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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

My Walker Friend

fetish storyteller66 2018-07-26

I try to roll but suddenly she is on me, moving so swiftly, she bundles me onto my back, the towel falling away, leaving me naked, kneels on an arm, grabs my other wrist and deftly ties it to one of the belts. 'Sshh my little walker friend,' she says, taking her finger from her pussy and placing it on my lips. A small moan from her and she moves, my face now covered by her arse, I taste pussy on my tongue as she positions herself. 'Nice and deep now, my little walker friend,' she says, and my tongue finds its way deep inside her, tasting her. 'Oh my little walker friend, what a mess,' she laughs, wiping cum from my chest with her fingers.

Mom Sent Back to School Ch. 13

fetish StoryTeller07 2018-07-26

Wearing a schoolgirl uniform while sitting in a classroom of students, being treated like a little girl, by teachers, neighbours, and her daughter, forced her into the role. Rose's daughter, Janice, told the girl to be strict with her. I promise to be a good girl, honest miss,' Rose whined, sadly letting herself down. Having a stranger seeing her standing in a corner like a naughty little girl, would be so shameful, and the anticipation was awful. 'She's been a naughty little girl, haven't you,' Sylvia said. Unable to turn around and face the boy, Rose said, 'I was a naughty girl, and was spanked.' 'No, he's gone to college,' Rose said, not wanting to admit to being in twelfth grade.


The New Bank Security

fetish soleful 2018-07-26

I started getting a bit turned on when I noticed that the robot was wearing white nylon gloves that were folded in her lap and disappeared somewhere under the loose sleeves of the dress. What really got me going was when I looked down and saw heels, not just high heels but glossy black leather boots with about stiletto 5" heels that disappeared under the robot's dress. The robot's rubber gloved hands made themselves very busy turning on and adjusting the knobs on an electronic box that looked like an EEG, but it wasn't. Her black rubber gloved hands holding the feathers began their random patterns, but this time on many body parts: the navel, breasts thighs, belly then back to ribs.

Drunken Flirt Wife

fetish wifwat 2018-07-26

Two guys got on the floor next to the Jacuzzi and each started to play with her tits, whilst another two just stood watching. The black guard sauntered over to Beth; he stood gazing at her tits for a while then said. The other two guards started to haul Beth out of the water, making sure they got a good feel of her tits as they did. I was really turned on watching these men use Beth and knew if they took her somewhere private, that they would soon be fucking her. I waited for about 5 minutes and was just about to follow him when the door opened again and a big black guy with sergeant stripes on his arm came out.

Kinky Girl Games 02

fetish poetposh 2018-07-26

"That's it," Jennifer says with a smile seeing the private parts of Steph starting to show though the panties better now after being pulled up tightly. Oh good she thinks as she's pretty sure her pee will have no smell or at worst, not as much as Steph's, she finds more confidence to bare it to the world, and too that small room with that hot lights that is now smelling a bit like someone just peed in. Steph then returns to her mission and opens her mouth, sticks out her tongue and starts to lick on the insides of Jennifer's legs down around her knees where the first drops of pee and rolled down.

Sole Pee Games

fetish silverace1 2018-07-26

Meanwhile, back to my jug of piss; climbing naked into the tub, I lay down and proceeded to pour the still warm liquid slowly over my entire body; I started at my cock – now hard with anticipation – and then up over my stomach and chest until I reached the moment of decision. Standing beside the bath tub and holding my cock inside the opening of the bag – it was so snug it almost felt like my cock would get stuck if I got a hard on – and pressing on my bloated belly, let loose a hard stream of pee that quickly filled the bag until it was stretched to overflowing.

David's Tall Girls' School Ch. 05

fetish Thorilla 2018-07-26

I had unfortunately been captured by Amelia Wiff-Naseford, headmistress, for being a Peeping Tom in the grounds of 'Dentwood Finishing School for Tall Girls aged 18 to 20 years old'. After the comparatively long time it took to pleasure the first eleven girls in form 1A Miss Wiff-Naseford was beginning to regret having started on the punishment session. Miss Wiff-Naseford lifted up her long grey pleated skirt and petticoat and exposed the waistband of her generous knickers which she pushed down a short way in order to show how easy it was. Matron lifted up her skirt and turned her nose up and said that it was quite heavy but she could remove her knickers and sanitary towel for a short time.

A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 09

fetish mrsterygor 2018-07-26

“I think it's fair to say that you're ready for more fun,” Becca told me, as she gave my cock a slap with her right hand. Instinctively, Becca grabbed her cup of beer from her cupholder and dumped it onto her ass and the cock that was inside it. I raised my right hand and spanked Becca's ass as I watched my girlfriend ride my cock. Once Becca finished eating all the popcorn that was on my crotch, she seized my erect cock, lowered her head, and began to suck on it. My cum leaked out of Becca's pussy and began to drip down her legs as soon as I removed my cock from her drenched snatch.

vacation 17

fetish hotandhard007 2018-07-26

You graciously lubed my cock be giving it one extremely brief suck before moving to start playing with my ass with your hands while your tongue began to lick up and down my crack. Only then did remove my still slowly pumping hand from my rapidly softening cock so that you could suck the little drops of my cum from me and only then did you use your finger to wipe the trails of my cream from your face and lick them off. After a while I began to wonder how the girl I was fucking would like my cock in her ass so I pulled it out of her cunt and pressed it to her rosy ring.

Me in the shower with daddy

fetish 2018-07-26

She ran her mouth back and forth on my growing shaft, and my cock blew up into a full-on XXX her hands to tickle my balls, Roos-anne's lips were sliding back and forth on my hard cock, her eyes looking up into my own. I began to fuck my daughter's mouth, my hips moving back and forth, and my hands pushing and pulling her head. I pulled her against me with my hands, my tongue sliding deeper into her hot, little ass, and I could feel her body begin to shudder against my ministrations. " it daddy, yes....make me your angel," she cried out, her hands pressed into the wall and pushing her body back at me.

Saints Row Gangsta- Tomisha Jackson part 1

fetish lilguy41 2018-07-25

“Oh we got ourselves a mother fucking Samurai” Tomisa laughed. Women in shirt skirt came out to guard Tomisa from any incoming cops. Eddy got a view of her fantastic back and ass as the poor guard arm shook around. “Well Answer the nice girl with the BIG ASS gun pointed at your face. “Ohhhhhhh shittt cumming…you bitch ass MOTHER FUCKER!!!” Tomisa said “Damm bitch you got a girl pussy all soaking wet. He felt her cum on his cock, splash of pussy juice soaked him making him more sensitive. “Its ALL you can eat Sushi Tonight mother fucker!!!” Tomisa Said “Good to be THE MOTHER FUCKING QUEEN” The stroking of her hand and fucking of his ass made him cum hard.

Freedom For Goddess Ch. 04

fetish DarkestSecrets 2018-07-25

The warm water felt good to ant and the evaporating water sent chills through his back and made him giggle as Goddess slid the cloth over his nipples, neck and elbows. Her needs began to build with each stroke, but she told ant "Time to get my workout going." With that comment she began to hump his ass like a man would and she made sure to slide the stap-on all the way in and then all the way out. Se began to rock her hips and soon she established a rhythm that allowed the strokes to come all the way out to the tip and then all the way in until the harness was bottomed out on his ass.


fetish Veronica Dare 2018-07-25

Your fine chiseled features, your strong arms, comforting chest and your rock hard cock waving to me for attention. You wrap me in your arms, my nipples hard against your chest as you reach behind me and turn the water on a fine delicate, warm spray. Bringing me to the edge of that wonderful orgasmic feeling again and again, only to have you stop here and there, making me wait. You look me in the eyes and say “You are mine.” as the magical golden showers of your fluids splash against face. I look into your eyes and this time, I can see that loving smile, that look of pride and I know that this was meant to be.

Cabin Getaway

fetish KinkySue77 2018-07-25

Dave had found this secluded little mountain cabin in the woods that looked like the perfect place to get naughty together all week. We arrived at the owners place to check in and Dave no more than got inside when he came back out and said I needed to come in, too. I asked Dave on the way to the car if he noticed the twinkle in her eyes and he said the only thing he noticed was both our nipples hardening when we saw each other. She hesitated a bit and I told her that it was fine since Dave had been up all night, then driving here for a few hours, and having a couple of drinks followed by a mind blowing blowjob, I thought he'd probably not know we were here.

My wife and I love heels

fetish Plimsoleman 2018-07-25

When nicely on the lady ensured the fit was snug, she then asked if I had worn heels before whereon the wife said 'ohh yes, I am waiting for this' She winked at me and sat watching....I stood up and got my balance, it felt so good, I know I would cum if this continued, the lady held my hand while I got balance and then asked me to walk around if I could, so I straightened my back and knees, heels first set off across the room. Now, we very rarely used cards but on this occasion the excitement got the better of us and before we know it the wife was asking for prices re her 5", 6" pumps and 7" knee boots, total £200 was stated, me I wanted all I ad tried on both the 6" pumps, white ankle straps and pink boots but knew they were a special order but fitted me well.

My Big Fat Farty Friend 2

fetish gwensational 2018-07-25

My mate whose profile this is told me all about how my last anecdote was so well received and that there's been a demand for more, so I've sat my big fat arse down (and don't you wish it was on your face and not this chair?) and decided to tell you another fart filled funny story. Well, the cutest looking fireman appeared in the gap, a big reassuring smile on his face as he brought a huge manly hand down for me to take "Alright luv," he said "just grab a hold of me and we'll have you out in no time" I apologised to my hero fireman for giving him a potential hernia lifting my big lardy frame to safety but he just smiled and shrugged.

Legally Binding

fetish MistressMtoyou 2018-07-25

In a teasing voice I replied, "Of course not, besides it looks like you've gotten me quite a large present and I'm sure I'll want to squeal and moan when I open it. I continued like that for a few more minutes and as my own orgasm approached said, "Yesss, oh yess, right there, ohh yes I'm going to cum sissy. Do you want to be fucked hard like a pretty little sissy slut?" His cock stayed rock hard the entire time and I encouraged him with a few additional comments about how pretty he looked and how slutty he was. I needed another orgasm myself and while I wanted to heighten the tension a little more, I had seen enough cocks to know that his wouldn't last much longer.

Panty story found in web

fetish mogusd 2018-07-25

I ended up seeing her on a night out and both d***k, we went over to each other and started chatting about things we shouldn't (Can't remember what was said exactly)and it got a bit flirty... They left during the day while I was at work so in the evening I went straight to their house so I could sl**p the night. I get in and go upstairs to my girlfriends room and the first thing I notice are a pair of panties sitting on the floor outside her s****rs room... I got nervous that she didn't mean to leave them there and would notice if I'd done anything with them so I put them back on the floor and had a shower.

First Time with Lois

fetish peebudy 2018-07-25

Within a few more seconds, the wave of orgasm hits you like truck, and you start bucking your ass up and down on the toilet seat as my piss continues to attack your clit like a fire hose. I grab your head and start fucking your mouth, as you rub my ass and swirl your tongue around my cock. We have a nice pace going and I can feel my orgasm start at my toes and work it's way to the tip of my cock, as I my cum hits the back of your throat, and you swallow it all.

My ultimate cuckold experience

fetish Ass_worship 2018-07-25

Sue raised her self a bit, she looked down at me, and grabbed my hair pulling my face up to her pussy. Sue got behind me, she reached one hand between my legs from behind and stroked my cock for a bit. Chris obviously was still interested in Sue which meant that we never got along since, from his perspective, I'm the other guy who ruined things between them so he kind of hated me! Sue went to the room and started looking in the closet for something to wear. While I was cleaning, all I could think about is what's going to happen when they get home, how Sue is probably flirting with him right now while I prepare my bedroom so that he's comfortable when he fucks her!

Twelve Hours

fetish MothMonsterMan 2018-07-25

Now I'm not a drug addict, but a friend of mine suggested I try acid if I want to kill time. I checked the phone lines in case I needed help, I made sure I had enough food and water, I locked my front door and toke the acid. "Hi my power is out and I was wondering if you would keep me company?" she said with a big smile. "Like what you see?" she said with a coy smile while rubbing her nipples with her sleeves. Lacy then jumped in with me and started kissing me all over, then moved back and slid on me and started to go for a ride while rubbing me all over with her soft fur.

Daisy's Disgrace Pt. 28

fetish basicbitch 2018-07-25

When the pregnancy test had confirmed her fears, her mother had gone into hysterics, alternately berating her daughter and hugging her close, which was awkward because of Daisy's tits. She seemed too young to explore her body the way Sally had done back in college, spending long evenings in her dorm room while her roommate was out, stretched out on her bed with a hand mirror and a clandestine dildo. She brought her mother's hand mirror into bed so she could watch her pussy grow and shrink. The duvet was pushed down to her waist, and Sally was pleased to see that she wore the oversized t-shirt, even if her tits still looked enormous beneath it.

Holiday in Crete

fetish Pidog 2018-07-25

On entering the master bedroom, I couldn't help but try the huge bed and, after a frustrating morning waiting around for airport security checks, I found myself melting into the soft sheets and soon drifted away. However, when the taps were eventually turned off, I was certain that I could hear the sound of someone slowly getting into the bath on the other side of the wall. As I heard them moving in the water, I worked out that the bath in the next room must, like the one I was in, be lined up against the wall. After a few minutes of creaks and sharp breathing, I eventually heard soft moaning come from what seemed like inches away.

Fetish Revealed

fetish ausielover69 2018-07-25

She sat on the bed and pulled my 7 inch cock out sucking the engorged head , her hands ran over my stockinged legs and pantied ass.With my cock in her mouth she slipped a finger up my ass, she had never done that before ,Mmmmmm it felt good (which surprised me) she sucked and licked harder , I couldn’t hold out my cock exploded hungrily she gulped down my cum not missing a drop. Carol said that was fantastic but needed more she lay down spread her legs ,I moved down planting my mouth on her pussy the flow of juices was overwhelming ,her hands came down on the back of my head as she puled my face into her and fucked my tongue ,nose my entire head was being humped , the movements became almost violent as she cried out and exploded over my face.