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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Fantasy to Reality.

fetish 2018-07-25

I was thinking of the fantasy – get a black man into the house and close so my wife Donna would fuck him in front of me. She told me that she knew I was setting her up to fuck Kenny and while we both enjoyed the fantasy of her getting laid by a black man, that the reality of the possibility was something completely different. The vaginal juice was literally running down the crack of her ass leaving a damp spot on the bed matting her thick dark pubic hair and coating his black cock, lubricating it and leaving a sheen that made it look even darker.

A Teacher's Help After Class

fetish PaulyB 2018-07-25

Her long, athletic legs don sheer black nylon stockings leading down to medium height, black, high heeled shoes; pointed closed toe with little buckle straps, about a size 5. Back to the present day, I practically drool as Mrs. Landford commences with a little more shoe play, allowing her shoe to slightly swing forwards and backwards, off the tips of her toes until, *Plop*. I take hold of one of Mrs. Landfords' tiny feet and notice it feels just as soft as her hands; the very same 'softer than a baby's butt' type of silkiness. I place my arms under Mrs. Landfords' legs, so that they rest on my shoulders and her ass is spread and nestled right up in my eager face.

A Storm's Eye

fetish kneeonsigh 2018-07-25

As you can see, my store doesn't offer much in the line of fine clothes like the duds you got on, but I can find you something to wear while we dry off yours." The proprietor found a black, thin silk robe, and handed it to Dee. She looked at it in disdain, but thought since it had a tie around it, she felt she should be relatively safe. Although so little aware of the man at the front, between two almost slits for eyes, she could see him still glued to his little tv, and with that realization, brought herself to her brink, and then in a marvelous and powerful flow, let her orgasm shake her to her very core, as she let it run throughout her body, thrusting and stroking all the while, until the pinnacle was reached, and she lay back against the counter so much, she slid slowly down to the floor, her legs wide open, her sopping pussy filled with the huge dildo.


Look At My Tits Ch. 02

fetish yankeedog 2018-07-25

Johns hand began to work their magic over my body. John worked his hands down to the edge of my nightgown and began to raise it slowly up my body and to our lips. I felt like a teenager not really knowing what to do, but had seen others do it a million times. "I'm sorry too, John, you just felt so good, I didn't want it to end" I use my free hand to play with my nipples pinching lightly all the while thinking of my time earlier with John. I opened the door slowly and the blonde pushed her way past me and into the house.


My own whore house

fetish nicecock56 2018-07-25

and if u tell anyone she will be sold in a sex slave auction he was about and be gone for ever as a fuck pig for who ever want to bust a nut in her got it.. I tell them look life is gone be like this your cunt bitch hubby and dad owes me 45,000 dollars your gone pay it now. I got on Kate the wife and was pumping hard and I begun to yell AAAAAAAAA FUCK YAYAYYA FUCK AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA and shot my cum all in her whore pussy. kate rolls over and gets ben by the hair and holds his face and mouth on her cum filled pussy.

Vacation in Humiliation Ch. 04 - Who Is Hank?

fetish QuietStranger 2018-07-25

well, thing is Missy, Big "M" says that it's a handlers job to make sure his girls stay clean. Missy slowly walks over to the bag, staring at Hank to make sure he doesn't look back. "Ya see, Big "M" does lots more shows that day 'cuz everyone is off work and don't have nothin' ta do." Missy and I look at one another in shock. "Hank seems like a pretty nice guy Missy." I say. I don't really like talkin' 'bout that sorta thing, but I guess you ladies would git purty mad at me if I didn' tell ya nothin', so here's what usually happens. Missy and I both nod and follow Hank out of the shower room with the towels wrapped around us.

Heavenly Woman Made Me Cum Helpless

fetish CuteBabyBoy 2018-07-25

I'm a skinny cute looking boy; and I went over to a strip club and this was as usual, I was so nervous, shy and also my baby penis throbbing and dripping with cum. And she let me touch and smell her breasts, nipples, her hair, sweet sweat in her armpit etc.. It was so wet as I grabbed it and smelled it and licked it; she just smiled and said, I can surely even take it home with me. Suddenly all that I saw was just her face, because her silky hair was all over mine; and she told me to just breathe her in, her eyes so close to mine, her lips so close to mine.

Marketing 101

fetish marybethsanford 2018-07-25

I mean if these are adults and they like the styles that is," Mark said and added, "and obviously it would mean moving away from our traditional marketing strategies." Mark, you've got a good grasp on some of the problems we might face in taking this on," Ms. Pennyworth said and added, "As you might imagine, it would no doubt require some relatively new marketing strategies... That's exactly right Mark, and I can see now why Susan likes you," Ms. Pennyworth said and added, "so you can realize now why that research itself is going to require some extraordinary methods and, for the most part why I've brought this up with only a little context so far."

Finding a new best friend

fetish anton_bock 2018-07-25

I felt someone, obviously Jes, approaching me and I heard her whisper, -I know the kind of whore you are, trying to steal other men. -Me too responded Alex and he pumped me so high up in my ass that I felt his balls slap against my pussy lips. Jes took away her finger and whispered, -You whore I knew it, You like to be fucked in your ass. I felt that Alex started to move quicker in my ass again and I was getting horny again. Jes took a firm grip of my left breast and then I felt a big pain. Aow. I tried to scream, hell no stop it, but Alex stuffed his cock inside me, and suddenly also my ass started to give way.


A Touch of Fantasy

fetish Mary0258 2018-07-25

It took some getting used to, but after years of him splashing my cute little face with his sperm I have really grown to like the feeling of his hot seed spurting from the swollen head of his penis and across my nose, cheeks, eyes, and forehead. "The four of you are naked as well, each of you with your hard cocks in your hands, getting yourselves closer to painting my face with your gooey semen." Josh starts rocking his hips, thrusting his turgid dick harder into my soft fist. "You are pumping your fist up and down on your hard cock, as are the others, quickly approaching the point of no return." I could feel his dick squirming in my hand and his heavy balls jumping up and down as he started getting close.

A Magical Transformation

fetish shmoe13 2018-07-25

Almost immediately my new penis starts expanding and sliding out of it’s pouch, so I stop masturbating, and with a foot long flaccid cock I piss like a race horse into the toilet, literally. With one last thrust, pressing up against her cervix again, I empty my balls completely, cumming for a full ten seconds and expanding her uterus to well over twice it’s normal size, while at the same time her vagina spasms with astounding strength once more on my cock, pressing all of the cum out of it with enough f***e to keep me cumming for the full ten seconds, right up until I actually run out of cum, and the feeling of my balls completely empty sends a shockwave of oversensitive pleasure through my entire body, making me shiver.

Deer Hunting

fetish MorbidAngelRen 2018-07-25

I trembled and moaned against his cock making him rock hard and my eyes glanced up at his face to watch the pleasure looks upon it. He kneeled upon the ground and rubbed the tip of the gun barrel against the opening of my pussy. After a couple minutes more of fucking me with the gun, he withdrew it and kneeled between my wide-open legs and slammed his hard cock into me quickly and without mercy. He stood up, zipped up his pants, picked up the gun, and walked off with a satisfied look on his face as I lay there on the ground dripping wet with sweat and the two of ours juices.

Daddy's Girl Ch. 01

fetish thecurioussubmissive 2018-07-25

A million things go through my mind, "I'm a good girl, what would people think?" "Maybe he won't answer the door." "Could he be a serial killer?" "What if I don't like it?" Finally after hours, OK moments, the big heavy wooden door opens. "Hello, Sub, I've been waiting for you." I look into your eyes, still unable to speak, the rest of the world melts away. "I think these would look lovely pierced, don't you?" You twist my nipple, just hard enough to make me cry out. "I think you should crawl, sub, down on all fours." You lead me farther into your house, and upstairs. You push my knees farther open and I feel you pull apart my lips roughly.

Big Apple CFNM

fetish SamFrench 2018-07-25

Melissa didn't feel comfortable exposing herself totally, wanting to use clothing as a shield, maybe in a way to keep from compromising her marriage vows. Lori and I had discussed things and had found a great place for dinner close to the hotel. Brad had already emailed some with Lori, so we knew they got along and wouldn't mind if Melissa and I spent some time together. I couldn't keep my hands off her sexy body, but she kept stopping me every time I got too close to fondling her naked breasts under her clothes. I had told her how much her body turned me on and how I would love to rub my cock all over her.

Swallowing Cum

fetish Anal Slave 2018-07-25

I love it when my wife makes me suck her boyfriend (whom ever it is that night) until he's hard and ready Then I guide his cock into her, after licking her till she's wet, which she usually is after watching me suck "a real cock". One night while we were out at a club a bunch of men held me down and raped my ass and mouth while my wife watched sucking on a big black cock. She told me to let you all know that she would be happy to let me suck any men off who would like to fuck her in the ass or pussy after they shot their load in mouth.

The Intern's Panties

fetish StarScreamUSA 2018-07-25

In recent months my eye candy of choice has been an Australian girl working in the office. On Monday evening I was on Facebook just looking at random stuff when I got a message from an old friend (a fuck buddy for a while). What she had washed with and her own body'd smell from a days work. As I awkwardly tried to put the jacket back on the hanger with one hand (the other still stroking my hard cock), it again fell. It didn't really matter, I immediately realised I was holding the ultra hot intern's used panties. I had planned on blowing my load in my hand but the moment took me and without realising, I was suddenly cumming a thick sticky load into those damp panties.

My Elusive Drug

fetish Mediastar 2018-07-25

I have found the time to write whilst waiting in for a sex toy to be delivered that I shall shortly be begging her to fuck me with. Even if you disregard all the porn magazines and movies, I have spent around 10% of my net salary as an adult paying women for sex (and a couple of men for good measure). When the marriage went well, when the sex was great, when I felt warm and loved and wanted, paying for sex felt unnecessary at best and a nasty stain from the past at worst. I wanted to sit in a bar with them, only the two of us knowing she had fucked 6 men that day for money.

Preachers Daughter Chapter 18, Preacher and Preach

fetish harleyrider6969 2018-07-25

My wife had no idea, when she left for work and our k**s left for school, Jaimie, who lives with us was in a teddy, in our bedroom, with her dog collar on as my number #1 slut on our marital bed, doggy style, and I jumped up and used her pussy hard fucking her until we both cum roughly as I wrapped my hand in her beautiful soft hair and pulled the leach to her collar. "Yes Master" taste good slut "Yes Master" I told her it was my wife Charlottes dried cum and pussy juice from the night before and her daughter Jaimies from about 30 minutes before, damn Pam began fingering herself and cum as I pumped her full.


fetish babydoll17 2018-07-25

His cock twitches and makes her choke a little; she regains control and continues to push it further into her and his nine inches of cock are now fully in her mouth and throat as he starts to face-fuck her once again. She knows he is close to cumming in her, so she removes him from her mouth and takes one of his hands from her head and places it on his cock. He starts to kiss her wet pussy, sucking all the juices on her pussy and ass into his mouth, savoring her flavours; he loves it. He is so amazed that he wants her to do it again, so he turns up the vibrator and starts to eat her out again, and every once and a while to tease her he shoves his cock head in, and it works.

Feather Me Ch. 02

fetish MelanieRae 2018-07-25

"Kevin, this may sound trite, but trust that I won't hurt you." He slowly rested himself in the full angle position (with the look of regret on his face) and allowed me to bind him to the bed with the nylons. Once I felt he was securely tied down and the blindfold in place, I walked around the apartment and gathered the rest of what I wanted (including the fruit). He went to work immediately, licking and sucking on my clit, while my hips grinded to the rhythm of my mouth dancing on his rock hard cock. "Open up wide for me Kevin, your going to love this." He did so like a faithful servant and I shoved as much of the rag into his mouth and tied the tie around his face.

Students Rule II Ch. 04

fetish linkznut 2018-07-25

Miss Cori Goodman had made her way to Ms. Lee's office where the two women were sitting around the Principal's desk and discussing school matters. But as the drapes slid open, what caught the women's eyes was not the beautiful back yard, but the five young men lounging around the patio, all dressed in gym shorts and tee-shirts, just like Brian. The result was Cori being forced to the mat on her stomach with Virginia coming down hard on top of her and knocking the wind out of the teacher. When Virginia finally turned her attention back to the matters at hand, Cori was still curled up on the tarp. Virginia then moved quickly to the side, trying to work her arm under Cori's chest and roll her over.

Black Girls Can't Be Cheerleaders

fetish Phoenix Arrow 2018-07-25

After so many years of trying to keep things the same, she finally had to give in and put black girls into her all white cheerleader squad. After every practice Miss Simons would enter the locker room and see her white former captain gently rubbing Trish's tired sweaty feet. "Yes Miss Simons, we told the white girls not to wear panties to the game today." As she entered the locker room and peered into the showers, she saw all 6 white girls either kneeling or standing naked gently washing the bodies of their black 'friend'." Miss Simons was an adult woman and these were black teenage girls, if they aren't going to listen, than they'd be off the squad.

About to be taken

fetish redunder 2018-07-25

She said she could see where the kali’s teeth, the sharp plastic spikes in my chastity cage had bitten the flesh of my cock. Said I Live You. Then she crawled off my naked body and I watched her as she walked out the room and headed towards the shower. My fate, my future is in their hands my wife said as she laid in bed, eating her breakfast. Spreading our pussies and screaming out the name of our lovers as that big black cock rams fucks our brains out. She says she wants her girlfriend to tie me down and fuck me hard just like her black lover will do to her.

Anne of Browndale Ch. 01: Monday Fun

fetish Adrian69702006 2018-07-25

Few things felt better than a long holding session culminating in the sheer joy of a delightful warm wetness as she soaked herself like the naughtiest of naughty housewives. Earlier that morning she'd nipped down to the village in her tight blue jeans in order to pick up some stamps and the Daily Telegraph. That had been two hours ago and, although Anne had been unable to resist crossing and uncrossing her legs for effect whilst in the Post Office, she'd not been desperate then, just quite capable of peeing if she'd wanted to. Unwilling to hold it in for any longer, Anne began peeing and started to release little spurts which soon turned into a cascade.