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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Dear Diary

fetish Fairiegodmommie 2018-07-26

Janet concentrated on her business, but as the pee started to trickle out into the glass, confirming her aim, she looked up to see the pure lust animating Mom's face and my fingers turning inside her pussy. Mom and Janet were playing with my cock, sucking it and sharing my balls -- and each other's wet mouths and tongues, when I began to caress Mom's back and buttocks. Janet extended her hand and Mom turned around, took it in her own and pulled the dirty finger into her mouth. Mom pulled Janet to her, to her mouth, and they locked lips, licking and sucking each other, sharing the depraved joy of tasting and eating and sharing shit.

office romance part 1

fetish 2018-07-26

Before Jane realised what she had said she sweetly whispered, “You may slide your hand up my blouse and feel how hard my nipple is from wanting your touch.” He couldn't believe what he was hearing, here was this sexually repressed and introverted women telling him what she wanted. Jason whispered to Jane, “If I took your nipple in my mouth would your areola like to be teased by my tongue and the goosebumps become so hard that a tingling went down your spine to make you very alive and wanting of more?”, before she could answer he added, “Do you desire me?

Gold from Bronze Ch. 03

fetish Afetishlova 2018-07-26

Once the doors were closed Marissa shifted against the interns leg and farted again. Marissa pressed closer to the intern as people got on and farted as the doors shut. Marissa hugged him firmly squishing her big breasts up against his chest and farted loudly, trapping him in the rank smell for a moment. Stop stinking the place up!' Alice never wanted to hurt anyone's feelings and Marissa knew it. Porter was sure he'd died and gone to heaven when Marissa relaxed and hot golden piss shot out of her. Marissa butt grazed Porter's stomach and more pee rained down on the carpet between them. Porter took her to it Marissa blasting farts all the way.

Samantha "Oral" Education Continues

fetish dicko9point5 2018-07-26

I had been meaning to share my earlier wild adventure with Mom. I wanted to see the look on her face when I would tell her how they were both out like a light one night and that I got a chance to try out her "oral" instructions on Steve. She pulled Steve's penis out of my mouth and then instructs me: "You have to totally relax and open your throat. "Ahhhhhh." she said again, and again I dutifully opened my mouth and she put the head of Steve's penis in my mouth. Mom started feeding his penis into my mouth and it slid down my throat easily. She pulled Steve's penis out of my mouth and started sucking it gently but intensely.

Friends with Benefits Pt. 02

fetish j_zep2001 2018-07-26

Janeane then moved her mouth to Annabelle's neck and moved her hands to her breasts, rubbing her nails across the smooth fabric of the swimsuit, causing Annabelle's nipples to go hard. She continued kissing Annabelle's neck and shoulder and used her fingers to move the straps over Annabelle's shoulders and slide them down her arms, so the swimsuit slid down and her big breasts were exposed, hard nipples pointing out. Annabelle moaned and nodded and Janeane moved her fingers to Annabelle's mouth and Annabelle began to suck them softly, imitating the technique she used when she went down on her husband. Annabelle licked long and deep, while Janeane bent her head forward and enjoyed the taste of a woman for the first time.

Act Out Ch. 1

fetish Tristmegistis 2018-07-26

I want you to play with your big tits and finger-fuck your nasty pussy until you scream." You want to ram me, fuck me so hard and fast and mean that you make me cum like some cheap whore you picked up in a bar?" To put on bright red lipstick and all that eye makeup and stretch a dress that tight over her tits and ass and walk around in fuck-me shoes while men drooled over her and offered her money for her pussy?" She'd almost have to be turned on by the way all the guys fuck her with their eyes, the way they imagine they're sticking their cocks between her slutty red lips or pounding their meat into her sleazy cunt."


fetish engmanalt 2018-07-26

Mistress Willow led me to the passenger side of the car and said “you may open the door for me slut.” I stepped forward without hesitation and opened the door for her feeling very exposed in public in my current predicament (cock hanging from my trousers with one end of a handcuff attached to the base of the cock and balls). It felt so odd standing in this room stark bullock naked with a sexily clad woman I did not know just a pair of handcuffs hanging from my privates. I pulled them up finding that the thin leather gripped my body tight – My cock hanging out as it would have not fitting inside with the hand cuff.

Lost Bet

fetish Pippa 2018-07-26

"Pippa, stand very still right in the middle of the room and, watch as I bring your wife off on my face!" Lisa went and opened all the curtains and the windows, leaving Pippa clearly visible from the road, should anyone look in as they passed. "Yes Mistress, I will obey your every command… I am your servant Miss, I am your slave." Pippa looked abashed by what had just come out of her mouth, almost unbelieving of how things had turned out and, of how cruel I was being. Do you think that we might do this again from time to time?" Pippa's face looked ashen as I replied, "I must admit that this has really excited me, turning the tables on Phil's arrogant male ego and, having total control over him/her is something that I'm loathe to give up easily.

Laura's Sweaty, Smelly Awakening

fetish escalon 2018-07-26

Laura wondered if other women's shoes and feet smelled as good as hers and what it would be like to lick the sweat off of another woman's skin. Then she would push her face into the heap of thongs and panties – all sizes, colors, and fabrics – and intoxicate herself on the intimate smells of all of her friends and their moms and aunts...pussy smell mixed with sweat, stale urine, and an even more tangy odor from the panties with 'skid marks.' The smell of their underpants would make Laura want to push her nose into all of the women's moist cunts and sweaty assholes....

Nicola's Sexfight

fetish guinnich 2018-07-26

Figuring she probably wouldn't defeat him by hand or mouth, Nicola decided to wait until she had him in her cunt, where she could squeeze him to submission in any position, more so if she could get on top. Breaking their kiss, John went to his knees, slapping Nicola's arse hard as he pulled her cunt to his face. From her stance, Nicola's physical options were restricted, but her verbal capacity remained "fuck my cunt John, fuck it good" she encouraged him, thrusting her hips at his face. Lifting her hips above him, she rubbed the cock against her wet cunt, probing herself with it while she pushed her other hand down on his chest.

Penny's hairy pantyhose pussy

fetish tonyhose 2018-07-26

Seeing her sucking my friend was really horny and I moved behind her and pulling my cock out through the open crotch of my pantyhose, I ripped a hole in the crotch of Penny's pantyhose and drove my cock easily into her hot, wet, hairy pussy from behind and started to fuck her hard and fast. This time he would last a lot longer and Penny took hold of my cock and pulled me closer taking me into her mouth and sucking me, looking up at me with her sexy eyes saying fuck my mouth and fill it with your cum.

Big Dick Fucks Blonde Girlfriend Pt. 01

fetish EroticDelights 2018-07-26

The idea of finally getting in that tight little pussy, watching her tits bounce up and down while I fucked her, I couldn't wait to get started. Here was the girl I loved, this gorgeous woman with an incredible body that I was aching to fuck, telling me that my penis was not big enough for her. "Soooo, anyway, I was thinking maybe we could invite him over once in a while, when I'm feeling, you know, especially horny, and he could take care of me." Then she batted her big blue eyes at me in that way women do when they are trying to be irresistible.

Doris' Private Secretary Ch. 01

fetish ossforyou 2018-07-26

His name was Tom. He was a middle-aged man who had experience serving as a woman's executive secretary in the past, but more importantly to Doris, his desires seem to match her demanding dominant sexual needs. She further wrote Tom, that she loved having her feet, ass and pussy licked and sucked for hours, and that she would be spending long periods sitting and grinding on his face to climax after climax. Tom wrote back, sincerely, telling Doris that He would be willing to be her complete and total oral sex slave AND THAT HE WANTED TO BECOME HER PERSONAL SECRETARY AND WOULD DO ANTHING SHE DESIRED.


fetish dv8tmind 2018-07-26

'Mmmm, you are so wet now.' You back off the toilet, and rub your finger along my pussy. You rub my G spot hard, making me ride you harder and faster as I continue to cum. Slowly you start to pee, dribbling down and over my pussy and your cock together. 'Ahhhh.' I moan, as you pull a hand down and slap my ass as I cum. I reach down and start stroking the base of your cock as I go up and down, squeezing you hard, with my pussy and hands. Pulling your hand out, you slam your cock into me deep and hard. You reach down and add your finger into my pussy with your cock and rub my g spot.

The Scent of Devotion

fetish toesnbutts4me 2018-07-26

Rosie knew of and accepted Pete's foot fetish, and even came to enjoy his pampering of her feet. Having her feet kissed and licked and sucked had become an incredibly intense turn on for her, but having Pete do those things under her specific orders to do so, doing what he was told, how and when he was told, was simply put, awesome. "Well, Chrissy SAID she was going to plant some flowers for next year," she replied, shuffling over to the sofa and collapsing onto it, her sneakered feet coming to a floor-rattling halt a foot from Pete's right ear. Record the game if you want to, but turn off the TV and get busy soothing my achy feet." She'd demanded foot servicing from him before while he was watching something on television, so this was nothing new.

Getting Pumped Up

fetish WayneGibbous 2018-07-26

I moved off my chair and knelt right between her legs and stroked those wonderful-feeling final movements when ropes of white, sticky semen came flying out the end of my cock landing on Amy's pussy lips and inner thighs. Now she sat sideways on the sofa facing me, her knees up and wide apart, her wet pussy open to me, her full breasts laying back on her chest as she rested back on the upholstered arm of the sofa, smiling at me as I finger-fucked her as she talked with Rob. I pulled my finger out and began to circle her clit with my finger tip as I started stroking my cock again.

A Scent to Remember

fetish wolf_of_the_waters 2018-07-26

"What are you doing in my cabin little cat?" He could feel her trembling against his muscular body, small against his larger wolf stature. He started softly nibbling her ear, quickly evoking a low moan from the lovely cat. "Oh I will." A low growl escaped the wolf as he lifted her up slightly, lowering her onto the swollen head of his large cock. That was all he needed as he started drawing out, till just the head filled her tight little slit, and then stroking back in deep. He then dragged over his fangs over her skin till he found the spot he would leave his mark; as he stroked his last stroke, starting to cum deep inside her, he bit down, and she screamed.

Something Wet and Warm

fetish kinkycurvy 2018-07-26

He stopped peeing and pulled my head up by my hair until I was looking at him, then slapped me across the face, suddenly, followed closely by a second, a third. I heard the quiet rasp of his zipper, then a few seconds later felt the warm wetness on the back of my head, soaking into my hair, running down my face. I took advantage of the freedom of movement and turned my head so that his piss fell directly on my face, accidentally placing my ear in the pathway of his stream for a second, and experienced the strange sensation of having my ear canal fill up with the warm liquid, muffling my hearing.

Culra Bothy

fetish Scotsman69 2018-07-26

A hard morning at work; afternoon train to Dalwhinnie; the long walk in to the bothy as October sunset lit the way by Loch Ericht. He organised his gear, got the fire going, and stepped outside to piss, surveying the louring mass of hills to the west in rapidly-fading gloaming. He rolled a fag, poured a dram, took his torch and whistle, stepped outside. Step-counting with his beads: he needed to know exactly how far he'd gone, so he could look out for the rock formation on the return. He needed water for the pasta, went outside to the burn. – she shivered – But maybe October wasn't the best time. She only needed to pee, didn't want to go outside. She glanced at the window, looked Sandy straight in the eye.


Sun Hee Ch. 09

fetish metalimbic 2018-07-26

My left hand slipped around Sun Hee's narrow waist in a way that felt glorious and right, and I longed to pull her into me for a full and proper embrace. The way Sun Hee's tight wrap-around dress clung to every curve of her hips and narrow waist made my cock ache painfully, and although Jin Sook's maxi dress was arguably more modest, the way the linen floated above her impossibly long and slender legs hinted darkly at delights I could scarcely imagine. Sun Hee was pulling her wavy hair through her hands, a deliciously feminine gesture, and rearranging the way it fell across her shoulders, while Jin Sook fingered the pearls at her neck, her left arm akimbo at her waist in a way that conveyed impatience and disregard in equal measure.

The Waxing Scene

fetish Mazamby 2018-07-26

First running the hot candle along her body, changing from heat to blowing on her skin causing her to stir her senses in such I way that I could feel myself getting turned on. I stood there completely torn between going nude in front of all these people and then feeling the strong desire of wanting to experience it. My arousal so evident, I began to feel more and more alive as the wax continued to tease my body. Upon dressing and thanking C for the wonderful experience, I went back to the social lounge and started talking about the scene, and said that it was the best ten minutes of my life.

The Intern

fetish AnyaWVossand 2018-07-26

Ms. Duquethe's voice, in return, is coy but pleasant, "Good morning, Sir." The woman's fingers lace behind her back as she speaks, and a small shift in her posture ensures that when the Attorney's eyes came to rest - as they inevitably do - upon the curves of her breasts and her hips, he will be presented with the most succulent view she can manage while still dressed. Ms. Duquethe's eyes close fully then, as the lace of her fingers grows more and more slick against her crotch, and the panties go from damp to sodden, so that when she moves her hand away and draws it back up the line of her body, her audience will see everything: the way the black lace clings to her folds, now made sheer with her desire so that the inviting shape of her pussy is unmistakable and possibly more erotic than it would have been naked.

Life At The Manor House Ch. 01

fetish leaky_one 2018-07-26

With a deep gasp of shock Juliette looked up, the golden stream of pee squirting out of her pussy lips already vanishing at the horror of being discovered. The way in which Maria's pee left her pussy lips was so different to how Juliette's piss fountain looked when she peed. Placing the kettle's open mouth up to her pussy lips Juliette took a deep breath and then issued the signal to her bladder to release her pent up her piss. Plunging deep inside her wet tunnel of desire she fingered herself to a fantastic orgasm using the images in her mind of herself pissing into a kettle and the memory of Maria peeing from her golden haired pussy.

Stroking In Satin

fetish Mistress_Rebecca 2018-07-26

Larry was wearing my sister's blue lace bra and panties and had been staring at the TV while he slowly stroked his enlarged cock which was wrapped in some filmy blue underwear. That always annoyed the hell out of me and, not surprisingly I always thought of him as "Jerkin' James." One time, just before my boyfriend and I were about to fuck, I sent James a text message which said "I know that you've been looking through my underwear drawer and cumming in my panties. On Saturday, I prepared for Larry's visit and punishment by dressing myself up in all blue underwear including a lacy front-close bra, very soft granny panties and half-slip together with a pair of tan thigh-high stockings.