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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Kinky Boots & Leather Suits Ch. 02

fetish mshsrfc 2018-07-26

She had been a blonde for five years now, at first in a Jayne Mansfield style, who Dave worshipped, but when the bouffant styles had come around, he got Dorothy to pile hers higher and now with her beehive it stood fully 12” high, rising in an inverted cone, and on occasion it had been even higher. But, Honor Blackman as Cathy Gale in the Avengers had made it fashionable and Dave, having a passion for leather gear (on Dorothy), had ordered the black suit. “You might think so, but what’s everybody else going think, a 50 year old women dressed in tight leather,” Dorothy silently thought.


fetish fuzzy_t 2018-07-26

There was no sense in wasting time so I sat my iPad on the seat beside me and used the now free hand to untie the strings at the waistband of my sweats and pull them open while my "busy" hand lifted my balls and pulled them, and my cock, out into the fresh morning air. If you're into public masturbation then you know exactly what I'm talking about; you NEED to pull your pants down just a "little bit more!" I had quickly reached that point so I hooked both my thumbs on my sweatpants and pushed them to just above my knees and wasted no time in returning to my previous action.

Taking Stock

fetish prettypolly 2018-07-26

But even he succumbed to sleep, and so I had the entire store to myself, well almost, Chris was somewhere in stores getting clothes ready for display near the office section. I shifted the light box over to the centre of the room, in the overhead light I could see it was hosiery, a box of large sheer tights. She's taller than Angela and she wears very high heels that make her long legs look even longer. Very well defined legs and nice thin ankles, she always wears shiny sheer tights either nearly black or navy. I backed off slowly and silently, Chris was pulling his black tights down.

The dare

fetish Ulfric 2018-07-26

Next I dared her to suck her own nipples tasting her pussy on them and to push the dildo in deep into her now dripping wet pussy; she opened her legs wide and took a good length of the toy deep into herself. I told her to walk to the window with the dildo and suck it then to fuck herself with it as she looks out. I then dared her to walk to the window and to play with herself as she licked her cum off her hand. I watched as she pushed them deep into her pussy and walk to the window I then told her to pull them out and to sniff them to show her neighbours how much of a dirty slut she is.


fetish margaret_jenkins 2018-07-26

Lauren used several devices to reinforce and build up the urge to indulge my weird fantasies, to take pleasure in debasing myself by the vilest, most humiliating acts, and to treat it as perfectly normal to perform in front of her those body functions that almost everyone does in private. Then she would take off her soiled apron and discard her gloves, and would caress my nipples and touch me between my legs, softly teasing my labia with her fingertips until my vagina began to ooze its secretions, and then gently work her fingers in and out of my love canal, going deep inside almost to my womb as she slowly finger-fucked me to orgasm ......

Diary of a Pervert

fetish perter111111 2018-07-26

She slid it in and pumped it up until it expanded my hole and gave me a pair of her panties to put on- a pair of black g strings, suspenders ,black stockings, black bra and a black mini dress with high heels and ordered me to parade around on the floor. She tied me spread-eagled to the bed after removing my dress, leaving me in a pair of thong panties, stockings, suspenders and a black lacy bra I can leave you like that till the morning and your cock will be soaked by my piss which I know you will enjoy, I can untie you now and you can go home and fuck yourself and never see me again or you can drink this glass of cum.

For My Pet

fetish k6969 2018-07-26

offer you my sxxxy nylon coverd ass and order you to make me cum befor i get tease my ass both your hands running up n down my sxxxy nylon covered legs she teased me and made me cum in my nylons rite on the dance floor,,,as im telling you sitting to here my story you move quickly up my leg towards my dripping wet pussy teasing open my nylons and take my pussy with your mouth i push you back and ask do you want me to cum on starts to frex you fuk me faster pushin in deeper when my pussy flexes i moan loudly you pull your i emediatly start rubbin my clit hard and order you to cum

The Little Mermaid

fetish CopyCat13 2018-07-26

It took a little time but by the end of their first semester of college Brittney had even convinced Shikha to help her out by tying her up and holding the keys to her handcuff and stuff like that. Brittney was waiting in her underwear for Shikha to bind her legs and help her into the costume. Brittney took baby-steps around the room for a few minutes only to realize that her normally 5 minute walk to class would probably take about an hour. Brittney told Shikha that she was happy to do more in public but she didn't want to use the remote control toy anymore...or at least without some forewarning.

Steve to Stevie to ?? Ch. 08

fetish gbr2004 2018-07-26

"Go ahead bitch, you white sissy boys usually suck cock like they can't get enough," he says. "Oh yea fagboy, suck that black cock deep into your mouth, your sissy cocksucking mouth," he says, his voice so masculine. "I love fucking you sissy white pussyboys, I can never believe how much they want black cock," he tells me, his breathe hot in my ear as he bends over me. Fuck yourself on my cock bitch, show me what a faggot slut you are," he says as his hot tongue licks my ear. "I'm a sissy faggot whore," he says pushing his cock as deep as he can. Panting, trying to squeeze his cock with my cunt muscles, wanting to feel it move inside of me.

The Adventure Continues

fetish slipfreak46 2018-07-26

Joan showed up a few minutes early and Jean could tell by her attire, she had plans for Bob. She wore her black leather skirt with black silk blouse, neckline just low enough to hint of cleaveage. And part of him wanted to look her in the eye and tell her that he had taken that slip and gone into the guest room and got naked with it. Finally, Joan again picked up the slip by the straps, laid it on Bob and let it drop. Jean picked up the slip from his lap and before she wiped his face, she made him lick the collected cum that had oozed out from it.

Stripped by girlfriend

fetish 13anonymous13 2018-07-26

I think she was getting up to find an old photo to show the girls when Christine reached out and grabbed the sides of Jill's flannel pants. I watched closely as Jill crawled on the couch (right over Trish) with her little heart panties still clearly on display and her hands holding on tightly to Christine's sweatpants. Jill got up grinning and raised her cousin's sweatpants triumphantly above her head when Chrisitne scampered across the floor in her red t-shirt and blue panties and grabbed Jill's pants from around her ankles. As soon as it was untied, Jill and Christine each took a pant-leg and (before Trish could grab them) quickly slid them down her legs and tossed them aside.

Melanie Gets Shrunk

fetish trixie_delite 2018-07-26

Melanie sat down on the cool operating table, her skirt hiking up her legs. "I'm ready, Doctor." The next thing she knew, she felt the table beneath her begin to grow. "Well," the doctor said, "The liquid happens to be semen, my special juices." The doctor picked up his foreskin to where it resembled a cave to Melanie. So Melanie tentatively walked in to the giant penile opening. Melanie walked out of the penis and watched as the doctor peeled back his foreskin, like a monkey peels a banana. When he laid his penis on the table, she stripped naked, and climbed onto it, like a cowboy would a bucking bronco. She felt the doctor shudder with pleasures, and a torrent of precum splashed on the table.

The Hitchhiker - Cuckold Story

fetish Secrettie 2018-07-26

Sarah licked around the head on Adam's cock, looking me in the mirror as she did so. "Shit, her pussy is soooo tight," Adam said immediately afterwards making Sarah giggle. "Yeah, fuck that dick," Adam said, guiding my girlfriend up and down his cock by the hips. After a minute hard fucking, Sarah let out a high pitched scream and tensed up around Adam with his cock balls deep inside her. I took the wrong turn, I was wrong to shout at Sarah, I was wrong to pick up Adam and I was wrong to assume Adam wasn't able to fuck my girlfriend up the ass. "You want me to fuck your ass?" Adam asked Sarah.

Long Distance Tease

fetish Philforen 2018-07-26

Then she told me to stop and said, " Here's a little something to think about on your flight and while you're in meetings tomorrow." At which point, she bent over and licked the length of cock (not all that long!) with the curl of her wet tongue, then teased the head with her tongue tip and finally, suddenly, engulfed my hard little guy and took the whole thing down her throat, right to the balls, held it there while her tongue circled around the shaft and her throat muscles swallowed against the head before she slowly, very slowly slid her lips back up to the tip and released me with a sucking "POP." Turning over and cuddling down for sleep she smirked and said, "Have a great day, sweetie and call me tomorrow when you're settled into your hotel for the night."

Nude Adultery

fetish oggbashan 2018-07-26

He pulled a burqa over my head and shoulders, positioning the lace eye grid where my eyes would be but there was another layer of cloth sewn inside, covering the grid. One by one the four men who had abducted me, including Kemal, stood up, bowed to the judges and spoke briefly. The burqa was wrapped around my head as we left the room. He washed me under a cold shower, fed me water, showered me again, gave me Ibuprofen, loosely wrapped me in another clean sheet brought from his room, and made sure I was cooled down and thinking straight.

The Chair Ch. 33

fetish Rickd_1960 2018-07-26

That was about the time that his redhead jumped in and said that when Julia mentioned this, she instantly remembered his fantasy of sucking milk from the breasts of a nursing woman. As Julia watched in fascination as The Chair sucked her friend's nipples, he went around fastening the redhead's arms into the cuffs on The Chair. As soon as they had attached themselves to her via the suction, the redhead pulled Julia's hand from her pussy and securely fastened it to The Chair. After they had strapped her face down to The Chair, they both crawled beneath it and then began sucking from her dangling milk-laden breasts. The pump buried inside the base of The Chair continued to recycle Julia's milk like this until finally her breasts were sucked dry.

Teaching her a new way to get me off in her mouth

fetish 2018-07-26

I call this a "Slow Leisurely Underside Tongue (SLUT) Job." This is a new technique for this little slut. Licking with no sucking or bobbing will make my dick hard, and eventually will bring forth her reward, a mouthful of cum, but it is a slow process. Although it takes a long time and she sometimes gets sore being down there on the floor with my dick in her mouth, the darling cunt-mouth loves getting me off this way. I try to be a firm Master, but I am kind also and I relax some of the discipline when my delightful little slut gives me a Slow Leisurely Underside Tongue (SLUT) Job. Normally a submissive must hold her Master's cum in her mouth until he gives her permission to swallow.

Doin' the Boss Ch. 12

fetish RobynG 2018-07-26

I brought it to my lips and began kissing and licking as I had thousands of times Lin's hard cock. Back to the task at hand I finished my little blow job and kissed the tip of the banana, making sure to leave it moist with my spit. Lowering my hand I touched my pussy lips with my newly minted yellow missile and slowly began stroking my cunt with the banana. My head was pushed back into the recliner, my legs spread wide, and my hand holding open my pussy lips as I slowly slid the fake cock in with the other hand. Opening my mouth the man held his cock in his hand and rubbed it all over my face.

Girl's Night Pt. 08

fetish DifferentBreed 2018-07-26

"So tell me again why I wouldn't be interested in a amateur porn star, Candi?" Chuck asked, placing his rough hand on Fisher's knee. "They saw a clip from last night," Fisher said, looking to Jenny. "Gotcha Candi," Sophie said, pulling Fisher to his feet and handing him her bags. "That's no surprise," Jenny said, shaking her head, "you going to pick out something cute like the ones I let you borrow last night?" Sophie laughed loudly, taking Fisher's hand and guiding him to his feet, "Oh my god, I can't believe I forgot to tell you, she told me she could still feel you inside her this morning."

Summer in USA 2nd part (Public Sex 6th part)

fetish hotsandra94 2018-07-26

He laid on desk and I approached him with words “Mr. Bailey, first I want to feel your hard cock between my boobs - I know it will help you to have really big load for me…” “Uh Sandra, I would love to cum in your fucking pussy, but I want to show you who is boss here. “Yeah bitch, I see you like being dominated by me!” Second after he pulled me back, turned me on my stomach, lifted my left leg and started to fuck me deeply. “Yeah Mr. Bailey I really love your big mature cock and will do anything to be fucked…” - was my answer although I was more screaming and moaning.

My Breeding

fetish KrystalLWatson 2018-07-26

You feel the convulsions of my cock inside of you, and you feel the heat of my sperm shooting inside of your pussy. As I watch you in your orgasm I feel the convulsions of your pussy on my cock, and I know that you have been successfully bred again. You take a deep breath and close your eyes as you feel the head of my cock penetrate the mouth of your vagina. You feel the heat of my sperm, the f***e of my cock exploding inside of you, like a fire hose being turn on washing the inner walls of your vagina. One two three, four five six, you count the injections of sperm as my cock convulses inside of you, then suddenly your own orgasm overcomes you.

My First Time With My 19 Year Old s****r

fetish campex 2018-07-26

I slip my head back and pull her titty out of my mouth and using my fingers in her ass and pussy and my other hand on her shoulder I pull her back down. As I talked her into relaxing and getting balls deep in her while she was on top, I continued, this time with two fingers in her ass, talking in her ear, asking how her ass got so loose, she explained she has stuck alot of things in it, she had been fucked in her ass since around 4 until middle of her fifth year and CJ, our 21 year old b*****r and her used to fuck around when she was 12 or so and he was 14. I now could feel a load cumming, I grabbed her and held her tight, slipped two fingers back in her ass and pushed down hard and then loosened up and then pushed down again.

Silver & Gold

fetish papadog 2018-07-26

Here, pick the outfit you want Gold to wear and then we'll go over the menu," she said as she handed me a small photo album. Silver stood in front of me and took my half-hard dick firmly in her black leather gloved hand. Suck this cock," she said to the young blond woman as she positioned me in front of the chair, steering me with my own dick. "You get to turn her on," Silver advised as she pointed to the pinch clamp that was closed on a piece of clear plastic tubing coiled under the chair. Gold dropped to her knees, bent forward, and pulled my half-hard dick into her mouth.

Asian Amber Picks Ch. 02

fetish aguycelmar 2018-07-26

My parents and grandparents went to bed, just leaving me with Amber, my sister, her husband and great grandfather Robertson, for an old guy in a wheelchair, he still loved to drink. Great grandfather then looked to a corner of the room where his bedside table stood and pointed to the lamp sitting on it saying, "Aren't you type supposed to wear hats like that lamp shade and work the fields bare chested?" We threw the old guy on the bed and just as we were about to walk away, he gripped Amber's shirt with his wrinkled hands and old man strength, pulling it clean off and leaving her standing there shocked, and topless, still wearing the lamp shade hat.