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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

The Sexy Cuckold Couple Pt. 11

fetish cuckcpl4play 2018-07-27

Here I was covered in cum, I had just been told that Master and my wife would be making love while I was bound tight and ordered to watch the scene before me. My markings were at least as severe as her own and a very strange thought ran through my head, I was thankful that I was not my wife, and Master's slut as I envisioned the bruising that her body would be revealing in a bikini over the next few days. Vegas was always a crazy trip by itself, but with all of these variables at play, I knew that it was going to be a tumultuous experience for me as Master's slave and Miss Jenny's cuckold husband.

Our Weekend Away

fetish sweetangelic 2018-07-27

His body tense this time as Rods hand goes back there, an excited gleam in his eyes, I hear John let out a moan. Having a hole in the head bag for his mouth I made John suck on Rods cock with me. I tell John that I want him to fuck Rod, knowing better than to disobey me, he feels around for the lube and puts someone his cock. Wanda is not planning on missing out on much and starts to feel Rods hard cock. Every time they had to face each other at meeting both John and Rod, could not look the other in the eye without the humiliation coming back at them both.

The Little Black Dress Ch. 01

fetish PrettyPerkys 2018-07-27

When she teasingly told her husband Brad about what happened and that it had turned her on, he eagerly volunteered to buy some of the same products for her so she could relive the feelings every time she showered. The thought of making him jealous turned her on as much as the delightful pressure growing between them and she began playfully running her hand up Duane's back, caressing his neck and lightly combing her fingers through his hair. Rose knew it wasn't her that had turned him on so much; it had been watching the dancing and visualizing Duane's big cock grinding against her.

A Deal is Completed.

fetish waraxe13 2018-07-27

I moaned in response, causing me to arch my back and sucked harder on the big cock in my mouth as Bella's tongue pushed into my cunt. He laughed and said, 'Get over here girls.' Immediately Bella pulled her tongue out of my cunt, and I crawled over watching his meat spreading my Mistress' pussy. 'You like Bella's cock sissy?' Said Bella, as she slam-fucked me harder, her balls slapping on my gouch. Bella pushed down on the middle of my back and fucked me harder still in my raw cunt and turned to her Daddy and said, 'Daddy, can I cum?' As I was doing this my Mistress shouted, 'I'm cumming again!' As Daddy was slowly pushing his cock deep into her pussy.

Julie's Pantyhose Sex Ch. 07

fetish SylviaG 2018-07-27

The thread bare carpet on the stairs seemed bad enough to navigate in high heels, but with a 67 year old hand groping my nylon clad ass it just made it even more difficult. I felt his tongue lick over my fanny lips, and then he sucked them into his mouth. I had flicked the remains of the contents up into my face and with my mouth open...It went...In. I spat into the sink, but it was too late I could taste the old mans piss! There I stood holding my skirt up, my tights ripped at the crotch covered in sticky white spunk, smelling of piss and with a hand full of kitchen roll soggy with cum.

The Sexy Cuckold Couple Pt. 04

fetish cuckcpl4play 2018-07-27

Miss Robin smiled and blushed slightly at the request and seemed confused...Miss Gabby filled in the detail...Master just texted and wanted slave here unclothed the entire time. Miss Jenny ordered me to spin around to show them the full effect of my outfit and embarrassed, I did so quickly showing them not only the horse tail butt plug, but my still bruised and welted ass...the combination caused several gasps and Miss Gabby to are truly an obedient long has Master owned you slave? I looked down at her feet and answered that Master had just taken ownership this morning resulting in some more laughs and Miss Robin's response, Oh My God. The attention then turned to Miss Jenny and Miss Gabby ordered her to turn around to see if there were any surprises.

Nurse Debbie chapter 3

fetish weswitch 2018-07-27

Mistress Debbie looked down at me put her hand on the suction cup on my left nipple and said I know your right nipple hurts and this is going to hurt but rest assured you will feel more pain than this, with that she jerked the left suction cup off snapped the clamp on and pulled it tight. Not sure how much time had past, my arms and legs were numb from being tied in the same position for so long, pain in my nipples was getting better think they were numb also and my cock was now soft and not being poked by the points in the cock gage. Mistress Debbie grabbed my legs and started to fuck my ass hard and fast, every time she pulled and pushed me off her cock the clamps would pull on my nipples.

Michael and Elle Pt. 03

fetish Justbecause1011 2018-07-27

As his fingers slid back they parted my lips a little further and I felt his other hand start to pull my panties down. I felt his hands move to the sides of my head, cradling my face as he deepened the kiss and moaned against my lips. I felt his lips start to move lower over my skin and then his hand ran up the inside of my leg from my knee to my thigh, encouraging me to open my legs. When his hips drew back my eyes drift closed and as I felt his cock slowly slide back into me he moaned low and deep. I was a little afraid as I felt another orgasm building, pulling me under as I gloried in the feeling of his cock moving inside me.

Fucked by co-workers husband

fetish Ashley-in-stockings 2018-07-27

My cock was hard so I was stroking myself thinking about my co-worker who has great legs and wearing a dress the night before with stockings. As I worked a little faster I went deeper until I started to gag and I heard him say “Your so good what a good cocksuker you are” “You need to drop by more when she is out” “Mmmm yeah suck it I want to hear you gag and slurp” I massaged his balls and sucked on him while I stroked his cock with my hands. Grabbing his camera he handed it to me and said “She wont do photos, I want to see my cock in you” I started to take photos as he began to fuck me.

Attached Ch. 2

fetish MirageLM 2018-07-27

"Sorry for the delay..." he said with a grin, only to pause when he saw Jack's hand stroking Anne's thigh, "Ah, o-okay, let's see about your size." Anne's involuntary gasp of surprise caused the clerk to look up...And right into the vision of her stocking encased thighs between which lay her bare pussy. Again, Anne's was tortured with conflicting sensations....Disbelief that this stranger was being allowed to not only touch her, but stare into her most private of places....Raw sexual need as the combination of the clerk's hands and Jack hands raked her skin and caressed her into a sexual panic. "The coat takes away from the effect," Jack said tuning to the clerk, "I think she should raise the hem don't you Jason?"

Poor Pussy Game

fetish ArrowDel 2018-07-27

"Poor Pussy, do your feet hurt?" he asked, knowing that she had let him win the first round on purpose. He slid his hands off the chair arms and smoothed them over her legs from knees to hips, then stopped and stroked his thumbs back and forth, knowing that it teased her. "Poor Pussy," she wrinkled her nose at him and ground her hips against him again in a long slow movement. "Meow," her voice was accompanied by the tinkling of her bell as she shook her head slightly at him with a teasing look on her face. "Poor Pussy," he said, amused, she hooked her hands behind his knees and pulled them apart to nuzzle his crotch.

A Wife's Revenge

fetish Raool 2018-07-27

Tracy watched in the mirror as the hair fell away, exposing her ear, making the side of her head look flat. Tracy looked in the mirror at Deb, eyes pleading as if to say "please stop." A huge smile flashed across Deb's face as she ever so slowly drew the humming clippers straight back, following the part down the center of Tracy's head. Deb used the width of the clippers as a guide and cut a swath from Tracy's right sideburn straight over her right ear, around the back of her head, over her left ear to her left sideburn.

The Bus Journey (A CFNM Experience)

fetish rita1963 2018-07-27

"Well if you're going my way, how can I possibly refuse such an offer!" Pete laughed as he replied, feeling slightly nervous but excited at the thought of his journey home with a bus full of attractive ladies, as long as no one was sick on him he was sure he'd quite enjoy it! "You haven't finished yet have you?" she said looking at the others "No you certainly haven't!" the other young girl at the rear of the bus said, & she moved forwards towards Pete.....looking at him stood in just his boxers with a raging hard on she carried on ."I want to see your cock, it doesn't look very impressive in those things she added pulling at the leg of the boxers.

84% cfnm

Sam has slip showing Stories

fetish sarahslips 2018-07-27

After we had been married about a year Sam decided to get involved in the Guide movement as a leader. We were going to a friend's wedding on the following Saturday and Sam decided to wear her new slip under a brown skirt. As our son was very small at the time we put him in the push chair and went to the loo. I instantly saw three inches of slip showing under her brown skirt. Sam went back to the loo and returned a few minutes later with no slip on display. Many many more times since I have enjoyed the sight of a Sam showing a lot of slip.

The Neighborhood Ch. 02

fetish Longe 2018-07-27

As the stopwatch made its way to the 2 minute mark I began to build a rhythm as I spanked Jada's hot ass. By the time the clock hit the 6 minute mark, my hand was numb (in a good way) and Jada's head hung as she dealt with the blows to her ass. "Assume your position." I stood up and adjusted my rock hard cock in my jeans as Jada happily turned and once again placed her palms flat on the table. Thank you!" Jada stepped close to me and kissed me very gently on the lips as I let my free hand cup her ass that was hot to the touch.

Making Love to the Earth

fetish my_yearning 2018-07-27

The sun shone evenly and unobtrusively from the sky and lighted June's soft skin in an afternoon tint far more real than her orange self-tanning spray. She pulls up clumps of earth with her hands and rubs it fervently over her breasts and her abdomen and her shoulders and uses all the muscles in her legs to smear the thick mud between her ankles and thighs and across her swelling vagina. Love flows from her and treats her skin, the earth, and her needing tongue with its savory embodiment. June presses her body as far as it will go down into the earth and becomes liquid, flowing on infinitely.

Fireside Lounge

fetish Cinda 2018-07-27

He stood and smiled down at me and with a wink he pulled his pants up and silently walked out into the corridor of the hotel, never to be seen by the handcuffed man on the bed again. Below my parted pussy lips on the bed was a rock hard dick, aching to be put inside my sticky cunt. I could hear his muffled, strained breathing from the folds of my lips and I knew that there was a hell of a lot of cum inside my pussy that was definitely pouring out of me, onto his face, into his mouth and making his breathing difficult.

An Anniversary Present Regifted

fetish grizzley123 2018-07-27

Steve looks at me and says "it's going to be hard to decide whether I should fuck your wife or your daughter when I come over here. Steve grabs me by the head and starts to face fuck me as he reminds my slut of a daughter, "I have a meeting this afternoon with a client, so come if you will, but expect two cocks in you." She laughs and says "Ah, double the fun!" My wife laughs and says, "Time for all of us to get to work or class." She turns to me and said, "get your chores done quickly, I will be home at 4pm and Julie is coming over for a glass of wine and I want this house immaculate!"

The Shrink

fetish Marty Eagan 2018-07-27

I thought the white leather on her brace was wonderful and I loved the way she kind of threw her legs a little bit sideways through the crutches as she went. As her patient was talking, Lydia very quietly removed her own forearm crutches from the armoire and slipped them on her arms. Brad Mullins sat on the floor and removed Lydia's left loafer, revealing a very pretty, slightly puffy, foot. They fell back on the red leather divan and Brad kissed every inch of Lydia's body, spending a great deal of time on her thin left leg. Brad left chuckling to himself as Barb sat looking at Dr. Lydia Martin as if she'd lost her mind.

Afternoon Footsie

fetish Vincent E 2018-07-27

She draped a large beach towel over one of the wooden Adirondack loungers, then she took out her sundry warm weather day items from her bag and set them on a table next to the lounger: suntan lotion, lip balm, a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses as a backup, a book she had been reading, a little FM radio with a headset, and a pack of cigarettes. Swimming under her raft, I turned to look at her from under the water and got a shark's eye view of her outline silhouetted against the sun.

Messy Melinda Ch. 02

fetish BossySon21a 2018-07-27

With a sigh, Cathy reached over, took an egg from one of the bowls, and handed it to her daughter, who looked her mother over from head to toe considering where to start. Melinda reached over and picked up another egg, handing it to her son, who showed little hesitation at he broke it gently across her forehead, rubbing it in so the gunk flowed down Melinda's pretty face. Jean stepped up beside her mother-in-law, wiggling her bare toes in the gunk as she did, and broke the egg over Melinda's bare bottom just as Steven had done over her face, letting it run out onto the big bare globes of the older woman's ass.

Hotel Adventure

fetish mallenwc 2018-07-27

As the young guy and I start playing together over the cam, I could see that she was getting turned on too, she was moving around in the chair, one hand pressed on the outside of her skirt, the other playing with her tits through her blouse. Then I said now for my second surprise, and I reach out for her hand, and turned the camera to face her - quite slowly, so she had time to escape, but she didn't move. I spread my legs too, skirt also riding up, using a technique I had learnt to hide my cock behind my hand as I pretended to stroke my pussy through my knickers."I want you two girls to play with each other." He said.


fetish hotwriter1 2018-07-27

A quick scan of the women's arms, legs, and faces revealed nothing of interest, but then the model for the session, who had been standing off in a corner in a blue terry bathrobe, mounted the platform bearing the bench on which she would sit as she posed for us in the nude. The thought of fucking a hairy lesbian was so exciting my cock felt like it was going to snap in my pants. When she came, she grabbed my hair, mashed my face into her hairy crotch, and began to hump in an extensive series of short quick thrusts. I ran my fingers through the lush curls on the backs of her thighs while I tongued out her hole, sucked that stupendous clit, and licked all the hair on and around her pussy.

It's All about Him and My panties

fetish jennyUK97 2018-07-27

"I think we'll keep these on," called Oliver Hopkins my English lecturer at university, said, referring to the white, French knickers I was wearing specially for him. I was only wearing the French knickers under the dress, no bra or tights or stockings. "You dirty little bitch" he whispered as he slid down a little so that the tip of his cock pressed against the gusset of my white, French knickers. And then, with me still wearing my white, silk French knickers he fucked me. I can get excited at the briefness of a thong or the fullness of a pair of high-waisted panties, particularly when made from silk or satin, which means that more of my skin is stimulated by the lustrous material.