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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Reversals Ch. 09

fetish RachelClark 2018-07-27

"Well, go already!" Julia screamed, her otherwise beautiful face contorted with an ugly rage, the words striking Eric's ears like sledgehammers, making him flinch. "You're going to have to fully embrace the fact that this," she pointed her finger like a dagger, back and forth between them a couple times," is a female lead marriage from now on and forever." Julia leaned forward, getting directly in his face. "I fully accept your authority over me, Julia!" He said it decisively staring at her stilettos the entire time, his face twisting into self-loathing and disgust at being so weak. Julia smiled, forcing Eric to look her in the eyes by pushing his forehead back with the nail of her index finger.


fetish lobbipooh 2018-07-27

When Tamara said her day was clear, the Doctor asked Karla to get everything set up and get started with Tamara. After Karla left to get things set up Dr. Maximus turned to Tamara to give her a little bit of information as what will happen next. Karla handed Tamara a prescription pill bottle and said remember one a day first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Tamara's answer was "yes, exactly as prescribed and No, nothing different." The lab values were much lower than he had expected as well, so he said to Tamara that he was going to increase the dosage, he didn't normally do this so soon but maybe her body just didn't metabolize the medication as well as most.

The Shower

fetish ScorchingFlame 2018-07-27

She let her teeth dig lightly into his firm lips, and slid her tongue over his, inviting him into her warm mouth. One of her favorite things was to stand in the shower with the water turned off, peeing on her hands, and letting it run in warm rivulets down her legs to puddle at her feet. Moaning as she tasted herself on his lips, his tongue, and his face - Amber hungrily kissed Eric. Placing her hands in the growing pool at the bottom of the tub, she moved her face lower, letting it rush into her mouth and run over her chin and down her neck. Eric grabbed her hair and pulled her up, eliciting a smile and a throaty laugh from Amber.

The Parole Officer Ch. 01-02

fetish Dirtyfabrications 2018-07-27

A decent man would have accepted this recognition with modesty in respect for his hard working co-workers but it should come as no shock at all that Josh strutted around the room for a good ten minutes shouting his own praises. Josh looked at Christine with contempt, the only woman in the office worth fucking with the exception of Natasha. Natasha grabbed at the side's of her lingerie and bent forwards to slide them down her legs, as she reached the bottom, the waiter grabbed her head and positioned his cock beneath her, and eased it into her mouth.


Bachiko the Grappler Ch. 04

fetish KatieTay 2018-07-27

There were actually three distinct cords of muscle on Kaori's upper chest that flexed and bulged, now clearly perceptible to his eyes when he was looking at it full on and not averting his gaze out of modesty. Kaito stared wildly at the two pairs of muscular female chests performing this feat of muscle control, with the soft springy breasts moving as if they had lives of their own. He still felt self-conscious every time he made the mental comparison between himself and Bachiko, physique-wise, but she never seemed to mind, with the way she kissed down the front of his body and stripped his pants off with a playful snarl.

Librarian Finds Long Overdue Love Ch. 05

fetish RVon 2018-07-27

Settling back down on the bed, Tom shut his eyes, as Angelina took the unlit cigarette holder out of her mouth and held it between the index and middle fingers of her left hand. After about 15 minutes, impressed by her sexual partner's stamina and staying power, but her mouth muscles growing weary, she re-positioned herself to the side of the bed, took another finger full of Vaseline and switched over to giving Tom a hand-job. With every pull she took on her cigarette holder and every flirty, come hither, "I-mean-business" look Angelina shot to the men in the audience, Tom's jealousy grew. Squeezing his way through the huddle, Tom took a knee and began clapping Angelina's hand that wasn't clutching her cigarette holder, in a vain attempt to snap her out of unconsciousness.

Stranger in the Park Ch. 2

fetish Sherry Cross 2018-07-27

I slowly stroked his cock as I told him how much I enjoyed having his hard cock in my mouth and how good his cum tasted asking him how bad he wanted to fuck me trying to get his cock hard once again. Feeling his tongue as he lick my pussy felt so good I began moving my ass and rubbing my cock against the fur of the chair. I pulled my cum soaked panties aside and exposed my now rock hard cock I place my hands on each side of my stocking at the toes and moved them slowly towards the garter, raising my leg into the air as I did.

The most insane runin ive had on xhamster

fetish xxxdirtyfrankxxx 2018-07-27

Im sorry I like when a girl dominatesme takes charge n kinda makesme her bitch. 2- WHAT AM I TO EXPECT I DONT KNOW WHAT UR GOING TO DO AND THE TOYS U WANT METO BUY SCARE ME ME: dont u want to fuck me? look i fuck prolly way mroe girls than guys that wearth at stupid dick thing shit ill be ur bitch but i want u to like take charge basically do all the other shit uwanna do but not lock my dick up yea that was said b4u mentioned putting my cock in a device that doesnt allow me to get hard i dont get why we cant just hook up be dominant without all these accessories ill be ur bitch


fetish Sateema Lunasi 2018-07-27

I felt very sexy in my costume and the tight little feeling of the strappy fishnet on my legs was a sensation that was really turning me on. Amy was moving her hands along my thighs and feeling the tightness of the fishnets on my legs and suddenly I felt Keith lift me up and walk me to a dance platform that was currently empty. I felt my leg being pushed up and Keith moved up to position his cock at the tear in the fishnets at my crotch. I felt mouths and tongues, wetness, licking my legs through the fishnet and I knew I was going to come like crazy.

My Wife My Mommie part4 con

fetish 2018-07-27

About two block from the house Ann stated "Tom's Home". Ann seemed to notice his embarrassment and said, "I don't know why you are worried Tami, they will know soon enough what a baby Also in the room, along one of the walls was a changing table hair) When we finished, she took me back to the changing table put a High Chair in a pink dress, bows in my hair, mary jane shoes, She held up the book, "My wife turned me into a baby girl". sissy baby earrings at all times except at work." "Oh yes, hello Daisy, I was just telling Tami her new rules, Ann issued the command "Tami IS a baby" so that she would not

The Sex Wrestling League Ch. 01

fetish TConcord18 2018-07-27

Stacy looked at him with a smile and said to him, "That dick is going to submit to very soon." She blew him a kiss and sat back in her corner. After the rules session with Ms. Wallace, I thought it was finally time to start working in the ring. "Now, get into the ring and wait." That was the last I heard or saw Ms. Wallace as she turned and walked out the door. You need to learn how to fall properly, how to attack using the ring and how to win here." Clark looked at me, "Oh and Ms. Wallace wanted me to let you know, you're scheduled for a match in two Saturdays." For the next two hours, Clark taught me everything he knew about the wrestling business.

Me And A Mature Marwari Couple

fetish coolguy2020 2018-07-27

I wasted no time and started kissing and fondling her, commenting in between how sexy she is and how good she tastes. I unhooked her bra and her big boobs fell free and then slowly inserted my fingers around the waist band of her panties n started pulling them down. Rakesh was keeping his wife’s ass open for me and watching with excitement my cock moving in and out of her pussy. Rakesh looked surprised but Sarika said, “Rakesh ji, just do as Raj says. Woh jo kehte hai vaisa hi karo.” Rakesh had no choice and he started licking my ass. Sarika again started kissing me and said, “Raj, I never knew I can have multiple orgasms.

The Messenger

fetish Greenbill 2018-07-27

I guess she caught me staring because her question had hung in the air a few seconds too long, so I stammered, "Uh, yes of course, yes we can make it a beautiful tattoo." In that moment my mind was wrenched from my business and I realized a stunningly beautiful woman was laid before me naked and offering a place on her body for a mark that would remain with her for the rest of her life. The girl looked down at her thigh and brushed her hand lightly over the skin and then cocked her head towards me and said, "I think something of you.

English Slave Comes to India Ch. 01

fetish humiliationboy 2018-07-27

'No cabs, no luxuries for you - take an auto rickshaw and tell him to take you to the railway station.' He looked at the grin on the driver's face and realized that he's going to be looted heavily due to him being a foreigner, but he swallowed his anger and stifled the thought. He came in his mouth for them, he sucked large cocks for them, and he even met a couple of mistresses and was spanked and treated like a slave for a day or a few days. She was curled up in a white sheet on the bed opposite his, facing away from him, when he got his mistress's message.


Wet Seduction Ch. 02

fetish threelayers 2018-07-27

Brenda let go of Ben's trousers and ran her hands over the bulging front of them, spreading the custard over his crotch and feeling his cock slipping and sliding around in the mess. Ben reached over to the table and picked up a jug of chocolate sauce and sliding his hand around to Brenda's front and into the mess of melting cream in her knickers. Standing over his Brenda picked up a jug of chocolate sauce from the table, "Open your trousers and lets have a look." She said looking down at him. Brenda stopped kissing a few moments later and still holding on to Ben reached over to the table and picked up the remaining jug of custard.

Halloween: The Book

fetish phoenixeye 2018-07-27

“This lady is looking for these titles.” The girl behind the counter said handing the librarian the index cards. She looked at the titles for a seconds then back at Abergale nodding to herself, “Yes these books are now in the academic section of the library.” Naked apart from her dressing gown Abergale was still holding onto the old book she had been reading in her living room. Walking up to the edge she carefully looked into the pit below at the bottom of which was a black pool of still inky water out of which reached the skeletal branches of dead trees which moved in the breeze as if they were clawing at the air in a vain attempt to drag themselves out of the quagmire.

Impregnating her

fetish giggitygood69 2018-07-27

I tease her pussy, slapping it with my cock, using my head to tickle her, gently poking it inside just to sneak a peak. My head spreads that tight little pussy open, slowly and gently, moving those walls further back making room for her temporary occupant. I slide back out but not pulling out all the way, I slide back in, accelerating slowly, like cumming out of a construction zone. I lay down next to her to kiss her, holding her head, massaging her scalp and feeling her hair. She wraps one leg around me, I stroke it, clutching her cheek, aggressively feeling her calf, thigh. Plunging in head first, like there's any other way, I continue the rhythmic smacks until I feel the peak again.

Sylvie Gets Her Way

fetish BonViv 2018-07-27

I would kneel between her legs and start licking her and playing with my cock at the same time. I took my usual position between her legs and reached my tongue back between her cheeks and started licking. The next few times I did it that way, playing with my cock while I ran my tongue over her behind. "I like it when you lick my ass, but I love it when you eat my pussy." It made me hot too, and by the time I moved to her pussy, my hand was on my cock. I wanted to play with my cock, but with my hands tied behind me, I couldn't.

Happy Anniversary: Janet vs. Anne

fetish gomez8 2018-07-27

Janet quickly slid her left hand between her body and Anne's, deftly cupped Anne's silken cunt, and began massaging the blonde with the intent of forcing her to cum. Tightening her grip around the blonde's strong body, Janet hugged her foe tighter and attacked the bigger-breasted woman's mouth with her tongue. Janet slid her silky thigh down along a tiny triangle of silvery lavender silk, lowered herself on the still stunned redhead's body, and began grinding her thigh into Anne's pussy. Satisfied, Janet relaxed her grip on Anne's wrists, eventually releasing her victim, and began stroking her hair tenderly. Anne, beautiful, shining, wet, and at the brink of an orgasm, grabbed Janet's hair, pulled it between her thighs, and scissored the blonde, cutting off her air.

A Wonder Filled Weekend

fetish MissIntrigue 2018-07-27

That statement had me even hotter, and I, not wanting to at that time, withdrew my mouth from his hard cock, smiled wide and said, "We really should get going" we both knew if I kept on, that we wouldn't have left the house. He stroked and stroked his hard cock into me for quite some time, then we repositioned and he went into my pussy that was so soaking wet… making love to each other, we each came in a fiery orgasm and then collapsed into each other, sweet lovers smiles of contentment shining upon our sated faces, and sleep taking us as the first light of dawn came into the windows.

Barefoot Girls Love Playing Games Ch. 04

fetish ScarredRaven 2018-07-27

I pull out a few select favorites and turn to the group...and I blush quickly at what I see: Kelly and Erica are coming back into the room having left when I was looking through the movies. I feel Amy's hands clench again on my legs, I know what's coming and I break myself with my hands ending up grabbing Kelly's shoulder and around the back of Erica's neck. I slide under her shirt as Amy is coming back up my shaft with a quiver, as my fingers slip under her shirt I see her soft and dripping lips right out in the open, and I'm hit with the realization that all three girls on this couch must not be wearing anything under their shirts.

Such a Deal Ch. 06

fetish Angelscuck 2018-07-27

Here I was, in full sissy regalia, desperately sucking Alex's semen out of my fiancée's pussy trying to prevent her from becoming pregnant and avoiding becoming the nanny to a little half-black baby. I had no idea it would involve a complete transformation leaving me looking more female than male, and an evening of torture and cuckolding involving my fiancée fucking and sucking two black men, while my mistress and her spoiled brat niece whipped the crap out of me and smothered me with their cunts. Angel had humiliated and cuckolded me in front of strangers, called me a faggot, sissy and a wimp and now she was saying she was proud of me and thought I had balls!

Bachiko the Grappler Ch. 03

fetish KatieTay 2018-07-27

Bachiko meanwhile was pensive, even melancholy, and whenever she caught Fujiko's eye there was a sense of sad resignation in her characteristic small smile. Later, Kaito would always cherish that memory of his first time walking home hand in hand with Bachiko. Bachiko turned her body slightly to the side and struck up a pose, bending her right knee, placing her right palm on her hip and her left hand behind her head. Kaito's smile faded on its own accord, as other less pleasant memories came to mind: Hanma Yuriko breaking Hanayama Kaori's forearm with sheer grip strength alone, and almost crushing Bachiko's hand shortly after...

Fantasy Night

fetish Ilovetoeatsperm 2018-07-27

Every time I notice my wife she says something to me like I'm going to plow your ass in front of those people or your smooth hairless body looks so vulnerable. My wife says turn your head and look at these people watch you as I slide this up your ass all of the way. My wife slides the hunk of rubber out of my ass, she tells me that now I was going to cum into my own mouth in front of these people and eat my cum. My wife pulls her hands out of my ass one at a time and then pushes the cum into my mouth till it is all cleaned up from my face.