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Erotic Fetish stories

A large collection of fetisch short stories covering everything from pantyhoses to feet and more.

Mary Like's them BIG!

fetish 425olds 2018-07-24

I've got some men here who want some of that beautiful little cunt you're showing us, which we'll now have the way we wanted it." and as he said this a man climbed onto the bed, blocking the view of Mary from the camera and the sound was muffled. When he moved off the bed, Mary was still held in the same position, but now her pussy was completely shaven and she had a big dildo inserted in her cunt and another in her anus. The camera angle moved so that it could now focus on Mary's cunt and I watched as his black cock entered my captive wife, his darkness contrasting with her beautiful white skin.

What Did You Do Last Night, Miss? Ch. 05

fetish Arsehole Addict 2018-07-24

"Taste her log Claire, lick Emma's big turd while you shit for me." Claire suddenly arched her back and climaxed, driving her fingers violently into her sloshing cunt. I want to see your mouth full of my tasty turd, you dirty fucker." As her violently pumping fingers whacked her pulpy cunt to yet another climax, I watched as her pinky-brown shit-ring bulged deliciously and the blunt, fat tip of her glistening turd emerged from between her perfect white buttocks like an obscene cigar. "O God yes!" she squealed, "Fuck that dirty bitch up her arse Tom, I want to taste her arse on your cock." The image of Claire licking my girlfriend's shit from my cock was the final ingredient I needed to return me to full erection.

Out of Paper Ch. 02

fetish indieboy 2018-07-24

Sam walked through the parking lot and up to Julie's door. Sam walked in to see Julie's roommate, Laura, sitting on the couch. "Well," Julie replied, her face turning red as she remembered the intense cunnilingus, "It was really what I needed Sam. I haven't been pleasured since the break-up, and after a while, you know, masturbation just doesn't cut it. With a mischievous grin, Julie stood up and said, "This way." She led Sam down the hall and into a small but nice full bathroom. Julie sunk to her knees without letting go of Sam's penis. Julie concentrated her motion on the head of Sam's penis, tickling the bottom of it with her tongue.

Porn Shop with Gloryholes Ch. 02

fetish Sinful_whispers 2018-07-24

Brent's fingers pulled back as he placed them to her lips running them across them, causing them to glisten with her juices as he pushed them in her mouth and pulled them back out, quickly kissing her as his tongue dove back in again tasting her juices from her lips and pink warm muscle. Wanna have my huge dick in every hole daily?" Syn felt Joe's tongue rimming her tight little pink bud as she pressed back tightly, enjoying the pleasure he was giving her. Syn felt Joe's tongue pull back from her tight asshole; she winced softly thinking he was going to take it with his cock, until she felt his finger press against the center and push in.

Daughter's Pearl Necklace

fetish Erocus 2018-07-24

So whenever I stroked myself I would imagine my cock sliding between my baby girl's big tits. I tit fucked my wife just about every time we had sex but her breasts were much smaller than Mandy's and they had to be pressed together quite hard to make a good runway for my dick. I couldn't help but thinking that with how pert and big her tits were they would hardly have to be pressed together at all to accommodate a cock. "Jack daddy off, oh you're daddy's little slut huh." She then used her hand to trap my cock against my stomach and sucked both of my balls into her mouth at one time.

My gym teacher

fetish 2018-07-24

One day after a long class playing soccer it was time to hit the showers. He told me to get to the showers now! He walked in and slammed me against the locker so I felt his cock against my ass. He whispered I want to fuck your virgin hole so hard. He went and turned all the showers so the room filled with steam. He then turned around and told me to start eating. I dug in and sucked so hard I thought my tongue would fall off. He threw my in the showers and started to eat me out! He fucked me so hard and then pulled something out of his gym bag. While cone fucking me I sucked his juicy cock.

First Blowjob

fetish jessicarice19 2018-07-24

I sat on the edge of his bed and my eyes shifted from the quickening pace of his hand stroking his beautiful cock up to the sexy look of pleasure that his expression told me he was feeling. He moaned softly, squeezing my hair tighter in his fist and looking down at my big blue eyes at the same time they gazed back up at his. I felt the warm waving floods of his cum fill my mouth and I swallowed only to feel my mouth filled again and again until his body relaxed against the bed and his shiny, thick cock slipped out of my mouth and fell limply to his belly once again.

Joan & John Ch. 02

fetish 69plus1 2018-07-24

"You are the first fucker so enjoy the view, if you aren't nice I won't show it long." She says looking at me stroking my cock while savoring her ass so open and almost welcoming me. As she does exactly what I have asked I easily slide a thumb into her leaking cunt and caress her lips and clit with my fingers while still stroking my aching cock with the other. "Joanie, I will always be nice to you, until you want me not to be." I tell her opening the lube and spreading it all over her ass hole. Then pausing to enjoy the feeling I slowly pull almost out of her until just the crown of my cock is held inside her ass.

Asian Girl Nylon Humiliation

fetish fanofpantyhose 2018-07-24

After we had driven each other wilder and wilder of sexual arousal and pleasure, we both felt that there was no holding back any longer and I finished you off with sticking 2 of my fingers inside your pussy and giving you a G-spot massage, while my tongue was flicking your hard and excited clit through the fabric of your completely soaked smooth tan pantyhose, until you finally came in hard convulsions all over your body, and me climaxing as well in your sweet mouth, shooting my loads of cum deep inside your throat making you swallow it all, and then all over your face, your forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, lips and chin, making you cum a second time from the sensation of my hot cum on your face...

My Bi Valentine

fetish geronimo_appleby 2018-07-24

"Alan?" Michelle said, her voice pulling my attention to her face. I get it, Alan, I really do." She shook her head, amused, and, chuckling, added, "You don't have to tie yourself up in knots." Returning to the sofa Michelle sat down, arranging the long skirt around her legs. Humiliated and unable to look Michelle in the face I mumbled a disconsolate, "I think I'd better go." But now I know it was you, Alan, like I said before, I'm very flattered." Her tone softened even more when Michelle uncrossed her legs and leaned forward, elbows on her thighs, hands dangling, her position incongruous to her usual elegance, like a warehouseman on a smoke break.

Finding Himself in Her Ch. 04

fetish Mr_Owlow 2018-07-24

Kara giggled at her reaction and started moving her fingers in and out, slowly building speed until she felt Jaime was sufficiently loose around her fingers, then she removed her fingers and with a smack to Jaime's ass she said, "Giddy up, Cowgirl!" and got down on her back in the middle of the bed, half sitting against the headboard. Being buried beneath Kara's stronger, taller body, her shoulders pinning Jaime's legs, her hand pinning hers, her long jet black hair surrounding them, it all made Jaime feel so powerless yet safe, vulnerable yet protected. Jaime felt a bit nervous about meeting her new boss dressed as a woman; she would be the first person outside of Kara who really mattered in Jaime's life that would see him/her like this.

My First Cuckold Experience

fetish cuckoldchas4u 2018-07-24

Knowing that my cock wasn't going to come out to play, I took a look at the MIT and helper her balance herself on the edge, I gazed down at her perfectly shaved pussy with a set of lips that were huge and began to lick her like an ice cream cone. Mistress moved her way over and told me that she wanted me to do the exact thing on her since my penis was of no service to her and Mistress place her ass on the edge of the hot tub and that was when I final got to finally see her pussy up close and personal, her clit covered in a hood and her pussy lips each with 3 large rings in them.

At the Water's Edge

fetish Magicien 2018-07-24

Nancy started to protest that she didn’t like granola cereal, and she certainly wasn’t his daughter. Nancy blushed as she admitted that she masturbated most nights before she went to bed, and while she had never lost control in public, she sometimes liked to play with herself while she was peeing. Nancy could feel the wetness starting between her legs as he asked her about that and she was sure he could see her little nipples getting hard. He could see the patch of darkness starting in the crotch of her cutoffs, as the little girl slowly lost control. “When we get home, after I’ve dried you off and cleaned you up, I’m going to punish you for this,” Denis told her when the couple finally walked away.

My Mom's Sex Slave

fetish drew1207 2018-07-24

"Well, my parents, actually my mother, are making me…er, insisting that I tell you something before we get married, because they think it is only right that you know now, and not find out later," she explained cryptically. He slapped me across my face and told me to quit yelling, but I had a feeling he wanted me to scream even louder, to appease my mom sitting in the other room, smiling smugly into her wine glass." "When daddy came home, and found out that his daughter was ready to take his cock in her virginal cunt, he was so delighted, he whipped me extra hard that first night, and then he fucked my eager pussy but good.

Sex in a Taxi

fetish Nox661 2018-07-24

The taxi pulled up to the terminal gate at the Portland International airport, fighting its way through the unending flow of traffic as people hurried to and from their planes. Appearing to be around the age of 30 he had a body that appeared to have been lovingly crafted by long hours at the gym, and the frown on his face said that he was not the kind of person that you wanted to disappoint, for your own safety. She moaned softly as his cock slipped inside of her, although she burned with shame at betraying her husband like this, something about this situation filled her with desire. He pulled his slowly shrinking cock out of her, followed closely by a thick stream of cum.

The Journey of Sexuality Ch. 01

fetish JosephGibbs 2018-07-24

I felt her erection grow to at least nine inches, noticing this; I said jokingly, "Hey, how did you end up with a bigger dick than me?" She looked in my eyes and said, "Apparently, you've been hiding a lot you naughty boy." She grabbed my dick and began to stroke it back and forth. "I'm really not gay" I thought, "I'm not, but I believe that this only feels this good because I'm doing it to Kairi." She then began to hold my head and shove her cock down my throat. I looked right into those fiery violet eyes, and as she slid down slowly on my cock as it was being sucked into her pussy I began to shiver with excitement.

Jackie Makes Things Right

fetish escriterra 2018-07-24

"You like it when I lick your clit, don't you, Jackie?" Brandon had said, raising on his elbows to look at her with gorgeous, deep brown eyes that she loved gazing into. "Maybe he didn't tell me on purpose, but when he came from the handjob I was giving him at the same time, his asshole spasmed and gripped my finger—--gripped and released, gripped and released, just like I know my pussy does around his hard cock when it's buried to the hilt inside me and I have one of those intense orgasms that feel so good. _Oh, my,_ Jackie thought, watching the action in the frustratingly small frame on her computer screen, _he does look sexy moving around with his hard cock bobbing in front of him like that._

A Maid's Tail Ch. 01: The Job Offer

fetish T_Silverwolf 2018-07-24

Sylvia looked up briefly, her gaze swept Kim in a shark-like, dismissive manner as if she could read the older woman's entire life history by glance. But standing in front of the tall, broad shouldered Elliot McKenna, the forty year old woman's knees were trembling like a teenager on prom night- even so, she managed her best smile. As if reading her thoughts, he cupped his glass of coffee and drummed his fingers against the side, still assessing Kim. His gaze lingered for a moment longer than strictly necessary, perhaps measuring something in his mind- she straightened subconsciously to try meet his expectations; she arched her back a bit to really emphasize her generous bust, smiling faintly.

Start of Summer: Day 2

fetish 2018-07-24

I didn't say anything, but when I came out, Tom was naked, lying on the bed with his cock in one hand smiling at me saying he just wanted to get it hard for me, I caught him. I wet my fingers a couple of more times and licked my pussy juice off, then I started to slowly rub my clit with my legs spread enough so Tom could see. I was more turned on than I thought I was because between the hard and hot cock going in and out of me and my fingers on my clit, I started to climax, when I started, so did Tom, it is the first time, I think, that I climaxed at the same time as the guy, it was wonderful.

Prowlin' for My Wife's Lover

fetish sluttynewlyweds 2018-07-24

Locking his eyes on mine, Harry's hands slowly moved to the middle and grasped Cheryl's breasts. Harry continued to finger fuck my wife with one hand while the other worked over her breasts. Now addressing the waitress, Harry said, "Well what do you think of a fag husband who likes the taste of another man's cum on his wife?" Here, Ricky, come and taste this," and he offered the two fingers so recently buried in my wife's sweet pussy. Then to Harry she said, "get your fingers good and wet in my pussy and then fuck his mouth with them. Harry's fingers left my mouth and immediately began a frenzied pounding of Cheryl's wet and gaping vagina.

sissy for mum pt2

fetish flumpermunch 2018-07-24

The tube was a bit fatter than her finger and looked a bit like a long mushroom at the end , it was cold as it touched my bum hole and felt like it was made from steel , mum pushed it is slowly but firmly as Jane had told her too, Jane told me to relax and I felt her hand caress my balls as my bum opened up it hurt a little but when it was in my bum seamed to close over it an grip it .”see thats why I got a small butt plug for this so it cant fall out “ Jane told mum then she gave it a couple of pulls on the tube to prove her point ,mum then turned the tap on the tube and I felt the warm water tricking into me and filling me slowly up, Jane came round to face me pulled up a chair an sat down so my head was in her lap, then she told mum I needed to be disciplined as I had an just tried to look up her dress which was true but I could not help but look the dress was short an she had nothing on underneath,she asked mum if I had ever kissed her pussy , no was the reply “ do you mind if he dose it to me while you spank him “” that’s fine “ mum answered.

The Key Pt. 04-06

fetish WantABWriter 2018-07-24

Brenda felt she had the time for Paul had an assignment that night of his own. With a little time to spare Brenda moved thru the store purchasing two additional items. Not wanting Paul to know just how sexually exciting this was for her, Brenda used a panty liner. Brenda sent Paul to answer it and if it was the deliver, have them place the items in 'her' exercise room. On Thursday as Paul worked, Brenda used his computer and his credit card to order some things. Paul just looked at Brenda with tears in his eyes and nodded his head yes. Brenda took her time and dressed before she came back to release Paul.

Petra Marchant Appreciation Club

fetish slipman2010 2018-07-24

As I took in the surroundings in more detail I noticed a variety of wall posters, all photos of Petra and draped casually over another chair were various items of lingerie – nylon panties, slips and glossy pantyhose. I imagined Brooke stretched out in my chair and gently masturbating in front of a picture of Petra and my cock jerked again, the pre-cum by now spreading a dark patch in Brooke's lovely panties. I had to pause the slideshow at this point and, grasping Brooke's soft pantyhose, proceeded to wank my tortured hardness with them, having released my cock from the panties and slip. My eruption came as she spoke and, with great strings of cum jetting over Brooke's pantyhose, panties and slip and focussing in utter desire at Petra's sweet face, I called out,

Bondage play

fetish 2018-07-24

He removed his hands and she opened her eyes and looked around. “come to the chair” he said taking her hand like a gentleman but the way he spoke and the grin and glint in his eye said he was planning on something a little darker. “oh no you don’t baby girl… open your mouth, show me how dirty you are, don’t break eye contact and don‘t spill any” He fucks her hard up the arse til she orgasms hard, with a mouth full of cum and the warning not to spill any she finds she can’t moan no matter how desperately she wants to. He writes on her breasts ‘dirty little cum whore’ but she dare not look as she’ll spill his cum.