their way down as if giving me a pat down, despite I was naked. I then felt her grab my balls and start to massage them before working her way up and stroking my cock all the way till I was on the edge then stopping. I drew back and continued to pound inside of her she threw her head back as she felt another orgasm building and slowed to now just doing long slow strokes pulling it all the way back till just the head was inside her then going balls deep.

A Surprise for John Ch. 02

fetish m_grifter08 2018-07-28

Like last night after dinner, we were sitting on the couch watching TV when Michelle pulled open her robe and looked over at me with a big smile on her face. "Get over here bitch and suck daddy's cock." She said in stern tone. She reached down with her hand and pulled my cock down and back so that I wouldn't cum on the couch. She pulled open her jacket to reveal a black latex bodysuit and her strap-on, but this time her cock looked bigger. "Good bitch, now come over here and ride daddy's cock." "That's it bitch, fuck yourself good on daddy's cock. I held on to the steering wheel and kept fucking myself but I knew it wouldn't be long before I started to cum.

Taught to Love Cum

fetish fun4all6969 2018-07-28

She came up to kiss me and asked if I liked licking Rob's cum from her pussy. I found out later that she mentioned it to Rob when he got there and he said he would like to watch me lick her clean. She was sucking on another guy and the first guy came inside her with a grunt and let his cum squirting cock slip out. Sherrie immediately pushed my head down to take his cock in my mouth as he finished Cumming and then lick her clean. Some of the left for a while and came back but by the end of the weekend they were all cummed out and I had either sucked all the cum out of there cocks or licked it out of Sherrie's pussy.

Shiny Red Stilettos

fetish Savage_Henry 2018-07-27

I was looking at my skinny white hairy legs, thinking about how to get my cold anus off the floor, when between my knees appeared a wonderful pair of gloss "candy apple" red stiletto heels. Up my eyes went to smooth as silk calves, sweet enough to kiss knees, warm looking thighs I wanted to put my face in and then the hem of a short black skirt that was maybe an inch under her muff-line. A perfectly shaped ass in a short black skirt, with long sexy legs, and the hottest red stilettos on earth walking ...

A Pee Lust Story Ch. 02

fetish GirlWithBoots 2018-07-27

As the last spurts of urine dripped out of his working hand, he heard the moaning drop in tone, become more like groans of pain, more rhythmic, ripping from her and he knew that she was close. He felt, for only the third time, that gushing cum, ejaculating all over his hand and wrist and his fingers inside pushed harder, over and over, milking it from her as her cunt spasmed around his fingers. Her whole body seemed to melt and become boneless and he stood, pulling her up against him, one hand gripping her ass, the other around her shoulders.

Fiona Lets Go

fetish istanbulnoir 2018-07-27

He took her from behind and as his cock slid in and out of her cunt, he pulled opened her arse cheeks and gazed at the smears of shit on the skin around her anus. She tensed and he felt her cum and felt the tip of her hot, soft turd touch the underside of his cock as he fucked her fanny. He looked in the mirror and saw the turd hanging from her arsehole and moving gently with the rhythm of his cock going in and out of her cunt. Then she pulled it gently until her arsehole released its grip of it and she pressed hard and began to smear her soft, warm shit into her arse cheeks and her crotch and over his balls and the base of his prick.

A Visit to the Sex Doctor

fetish chauncygardner 2018-07-27

As CJ's other hand formed into a small fist, I realized how most girls didn't truly understand the sensitivity of a man's balls. While I lay on the table, the disposable paper beneath my naked body, my Angel held my hand as Alna turned to a cabinet drawer. Alna was engrossed in my suffering, but did notice an imploring look in my fiancé's eyes. "His penis measures more than 12 inches long, and thicker than our arms my dear sister. "May I have my blouse back, sweet Alna?" Only in cutoff mini shorts and high heels, the tiny girl was 99% naked. "Do you enjoy, Magnus?" Smiling, on display, the doctor put her arm around her twin's shoulder and stood side by side.

My Treacherous Wife

fetish SockloverRico 2018-07-27

I absolutely loved my wife to wear pantyhose or stockings but the downside, the big downside was that she was wearing them a long time mostly around four -five days sometimes a week and had a hell of a foot odor in those things. Having my arms and hands up trying to get more grip, as well as my head poking over the edge with my chin resting on the cold concrete ground. She was stopping at the door and slipping her heels off (she never goes outside with those I don't know why) then hurried towards the edge with her now only pantyhose covered feet. With that she lifted her right foot and placed her toes on the fingers of my left hand.

High School Dilemma Ch. 06

fetish LaurenWestley 2018-07-27

"This is very good Sissy but you forgot my napkin," Jimmy said as he took a forkful of egg and a bite of toast, "but first sit down and take the pen and write down everything you can remember about yesterday. "You need a good spanking this morning Sissy don't you?" Joe grinningly said, 'because you didn't answer me and because you were thinking about skipping out on us. "Yes Mister Sean," I said through my tears, "I liked my spanking and the dildo in my pussy Sir," Quickly my mind came up with the reply, "Mister Jimmy likes me to have both my ass and pussy plugged when he's away but he has said I should suck many cocks to improve my technique, Sir.

the shemale transformation part 3

fetish gothicslave27 2018-07-27

Fell ot of her pussy hole and into my mouth mmmmmm yummy i said as she moaned then i finished eating them and i asked her there only 4 i thought they came in packes of 10 she turned her ass at my face and said open and put ber ass hole in my mouth mmmmmmm sbe moaned as she push them oit her ass and into my mouth yummy arnt they yess wat about the pizza dont you want some she said sure this is fun.she took a slice and wrapped it around my dick and started jerking me off until it was al over my cock and balls she then closed her eyes and started to suck my dick mmmmm mmmmmmm mm.mmm she said so good i started to lose contral and transformed as her eyes closed and i formed a pussy between my balls and booty hole she felt it form and looked up and saw my hug tits she said wtf happen to yoi i told her every thing the.

Face Off

fetish Scaramouche123 2018-07-27

I'd released seven years of pent up desire, getting exactly what I imagined I'd get from oral sex and what I thought it would be like the days after my mom had explained the "rest of the facts of life" to me back then. In this case, I needed to ride Paul's bearded face like a Pony Express delivery man moving mail cross county. The snow still fell outside, but the little daylight that made it through the window, illuminated Paul's magnificent face and matted beard. As for Paul, he could rough fuck any part of me he wanted anytime he wanted as long as I got that face of his under me a good many more times before we had to go back to our "real" lives.